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Cum-Soaked Gardener, The

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 7/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Karmen with a cucumber.

I ’m going to try not make this about retiring porn stars who return to the business but when you have one as titular as Karmen Karma then it’s kind of hard not to bring up such a triumph. Porn performers come and go all the time in this flash in the pan-industry but rarely do you find a girl who commands her own corner of it like Karmen Karma.  You really can’t hold her down to one specific fetish-style as she’s a booty queen, deep throat queen, and tatted alterative-angel all in one. Fans pick up on this just like they probably picked up on a potential comeback from a queen that demands a huge following. Her scenes are nasty and she brings a sort of flame that other girls just can’t imitate.

Brazzers snagged up her CUMBACK scene because they’re a company that pretty much bases their success on smart business moves. They still pride themselves on contract stars and why wouldn’t they?  And why wouldn’t they pair her with Keiran for this comeback? It all fell into place and this scene titled “The Cum-Soaked Gardener”  is a welcome reprisal from a woman that glows in this business.

Cast: Keiran Lee, Karmen Karma
Studio: Brazzers
Release Date: June 19th, 2018
Directed By: ???
Approx. Run Time: 38 mins.


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The beginning of this scene has Karmen trotting through a very large garden.  It’s a very beautiful garden but nothing stands out more than her victorious stroll through the well-filmed backdrop. The credits fly through the screen elaborately introducing the title as “The Cum-soaked Gardener” and of course naming our returning porn queen with the same impressive graphics. You’ll also hear smooth techno music gliding through your audio device while taking this in. Next, you’ll see Keiran creeping in the garden...

The almighty ho turned housewife hosing herself down.

Keiran Lee’s spying is blatantly obvious to our viewers here as he stands directly behind a tree watching this immaculate ho spray herself down with a hose. Completely in awe, he witnesses splashes of water caress Karmen’s upgraded frame.  Keiran is of course finally caught and then recognized by an angered Karmen Karma. It’s not long after she sprays down Kerian with the hose that she finalizes her decree: to fuck the living shit out of him as punishment. Keiran Lee is shocked since he was only there to return some “shears” to Karmen while she was gardening that day. What if his wife hears of this? It’s too late as they’re already walking back inside the house with a topless and horny Karmen Karma.

Comparing cucumbers.

The sex starts off with a Karmen Karma classic, her sloppy blowjob. The lucky Keiran inaugurates the triumphant return of blowjob royalty to the lens in this gagging saliva summoning BJ opener.  We’re rewarded with a throat fucking segment in this sloppy dick sucking séance.  As Keiran pounds down into Karmen’s throat he’ll take his liberties fucking her tits then transfer back to her throat to keep the action nice and nasty. A drooling Karma is then flipped around to have her Daisy Duke booty-shorts ripped down by Keiran Lee.

Karma getting ass fucked with the cucumber in her mouth.

It’s Karma’s turn to get some oral stimulation as Keiran attacks her clit with his mouth and lips. He’ll bury his face between her legs before they reach for the cucumber to repurpose it as a sex toy. After a few jabs with the vegetable up Karmen’s vagina, she gets her pussy filled with some natural meat. Kerian will start taking his first humps in vaginal missionary as they both open up for the camera.  After some more slicing oral from the deep throat queen herself, she’ll get on top of Keiran in cowgirl. If there ever was a heat meter to measure the scene it’d be off the charts during this cowgirl segment as both performer’s bodies bang into each other. It’s time for anal as Karmen Karma announces,  “I want to feel this in my ass!”.

Karmen devouring dick.

Anal insertion happens with the cucumber on board. Keiran Lee will proceed to push his dick into Karmen’s tight butt for the anal sequence to start. The lucky little cucumber will be on board for most of the anal in this scene. Even for the doggy anal where Karmen Karma is getting rocked properly, the cucumber can be found in her hand still. This all leads to the end result of Keiran plastering Karma’s face with penis sauce before stuffing the cucumber in her mouth.

CuCUMBer finish



This is a very fun affair for a return scene from a dashing porn queen. It happens to be for a major studio that ensures a great end product so right there is proof this was a planned move on the part of both parties; Brazzers and Karmen Karma.  Keiran being thrown in the scene is part of this formulaic return as he is a big dick standard for the studio. One of Karmen’s specialties is anal so having one of the biggest dicks possible is a must. The setup is pretty clear as we the fans are pretty excited to see her back in action for the year 2018. So don’t expect the plot to get in the way of  Keiran Lee and Karmen Karma fucking the shit out of each other passionately.  The chemistry is great since the excitement of her return is felt beyond her fans and is apparent on the screen which is expected and that’s why it’s Recommended.

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