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Horse Rider, The

Studio: Marc Dorcel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 6/25/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Feature, Foreign, French

Director: Liselle Bailey


Cast: Jessa Rhodes, Clea Gaultier, Katy Jayne, Cayla Lyons, Xander Corvus, Pascal White, Marc Rose, Axel Aces, Ricky Stone, Nick Moreno

Length: 1 hour 58 minutes

Date of Release: June 6, 2018

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Making Of 32:34 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent hi-def capture with a widescreen presentation. Marc Dorcel performs the musical score, as usual. The audio (which is mostly Jessa Rhodes narrating a story) is available in 6 languages.

Overview: Jessa Rhodes plays a horse lover that inherits a debt-laden estate. Her sister, Clea, is just a party girl that doesn't want to get involved in the details of the troubles that are sure to happen when their father's friend tells them they need to sell the estate and brings in a rich art dealer, Xander Corvus, as the buyer.

Scene 1: Clea Gaultier, Marc Rose, Pascal White

Clea is a stunning, brunette, French actress that I have reviewed only once before in a Private film called Mountain Crush 2. Her IAFD credits seem to indicate that most of her work toggles between that studio and this one.

Clea Gaultier

Here, we find her lounging on the couch, a fuck film projected on the big screen. Marc saunters in and takes a seat on another part of the sectional sofa to casually check out the flick. Pascal enters, wearing only a robe and handing a present to Clea. She's very grateful for it and puts his cock in her mouth. White motions his head and Rose grabs a nearby camera which is seemingly wired directly into the big screen as the action is immediately displayed on it.

Clea Gaultier

With another head nod, Clea gets the hint that it's time to show off her riding skills and climbs onto Pascal's pole. The pair romp through a couple of positions, Clea ultimately releasing his load into her mouth at which point the camera trades hands and Marc joins the pair on their side of the table. She starts things off with an energy-driven slurp and jerk, Marc flicking his fingers along her slit, the camera angles swapping from them to them on the screen and then back. The slurp and jerk is also how it ends for him, with his load dripping from her tongue close to the handy cam as she washes it down with some liquor from her snifter.

Scene 2: Cayla Lyons, Xander Corvus

Cayla Lyons

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Cayla hails from the Czech Republic, a pretty, well-proportioned blonde as you might imagine. Here, we find her tending to the tack when Xander decides they should take some time out for a roll in the hay. He wriggles her tight yellow jeans down her legs and snacks in her crack while quickly thrusting his fingers in and out of her, Lyons moaning and then the bright-eyed ranch hand dropping to tend to his pony. That pony is soon saddled up and galloping into her gash.

Cayla Lyons

Their pants wrapped around their shins, they trot through a number of riding styles, him behind, her on top, him on top, the usual horseplay if you will. Her eyes sparkle as Xander grabs a nearby bridle and figures out how to best wrap it around her for leverage as he races on. It's during his stallion-style mounting of his filly that he earns his stud fee and splashes a huge load across her ass cheek.

Scene 3: Jessa Rhodes, Nick Moreno

Jessa Rhodes

Jessa's a bit stressed and wants to relax, so during a document signing in her bedroom, she unsheaths her breasts and walks to Nick, who promptly places his hands and mouth on them. Ripping off her jeans, he buries his tongue between her legs as her nipples stand at attention. Sheathing him up, Rhodes has his sword buried in her quickly enough as she sits propped on a desk, gripping the sloped ceiling. Eyes locked together, Nick's fingers between her lips they shake the hanging drawer pulls below while the desk rattles against the baseboard.

Jessa Rhodes

Rhodes squeaks and grunts as they abandon the desk for the comfort of the bed where she does the booty bounce on his boner, flipping her hair to and fro. Moreno responds by slamming his manhood into her ever deeper, the pair sharing a kiss or three. After a blowjob break, she rides him in reverse, her jewelry catching the light as it falls upon her bosom. The ride turns to a spooning, Rhodes growing short of breath as Nick pounds into her, grunting. She rolls off of him, spits on his long shaft and jacks him to a jizz spurt on his tummy that she laps up.

Scene 4: Clea Gaultier, Katy Jayne, Axel Aces, Ricky Stone

Clea Gaultier & Katy Jayne

Katy is a big-busted, blonde Welsh girl from Northampton that we find jumping into the indoor pool with Clea as the guys lounge poolside, feet soaking. Tops are quickly tossed aside and the ladies paw and lip lock on one another. With the formalities out of the way and the guys' Champagne glasses put out of reach, the ladies swim over to them to share some kisses and then their mouths pumping up and down on the men's masts.

Clea Gaultier & Katy Jayne

The foursome moves to the kitchen for some more tug and blow action followed by a little bit of the old in and out. The ladies smile at each other as they pose in doggie on a baking table. Katy sips some bubbly as Clea gets spit roasted and then the girls trade places. Clea loses interest and heads off to find her sister, leaving Katy to get drenched solo by the guys.

This scene is interrupted multiple times in order to continue Jessa's story line, so it ultimately feels a bit disjointed but does provide a nice visual with the blonde vs. brunette action.

Scene 5: Jessa Rhodes, Xander Corvus

Jessa Rhodes

Xander's kicking it on a blanket in the dappled light underneath a tree on the grounds, sipping from a flask. Jessa wanders over to him, removing her outer top, leaving only the tight, clingy one. Corvus offers her a sip of his flask and before you know it, her rack is exposed and he's snacking between her legs. He begins ramming his fingers in and out of her, making her moan. As she begins to return the favor, there are a couple of odd and sudden color shifts in the picture but it works out for the best.

Jessa Rhodes

It seems Xander has been anticipating this and pulls a condom out of his pocket and starts drilling her in doggie. Soon she is riding him like her favorite steed, balanced on the soles of her riding boots. Deftly kicking her leg over his head, she rotates around and Corvus makes a slight adjustment to his pants which are around his ankles so he can thrust into her from below. Jessa pumps back and forth, the pair sharing a kiss and some lust-filled looks. Rhodes falls back and to the side, Xander pumping her harder in a  semi-spoon and unleashing his load all over her tanned torso.

Final Thoughts: Like most films Liselle directs for Dorcel, this one happens in a very picturesque locale, in this case, it's a horse property in the UK countryside. The people that populate the estate during the film are all just as photogenic as the landscape. Whether it is Cayla Lyons or Jessa Rhodes in tight riding pants or Clea Gaultier in a bathing suit or her birthday suit that gets your motor running, there's no lack of scenery. Katy Jayne also looks great swimming around in that pool and the kitchen. The guys are all great picks for the cast although I thought Xander's role was really not quite fleshed out. He definitely could have used more dialog. Ultimately, it boils down to a decent story which actually gives Jessa some time in the saddle (literally) and some well-shot sex scenes.

There is a "Making Of" featurette that is of the type I like, where you actually get to see some of the gear used, the locales as wide shots, and the fact that these are actually actors doing takes - they don't just have sex and get it camera-perfect all the time. To me, that is a good use of the bonus features on a disc and I appreciate touches like that. I liked it but I'm not sure how much real replay value it has as with many Dorcel projects, there is really no way to jump to a fave sex scene only to the chapter start point and even then you can't do it from the main menu. It's worth a look. If you are interested in the BTS you might want to rent a physical copy of this because I'm not sure you can view it online but ultimately I'd say it's a Watch On Demand, couples-friendly title.

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