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Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


As you might know, I am on a quest to immerse myself in VR porn. I began when I reviewed TS Virtual Lovers because one of my favorite TS performers, Bailey Paris is featured prominently on that site. 

To experience the VR and 3D effects, I used my iPhone and placed it into a KAWOE VR headset. The experience was pretty awesome, but I thought it was a bit time consuming and cumbersome to set up. So, I decided to look into devices that are specifically designed for viewing VR content.

Some devices particularly useful for viewing VR porn, including that produced by realitylovers.com, are the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, the Playstation VR, and the Samsung Gear VR. All these are quite pricey and would have required me to buy a PC computer (I'm a Mac guy) or a Playstation device. Just by way of example, oculus.com indicates that the Oculus device costs $399, but you need an Oculus-Ready PC. The recommended PCs that are featured on oculus.com cost a minimum of $799 up to a maximum of $2,099. So, indulging my penis' desire for 3D VR porn using the Oculus would have cost a minimum of $1,200 up to $2,500. Although my penis usually gets what it wants, that's just to pricey for me.

So, I obtained and reviewed a dedicated VR porn device called the VRotica. By clicking this VRotica link, you can buy a very functional and easy-to-use VR headset that is dedicated only to porn and requires no special computer. 

The VRotica device lets you download scenarios offered by several major studios. As I delved deeply into the content available on the VRotica, I found myself coming back over and over again to scenarios offered by realitylovers.com. So, I visited realitylovers.com, immersed myself in their content, and offer you this look into their site and scenes.

Here's an image of their home page.

Reality Lovers Home Page

Even though I am becoming quite familiar with VR sex, I'm still blown away by it. Although it takes a bit of "work" to participate in a VR sex scene, it is well worth the effort. Every time I see a VR scene, especially those by realitylovers.com, I cannot help thinking "Oh my God, look at her breasts...and ass...and pussy! They're in 3D!"

There's another real benefit to VR sex...you have to wear a headset and that gear eliminates all distractions. I admit that I often multi-task while watching porn. However, the headset really immersed me in the sex and I focused my attention much more on my own pleasure than I normally do. It's an intense experience.

I've reported in previous reviews (see TS Virtual Lovers and VRotica) about the process and experience of using both my phone and the VRotica to experience sex scenes in 3D VR. So, I won't go into details about the process in this review. I do suggest that you take a look at the previous reviews for which I've provided links, however. Reading those reviews will give you a much greater understanding of VR porn.

The Site...Overview and Cost

  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): The site is cleanly and elegantly designed, as you can see from the screen capture of the "scene page" I've included below.

Support Our Sponsor:

Reality Lovers Scene Page

  • Ease of Navigation: It's easy to find a model and her scenes. However, I do wish that the "Our Girls" page would allow more detailed searches (the "Videos" page provides lots of search options). As I mentioned above, I'm really blown away by 3D breasts. So, I'd like to be able to search for girls with big ones. Also, it would be nice to using other keywords, too.
  • Speed: Because the files are so large, it takes quite a while to download them to your computer and then a long time to transfer them to your phone. If you are using the VRotica device, you must connect it to WiFi and download your scene directly to the device. Again, the files are large, so it takes quite a while.
  • Responsive Design: There really isn't a need for responsive design because you must interact with the realitylovers.com site using your desktop computer. Viewing the scene depends on the software employed by the device you use (your phone plus headset or a dedicated headset).
  • Downloading: The download screen for each of the scenes indicates that Android users can download content directly to their devices. However, according to the site, "Support for iPhone (is) coming soon." I asked the site's owners when Apple users, like me, would be able to download directly and they said: "iOS (Apple stream) is in testing stages at the moment. We'll keep you posted on when it'll be available for all :)." I'm really anticipating this new function because, as it stands now, the scenes must be transferred to my phone using iTunes...a time-consuming process. Reality Lovers responded to this point and indicated that streaming is offered for some devices. More information can be found in this blog
  • Content provided: The site provides awesome 3D Virtual Reality sex scenes and a few "teaser" photos that accompany each scene. Most of the scenes are available in two perspectives...our point of view (either male or female, depending on the scene) or from a voyeur's perspective.
  • Frequency of updates: Every week. As of June 20, 2018, the site had released 26 scenes in 2018.
  • Cost: In comparison to other sites, the cost of joining realitylovers.com is reasonable (their monthly rate of $29.99 is right in line with sites such as Mofos.com). Here's a look at the pricing structure if you buy using this link. If you don't want to make a long term commitment, you can purchase 1-, 3- or 5-pack videos as shown in the screen capture. You can also purchase realitylovers.com scenes using the VRotica device.

Reality Lovers Join Page

The Girls

These comments are based upon my visits between 04/09/2018 and 06/20/2018.

The girls featured on realitylovers.com are primarily European. Overall, they are stunningly beautiful, great performers, and particularly adept at fucking us from our POV in 3D VR.

I adore several of the girls...including those shown in the collage below. Clockwise, from top left, they are: Patty Michova (she has two videos on the site), Isabella Clark (one video), Gina Gerson (two videos), and Blanche Bradbury (five videos).  

Reality Lovers Dr. Jay's Favorite Girls


These comments are based upon my review of all of the scenes that were posted online between 04/09/2018 and 06/20/2018 (nine videos).

The videos are almost always presented in two scenarios (POV and Voyeur). So the nine scenes included in this commentary reflect a total of 18 VR experiences.

  • Size (resolution): The resolution depends upon your headset. The Oculus Rift version is 3840 X 1920; Gear VR is 3840 X 1920; Playstation VR is 2880 X 1440. Since I used my cell phone, the appropriate resolution is 1920 X 960. The file size, of course, is directly affected by the resolution. Some of the Oculus Rift files exceed 4 GB.
  • Downloadable? Yes.
  • Available as Video on Demand? No. In most cases, you need to download the movies to your computer and then upload them to your phone or other device. You can download directly to your Android phone (support for direct download to iOS is in the works).
  • Approximate length: The 18 videos included in this review ranged in length from 23:40 to 39:33 with an average length of 30:31.
  • Storyline/acting: Yes. The girls do an excellent job of involving you in the POV sex. 
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Boy/GirlYes
    • Group: Yes
    • Man's POV: Yes
    • Woman's POV: Yes
    • Voyeur: Yes
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Overall, the makeup and wardrobe are outstanding and very appropriate to the scenario. For example, the girls in Four Leaf Foursome are dressed for St. Patrick's Day and the guy in Giving the Stockings is dressed as a Christmas elf.
  • Girl has orgasm during scene: Often, but not always.
  • Compression artifacts: None that I noticed.
  • White balance/lighting: Very well done. Very natural lighting and white balance in every scene!
  • Camera angles/motions: In essence, the camera stays in one place. You move your head to change the angle of view and the motion of your head determines the camera motions. 
  • Audio: Oh...my...God! The sound is so amazing (and I don't have the world's best headphones). This is especially true when the girl bends down and whispers in your ears during POV scenes. They call the audio "binaural sound." I call it "dick stiffening."
  • Editing: They do their best to make seamless transitions between clips. But, you can notice them. Too bad that the entire experience cannot be filmed in one non-stop clip. 
  • Problems encountered: The only real problem that I faced is the time it takes to upload the scenes from my computer to my phone.

The Scenarios

Here are some collages showing some of the scenarios you'll experience if you join realitylovers.com. As you can tell from the images I'm sharing, I tended to enjoy the POV scenes the most...although most are shot from the guy's POV, some are from a girl's...and the multiple-girls-on-one-dick scenes are really fine.

I cannot really show you the 3D VR effect of the scenes, but in this previous review, I show you how the left-and-right-eye images are combined.

In-Your-Face-Pussies (They're so close and juicy you can taste them!)

Reality Lovers In-Your-Face-Pussies


Reality Lovers Blowjobs

Titty Fucks (The breasts are so life-like you'll swear you can feel them)

Reality Lovers Titty-Fucks

Girl's POV (Note the fisting in the top left quadrant)

Reality Lovers Girls POV

Vaginal Sex (You get to fuck, primarily, in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, side-saddle, missionary, and doggie.)

Reality Lovers Vaginal Sex

Anal Sex

Reality Lovers Anal Sex

Cum Shots

Reality Lovers Cum Shots


These comments are based upon my review of all of the scenes that were posted online between 04/09/2018 and 06/20/2018 (nine videos).

  • Size (resolution): 2560 X 1495
  • Downloadable? One at a time (no zip function available)
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: Yes
    • Boy/GirlYes
    • Group: Yes
    • Man's POV: Yes
    • Woman's POV: Yes
    • Voyeur: Yes
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: Ten photos accompany each scene. 
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Overall, very nice.
  • Photos of Orgasms included: Yes.
  • White balance/lighting: Excellent.
  • Problems encountered: For some reason, the photos change size and proportion when I adjusted the size of my browser window. That doesn't happen after the images are downloaded.


  • Preview of video/photoshoot content: Each of the scenes is accompanied by a paragraph or so of text that provides you with an overview of the scene. I've found the text to well describe the scenes.
  • Blogs: No. It's interesting, but there is not a feedback/comment function nor can you rate each video. Reality Lovers responded that a blog is available, but not linked from the website. Click here to access the blog. 

Commentary and Recommendation

You may have gathered that I really enjoyed the 3D VR porn experience and the scenes that realitylovers.com offers--a "Quality" score of 5. But, experiencing these scenes is time consuming (downloading to your computer and uploading to your device)--an "Ease of Use" score of 3...until they release the direct-to-iOS option I mentioned to you above.

The weekly updates coupled with the reasonably-priced subscription or by-the-scene purchases options are in line with other pay porn sites--a "Value" score of 4.5). 

Overall, I find the realitylovers.com site and the scenes it offers to be highly enjoyable.

So, my advice to you is, if you have the gear you need, get a month's membership and try it. During that month, download and experience as many scenarios as you can. And, if you love it as much as me, keep your membership active.

If you have never experienced 3D VR porn, and have a smart phone and about $50 to burn, get the KAWOE VR headset and a one-month membership and treat your vagina or penis to an incredible experience. 

Or, if you'd like to try a made-for-porn 3d VR Headset, give VRotica a try.

In both cases, I highly recommend this site to you. Try It and then keep your membership if you like it. I think you'll be glad you did.



Dr. Jay

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