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Lesbian Step Mother 4

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Elegant shoot locations. Lesbian superstars to the max. These are just a few things that indicate you are about to enter the world of Dana Vespoli. Lesbian Stepmothers has been getting a massive push from Mile High Media and honestly, I see why. This film has what could be the best lesbian line-up ever assembled, as well as a look at every angle of this business in terms if performer genre. You showcase Cherie DeVille, my vote for POTUS in 2020. Can you imagine that babe running the POTUS twitter? Fuck Yeah! You have Mindi Mink, a girl/girl revolutionary who is creating a new type of lesbian fan with her sultry work, especially in the last calendar year. Then, we move into the future. Ivy Wolfe, she has been described by one legendary director as one of the truest talents to come along in many years. Her tantalizing look is enough to have any XXX fan lining up to see her work but honestly, what she brings to the table is mystery. What I have been anxious to find out is if this beauty can act, if she gets the concept of what true fantasy is and how much she pays homage to those before her. Fans do not know this or see it very often, but the girls always showcase their gratitude, at least those who stay in this business a long time do and what I have seen from Ivy is amazing. Top that all off with Shyla Jennings, a lesbian performer who may honestly not only break Felicia’s mark on the girl/girl genre in terms of high-quality production, she may destroy it by a wide, wide margin and that says a lot dear readers. So, get your mother fucking popcorn ready porn peeps, let’s give this film a whirl.


Film Duration: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

Director: Dana Vespoli @DanaVespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media

Release Date: June 6th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Vignettes, MILF, Older/Younger, Sixty-Nine, Aggressive Pussy Eating Throughout, Amazing Acting, Dirty Talk, Big-Massive Tits, Ass Licking

Scene 1:

Mindi Mink @MindiMink & Shyla Jennings @ShylaJDotCom

The Reveal:

Mindi Mink & Shyla Jennings Holy fucking shit, we are greeted to that badass known as Shyla Jennings in a heartbeat. As the stunning Mindi Mink talks about her stepdaughter almost destroying her wedding, we see just how great these two actors are. Bravo from this film critic. Shyla, she is beyond words. If you have ever been to AVN and heard some bible thumping ass bag scream at the models, Shyla captures that essence and some with this bratty character. She is brilliant. You literally want to see Mindi give her what for and that is what a great actor does. They push your buttons and make you laugh and Shyla does it within a blink of an eye. True talent.

Adult film actors always get the shaft because what Shyla does is create a realm where she is dramatic and sexy, not an easy thing to pull off.

It is one of the most difficult things to do in cinema, to take an audience and piss them off, then try and get them off. Then, when Mindi gives her that amazing female sass the more experienced woman always has in our fantasies, you are cheering. It is something fucking amazing to watch.

I wanted this intro to go so much longer but alas, we came to see these babes get naked too right?

When a performer can speak with just the look on her face, start your mother fucking engines, because this ride is going to be pure bliss and blow more than just your hair back.

As Mindi licks and nibbles on her ear and you see Shyla’s frigid character melt into a puddle with her eyes, you are simply going to be off the wall with lunacy. Mindi, she knows her way around a woman’s body and the attention she pays to Shyla’s neck and ears alone also speak volumes without words. These two are simply the best in the business, enough said!

The Sex:

Mindi Mink & Shyla Jennings 

This dear reader, this is how you start off a girl/girl film. Shyla, she is simply brilliant beyond belief. The way that she is able to create so many different faces of fantasy is always spellbinding to watch. Her moans of passion, mixed with her attention to everything about production is amazing. When you look closely, you see Shyla allows her partner to give in one hundred percent to the lust and passion. Watching Mindi devour her kitty is amazing. The mixture of wet kisses, deep tongue thrusts that are hidden by Mindi’s own urge to gobble up Shyla’s pussy, is mesmerizing beyond belief. One of the hottest scenes of 2018 is this one right here. The camera angles showcase just how much Shyla is devout to this business. Her nails are gorgeous, her hair is straight than straught, no flaws anywhere. Mindi is a true to life lover of women and so is Shyla. The big seller of this scene is that Shyla just becomes this character, it is a fantasy that you will never forget.

Shyla Jennings Dana Vespoli, she is having one hell of a 2018 and one of the front runners for director of the year. What makes her films so compelling is on display in scene one. She allows Mindi to suck down Shyla’s juices while her hair is covering a straight view of the main action and takes the camera shot back so that you see Shyla’s face quiver with raw sexuality and that mixture of cum and spit comes running down Shyla’s slit as she orgasms. This is true lovemaking, this is what makes lesbian the ultimate fantasy. A director usually never confesses their secrets in this business until they retire, which I hope is many decades from now when it comes to Dana Vespoli. I think it is the fact that she is a performer who gets the just of what amazing sex should be on camera is what separates her from almost every other director that has ever been behind the camera. Putting together Shyla Jennings and Mini Mink is not an easy task for an artist. You must think about how to use them and create something unique no one has seen but still be loyal to what every thirsty fan wants, both new and old. Dana does that perfectly. The proof of that is that she shows a tight shot of Mindi’s gorgeous juice box. She also put on display Mindi’s beautiful legs from hip to calf. No one ever does that with her. Mindi has the body of goddess aged like a fine wine. Rip and supple, curvaceous and beautiful in a way that only an older woman can be. Mindi is simply one of the most stunning women in the business. Her sexiness is what honestly defines the beautiful older woman and that is not an insult in anyway but a truth of the beauty of a woman that is never displayed in porn. Like legends Porsche Lynn and Morgan Fairlane, Mindi has something that only the beautiful older woman has, curves that scream out to our minds imagination and desire. When Shyla takes the reigns and starts giving her what for, you see something that may leave you bedridden longer than a trip to doctor Nick Riviera’s office. This is one if the sexiest scenes for both women. It is unique and one of a kind. That says so much when you are once again dealing with Mindi Mink and Shyla Jennings, two of the modern girl/girl superstars who show why they are the girls of our dreams. This is a five star scene and one that must be seen by all true porn fans.

Scene 2:

Sarah Vandella @MsSarahVandella and Kenna James @kennajames21


The Reveal:

Sara Vandella and Kenna James If you ask many of the luscious older ladies in the industry, MILF is not truly a title they care for. I think truthfully because porn fans have forgotten what the true origin of the word encompasses. A babe that lives down the block, that you dreamed of going inside her house as a plumber and wanted to do more than fix the sink.

Sarah, in my view as a critic, plays the older woman, the MILF, better than anyone out there. She can take on that woman who is unwilling to be seduced by her younger counterpart. Her hesitance in this role is fucking brilliant. When these girls start kissing, the 4th of July will start early at your house.

Kenna James, with her great attire makes the role of party crazy teen believable. This woman is destined for acting greatness in this industry. She reminds me so much of Tori Black when she started and that says so much in terms of a teen bombshell who can make those who are fans of older woman, become sup servant to the ways of youth.

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Dana really created something magical here. It is pure fucking fantasy to see Sarah transform into the lusty side of her character. It’s comical then cool as hell. The aggression by the younger babe really adds so much fire to this intro. It’s one of those scenes were if you are with your partner, shit starts getting frisky. I honestly recommend you watch this scene with your girl. You will have her hotter than hot before the clothes even come off the two performers on screen. The bare-naked truth of this scene, is that you will instantly become a Sarah Vandella fan. When you see her begin to get hotter and hotter as this scene progresses, you see why this industry super star has been setting trends for so many years.

The Sex:

Sara Vandella and Kenna James 

Some people ask when ever they review a Dana Vespoli film and I have seen it is many circles, is this going to be a “sex only” presentation. Dana is the kind of director who makes something happen in every style film she helps create. This one is short and sweet and takes you to a land you thought could not be reached in less than five minutes, that is the talent she has as a writer alone. The is perfection cum together at every angle when Sarah and Kenna lock lips. The shots of Kenna’s booty, the sounds of Sarah’s luscious lip smacks, they come to life with a spark that turns the voltage up to something that will have your leg quivering as if you got hit by a cattle prod. Sarah’s perfectly manicured toes are the subconscious fuel that keeps your motor going through this entire sexual encounter. Kenna’s character discovers every inch of her step mothers body from toes to lips, then back to lips again. This is kink done right.

Sara Vandella and Kenna James 

Kenna James does not have to wow you with overdrawn pussy sucking, or making her lips smack every nine seconds. All though do I find that very sexy in a lesbian scene, it is not always necessary, especially when Kenna is licking pussy like this. It is fast, aggressive and thirst quenching.

Kenna has always been a performer who works outside of the box, especially when she is chowing down on some box. I mean her pussy licking style is one of a kind in this business. Don’t believe me, Sarah’s hard clit says it all.

I really like how Dana does not bring you in too close here. I can not believe that I am saying that. My goodness, that is how you know you bought some righteous fucking porn right there.

Sarah’s tit sucking hunger may cause you to light the fuse early on this powder keg, but I am telling you, try and hold out a bit to see Kenna get what for. Sarah is determined to make her moan, you can see it in her eyes and lips. You see time to time, performers really fuck up their hair. Let’s be honest here, a performer must try and keep her looks fresh for every movie.

Kenna, her due is spot on. Give your stylists a tip babe, she really transformed you into the character that comes to life in this scene. The camera views that take this scene into the stratosphere are ones where we see Sarah turning into the aggressor. Oh, these women take back the spotlight after the opening scene that was pure lust and carnage. Sara Vandella and Kenna James

Sarah’s tongue fucking, pussy slurping, it is perfectly placed in this amazing scene. When you are a writer who is paid to watch these films. This is the type of scene where you instantly want to reward the metal of hottest action in the scene without seeing anything else. That is what this scene really is. Now, I am going to go out on a limb once again. Sarah, she brings all the goods in this business. Her body is beyond immaculate. Never is there one bad angle. May I dare say that she has the hottest body of any MILF performer that is on the planet right now? She makes a hell of an argument, I will tell you that much. Her ass is beyond shapely and round, her boobs, in the words of Robert DeNiro, “Fuhh-get about it” and she has a beauty that can only be described as blond bombshell. Those hips, her calves, I mean, she stacks up with any other super star in this business. The true intrigue of why we all became porn fans is the naked women and when these two end the scene the way they do, no matter if you care for scissoring or do not, they once again have you at full attention in so many ways. This is another Dana Vespoli piece of platinum and holy fucking shit, I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun watching a porn film. I can not give away the end but let’s just say, if you are listening to this scene full blast you may pause the film suddenly to check around because you will think you hear the faint sound of a faucet dripping. Nope, that is simply the lady’s pussies dripping ladies and gentlemen from the intense five star sexual encounter.

Scene 3:

Amara Romani @xxxAmara and Raven Hart @missravenhart

The Reveal:

Amara Romani and Raven Hart This is the scene I had been waiting to see. Raven makes her Sweetheart Video Films debut and the luscious Amara Romani. What can you say about this babe, except that she is the gold standard among brunettes in the business. A gal with a sizzling body to match her fiery spirit. Now, Raven has really been adding large role after large role underneath her belt in 2018. She is making serious contention for 2018 MILF of the Year candidacy. She is a throwback to the woman of this business who made their mark in the years when only burlesque was an option and there was no such thing as a camera, let alone film. Raven is exactly what you want to see in the bridging scene of the film after half your tank has been drained. The queen herself Dana Vespoli graces us with her beauty and presence. The set-up is simple, teen looks to black-mail step mom to drive her out of the house. What is not so simply is the delivery of the lines. Amara misses more than a few ques in her dialogue and it does stop and make you think as to what you just heard. Now, who the fuck cares about a few missed lines right? We are here to only see these beauties get it on correct? Wrong on both counts. It is not a huge derailment, but it affects the flow of perfection that this film had going so far. Just like that walk in the bottom of the ninth that ends a perfect game but still keeps a no hitter going. That is what this scene is. Raven, her acting talent is wonderful, she and Amara both look the part once again. When you discover the heat is turning up, you see that Amara begins to do what she does best, place the camera and her body right in the palm of your hand, watching only her movements as she twists to angles of perfection, especially with that butt of hers. As the characters shed their inhibition, you see this seen come to full strength and when those pierced nipples come out, mixed with long tongues and bodacious booties, you begin to realize that this film is truly one for the ages.

The Sex:Amara Romani and Raven Hart 

The ladies create steam with the amount of heat they put into the atmosphere. Hell, these women manage to instantly make you follow their command. The way that each performer teases you at every corner is pure bliss. There is an instant where Raven tongue fucks Amara through her pretty pink panties and makes you become a fly on the wall, or the perverted boyfriend sneaking a peek through the window to watch the action.

This feels so taboo, but it also has a type of longing that the performers create that rubs off onto you the viewer. Amara still has one of the tightest bodies in all the world of modeling and the way that she is counter risen in this steamy game of strip poker is with Raven’s ass. One of the biggest, most beautiful sights in all the land. When you get to see her asshole peek out behind her G-string as she eats pussy, you will be swept away to the lesbian heavens.

When Amara does speak, my God, does she grab your attention! She is the best dirty talker in the game. Her soft tone and vulgar vocabulary, they create something always deep and sexy with the audience.

Her hard gaze upon Raven’s head as she licks, and strokes, makes this scene a five-alarm fire. Amara is the type of performer changing this business. Her ink, her attitude mixed with super model curves and composure, it is worth the price of admission. Even with that long tongue of Raven’s not being put on display too much as she gives head, the scene is just wonderful with the camera angles and looks of raw passion and orgasm.

Amara Romani and Raven Hart When Amara get s her turn to lick, you see exactly what makes both ladies such promising talents. Raven spreads wide eagle like porn legends of yerster-year. She reminds me so much of a mixture of Sally Layd and Lovette in so many ways. Something exotic and beyond beautiful with a nasty performance capability and hunger to match. Few things measure up to the shot of Amara tongue fucking Raven with her legs almost in the splits position. That is fantasy and beyond. Amara has, since day one, been one of the best kitty lickers in the industry. She goes a wide array of pussy pleasing teases mixed with some of the hottest tongue fucking and flicking you will ever see in an adult film. The way that she fingers Raven is intense and as real as it gets in adult cinema. The kink factor is another big seller in this scene. Honestly, that is Amara’s bread and butter. The way that she can sweep you up and take you on a rendezvous through so many erotic places within her characters loins, is just what makes her a star who has the potential to go places no other actor has in this business. Her look, her charisma, it is what fans pay to see. If she stays on pace of gaining more fruitful roles like this, I honestly see her opening doors for not just herself but so many others, that is the potential she has. She and Ivy Wolfe are what made me want to see this film. It is their word of mouth buzz and natural selling ability in this industry as models that spark fans into action. If she can sharpen her acting skills, she will be unstoppable, that is no bullshit ladies and gents. The way that Raven and her end this chapter of the film is just the cherry on top of a great third scene. It contained everything that you want leading up to the main event. What a hell of a debut for Raven Hart om my eyes. Look at the back of the wall, there is a reason the posters are pealing, these two ladies heat up the fucking room like a furnace. When Amara gets up and sits on Raven’s face, you too will be glued to your seat as you are wanting this scene to go on forever but alas, all good things must and do come to an end.

Amara Romani and Raven Hart Scene 4: Cherie DeVille @CherieDeVille and Ivy Wolfe @aLittleWolfe

The Reveal:Cherie DeVille and Ivy Wolfe 

You can almost hear the sound of trumpets when you see the shot fade back in for this grand finale. It is not just the fact that these women are beyond two of the most gorgeous specimens this industry has ever seen, or that their appetite for sex is what creates their almost mythical identical descriptions within the realm of adult entertainment. Cherie has truly become a force who has begun to restore the glamour to performance and roles with her flawless acting ability and her savvy to always and I mean always know where the camera is. Ivy Wolfe, I have heard everyone from fans to directors tell me that she is the next massive thing in porn. This is what honestly drew me to this title. Cherie is money every time the director says action but Ivy Wolfe, I had to see if she could hang with one of the baddest ass females on the planet, let alone actor in the adult world of fantasy. The answer to this question, …. Fuck yeah, she can. From second one, you see two women who are fully aware where they are and what characters they are playing. Not to sound mechanical but this is the essence of true adult cinema. The women both make that set come to life with their lines and actions. They pick up the dialogue as if they just picked up the conversation in real life, that is fucking impressive because it helps you to melt into your surroundings and become a voyeur. The role of step mom and daughter becomes something so amazing in this scene because of how well each woman sells the fantasy. Then the clothes start to fly off and the temperature rises. The outfits of both women are amazing but when the clothes fly off, holy fucking shit, you thought the box cover was hot, my goodness it is nothing compared to the action ahead.

The Sex:

Cherie DeVille and Ivy Wolfe Ivy Wolfe. If I could sum up her performance in this film, I can not compare it to another adult film actress, well except maybe Traci Lords but we do not speak of such a name in this business. Who I honestly will compare her too is Christina Applegate and Lisa Boyle. Two models and actors who were the epitome of sexy, amazing performers of both lust and line and were sex icons who could make you blush with a walk down the runway. When you see her go in to eat Cherie's pussy, she whips her hair around and makes your heart melt at the same time. She looks like Bobbi Brown in the famous Warrant song with the way she moves just her fucking beautiful head of hair. Oh, my fucking goodness and she has a model’s body to match that graceful, pin-up beauty. Good lord, she may have the hottest, most firm ass in the adult industry. On top of having one of the most gorgeous nipples and kitty. I will say this, few models tickle my fancy without those yummy, meaty pussy lips. Ivy, she makes me want to repent all my sins and convert to her house of worship. She is stunning beyond belief. Her moans are not overdone, nor is her hunger for Cherie. I find it so amazing that two of the most amazing looking women, who both have looks that I normally do not go gaga for, were cast in the same scene. Cherie, she looks better than ever. Her boobs look so good. I mean hot damn, she simply gets hotter and hotter every month. These two are something special. They will have you glued to your screen and not wanting the fantasy to end. Be careful not to get too drawn into this fantasy, because you may actually whip your shit out in the inappropriate place because this scene will have you believing you were in a classroom with two lesbian babes, when in reality, you are in the back of an uber, trying to kill time wbile heading to church singles night to play bingo. So, keep your head straight if you can, for that shit may get you arrested. Be careful with scene XXX fans this scene should come with a warning because this type of heat is a potent as any mixed drink or funny little cigarette you roll up and smoke. No, all joking aside, this is one of the fucking hottest lesbian pairings that lived up to the hype. Leave it to Dana, to bring together such talent and showcased them both in such amazing ways.

Cherie DeVille and Ivy Wolfe OK, I will not bullshit you, there are parts of this scene, where you see Ivy getting tongue fucked so intense, you will be hit with a flash back of the first time you ever made a girl cum. Her eyes roll back into her head, her body shakes in a very awkward way, which is fucking so awesome, I have never seen it done like that on film. Her breathe and panting, her moaning. I mean this is how we all feel as fans and critics when we see Cherie fuck anyone guy or girl, we envision our heads exploding and that is what is happening here. It is some of the most realistic sex I have ever seen on film in terms of a performers expressions and moans. If you listen closely, it sounds like you here books dropping. That was most likely from a lighting person walking back onto set from having a smoke and they walked in to see these two babes going at it. I would have done more than drop my books, I would have to have been ambulanced out of there, because these two will have you out of breath in seconds. They are always touching, always licking. This is how you fucking climax to a perfect ending. Dana, my goodness madam. You simply are the best in the business and it is creating this type of film that makes. A true director makes everything amazing, from a shoe commercial to a fucking four-hour film. Dana, she just knows what we want and how to lay it out as a story to us. I can not say enough about this scene. It is like a scene from the days of the Vivid Girls, that is all I can say, no other words describe it. Glamour filth at it’s best.

Cherie DeVille and Ivy Wolfe

 Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This film delivers what it promises at every level. From the perfect casting, to the wow factor of ensuring that a dream pairing is actually a dream pairing. A critic can not say what truly goes into a films creation like this, that is true adult film magic and a secret of this business and of fantasy. What you can see as a fan, is many performers coming together to put on a show for you. That is what this film is. Almost like a thank you, because it will reward impatient fans, who cannot stand dialogue, just as much as the porn connoisseur who loves to see these women of our dreams take us off into other worlds for a few hours. This is every fucking pervert, couples and secret XXX fans kind of film. I do not see a scenario where this film will not be a hit. Now, what stands out the most? Ivy, mother fucking howl to the moon and start rolling around on all fours, Wolfe! This is the second coming, of what, let’s see if the porn fans can figure that one out. Oh, she lived up to every expectation and more. Honestly, I thought I was watching another form of entertainment when she began speaking. Her ways of model allure are something that you use to only see in a Playboy Wet & Wild Video, which most do not know, were sometimes directed by the same people who created rock and roll and hip-hop videos back in the day. That is a very special type of talent. Mindi Mink, Shyla Jennings, Cherie and Ivy. They alone make this film worth buying two copies of, so you can sneak one to your sex deprived neighbor who has been married to a frigid partner for a decade and it will thaw them both out. Cherei DeVille, how the fuck do you keep getting sexier? She looks better than she ever has and that says so much because she was more than a perfect ten before. What ever you are doing doll, keep it up. The only thing that kept this from our top honor was a few mishaps here and there, but this film is a true 99.99% top rated film. This is must see lesbian action. With all that was said and done here on this film, I can not wait to see the next chapter of what Dana has in store for us.

- Don Juan  


Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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