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Women Seeking Women Volume 154

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/1/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, Storyline


Cast: Abigail Mac, Isis Love, Katrina Jade, Ana Foxxx, Lily Love, Kenzie Taylor, Richelle Ryan, Liza Rowe

Director: B. Skow 

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Release Date: May 7, 2018

Length: 3 hrs. 9 min.

Extras: Four trailers


Overview: In one of the most popular and most award-winning series in porn, lesbian or otherwise, Girlfriends Films brings us their 154th story of sapphic love. This time it concerns lesbian lovers Ana Foxxx and Kenzie Taylor as they join a house-swapping club and their time in their new place. Little do they know it's an ADULT house swappers club and are pleasantly surprised when the neighbors Katrina Jade and Lily Love come to greet them. Meanwhile the couple they swap with, lesbian swingers Richelle Ryan and Abigail Mac, believe the befuddled house cleaners Isis Love and Liza Rowe are part of the fun. It's a fun, sexy romp that continues Girlfriends Films' presentation of beautiful realistic lesbian sex.


Scene One: Ana Foxxx and Katrina Jade


Ana Foxxx and Kenzie Taylor are a loving lesbian couple who, after joining a house swappers club, are checking out their new abode for the weekend. The house owners have left them some goodies like a bottle of champagne and lingerie on the bed and a note telling them to enjoy “EVERYTHING” that comes with the house. They try on the lingerie and in the process start to get turned on with each other. We then get the now traditional Girlfriends Films practice of displaying some long, slow and sexy foreplay. Kenzie starts rubbing Ana's feet and Ana takes off her bra.


They start making out, Kenzie sucking on Ana's dark nipples before removing her top. They fondle each other and kiss when all of a sudden Katrina Jade and Lily Love enter the room. They tell them they signed up for an ADULT house swappers club, and that they come with the deal. They try to convince Ana and Kenzie to go along with it, and while Ana is against it Kenzie is for it. But Kenzie talks her into it and she and Lily go into the other bedroom, leaving the reluctant Ana with Katrina. Katrina gets Ana to loosen up, telling her Kenzie loves her and that she is giving herself to her as a gift. This isn't cheating, it's just fun. As Ana starts to get more into it they start kissing and Ana rubs and sucks on Katrina's tits. Ana gets on all fours and Katrina starts eating her out from behind.


Katrina licks her asshole and rubs her pussy until eventually, Ana is cumming on Katrina's hand. They then swap positions and Ana is eating Katrina out from behind. Katrina flips over Ana goes down on her missionary style. She licks and laps at Katrina's pussy and it isn't long before Katrina is cumming in Ana's mouth. Ana gives her multiple orgasms with her mouth and then lays back for Katrina to go down on her. Katrina devours Ana's pussy, lapping up her sweet juices and sucking on her clit and lips until Ana has several convulsive orgasms. They beautifully kiss and worship each other's bodies for a second to recupe and then Katrina climbs up and sits on Ana's face. Katrina has the most beautiful orgasm on Ana's mouth as we are treated to a gorgeous shot of Ana's pussy while she laps up Katrina's juices. Ana makes her cum several times before they start tribbing. They bump and grind their pussies together, Ana riding Katrina side saddle as their pussies explode on each others. Ana is not believing how good this feels and Katrina goes down on her again, first licking and then rubbing Ana's pussy with her hand as they kiss bringing Ana to another orgasm.


Katrina finger's Ana's pussy before Ana masturbates herself while Katrina rubs her clit. They then start tribbing again, Katrina climbing up and grinding her pussy against Ana's until they cum on each other. They then beautifully and sensuously kiss, recupeing one more time before Ana holds her legs back and Katrina goes down on her. She shows Ana's pussy no mercy as she spits on, rubs and simply devours her dripping wet pussy, giving Ana wave upon wave of pleasure.


Scene Two: Kenzie Taylor and Lily Love


Meanwhile in the other bedroom Lily makes asks Kenzie to strip for her revealing her great tits and hairy pussy. Kenzie takes off Lily's bra and panties, sensuously kissing her body before climbing up onto the bed and joining her pussy with Lily's. They rub their pussies together while kissing and then Lily lays down for Kenzie to go down on her. Kenzie orally pleasures Lily's equally hairy pussy, getting her juices flowing, before swapping up with her and having Lily go downtown. Lily licks and plays with Kenzie's pussy and then she starts fingerbanging her.


In a really beautiful sequence Lily climbs up and Kenzie sticks her finger inside Lily's pussy too and they both finger each other until they cum. Lily worships Kenzie's tits for a moment and then climbs up and starts tribbing her. She grinds her pussy against Kenzie's before going up and sitting on Kenzie's face. She rides Kenzie's tongue and, in a great display of dexterity, twists her body around and rubs and licks Kenzie's pussy while still sitting on her face. Wow!


They get each other off and then Kenzie gets on all fours and Lily eats her out from behind. Lily licks Kenzie's asshole and rubs her pussy until she cums and then Lily crawls up underneath of her and eats her pussy while Kenzie rides her face. Kenzie reaches behind her and fists Lily's pussy (I guess she can't contort her body like Lily did) until they're both cumming on each other. The make out to recuperate a little and then Lily lays back holding her legs in the air for Kenzie to eat her pussy missionary.


Kenzie gives Lily a leg shaking orgasm and they both masturbate each other again. Lily then gets on all fours and Kenzie rubs and admirers her pussy before inserting her fingers and fucking her while rubbing her clit with the other hand. Kenzie fingerbangs Lily's pussy until Lily cums on her fingers and the scene ending with the two passionately kissing each other while caressing each others bodies.


Scene Three: Abigail Mac and Isis Love


As Ana and Kenzie are having their fun, Richelle and Abigail are just checking out their place. They go exploring, wondering where all of their goodies are when they get to the bedroom. Where they start unpacking and undressing, the ravishing Richelle showing off her amazingly boombastic body! The get into their bikinis and head to the pool when they bump into Isis Love and Liza Rowe, Ana and Kenzie's cleaning service. Richelle and Abigail believe they're part of the house and play along with the “cleaning service” bit. After making them clean the table, watching them dust the vents and smacking their asses as they're cleaning under the table they each tell them they need their help in the bedrooms. Abigail leads Isis to hers and tells her she needs Isis to shave her pussy. The befuddled Isis condones and starts shaving Abigail. Abigail tells Isis she has to clean it up with her mouth and shoves Isis' face into her pussy.


With her mouth planted firmly on Abigail's pussy, Isis makes Abigail cum. Abigail then undresses her, sucking on her tits and worshipping her ass while licking her thong. Abigail pulls Isis' underwear off and flips her over to eat her pussy. The wonderfully vocal Isis Love tells Abigail to wrap her lips around her clit and suck on her pussy. Abigail obliges giving Isis a screaming orgasm. Abigail then climbs up and they start tribbing, Isis twisting herself around and grinding on Abigail's pussy sideways and licking and kissing her foot until they both have loud, intense and convulsive orgasms.


They make out to recuperate again and Isis starts rubbing Abigail's pussy. She fingerbangs her to orgasm and then Abigail climbs up and rubs her clit on Isis' nipple. They then go into a 69 with Abigail on top, Isis sucking the life out of Abigail's cunt bringing her to another convulsive orgasm. They then both sit up and Isis lays back in Abigail's arms while Abigail rubs her pussy. Abigail brings Isis to another screamer with her hand and then Isis lays on her belly while Abigail sucks on her toes. Abigail rubs Isis' feet against her tits and then goes down and licks her asshole while Isis masturbates. Abigail buries her face in between Isis' asscheeks while Isis furiously rubs herself off, making her noisily cum again. They then lay back and watch themselves masturbate.


Abigail tells Isis she's just going to watch her and Isis rubs her pussy until she squirts, Abigail, drinking it up like a water fountain while Isis screams and convulses when she cums. Abigail then climbs up and tribs Isis one more time, bumping and grinding her pussy against Isis and grabbing and squeezing her ass still as she cums on Isis pussy. Abigail then collapses next to Isis and they both caress each other reveling in the beautiful aftermath of their fucking.


Scene Four: Richelle Ryan and Liza Rowe


Meanwhile, in the next bedroom, the staggeringly beautiful Richelle is leading Liza to her bed and tells her she needs a foot rub, pulling the panties to the side and revealing her pussy to Liza. Liza starts rubbing and Richelle tells her to work her way up her leg. Richelle starts to undress Liza and explains to her the situation. Liza seems open and Richelle takes off her bra revealing her amazing tits. She tells Liza to feel them and then takes off Liza's shirt. Richelle squeezes Liza's little titties and nipples and then bends over for Liza to rub her ass. They both strip completely naked start making out, Richelle parting Liza's legs revealing her tight little pussy. Richelle then lays back and shows Liza her pussy, and then they make out for a little bit. Richelle starts kissing Liza's body, playfully hugging her ass before Liza gets on all fours and Richelle starts rubbing her pussy. She plays with and rubs it getting Liza all worked up before sticking her finger in and fingerbanging her from behind.


Richelle works her finger inside of Liza's pussy and tells her she wants her to cum for her. Liza obliges and cums on Richelle's finger, and Richelle making Liza suck her juices off of it. Richelle then lays back and Liza goes down on her, licking her pussy and clit in nice circular motions. Richelle holds Liza's hair back so we can see all of the beautiful fellatio. She works her mouth on Richelle's pussy until she cums, Richelle kissing all of her juices off of Liza's mouth. Liza then opens her legs for Richelle and Richelle starts to eat her. In a cute bit of playfulness, Richelle purrs and says she likes purring on the kitty. Simply adorable. Richelle goes down and eats Liza's pussy, Liza patting Richelle's incredibly beautiful ass with her foot. She eats Liza's pussy getting her hotter and hotter and then Richelle starts fingerbanging her until she's cumming on her finger.


They then go into a 69 position and Richelle sits on Liza's face, her ass swaying back and forth as she wiggles it on her mouth. Liza laps and flicks her tongue across Richelle's clit, Richelle grinding her pussy down on Liza's face while she rubs her pussy. Liza makes Richelle cum and then spins around and sits on her chest, Liza rubbing her pussy and tonguing her clit. Richelle grabs Liza by the back of the head and works her tongue in and out of her pussy, making her fuck it with her tongue. Richelle bounces on Liza's chest, Liza running her tongue up and down her pussy before Richelle finally grabs her head and holds her in place as she cum on her mouth. The scene ends with both Isis and Liza going home, both of them bewildered about the unexpected day they've had.


Final Thoughts: After 15 years and 154 volumes this incredible series is still going strong. Why? Because Girlfriends Films have never lost focus on the main theme, and that is presenting the most realistic lesbian porn available. They focus a lot on foreplay and sensuous interludes. It's no “wham, bam, thank you ma'am” with these folks. This is sapphic erotica in it's purest form. Beautiful, sensuous and loving. And also as always the assemble terrific casts. The beautiful Ana Foxxx and Kenzie Taylor play the loving couple to a tee. While the very hot and wonderfully vocal Isis Love gives a scorching performance. At the end of the scene, Abigail Mac has to tell her breathe. That's commitment. And my gosh what can I say about the incredible Richelle Ryan. The beautiful Latin bombshell takes complete control over Liza Rowe, commanding her scene without being abusive, and making us all love her gorgeous Amazonian frame. It's another winner with Girlfriends Films and I Highly Recommend it.

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