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What are We?

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 6/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

When certain names are spoken in this business, thoughts across the world are taken to the same place depending on the instant or the person. In the adult film world, this is something that rings true more so than almost any other form of entertainment. Sure, when a person says the name, Robert Downey Jr. Some people think of a mechanical metal suit, others think of two science geeks who created a supermodel out of thin air in the 1980's. On the other hand, what most get when they think of adult film star Mindi Mink is usually the same exact thing. A thought so hot, that their mind starts racing and their inner metabolism starts kicking into overdrive due to their increased heart rate. The only thing that deviates is usually how does one deal with such steamy occurrences? Mindi is a woman who I think is re-writing the way that we see lesbian cinema. She is creating things with both her own site and with marvelous companies like Girlway.com here to make "sensual" something that is sexy and lust filled again. Most porn fans would say it is the softness that kills girl/girl porn and in some occasions, they are correct. Mindi on the other hand, she is doing something that even I can not believe, she is making us all take notice of her films and ways whether we are lovers or haters of the girl/girl world. Riley, she is simply one of the best in the game, a legend in the making, a woman who does everything in this business and does it well. Riley has long been known as the performer, who when you want a tape sold or shoot to have the word of mouth that spreads faster than a wildfire, that is who you cast and hire. This pairing brings excitement to any table. Of course, no matter where you go, five-star restaurant or even Denny’s, everything looks good on the menu at first glance, it is not until you have a bite, that you know if it was worth the purchase, or if it was all marketing to make something look so mouthwatering. So, let’s have a bite shall we?

Scene Duration: 40 Minutes 56 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @StillsByAlan

Studio: Girlsway.com / Mommy’s Girl

Release Date: May 12th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Older/Younger, Teen -vs- MILF, Big Tits, A Love Story, Role Playing, Yummy Breast Play, Ass Licking, Titty Fucking, Bush, Unique Fingering, Face Sitting, 69, Tongue Fucking

Mindi Mink and Riley Reid 

What Are We?

Starring: Mindi Mink @MindiMink and Riley Reid @rileyreidx3


The Reveal:

Mindi Mink and Riley Reid 

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The two perfect women were cast for a love story. Oh, what a treat it is to have the things you anticipate be exactly what is put on screen, opposed to a guessing game that does not match the pictures placed on the website to go along with the video. Mindi’s attire is something I think her fans have wanted to see for a long time, something that is just as down to earth as she is. Riley, her acting skills are second to none. She and the camera are joined at the hip. The director really used Mindi in one of the best ways I have ever seen on film. She is a Step Mom struggling with her love for another and I don’t think there is any performer who could do a better job due to her passion for this business than Mindi Mink. The girls go from a natural look to a more glamorous shade as the intimacy starts. Riley looks so beautiful. A+ to hair and make-up on this one. Holy shit, now this is one intense scene. I was really choked up a bit when Mindi confesses her love to Riley. I mean this is a deep interaction. This is something that could rival any “mainstream” Hollywood interaction of the same nature. Once again, Mindi was the perfect choice for this part.

Sensuality rules this scene and it starts off slowly. The attention to detail is right there as always with Alan and team. The fact that Mindi is not wearing her skimpiest lingerie really makes the fantasy come alive, as does the fact Riley’s character is donning the same style. It fits the daydream and I think that is what any fan wants more than anything with a scene set-up. As you see Mindi’s incredible breasts come into the scene with delicacy and want, the level of intimacy stays the same really bouncing off that lone factor and bond on screen. The set-up is not vulgar, and it looks like the sex will not be either. With Mindi and Riley paired, I was so anxious to see where this scene would end up.


The Sex:

Mindi Mink and Riley Reid 

Oh, my goodness. The sex is every bit as yummy as you would think. Riley’s oral skills seem to be also second to none. The fact that the women stay within this sensitive parameter is so well performed. Riley saying breasts instead of tits but still sucking Mindi’s nipples with such thirst and passion, it is five-star performers creating something you did not know porn could be if you are a person like me who does not like sensitive scenes, or ones that involve stories of love. I am a more vulgar voyeur I can admit but these two, wow, it is just spectacular. One of the coolest things, when you watch Mindi, is that she truly makes love to each of her co-stars. When Alan brings you in for one of the most unique side view oral aspects, Mindi says exactly what you are thinking, “your whimpers, …. Your moans.” She is enjoying this on the same level you would be if you were right there with Riley in your lap. I love it, Riley even calls her a “pervert.” Mindy replies, “yes, I am.” One thing I will guarantee you, sex would be the same no matter if these two were in front of the camera or not, that is just how passionate these beauties are of just the land of pleasure that is woman and their extreme love for the same sex. The action in this scene does seem a bit over the top after the initial lick but I think that when Mindi truly gets a chance to taste Riley to the max, both women get fully into their domain. The tight shots are amazing and beyond gorgeous. I highly recommend you spend the extra time and download this scene in full HD. Riley's assets are ones that you must see up-close, oh, they are every perverts daydream.

Mindi Mink and Riley Reid 

“Takes one to know one” is just one of the memorable lines that will be stuck in your head after viewing this scene. Riley demonstrates she is just as big a “perv” as her stepmom as she smells Mindi's bush before she licks her kitty. The POV shots that show that magnificent derriere are like none that I have seen of the amazing Riley Reid. That view is scorching hot and something that twists your interest just that much tighter into what is going. If you look closely, these two never stop gazing into each other’s eyes from the start. I think that when the action really starts revving up and you see those big beautiful eyes of Riley gazing deeply back at Mindi while the rest of her face is buried deep in her pink, wet slit, you may begin to lose track of the time as well as were your pants have gone as you you feel the sudden urge to lose them. The big seller of this scene is once again, the unique views. This scene goes from recommended, to highly recommended when you see Riley finger Mindi with both her thumbs as she licks and sucks her clit with her pretty little mouth. Mindi is ready to explode in so many ways. It is a hotness that even if your attention was faded, which I highly believe, this will be the shot of espresso that gets your ass moving again. The best part of how this scene unfolds, is that Mindi does not get her proper turn until three quarters of the vignette is complete, yet I guarantee, her fans will not feel robbed, that is how well these beauties “cum” together to make the other one shine with just a lick between the thigh. When Mindi finally gets her “proper taste” the scene is taken up even higher into something that is just magical. The end climax is progressively brought on and if you watch this scene as it is intended, you will basically quiver with pleasure just as Mindi does because this scene is created to be enjoyed slowly and caressed with time. The end of this scene is better than a pop, it is two hot babes trying to out duel the other with their tongue. It is so satisfying and I can not remember the last time I said that about a girl/girl scene that did not have a ton of raunchiness.

Mindi Mink and Riley Reid 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line


Uniqueness is the key to everything no matter if it is music or film when it comes to what is a hit and what brings success. This vignette showcases two of the biggest stars in the world like never before? When do you ever see Riley Reid fuck a woman with her amazing nipples? That is seriously what elevates this scene, even if you hate lesbian sensuality and love stories. Mindi Mink, she can create so much with the way she takes a scene and makes it her own, no matter what company she is shooting for. It is the trivial things that count. The conversations during sex, the whimpers and the way Mindi acknowledges them, it is the bread and butter of her career and I think as of the late, the thing that is finally going to add some trophies to her mantle. When a company sets out to be successful, variety is what pays the bills and keeps the lights turned on. Alan, Bree and the entire staff they simply never just piece a scene together. So far this entire month, I have never seen the same scene twice and many of the performers I am watching are dear friends who I honestly have seen far too often in this business, especially in today’s adult world. This scene is one that features the epitome of what girlway.com and almost all the Gamma companies showcase, films, and vignettes that are done with passion and love. Sure, many companies say that, but these folks live it. There are never mistakes in these films. The performers are given free reign and direction so tightly, I dare anyone who is reviewing films professionally to see where you can see the difference? You cannot because these are just productions that live up to the hype. This is a scene that fans of industry must see because this is how you get fans to come over and be comfortable with scenes out of their element. This is how you keep those trophies on your mantle and keep that roof over your head by doing what is not the norm and doing it well. It is that dedication that honestly warrants any porn fan to buy a membership to Girlsway.com

- Don Juan


 Don Juan DeMarko 



"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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