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Natural Beauties Vol 7

Studio: Vixen » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 6/18/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All-Sex

Date of Production: Apr 04 2018

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Elena Koshka, Arya Fae, Ivy Wolfe, Scarlett Sage, Mick Blue, Sean Lawless, Jean Val Jean, Chad White

Length: 2 Hours 48 Minutes

Extras: Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: HD

Overview: Natural breasts and girl-next-door looks characterize Greg Lansky’s Natural Beauties Vol 7. The film consists of four vanilla boy-girl romps with facial finishes and post-pop cum play. Lansky continues to deliver high quality and cinematic shots in picturesque locations that have become the hallmark of Vixen productions.

Typical of Vixen porno, each scene opens like a theatrical trailer using a combination of voiceovers and dialogue to set up a believable sexual scenario. The four stories are taken from clips behind the member’s section of Vixen.com and stand alone, having nothing to do with the other scenes or the rest of the Natural Beauties series.

The DVD offers basic special features. You’ll find a trailer, photo gallery and the obligatory cumshot compilation. There’s also a theatrical trailer along with a sales pitch for Vixen’s website.

Scene 1: (Ivy Wolfe & Mick Blue)

Ivy Wolfe plays the nymphomaniac, or as she calls herself, “just a girl who likes to fuck.” After meeting her old therapist Mick Blue at a bar, her desire for an older man kicks in. She invites herself over to talk, but Wolfe has ulterior motives.

Ivy is a sexual dynamo, leading the scene in an aggressive and energetic way. She initiates by pinning Blue against the wall and kissing him forcefully. Before long, his shaft is in her mouth for a thirsty blowie.

She is at all times dominant. When not manhandling Blue, you can hear her commanding him: ‘“grab my titties, don’t fucking stop.” Her sexuality is ferocious and it’s a nice change of pace for a Lansky film, which is typically dominated by a more submissive female lead.

It’s not just for show either. You’ll notice splotchy red skin, rock hard nipples and shaky legs--all indicative of genuine sexual pleasure.

Great porn consists of great moments, and this couple delivers. Watch for Wolfe’s first big orgasm. Mick flips her over right after their first fuck and buries his head between Ivy’s legs. She grips the bed tightly and her body tightens and glows with delight. It’s a breathtaking few seconds, and definitely something you’ll want to see again.

And then there’s something special that happens in reverse cowgirl. Lanksy’s lens lingers on a full frontal view of a nude Ivy Wolfe with a few longing gazes up and down her body, resting with a close-up of her clit.

Ivy enters a meditative state as her body explodes with no less than two twitching orgasms! Here’s what’s interesting: Watch her pussy relax after the big climax, then quickly engorge again as she amps up for another O. Wow.

Scene 2: (Scarlett Sage & Sean Lawless)

Lansky ventures into taboo territory when innocent Scarlett Sage makes good on her lust for stepdaddy Sean Lawless. Sage works her girl-next-door looks and dominant personality to get what she wants before moving out to college.

Lawless is home helping her pack for the big move when Sage comes out with a direct request. “I want you to fuck me,” she says. Lawless is pretty adamant at first, but Sage is forceful and direct. She rubs his crotch, tears his shirt apart and forces a kiss. Suddenly Lawless is entertaining the idea.

Lansky’s focus is decidedly oral, highlighting Sage’s art of the tease. Sometimes what you don’t see can heighten the eroticism, and there’s a lot left to the mind’s eye. Sage remains fully clothed in her schoolgirl-esque outfit for much of the scene while Lansky provides tantalizing shots of her short skirt and lustful eyes. It leaves one on the edge of the seat wanting and wondering.

But this is porn, and after a tantalizingly long tease, Lansky gifts us with a fully nude and deeply aroused Scarlett Sage. She amps up the dirty talk as Lawless diligently pounds pussy. Gone are the lustful, wanting eyes as Sage flashes gleeful smiles.

Lost in sex, Sage is the picture of pre-orgasmic bliss. Her ivory skin is flush-red, face aglow, nipples pert, and pelvic region swollen and visibly wet. There’s even a moment right after first-penetration where you can see Sage’s creamy juice deliciously dripping down Lawless’s shaft--it is remarkably cool.

Scarlett Sage’s blowjobs are divine. Prior to entering adult, Sage learned to give blowjobs from watching pornos, according to an interview at AdultDVDTalk, and it shows. She’s the perfect blend of playful and lustful. She combines that with excellent eye contact and communication. It doesn’t hurt that Sean Lawless sports a smooth and monstrously big johnson for her to work with.

Scene 3: (Elena Koshka & Jean Val Jean)

Cover girl Elena Koshka plays it up in a plot-heavy story of jealousy and lust. Koshka’s got the hots for her sister’s boy-toy Pierre (Jean Val Jean). She’s been biding her time for the right moment to make her move. Once the parents are out of town and big-sis heads out for some errands, Elena seizes the day.

Koshka is one of those adult stars that has it all. Looks, sexy moves, and the often overlooked acting chops. Her voiceover doesn’t feel forced, and she throws herself into the role of the sexy and devious little sis. It’s the little things like the way she subtly emotes that makes it work.

Her sultry ways are masked by a preppy schoolgirl-esque sweater that screams girl-next-door. But Elena sheds that innocence with her clothes and dives into one of the slowest and sexiest blowjobs of the year.

The scene is sort of an homage to Koshka’s oral abilities with lots of sensuous sucks throughout. She is at all times the picture of beauty as she gazes at Val Jean with those bright baby-blues.

What makes Elena Koshka’s scenes so good is her blend of innocence and filth. It’s a little like watching Sasha Grey in that you can’t get over how classically beautiful this girl is whilst being bombarded by such intense sexuality. She’s got this unique style of dirty talk too, sometimes funny and always sexy.

The highlight of this film has got to be Val Jean’s wild tongue fucking with Koshka on her back. He nearly cums as he diligently fucks, and Koshka looks amazing as she reacts. Looking to prolong the action, he pulls out and devours her vag with glee.

Scene 4: (Arya Fae & Chad White)

Arya’s BFF is getting over a breakup with her ex, Chad White and sends Ms. Fae to collect the rest of her belongings. It’s all flirtation as Arya bites her bottom lip and, in her words, “just went with it.”

It’s a typical scene for Lansky’s Vixen project. You’ve got two beautiful stars, an upscale looking home and excellent framing all around.

Arya Fae deserves credit for playing that coy butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling with genuine excitement. Everything from her gentle kisses to nervous smiles conveys the notion that this is a real flirtation that could go anywhere.

The camera stays out of the way and the fucking is gentle. It looks like there was some authentic chemistry between White and Fae. The sex is not lusty, but playful. It’s as though the two are very sexual people, and now that Chad’s single it’s OK to have a little fun.

Arya is at all times adorable, delivering quiet coos and great smiles once White starts pumping her poon. She delivers some sloppy BJ’s with some deep throating and looks fantastic when she goes into doggy-style.

There’s a great moment as the camera switches to a frontal view of Arya bent in doggy. She sports a bright red sex-glow along her chest and you can see how much fun she’s having as she giggles with glee. White jerks himself to a thick facial finish followed by lots of cum play and cock worship.

Final Thoughts: Natural Beauties Vol. 7 is an impressive sampling of Greg Lansky’s work. It delivers much of what you might expect from a Vixen production, and fans of the style are bound to be pleased.

All four scenes are well paced, developing naturally from story to an escalating series of sex acts. It’s beautifully filmed and the actors appear to have a connection in each case.

If you demand it rough, look elsewhere. It’s all vaginal bangs and oral in the usual positions, but this is anything but boring. There’s something about the artistry of the framing and the fucking that keeps the viewer bound to the screen.

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene. From covergirl Elena Koshka’s unmatched beauty to Scarlett Sage’s sultry oral, the movie is something to see. And it’s all wrapped up in Greg Lansky’s signature filmmaking. For that reason, I Highly Recommend Natural Beauties Vol. 7.

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