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Booty Thirst Trap

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 6/29/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended




Ella Nova is taking a selfie as she does the classic porn star squat for the cover of “Booty Thirst Trap”. It’s a clean white box decorated with the proper marketing pieces in place. A fun slogan right above the film’s logo portraying the phrase “Anal fun the selfie way!” is an example of this. Showing the potential customer this is an anal focused release. Adam and Eve the studio behind this DVD take their products seriously. They must, being that they are responsible for selling the products of countless other companies as they are a retailer site as well. I can see that has followed them over into the production side of things. Expect a solid director’s credit right under Ella Nova’s booty.  Ella Nova is in lingerie and not nude so this counts as a clean box cover since there is no sex on it.

the main menu of Booty Thirst Trap

Flip the box over to reveal full body pictures of the cast taking selfies or standing there looking sexy.  A snippet of a summary sits under censored shots of sex with the cast. This is a marketing tool to make this DVD more “shelf friendly” and I understand that.  Towards the bottom back of the box is where the most guidance can be found for the consumer if they are holding the box to look at. Right underneath the Adam and Eve logo, you ’ll have DVD features section advertising these options: Behind-the-scenes, Bonus scene, Photo Gallery, and trailers/previews.  The DVD menu has very active animations to delight the viewers and show how serious Adam and Eve are about the end product. 

The menu where you can choose a scene to watch.

Cast: Avi Love, Ella Nova, Kleio Valentien, Lauren Phillips, Lucas Frost, Jay Smooth, Michael Vegas, and Seth Gamble.
Directed By: Andre Madness
Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 96 mins


I watch tons of porn and I’m aware of the studios out there so seeing a widely known retailer throw their hat in the ring of film production is satisfying to me (they've been at it for some time actually). Adam and Eve is an online retail company that advertises their wares on mainstream networks like streaming services where you watch your favorite hit TV shows. This shows a company on a mission to educate a wide mass of consumers about adult entertainment. The hardcore collectors are at home seeing this, even though we may not be into the toys or other products that Adam and Eve champions.  This is also my first time with a director (that I know of since he's credited here) I’ve been dying to see in action and I'm talking about Andre Madness. He’s one of those unsung porn curators that’s been at it for quite some time now too. Seeing him work with a studio like Adam and Eve is a plus. So let’s step into the trap and see what these bootys are all about.

Director credit to Andre Madness.

After the goofy imitation trap music plays a bit and the menu animations play through the film will automatically start. Expect more fun music to play along with the animated credits sequence showing the key players that constructed this film. More high-end production values rewarding viewers getting caught in the Booty Thirst Trap. An ominous voice with a southern twang describes the dangers of Social Media’s evils.  This is described as the “Thirst Trap” by the narrator and part of the film’s namesake. I have my suspicions that the narrator speaking during the aerial view of the valley is Andre Madness himself ( I recognize his voice). Funny testimonials from the cast reveal the real dangers of the clutches of the “Thirst Trap.” The lamentations that follow are adorable especially when Avi  Love confesses it was only a picture of her butt that instituted the downward spiral.  The narrator continues in a  docu-series tone explaining the setup which practically is the vein of made-for-TV shorts about victims of the “Thirst Trap”.  Our first tale begins in Pasadena, California.


Kleio taking a selfie by the pool.

Andre’s narrations press on as he describes that no one is safe from the trap. This is actually a classic porn scene set up, it begins with Kleio Valentien by the pool on her phone taking selfies.   You can only guess that there is indeed young male talent in the background playing a pool boy. The male talent in this stereotypical role is Lucas Frost. Kleio just looks plain cute taking the selfies in her stunning bikini. You can only imagine how awesome the pics look on her actual phone!

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Kleio is absorbed in her social media and Lucas is picking up on this. After having a little too much fun posting messages, Kleio takes some pics for all to see. She busts Lucas on his own cellular device and scolds him for doing so while he’s working. “I’m not paying you to be on your phone all day!”, Kleio commandingly proclaims. Kleio Valentien then decides it’s time to take a booty pic as she continues this flirtatious social media binge.  Next, Lucas Frost is busted taking a dick pic! Kleio is then shocked in dismay as she commands him to stop. She storms off back into the house to robe herself and ponder the dick pic that she just received on her social media. During the rampant social media usage on her part, the notifications were timed a little too suspiciously during the time Lucas was on his phone as well. I wonder why?

Kleio in doggy anal.

Well, the two reunite after Lucas knocks on Kleio’s door she can’t help but wonder who that username was that sent the dick pic to her while discussing the incident from earlier. Well, in the world of porno irony it leads to  Kleio finding out Lucas Frost was the username that sent the picture of the penis to her. This leads to the fucking in the scene (porn logic)!  After the brief introduction, the two are embracing one another and disrobing occurs. Oral is the first on the list of foreplay.  Kleio is really enjoying Lucas Frost digging into her pussy lips with his tongue.

Kleio pussy eaten.

The insertion to fornication happens when Lucas starts to pierce Kleio’s pussy in missionary.  The camera angles vary as Lucas will pull his penis in and out of Kleio’s pussy to tease her lips. A great facet of performer chemistry is when they play with each other like this.  Ms. Valentien is now on top of Lucas Frost riding cowgirl and this is a great position to see her hard body gyrate in. A little more oral happens before Kleio leaps back on Lucas’ cock to start up a little surprise anal. A searing and passionate cheek splitting session ensues. A slow slide of anal insertion happens in doggy style to keep the butt fucking going as the next position rotation. Camera angles complimenting the start of this hump session is present as you watch these two.  Further position changes apply after the doggy pumping. The two are now spooning bodies as Lucas is fucking Kleio’s asshole still.  After a missionary position rotation, Lucas will plaster Kleio Valentien’s pussy with wads of cum to conclude the anal scene.


Avi approaching Mike Vegas.

The next location of the set up for this scene in Kingston, Tennessee. This is splashed on the screen loudly with large white writing.  “Well it can happen to anyone..”, the voice of Andre Madness continues to imply how no one is safe from the trap..” as you see Avi Love on the phone talking to a friend. A shocking sound effect buzzes across as a mysterious man glides by. This alerts and frightens Avi Love causing her to hang up with her friend in Tampa to investigate. Booty Thirst Trap takes a turn for the thriller as foreboding music pumps in the background while the camera is in the first-person view of Avi searching the house. Mike Vegas blasts in front of the camera with maniacal laughter to anger and relieve Avi all at once. It was just a prank!

Avi's new panties.

Later you’ll see Avi slowly creep back into a room where Mike Vegas is doing some stretching on the floor. Avi Love stormed off in a fit earlier due to being scared out of her mind by Michael Vegas, well now she’s back. This then becomes a confrontation as Avi states she knows Michael is a “good photographer”. One of her sorority sisters creeps on Mike’s social media page, so Avi Love was instantly in the know. She knows EVERYTHING. Every photo and every body part of Michael’s that was on that profile page.  He just stepped into the trap! The intense sounding music helps drive home the urgency of the situation. Next, you’ll see Michael Vegas going in for the kill, eating Avi’s delicious pussy.  Her thatch of womanhood pointing to the sky as Michael Vegas pokes and licks into her wet pussy. The vaginal insertion happens in reverse cowgirl still with the strategically placed music adding to the sexual ambiance.  

Throes of cowgirl.

After a few slices in that Mike will take her ass coming out of vaginal reverse cowgirl. He’ll pump her butt even further back in reverse cowgirl with anal this time. Avi loving every minute of it as she cums loudly.  More evidence that this is a great pairing: the seamless position changes that happen between Michael Vegas and Avi Love in this scene.  Also more proof, the fun quirky stuff like Michael Vegas seemingly massaging Avi’s holes with his hard cock while she is legs up on her back cooing in approval.  The seed of Vegas in this sweaty finish will be painted all over Avi’s firm bush.  


Lauren infusing the thirst.

The hilarious narrating by Andre Madness continues as the next setting is in Clearwater, Florida. The hunt for the trap never ends it seems as you see Lauren Phillips taking selfies of her ass right in front of an investigative journalist played by Jay Smooth. He’s sitting on a couch too distracted to notice as he writes something with a pen on a pad of paper.  Finally, Jay’s concentration is broken so that Lauren may finally expel her excitement about her thirsting. First and foremost she adorably describes her username as “Thirsty Booty Queen” to Jay the journalist. She tells Jay Smooth most people to know her by that name. Lauren Phillips’ bubbly personality shines in this scene. Fitting the character she’s playing perfectly. She brings a vein of reality to her character as she describes what many other girls feel who are thrilled at the attention that social media gives them. But if you listen closely, Thirsty Booty Queen kind of has a point. She offers a much-needed form of relief to her followers who are wooed by her beauty. Thus giving a sort of mutual benefit to her trap. Jay Smooth sits quietly and absorbs all of this.

Close up of the anal action with Lauren.

Jay Smooth then crassly labels her an “attention whore” which Lauren Phillips agrees to and wears proudly. Next, she is told to read some of the comments from her booty post. She proudly rallies them off one by one with a proud smile on her face. Some of the remarks left hilariously read; “I’d suck the fart out of your ass..” which doesn’t really phase our Thirsty Booty Queen. She’s just focused on the big numbers. Jay Smooth pulls a clever experiment on testing how Lauren’s character feels about rejection. He reaches for his phone to dislike the photo that Lauren is adamant no one would turn down. What happens next has Lauren flipping out as she realized her picture was disliked. She demands Jay Smooth to undo what he’s done! But it’s too late for Mr. Smooth as Lauren whips out that secret weapon and before you know it, Jay Smooth’s face is buried cheek deep in that secret weapon.

Booty Thirsty Queen

After some cheek jiggling, Lauren Phillips is spun around to get down on her knees and fellate Jay. He pulls his pants down to sit on a couch to further get his cock sucked in the oral. After the brief BJ cowgirl in vaginal happens as the tall Lauren Phillips mounts Jay Smooth to get a nice rocking session of fucking going.  Lauren then spins around in to get reverse cowgirl so we can see her awesome boobs jiggle. Now it’s time for Jay to start jabbing Lauren’s butthole. This happens after he slides it in to start the anal thrusting on the couch. Lauren’s tall body is folded to allow Jay to open up for the camera and pound away accordingly. The anal pile driver that happens next is impressively pulled off with this tall beauty. As her long legs lay over behind her head Jay Smooth will slam her in this position. He’ll pull out and pop his seed all over Lauren’s exposed holes.  Even creating what looks like a pool of nut in Lauren’s asshole. I would have appreciated it if the camera got a closer look at this collection of cum that accumulated in Lauren Phillip’s asshole but I understand this isn’t that type of porn.


Ella in vogue.

San Antonio, Texas looks to be our final stop on the thirst train.  It’s described how dark the trap is because of the “innocent casualties” that occur because of it. Well, Ella Nova is at a wedding with Seth Gamble and she could care less. It’s time to thirst as she vogues with her phone in a room separate from the special day. Seth barges in to catch his date being completely distracted by thirsting.  It’s time for one night stands as the thirst trap opens and the two dig into each other after Seth finally gets sucked in. That funky bass line pops again as they strip each other fulfilling homage to the older porn days. 

close up of cowgirl anal with Ella Nova.

The formulaic transition of sex is intact with the BJ having Ella Nova arched over Seth with his dick in her mouth.  The sex starts on a bed where you’ll see Ella coating Seth Gamble’s dick in her spit with proper deep throating. The couples peck before legs goes up in missionary which allows Seth to grab a few munches of pussy before he puts his penis in it. Anal insertion happens seamlessly as their bodies are spooning. Seth pulls her legs open for the camera with close up shots of her butt being pumped.  Ella gets on top for some cowgirl anal as she grabs Seth’s wiener to guide it in. Hard humping happens here before they rotate to positions like doggy anal where more close-ups of the fornication occur.  Seth is ready to shoot his load after a few slams in missionary anal sex with Ella Nova. He’ll secrete his semen all over Ella’s abdomen.


Adam and Eve's logo

When you run into a film with high production values such as Booty Thirst Trap it must be celebrated on every front. Especially in this industry where a lackluster product can be tossed out there for the devouring masses to view. Casual porn fans just don't care, they want to see what they came to see so they can cum. That being said, anyone who runs into Adam and Eve's Booty Thirst Trap will notice at least one thing like the highly animated menus that are intended to woo in viewership. Once the disc is spinning you're going to face a great cast filled with excited performers who love their craft. The characters they portray show the level of enthusiasm of the actors/actresses. The comedy elements help this ten-fold.

Is it a rental? Should you buy it? Try all of the above. It's a film that has to be experienced at least once as a collector. Having a company like Adam and Eve that is known for selling other sex products throw their hat in the ring like this should be recognized. Especially when they're working with a director like Andre Madness. This is why I Highly Recommend this full-on feature with anal.

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