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Teens Like It Rough 5

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 6/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens, Domination

Director: Eddie Powell


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Cast: Emma Hix, Vienna Black, Jenna Reid, Shae Celestine, Xander Corvus, Damon Dice, Lucas Frost, James Deen

Length: 2 hours 4 minutes

Date of Release: January 25, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Pick Your Pleasure, Fantasy Lingerie Commercial, Company Info, Non-Selectable Trailers, BTS 26:15 minutes

Bonus Scene: Mandy Muse, Mick Blue "Teens Like It Rough 3" 23:16 minutes

Mandy Muse

Bonus Scene: Haley Reed, Toni Ribas "Teens Like It Rough 4" 37:41 minutes

Haley Reed

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Great. No complaints whatsoever about the Hi-Def capture and anamorphic widescreen presentation. Audio is captured and presented very nicely.

Overview: Eddie Powell and his gang are back at it with another installment of this series for Digital Sin. The premise is simple: some young tart has a desire to get fucked harder than they have been receiving it. That's Rough Sex Porno 101. The thing that differentiates this title from others is the fact that there is an actual ending to the scenes that actually ties back to the setup, a basic film concept that is often forgotten about in porn. If you wanna see some cute starlets getting hammered and used, at their request, by top-tier male talent, this is your ticket.

Scene 1: Jenna Reid, Xander Corvus

For those that don't know Jenna Reid, she's a pretty and petite brunette that hails from the City of Angels. She seems to have worked for every studio on the planet in the two short years she's been in the business, so I'm not sure how she's completely escaped anyone's eyes at this point. Here, she gets paired with the 2017 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year, Xander Corvus. It starts with Xander sleeping while she masturbates to some version of this series next to him. Grabbing the laptop away from her, he's surprised that she's never mentioned she's into rough sex but she counters with the fact that she's been telling him to fuck her harder. Okay, game on. Ripping her tanktop open, he spreads her mouth wide with his fingers and stuffs his now hard cock deep into it.

Jenna Reid

Her smile turns to giggles and then to whimpers as Corvus manhandles her around, yanking her panties down and drilling into her, his fingers yanking her lips apart in a fishhook. Whimpers become squeals of delight as he piledrives into her, slapping her tits randomly and placing his foot atop her face. Her panties become a bit, bridle and reins as he takes her from behind, his hand swiping across her ass, his fingers probing her inner depths. She's filled with glee after a deep throat fucking and happily accepts a spit swapping, slobber streaming down her chin.

Jenna Reid

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She looks up smiling while folded in half, their shaven nether regions mashing together as Xander stands above her. He uses her booty cheeks as bongos as she furiously pumps her body up and down on him, riding him like a bucking bronc. She falls across him, writhing and squealing as he pummels into her relentlessly. She manages to get out the words "I want more" though her incoherent babbling and drooling, Xander's cock moving like a Formula 1 piston at full throttle. Her ripped shirt becomes the ties that bind her arms behind her back as she gets gagged with her panties. Their bodies are wet and shiny, her ass cheeks red, as she gets yanked from one position to another, her still-gagged face ultimately getting the final splash she has been dreaming about.

This is a very good scene that should get nominated for best B/G scene! It has a good setup, intense sex, and even gets a wrap up that ties right back to the beginning.

Scene 2: Emma Hix, Damon Dice

Canadian born Emma Hix is another tiny tart that seems to have a checklist of studios to work for and she's plowing her way through that list pretty quickly, having amassed over 70 credits in under 2 years. She gets teamed up with the award-winning Damon Dice here as she recounts a wild sexual fantasy that went down on a Tuesday. That fantasy starts with her getting grabbed from behind as she walks down the hallway of her house. Pinned against the wall and then forced to the floor, her body is groped by Dice, her hips bucking as this viewer tries to decide if her writhing is meant as an escape mechanism or just a way to get his hand deeper into her shorts. That question is answered as she gets pinned back to the wall, praying to her god as Damon forces his cock deep inside of her and she says she's going to cum.

Emma Hix

Her nipples erect, she furiously rubs her clit as she gets taken to and on the bed, Dice's hands gripping at her throat and face. Damon's lip curls like Elvis' as he forces her head up and down on his stiffie, Emma eagerly wrapping her lips around his balls before she anxiously climbs aboard his boner, Damon wrapping her into a near-full Nelson as she impales herself. Her shaven slit is on full display as her knit leg warmers (yes, apparently they are a thing again - I asked around)slide down to her ankles. Her tiny ass thumps against his groin as she pulls her top around her neck, her pert breasts catching the incoming sunlight nicely.

Emma Hix

The shirt comes off as they roll into a spooning, her eyes glazing over and her smile widening to a Cheshire cat-like grin as she has an orgasm. A lens anomaly sweeps the screen artistically as the camera moves close to her face as she rolls onto her tummy and gets pulled backward, furiously rubbing her clit as she begs him to keep his hand on her throat. It's a doggie drilling that brings Damon to his draining point, covering her face from the side.

This scene covers a surprisingly common fantasy among women and I think it does a damn good job of it. The camera angles and coverage portray and convey the original surprise of the "attack" while the ominous soundtrack drones in the background and then they capture the enjoyment Emma and Damon both get out of the hardcore romp.

Scene 3: Vienna Black, Lucas Frost

The New Yorker, Vienna Black, started in the biz last year and only about 1/3 of her titles have made their way to DVDs so far, so she may be unfamiliar to many viewers. That's okay because Lucas Frost, a stud that quickly climbed his way to some award noms himself, is here to put her through her paces. Right away, both of their acting skills are showcased well as the scene opens to an argument between them and she retreats to her room to narrate how she wishes he would just dominate and use her as a fuck toy.

Vienna Black

Their eyes lock upon each other as he methodically plows her fields, measuring her mouth width by stuffing his sac into it and measuring its depth by ramming his shaft down it. Her eyes remain locked on his as he wraps her shirt around her throat and yanks her back and forth along his length in doggie, the pink stripes of her long socks flailing around at the bottom of the frame. She rotates her body sideways, face pointed to the cameras as she climbs into cowgirl, the couch shaking and thumping with her bounces.

Vienna Black

Her black, curly locks are touseled as Frost grips at them as she slurps his rod, her face sometimes covered by them, Lucas adding a second hand to pull them away as her cheeks indent showing the vacuum power of her mouthing before he starts pounding into her in a spoon. They mumble something to each other (which was unintelligible to me as I was listening through speakers while my AC and fan were blowing at me a full blast) but it must've been to the effect of get on your knees so I can cum on your face, which is what happens.

The eye contact is good here, I look forward to seeing more of Miss Black.

Scene 4: Shae Celestine, James Deen

This is Shae Celestine's first credited DVD release and her first encounter with James Deen, an event that always piques my interest. If you've watched any amount of porn, you're undoubtedly familiar with Deen's repertoire which pretty much covers the entire porn gamut but when you cast him with "the new girl" in a title such as this, you do so knowing that her mettle is about to get fully tested. That aspect of the scene is fully covered (and covered well) as she stares blankly into the lens while narrating about her next-door neighbor, James, who is the only one that has yet unleashed her closet deviant tendencies.

Shae Celestine

Enter James, pulling her hair back during the narration and yanking her off the couch to perform some very minor titty torture and teases as she mentions she wants to be his whore, his face not quite blank but not yet smiling. Like one of those actors playing a serial killer toying with his next victim over a cup of coffee. Her "girl next door" look works well as she addresses and answers him as Sir while he plays with her private parts, his head backdropped by a pair of Klipsch Reference Series speakers.

Shae Celestine

Deen casually and confidently yanks her around, showcasing her assets to the camera before cramming his cock into her as he stuffs her face into the couch, their conversation never stopping as she smilingly gets thrown to the floor during his drilling expedition, his hand pinning her head to the floor. She gags on her panties as they get stuffed in her mouth while she works his cock with her hands and is forced to beg to suck his dick.

She's all smiles as Deen calmly positions them into pretty every much every porno position that exists entirely for the camera. These aren't positions that occur in most people's private lives but Shae seemingly has no qualms with any of them as he moves from one to another. She shakes her head from left to right when asked if she knows how to deep throat and he has her just wrap her lips around his cock as she jerks him to completion before he walks away.

She might be new but Shae seems to be ready for action at any level. I thought James was very helpful here in a very straightforward instructional but caring manner. She should go far.

Final Thoughts: I rarely find any technical flaws with productions from this crew and this is no exception. The other thing that I find hard to argue with is the choice of accomplished male talent that easily guides the ladies that are often newbies to the biz into positions that really showcase both of them in the best possible light. Again, that is present on this disc in not only the four featured scenes but in the bonus scenes that are pulled from earlier editions of this series. Everything is on point and as the title suggests, it's about teens getting the big D in a hard and heavy fashion. I think we at XCritic have collectively reviewed all of the titles in this series and the end result is always the same: Highly Recommended. If you want to see some serious hardcore pounding, with a bit of spitting and face/titty/ass slapping, tossed in for good measure then you can't go wrong here. There are a million titles out there based on "rough sex" but this series is one of the few that gets not only the hardcore part right but also the technical aspects.

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