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Interracial Icon Vol. 8

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 6/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 26 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD    

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Lana Rhoades, Angela White, Kagney Linn Karter, Jada Stevens, Cash Boss, Jason Luv, Jason Brown, Jax Slayher

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Greg Lansky’s latest in his Interracial Icon series features fan favorite starlets that make this flick a welcome addition to the hot IR series. Interracial Icon Vol. 8 features Jada Stevens, Lana Rhoades, Angela White, and Kagney Linn Karter in fours scenes running close to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Lana Rhoades has the hottest fuck of the flick in her intense, energy-filled fuck with black cock stud Jason Luv. Lana’s cock-starved cunt gets plucked by the handiman, Jason. She cums multiple times from Jason’s handy dick and even hosts it deep in her ass, making her cum again and again. Jada opens the flick fucking Cash Boss after meeting him at an industry party. She rides her big ass up and down on his long, hard pole until it hits the spot. Angela White’s scene is hot to watch as her big knockers smother Jason Brown’s big cock in a round of titty fucking. It all starts when she shows up at his door to complain about the loud music he’s playing. Jason’s charm wins her over then his thick dick stretches her twat to an orgasmic end, making Angela one happy neighbor. Kagney puts on a tight, revealing dress as part of her plan to fuck her boss tonight. When Jax Slayher shows up to take her to the industry event, she gets naked in front of him, services his hard meat and tongues his ass. Jax fucks and fills Kagney, making this a night she’ll never forget. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. With pussy powerhouses like Lana, Angela, Kagney, and Jada, you’re guaranteed to get hot sexual performances that make watching this flick worthwhile.

Scene 1:  Jada Stevens and Cash Boss

Jada is not much for the corporate parties. She hates them, but she knows she’s got to do them because she works for a label. She shows up, shakes a few hands and tries to leave as soon as she can. This time, this party is different. She meets Cash Boss. Everybody in the industry knows him and to get to work with him is the chance of a lifetime. You don’t choose Cash. He chooses you. Cash invites her over to his place the next day to get to know each other better. When Jada gets there, she tells him she there for one thing only. “I’m glad we’re on the same page,” he says. Jada follows him to the bedroom then gets on her knees to suck his big cock. She pulls off her bra to show off her tits then spits all over his dick, telling him how much she loves it and wants it. She works on his balls next, slurping and sucking on them then jerks his cock with both hands, keeping it lubed with her mouth. “Fucking give it to me,” Jada tells him as Cash penetrates her pussy missionary style. “It feels so fucking good,” she says.

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His long dick drills in and out of Jada’s wet pussy. We get a hot shot of Jada’s twat being stretched by the Boss when the camera zooms in close on her wet hole. Jada cums as Cash starts pumping her pussy harder, deeper, and faster. Just a few minutes later, Jada is cumming again and she sucks her pussy juice off his cock, encouraging him to bang her throat. She rides his dick cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on it with her big ass. He spanks her and guides her down his pole. Jada climbs off and sucks his dick some more then gets on all fours for doggy style. Cash shows he’s the big cock boss by pumping her pussy hard in downward doggy and doggy position. After a round of missionary fucking, Cash pulls out and blows his load in Jada’s mouth. She sucks his cock some more, using it to slather cum all over her lips.

Scene 2: Lana Rhoades and Jason Luv

Lana has the hottest scene of the flick in her BBC showdown with Jason Luv. The energy and chemistry between these two are hot and they roll around stripping each other out of their clothes. Lana is horny as fuck and she’s determined that Jason will be the one to satisfy her craving cunt. Lana’s sex life with her husband has been nonexistent ever since he got his promotion at work. Lana has her eye on the handyman, Jason, who has been rewiring the house all week. One day when Jason and his buddy Nat Turnher are doing some handiwork around the house, Lana decides that today is the day to fuck Jason. Once Lana’s husband leaves for work, she waits for Jason in her bedroom, half-dressed on the bed. When he walks in to discuss the invoice, she tells him he talks too much and rips off his clothes, telling him she wants to suck his cock now. It’s a turn on to watch these rip the other’s clothes off, especially as Lana desperately reaches for Jason’s big black cock. She chokes on it, sucking it like a greedy baby then tells him she wants it deep inside her.

Lana satisfies weeks of sexual starvation by riding Jason’s big dick cowgirl style. “Shove the whole fucking thing in my little pussy,” this horny housewife begs Jason. He drills her twat and spanks her ass as she grinds around and around on his meat. “I’m gonna cum,” Lana screams as she spanks the pillow in ecstasy. She immediately sucks her cum off his cock, licking it up and down like a lollipop. “Fuck this pussy real good,” Lana says, inviting Jason to drill her twat doggy style. He drives in and out of her hole with slow deep strokes, filling her pussy up. Lana wants all of his cock and she slams her body back and forth on his pole. “Fucking use that pussy, it’s yours,” Lana screams as Jason stuffs her hole until she cums again. Downward doggy sends more inches of Jason’s dick deeper in Lana’s tight twat and she hits nirvana. She wants it up her ass hole next, and she gets it missionary style. Lana holds her legs back and tells him to stretch out her ass hole with his big cock. Jason fucks her anal cavity until she has an assgasm then she begs him to stretch her anal walls even more cowgirl style. She wants her ass hole pumped full of cum and Jason is ready to deliver his load. “Pound my fucking ass hole,” Lana screams as Jason’s cock stuffs her sphincter. He pulls out and fills her mouth and blasts her face with hot cum. “I can’t wait to kiss my husband tonight with your warm cum in my mouth,” she tells him.

Scene 3: Angela White and Jason Brown

Angela White just bought a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills and she loves hanging out at the pool for a relaxing afternoon. Everything is perfect, except for one thing. Her noisy neighbor, Jason, plays loud music all day, interrupting Angela’s quiet time next door. She’s fed up and marches over to his place, rings the doorbell and tells him if he doesn’t turn his music down, she’ll call the police. Jason thinks nothing of it and invites her in for a glass of wine. She refuses at first but the next thing Angela knows, she sitting next to him, having a glass of wine and being charmed by her hot neighbor. They make out on the couch and when Angela squeezes his big hard cock for the first time, she forgets why she was ever upset. Now on her knees with Jason’s big dick in her mouth, Angela is having a great day after all. She slobbers all over his cock while he thrusts it deep down her throat. “You like choking on this dick,” Jason asks her as he skull fucks her. “I should have come over earlier,” Angela says while gobbling and gorging on his cock.

Angela worships his prick then titty fucks it, wrapping it in her big heavy boobs and jerking it off. Jason sucks on her giant jugs and gets smothered with them. “Put that fucking cock inside me,” Angela orders. She gets on all fours for her big black cock sensation. Jason beats her pussy with his dick then penetrates it, sending every inch of it deep in Angela’s twat. She can feel his thick dick stretching her tight little pussy and she loves it. Jason grabs her ass cheeks and slams her twat, keeping Angela moaning and satisfied. She will never be a complaining neighbor again as Jason drills her pussy in a hard-thrusting downward doggy. “I’m gonna fucking cum,” Angela screams, reaching her orgasm from Jason’s pumping. She sucks him off then rides his pole cowgirl style, cumming again. He spreads her pussy open missionary style with Angela’s feet over his shoulder then he pulls out and cums all over her tongue and tits. Angela squeezes every drop of his juice out of his dick and swallows it all. For any other noise complaints, Jason promises to dick Angela down and take care of it that way.

Scene 4: Kagney Linn Karter and Jax Slayher

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Kagney’s husband is out of town and this is the only night she can get out and be naughty with her boss. She tries on different outfits and finds the perfect purple one that hugs her curves. When her boss, Jax, shows up to take her to the industry party, he tells her that she can’t wear that dress because it doesn’t make the right impression. Kagney says OK and takes the dress off in front of Jax. She stands in front of him naked and says they won’t be going to the party tonight. She kisses him, helps him out of his pants, and starts jerking his big hard cock. She kneels for a taste of her boss’ dick and Jax gives it to her by banging her throat. Back in the bedroom, Kagney sucks his balls and gets nasty with his dick, licking and stroking it until her eyes fill with tears. Then she tongues his ass, licking his crack up and down while he’s standing over her.

Kagney sits on her boss’ dick cowgirl style, gripping the sides of the ottoman while Jax grips her ass cheeks and stretches her pussy with his deep strokes. “Harder, daddy,” Kagney screams, begging Jax to fuck her even harder. Jax’ drilling makes Kagney cum like she never has before. She admits that she can’t get enough of his big black cock and wants more of it this time in doggy position. Jax gives it to her nice and deep, banging her tight, wet twat. The sensation of his dick deep in her cunt in downward doggy makes Kagney bite the cushion. After sucking on it, she rides it reverse cowgirl style like a cock hungry whore then she takes more drilling missionary style. Jax pounds her pussy, keeping it wet and stretched.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Greg Lansky’s Interracial Icon Vol. 8. Fans will be pleased to watch hot sexual performances from industry favs Jada Stevens, Lana Rhoades, Angela White, and Kagney Linn Karter. Each girl grinds her way to orgasmic bliss on the thick dicks of Jason Luv, Jason Brown, Jax Slayher, and Cash Boss. This movie is close to 2 hours and 30 minutes of black cock worship as the starlets beg to get their twats stretched out. Lana Rhoades has an intense and pleasurable scene with big dick stud Jason Luv. This is the hottest fuck of the flick as these two practically rip the clothes off each other and fuck until they cum. Lana enjoys anal and multiple orgasms while using Jason’s pleasure prick. Angela fucks her bad-boy neighbor, Jason Brown, introducing her tight wet pussy to the biggest dick it’s ever had. They become bosom buddies once she titty fucks him with her giant jugs. Jada’s big ass is a turn on to watch as it bounces and shakes on Cash Boss’ hard pipe, and Kagney bangs the boss, Jax, licking his ass hole and balls before wrapping her wet twat around his piston. This flick is full of pussy powerhouses and their hot sexual performances are bound to get you off.

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