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Cyclist, The

Studio: 21st Sextury Video » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 6/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


 A simplistic design facet is what I faced when I held the box cover of “The Cyclist” to my face. It almost reminds me of a VHS box cover. Immediately I notice the director’s credit at the top of the box which is given to Frank Major. Right under the prestigious emblem of the Dorcel name, the female cast is listed. The lovely French superstar Tiffany Doll is our cover girl for “The Cyclist”. This standard simplicity is further administered with the location of the logo of the film. It’s smack-dab right under the adorable Tiffany Doll and her bike furthering that old school VHS box vibe.   An age warning is established at the bottom of the box with “18 years and older only/ Adult Only” written in a bright white font. This box was intended to be on more liberal shelves in Europe. This also can constitute as “hotel porn” as well.

main menu

The back of the box is louder in terms of pictures showing you the sex and who else is cast in the film. Sex stills compliment shots of the girls modeling their “Cyclist” gear as they stand together. You’ll also see a summary describing the fantasies in the film you’re about to watch.  A smaller font size of the film logo and director’s credit is above the small summary of the film. The menu screen that you face after the disc is spinning is a slow jazz sounding set which soothes the viewer with a bouncy bass line.
Extremely limited options are available for any type of browsing. You have “FILM” which starts the feature. Next is a set of trailers and language options which are the only real places to go on this DVD.


Cast: Tiffany Doll, Christen Courtney, Tyra Moon, Amirah Adara, Totti, Mugur Porn, Sabby, and Thomas Stone.
Directed By: Frank Major
Approx. Runtime:  1 hour and 16 minutes
Photo Gallery: No
Condoms: No
Trailers: Yes

the title header of the film.


My version of the disc is from the French studio Dorcel. Yet to my understanding there is a 21st Sextury version of this film as well. All this means is that it is distributed by another company. It’s the same film just a different logo on the box. Now since this is a full-on feature it brings a full-on musical score as well. I noticed this during the montage of scenes that played in the main menu of the disc with the eerie jazz music.  The sequence of scenes from the film was that of girls biking or exiting a vehicle fully clothed in these random snippets. No sex to be seen in the main menu montage of The Cyclist.  If you select “FILM” in the main menu then that begins the feature with the hardcore sex intertwined with a plot as any true feature would entail. This is a different type of euro porn for my viewing tastes but a necessary peek into a market different from my usual DP diet of Legal Porno videos. The two noticeable names on the disc were Amirah Adara and Tiffany Doll to me. These are two prime stars of international status that work here in the states as well.  This film isn’t that long compared to other copious smut films like the ones found here in America that can sometimes border on 4 hours of pure fucking. This film is a little over an hour long. This duration is perfect for a rental or as I said earlier “hotel porn”.


Christen Courtney's booty on a bike.

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  Tiffany Doll is sleeping like an angel on a bed with white sheets and pillows that look like clouds. The blaring ring of a cell phone is what wakes her. It’s an alarm meant to raise her from slumber for a morning cycling regimen.  She’s playing a character who’s determined to rise above the rest in the world of cycling.  Her “rivals” travel to their bike clubs via car but our Tiffany Doll prefers to peddle her way to the practice spot separate from the others. This shows the determination of the character she's portraying. Now you see three beauties file out of a vehicle as they all walk up to Frank Major(who is also the director) in preparation for today’s biking. Another cyclist is working on his bike and observing the new company that is Amirah Adara, Christen Courtney, and Tyra Moon as they walk up the steps.  
Full pan of cyclist trio

As Tiffany’s character narrates she describes her desires of competing. You’ll also see Tiffany staring into the sunset as she drinks her water before she starts to cycle off during these confessions of competition. She explains how Christen Courtney is skilled with reputable stamina yet Christen lacks the discipline that Tiffany has. “This will be her downfall”, Tiffany Doll softly implies.

A load of cum in Christen's gape

Christen Courtney, of course, deviates from the path and has both Frank Thomas and Mugur trail behind her on their cycles. In no time she’s sitting on a table with her bike parked waiting for the two men to have their way with her. They start flopping their cocks out in front of Courtney’s face to start the double blowjob segment. Christen will then juggle the cocks as the camera collects the visual. They set up Christen Courtney in reverse cowgirl and all fornication so far is in the ass. They’ll go in and out of this before flipping Christen to anal missionary where more hard humping ensues with Mugur fucking the shit out of Christen’s asshole. The cum filled climax is actually in her butthole after she receives a load in her mouth from Frank Major. Mugur is the lucky man who gets to inject a cream filling into  Christen Courtney to conclude this fling of a scene. 

Christen busted

Tiffany returns to narrating what transpires after the threesome scene we just witnessed. It seems Christen Courtney is disqualified for the very affair that took place between her and the other cyclists This only gives the dedicated Tiffany Doll an upper hand in her path to victory with Christen out of the picture. Next on this list for Tiffany Doll’s cycling crusade: Amirah Adara!


Amirah in passionate desire over Totti

Amirah is found at the side of the road with a broken bike. Tiffany describes the personality of this adversary that we see stranded as she sizes her up during her narration. Luckily the maintenance guy pulls up in a red van to aide Amira Adarah with her bike issues. Tiffany Doll also reveals this is actually Amira’s weakness during her testimonials about her rival. The sex in this scene starts off with Amirah being driven off by the bike maintenance man who is played by Totti. After exiting the red van Amirah exhibiting her weakness almost immediately snatches Totti to start making out with him in her passionate desires. It’s not long after the heavy groping when the BJ starts with Amirah dropping to her knees to suck dick. Doggy style is the first position they undertake in as Totti takes Amirah Adara’s ass. They switch from doggy to a reverse cowgirl anal segment where Amirah opens up for the camera to get her asshole fucked.  The final fuck stances are done in a missionary anal where Amirah Adara has Totti coat her butthole with his cum for the finale.


Tyra Moon waiting.

Tiffany describes the thorough training practices for building stamina in her latest monologue fleshing out the situation in the plot so far.  You’ll see Tyra Moon and Tiffany Doll tirelessly peddling in these biking exercises as she describes them to us.  After Tiffany’s detailed accounts of this level of training, she then starts to divulge Tyra’s lack of dedication.  Tiffany Doll is well aware of Tyra’s habits like faking injuries to get what she wants. Tyra’s uncovered scheme is to ambush both Mugur and Sabby after she feigns limping to a nearby bench. Tyra Moon wipes her pussy to get it ready for a slather of lube before she pulls her biking shorts down to reveal her bare ass. She leans on the bench to wait for the men to arrive. Without hesitation, the men make their moves upon seeing Tyra Moon waiting on the picnic table.

Trya getting humped in her ass.

Both men surround Tyra Moon as they start to finger her butthole while embracing her. A camera angle gives us a direct shot of the anal probing. Tyra is flung into position for the male talent to start a spit roast position. With Sabby getting his cock sucked while Mugur is in Tyra’s ass.  Humps happen in that position before Tyra ends up on her side for some sideways butt fucking while laying on the wooden picnic table.  Sabby and Mugur both rotate in and out of the ass and mouth. Eventually, seeds are flung to coat Tyra’s mouth and open asshole for a cum plastering finish. Pretty standard fare fucking just like the other scenes in The Cyclist.


Pan shot of Tiffany riding in practice.

Now with the focus on Tiffany, both Thomas Stone and she are growing close. Training is just between the two of them allowing the intimacy that Tiffany Doll was yearning for all along it seems.  The red van from earlier is now trailing behind a determined Tiffany Doll peddling with confident force.  Eventually, both of them are caught alone which allows for this miraculous passion to ignite. 

Tiffany Doll anal insert

Thomas Stone starts to massage Tiffany after the rough practice sessions since they have downtime together.  Caressing her sore legs leads to having Tiffany down on her knees sucking cock in an instant. This follows the same rigid formula from the other scenes in The Cyclist.  Tiffany Doll is turned around to be fucked in her butt after she’s done giving head. The real rocking happens when Tiffany Doll was laying on her side on the table being pounded in anal.  The seed is planted right on Tiffany’s tongue after Thomas Stone ejects out of her orifice to fill her mouth. This concludes the final sex scene for The Cyclist. 


In terms of a recommendation, I have to say stay clear of The Cyclist and Skip it! It's just a poor representation of an otherwise prestigious studio that I'm admittedly unfamiliar with. The many glaring errors in this execution are minor yet fatal for marketing a release overseas here in the states. Since Marc Dorcel is a well-known name natively in Europe it's expected that marketing wouldn't involve two studios for one release to confuse consumers. The Cyclist can be found under the 21st Sextury line as well. I reviewed the Dorcel version of the disc.

Tiff Doll Angel

Next was a mix up in male talent that I experienced. This was not helped at all since the cast list was scrolled through during the intro of the film without pictures of the cast being present. I did appreciate seeing the beautiful Tiffany Doll wake up in the morning to start the film off right. But as a technicality, it would have been appreciated if the cast members would have been near their names during the opening. Lastly, the sex was stagnant. This is something I can't overlook when you have one of the world's most recognized porn stars in your film: Tiffany Doll. Just one look at her other scenes and you'll realize the powerful performances she's capable of (Legal Porno). If you're going to do Dorcel don't do The Cyclist. 

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