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Ebony Sex Tapes Volume 5

Studio: Mofos.com » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 6/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Interracial, Gonzo, POV


Cast: Ariana Aimes, Moriah Mills, Shay Evans, Jenna Foxx, Kira Noir, Tony Rubino, Peter Green, Tyler Steel, Alex Legend, Seth Gamble

Directors: Unknown

Release Date: April 30, 2018

Length: 2 hours 39 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: A cumshot recap, a photo gallery and three trailers



Overview: To start off, the tagline is a bit of a misnomer. I would never label such star talent like Jenna Foxx, Moriah Mills or Kira Noir as “amateur”. But despite that this is still a very fun collection of terrific single camera POV scenes from Mofos.com, all centering on the “home video” premise with some of the sexiest ebony talent today filming themselves with their white boyfriends. I also really enjoyed the humorous aspects to each one of the scenes. Everyone is just having a great time with each other, and it's great we get to share the fun with them. It's not perfect, but it's still a very fun disc that I enjoyed a lot.


Scene One: Ariana Aimes and Tony Rubino


We start with very pretty Ariana Aimes as she's coming home from shopping. She tells her boyfriend Tony who's filming her that she has a surprise for him and goes into the other room to change. There's a fun playfulness that's really sweet as he sneaks a peek at her changing. She tells him to turn the black light on and she comes into the room wearing a white bikini giving a really cool effect against the black light. She does a little strip tease for him and he feels her tits and ass. After switching the bright lights back on we see Ariana on the bed naked and her legs spread for Tony. He rubs and plays with her pussy getting sweet Ariana wet. She gets on all fours and we get great a terrific shot of her pussy right up in the camera as Tony rubs and fingers it with his thumb making Ariana squeak with excitement. She climbs off of the bed and starts sucking Tony's cock. Ariana gives such sweet naughty innocence to her performance that's just too endearing. With her big pretty eyes looking at us into the camera she glides her mouth up and down Tony's cock making it hard and wet.


Then, with her juices running down her leg, she climbs back up onto the bed on all fours again and Tony starts fucking her doggy style. With a wonderful extreme closeup shot we see Tony's cock as it pushes it's way into Ariana's tight pussy. He fucks her from behind, with shots from the side and above, until we see her face as she cums on his cock. She then climbs up and rides him, and with just a few bounces of her pussy on his cock she;s cumming again. She climbs off and sucks her juices off and then titty fucks him a little before climbing up and riding him again. She cums on his cock while riding him cowgirl and then they set the camera on the dresser to film themselves as she rides him reverse cowgirl. While firmly grasping her ass Tony fucks Ariana from underneath making her cum again before she climbs off and sits on his face. She wiggles her ass on his face as he laps up her juices and then he holds the camera again to film her ass as it bounces up and down on his cock some more for some terrific POV shots of her ass and pussy filled with his cock.


After cumming again she climbs off and cleans his cock before laying back and letting Tony fuck her missionary. Some more great closeups of Ariana's pussy as Tony fucks it with his cock, Ariana squealing the whole time as she cums over and over again on Tony's cock. They then set the camera up again and they start spooning, Tony holding Ariana's legs open as he slams his cock in and out of Ariana's pussy until they both climb off of the bed and Tony shoots his load on Ariana's face. The first of five very well made POV scenes, with Ariana Aimes giving a very sweet and subtle delivery to her performance.


Scene Two: Moriah Mills and Peter Green


Let's just say right off the bat that Moriah Mills is one of the sexiest women in porn today. With her incredible tits and amazing ass, this stunning beauty also has the most gorgeous green that just makes you melt, especially when she looks at you with a cock in her mouth. She starts this scene off with a cam show, posing in front of the camera and flashing her tits and pussy before pulling out a dildo and doing a JOI. All of a sudden her boyfriend Peter Green catches her and asks her what she's doing. Moriah tells him she was trying to make money to buy him a new guitar. She then makes it up to him by making her ass clap. She takes out her tits and twerks for him before taking off her red string bathing suit she's wearing and dancing for him stripper style and rubbing her pussy up in his face. Peter strips off his pants and Moriah starts sucking his cock. Moriah gives the most beautiful “fuck-me” looks into the camera as she gives Peter some superlative head. She then climbs up and rides his face, making her ass sway back and forth while she twerks on his tongue.


He then lays down on the floor and Moriah sits on his cock, lubing it up with her pussy juice before lowering it down on his dick. She makes her pussy slide up and down on his cock, pulling it out in the middle to jerk it with her feet and then putting it back in and riding him until she squirts. She rides him for a little bit longer before spinning around to fuck him reverse cowgirl. She squeezes her ass cheeks on his cock first, literally enveloping it with her ass, and then lowering her pussy down in. Her ass is incredible as she fucks Perter's cock with her pussy, sliding it up and down and grinding it. Sucks her juices off and then climbs onto the couch on all fours for Peter to fuck her doggy style. His hips slap against her ass as he pounds his cock in and out of Moriah's pussy. He tells her to twerk on his cock as he fucks her until she squirting on his cock some more. We get a great overhead shot of Moriah's ass as it twerks on Peter's cock and she backs it up to him and fucks him with her pussy.


She then flips over and they fuck missionary, Moriah rubbing her pussy and cumming over and over on Peter's cock. Peter pulls out and Moriah masturbates furiously for him before he enters her again and fucks her some more. Moriah begs Peter for his cum and he shoots his load on her tits. Absolutely scorchingly hot scene with one of the most drop dead sexiest women in the biz today. Simply amazing.


Scene Three: Shay Evans and Tyler Steel


In this scene Tyler is out to score some easy meat outside of a sex addicts anonymous meeting when he runs into Shay Evans. He tells her he's making a documentary of sexual addiction to which Shay tells him how much she loves big cocks. They walk over to a secluded area where Tyler can show her his to which Shay becomes weak and starts sucking it. Tyler suggests taking things somewhere a little more private. So they go back to his place where they head to the couch and Shay goes down on him some more. She gags and slurps on Tyler's cock before they make their way to the bedroom. Shay tears Tyler's shorts off and pushes him down on the bed and then proceeds to ride his cock. With her red panties pulled to the side Shay bounces on his cock loving every inch as it fills her hole. She cums a couple of times and sucks her juices off before lowering her pussy down on his dick again and riding him reverse cowgirl. He fucks her from underneath and makes her cum some more and she sucks her juices off again.


She then wraps her tits around his dick and titty fucks him a little before getting on all fours so Tyler can fuck her doggy style. He pounds her pussy from behind and loves every inch of his dick as it pistons in and out of her creamy pussy. We get another overhead POV shot and then Shay cleans his cock again before riding him some more. Tyler then holds her legs open and fucks her missionary with a beautiful overhead POV shot of his cock slamming into Shay's pussy before pulling out and cumming in shay's open mouth and tits.


Scene Four: Jenna Foxx and Alex Legend


Jenna and Alex are a vacationing couple. Alex is passed out and the bored Jenna is playing with his camera. In a long introduction she shows off the camera and berates him for being asleep before finally waking him up. She gives him a list of things she wants to do, however Alex has other activities on his mind. He then agrees that they can do everything on her list if they fuck first. Jenna concedes and drops to her knees to suck Alex's dick. She sucks and chokes on his cock and then Alex lays on the bathroom floor for Jenna to ride his cock. She glides her pussy up and down before grabbing a selfie stick Alex gave her as a present and filming herself sitting on his cock from a distance. She cums on his cock and climbs off to lick all of her juices off. She then rides him reverse cowgirl and Alex is loving watching Jenna's bouncing ass as her pussy glides up and down on his cock. She has an orgasm and then uses the selfie stick again. After a couple of more orgasms she climbs off and cleans Alex's cock again and then Jenna lays back on the tub so Alex can fuck her missionary. She spreads her pussy open for his cock and then rubs her clit making her cum again on Alex's cock.


She uses the selfie stick again and has a couple of more orgasms before bending over and letting Alex fuck her from behind. Using the selfie stick again she records herself cumming on Alex's cock numerous times before spinning around and letting Alex cum on her face. This is an ok scene that probably would have been better if it weren't for the selfie stick. It's very distracting and the shots while using it were very awkward. But Jenna is cute and the sex is good. Just an ok scene.


Scene Five: Kira Noir and Seth Gamble


Here's a scene that really shows off Kira Noir's wonderfully dry wit. She plays a house decorator who has a job at Seth's house. After learning his wife couldn't be there (hence the camera) Kira sees this as an opportunity to get fucked by Seth. She sits on the couch and flashes her pussy at him and catches him checking out her ass. This turns her on even more, and we get to see her true comedic timing and ability as she compares the pink color swatches to her pink pussy and tells her there's too much white in the house and he needs more color in his life. She starts playing with herself and Seth sets the camera down to eat her sweet chocolate pussy. Kira then tells him to pick the camera back up and film her sucking his cock.


She gives him some outstanding head using her mouth and hands on his cock all while looking into the camera. She then goes over to the couch and sits upside down on it. Seth eats her pussy and then starts fucking her piledriver style. He fucks her first towards then away from the camera and Kira then crawls butt naked to the bedroom. Kira shows off her incredibly tight and fit body before she and Seth go onto the bed and Kira sucks his cock and balls. She then turns her pussy towards the camera and gives it a couple of smacks before lowering her self down on Seth's cock. Seth holds her ass as Kira slides her pussy up and down on his cock. She sucks her juices off and then rides him cowgirl style, with some beautiful closeups of Kira's pussy as she fucks Seth's cock. She works herself to a grinding orgasm and then gets on all fours. She holds her pussy open to the camera and then Seth fucks her doggy style. She backs her ass up to him fucking him with her pussy and looks right into the camera giving us a beautiful expression as she cums.


She then flips over and holds her legs back so Seth can fuck her missionary. Kira rubs her clit telling Seth the camera turns her on and that it's going to make her cum, which she does again before Seth pulls out and shoots his load on her face. Very hot scene highlighted by Kira Noir's great performance.


Final Thoughts: Mofos has put together a very good collection of scenes here. Just like any other gonzo release it's hit and miss, but overall you have to enjoy the fun nature of the scenes. I really loved Ariana Aimes sweet but naughty performance along with the always great Kira Noir's dryly funny delivery. And for real blistering hot sex, the beautiful black bombshell Moriah Mills is one of the best in the biz today. It has a couple of flaws, but we overlook them because the disc is just fun, and I Recommend it.

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