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I Want To Be A Pornstar Vol 2

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 7/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Skip It



Main menu for I want to be a pornstar 2

I love Arch Angel boxes as they are in that clear plastic casing that you see some studios do. And when you open these boxes up you’ll find even more fancy marketing tidbits. Like how they advertise their other films on the reverse side of the insert. You’ll notice this because of the clear plastic box especially if you remove the disc to look. On the front expect more of that clean Arch Angel design. With the Beginner’s Luck logo at the top corner of the box showing that this is a subsidiary of the Arch Angel brand. Holly Travis (she uses a different stage name in the actual film) is the cover girl and also unknown to me further realizing this as a place for rookie porn stars.  Mime Freak’s director credit is right under the cast of girls in this film.  This box cover contains no nudity.

On the back of the box, you’ll see a spliced collage of the action from the film in screenshots. The girl’s names are credited to their segment of the disc that is advertised in photos.  Holly Travis getting fucked in doggy style shares a larger shot with the logo of the film towards the lower bottom part of the box. A website mention is above some legal jargon finishing up this box design on the back.

The extras menu.

Daisy Gomez, Holly Travis, Zoe Clark, Staci May, Eric John, Jake Adams, John Anthony
Directed By: Mime Freak
Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time:  1 hour and 51 minutes


Don’t let the amateur porn look fool you, this an accomplished director trying something new. Mime Freak wants this to be looked at as “rookie porn”. It’s a genius approach under the guise of what looks like couch porn. Yet if you remembered years ago when this type of “couch porn” reigned it was all about introducing newer girls to the porn-fan masses. Now today we have twice as many new girls with social media doubling that level of exposure. Why not travel down memory lane to see what it would be like to be introduced to a newer performer as she sits on the couch talking to the director.  “Finally a studio dedicated to rookie porn stars!”, is what the this Arch Angel DVD touts and it’s a welcome approach to upgrading your roster of favorite performers with a new face.

Staci May's title intro

Staci is noticeably nervous at the start of this scene as Mime Freak instantly picks up. As he furthers interviews her Staci will reveal the origin of her stage name which she lifted from a real person she knew (quite common actually). They also go over of the fact that people back home in Mississippi will be very surprised at Staci May’s decision to break into porn. She claims she is a modest person so people in her hometown will really go crazy when they find out. Mime Freak will go down the route of Staci May’s deepest fantasies which include dominance and being overtaken by robbers breaking into her house.

Thumbs up from Staci.

You know what? Fuck it! Take the dress off..”, as Mime Freak commands Staci she compliantly agrees and off it comes.  They both regale at the importance of matching lingerie as Staci May’s turquoise bra and panties set up is on full display. It’s not long until Staci May is doing what she came here for and that is sucking and fucking Eric John. He slides into view with an erect penis pouring out of his fully clothed form. Staci May goes in for the kill as she grabs Eric’s cock to suck in this supposed first time having sex on camera. But this is Beginner's Luck so you can bet that she is definitely a rookie porn star.

All smiles during the oral opener.

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After the two are acquainted Staci is urged for the head upside down approach to the blowjob she so eagerly started giving. Eric gives a little coaching as Staci lays down on the couch to have her head fucked by Eric’s long penis.  He’ll suck on her tits as he pokes her throat for a bit. When he gets Staci May positioned for doggy he jousts her pussy before he slides his dick out to show how coated it is in Staci May’s creamy white pussy fluids.   The attempt at reverse cowgirl was a funny one to see as our newbie Staci May here tires out at about five minutes of riding. Keep in mind this is a position that most veteran girls hate doing (they say it's exhausting) so it was an interesting dynamic to see Staci May try it out. After that, she is urged to spin around into standard cowgirl as Eric John makes a quip about “tall girls being spinners too.”  From there Eric John lifts her up as if she were petite to pump her in a few more humps there.  Eric John has to do a lot of coaching during the sex position changes I noticed. After being fucked on her stomach for a little bit Eric will finally cum in Staci’s mouth. A large phallus soaked in her own pussy juices will deposit the sticky warm load down her gullet to cap off her first porn scene.


Daisy's title on the DVD.

Mime begins his interview with the intrigue of Daisy’s ethnicity. She happens to be half Venezuelan and half Japanese which is a very interesting mix for this beauty sitting on the same black couch from previous scenes.  The interview leads to Daisy Gomez describing her path into porn. It, of course, started with the camming world but not before tenures in strip clubs. Close contact with the industry in the form of visiting conventions lead her to the professional side of the adult films. Now she is in front of Mime Freak’s camera for Beginner’s Luck.

close up of an orgasmic face.

From the questions, we get Daisy up and running especially when it’s time to reveal her beautiful body to Mime’s camera. She really wanted Mime Freak to focus on her eyes but the camera is already honed in on her ass and titties. Daisy Gomez urges a sensual dance to strip her clothing off. It’s something she insisted on rather than yanking off her whole ensemble. Mime can’t help but agree as her body is slowly unfurled for our delight. Next, after Daisy Gomez expresses her love of sucking cock Jake Adams will step into view so she can demonstrate this.  Daisy Gomez puts her dick-sucking-lips to use as Mime’s camera catches her deep throating.  An awkward setup of the doggy style position on the armrest of the couch gets the fuck-pumping going in this rookie scene.  Remember this is the intention of the raw approach to rookie porn from the director. So expect more interrupting commands during the flow of the sex in this Beginner’s Luck feature.

Daisy's DSLs in action.

As Mime Freak coaches Daisy Gomez into reverse cowgirl she mounts Jake Adams as she perches on him like a prowling feline.  Soon they are both gyrating up and down in this fuck session.  Both performers are coached as Mime commands Jake Adams to spread Daisy’s cheeks for a clear view of her taint and ass. This is happening during a standard cowgirl sequence where Daisy’s ass is facing the camera.  Next, a brief titty fucking segment happens with Jake Adams pumping  Daisy Gomez’s knockers as he sneaks a peck on the lips. Spoon fucking is coached to happen by Mime Freak as they both tumble down on the couch to lay down and fuck.  The dong sauce is delivered on top of Daisy Gomez’s boobs after some whacks to summon it out on Jake’s part. The scene concludes with Mime Freak thanking Daisy Gomez for this rookie round of ‘I Want  To Be A Pornstar! Volume 2”.



Zoey's title on the DVD disc.

This discussion starts off with how tall Zoe Clark is due to her undeniable long legs. She also reveals that she is only nineteen and from the Las Vegas area. She immediately dived into how she wanted to do porn due to showing the world her true beauty. What better avenue than adult films? Some sexual history is covered by Zoe Clark as Mime asks away during the interview. The classic case of sneaking boyfriends into her house during her teen years is visited as they stroll down memory lane.

The investigation leads to an alleged beautiful pussy in the building as Zoe Clark claims. Mime needs proof of this and down come Zoe’s cut-off shorts. Her black laced panties follow soon after so that Zoey’s bare ass and pussy are out for all to see. The male talent slides in after mention of dick sucking is brought to Zoe Clark’s attention. 

Zoey's beautiful pussy.

 As the two rookie performers strip each other some laid back quips of hilarity are made about tight pussies.  Doggy style is the first position in the humping for this scene with John Anthony and Zoe Clark. Anthony pounds her puss hard in this before she hops on top for some cowgirl humping. Out of all the girls so far Zoey feels the most professional on the disc. She’s worked for many other major studios as of late so there is evidence of this.

A creamy load in Zoey's mouth.

“Get off and taste your pussy on his dick..”, the director urges. She swings her long luscious legs off as she turns around to slurp on John Anthony’s wiener.  Mime challenges the rookie performers with a variation sideways cowgirl. They fire it up after much coaching from Mime Freak. After some awkward hops in this position Mime Freak then commands Zoey to slurp some peen.  Zoey Clark’s long legs fly right up for the setup of missionary pumping that John Anthony delivers.  She goes into pretzel formation to open up for the camera during the intense fucking.  A nice duration of deep pipe laying transpires here.  The performers really start going at it in this sideways spooning position I  see here.  One final mount in cowgirl before a load is milked into Zoey’s open mouth. She puddles the man cream between her lips before she swallows it whole. 

Holly's title tag on the DVD.

“Life’s just good”,  Holly Travis honestly admits but one thing I have to point out is that she introduces herself as “Anna West”. This baffled me because the cover girl is a very important facet of any adult film. So to see her advertised with a completely different stage name than advertised on the box is confusing to consumers. The interview continues about how she dreamed of this moment of finally doing this. Her optimistic attitude shows this.  We’ll call her Holly Travis for the box art’s sake. But what I noticed about her interview instantly was her optimistic attitude for performing.

Eric John steps in to get the oral going as Holly Travis starts a BJ with her eyes closed. A total rookie move for a performer but is welcome here for “I Want To Be A Pornstar Volume 2”.  Mime notices this an appreciates the display of a green porn performer for his studio dedicated to newbie girls.  Erich John will check to see if her pussy is wet while she is grasping that cock to suck. Her panties are slid off during the oral and interrupt it because traces of pussy fluids are found stained on them. This impresses Eric John as the sex begins to flow in this scene. Both performers are now stripped of their garments to institute fornication.

Eric measuring cock in feet.

The go-to position to start the fucking is doggy style it seems in this Beginner's Luck release. A formula that is closely adhered to giving way to Eric John humping Holly Travis in doggy style on the couch. Next, a refreshing flip into some pussy eating with Holly's legs spread open giving access to her vagina. Cowgirl is approached within a new girl pace as Holly Travis gets on top. She'll be coached to look at the camera properly by Mime. It's all about opening up for the camera, like a flower blooming in spring dew. It's important especially during an important sex position like cowgirl riding.  "You know what happens at the end of these things right?" Eric John calmly questions as he starts to jack his cock to launch a load. Holly swallows it accordingly to finish this feature.


BL Logo

Amateur porn is definitely a "thing" it's actually a huge thing. There are people out there who don't care who is on camera they just want to watch strangers fuck. It turns them on in their throes of voyeuristic fantasy. So a line of films titled Beginner's Luck would attract such a crowd base, right? Well not in my opinion. Most of the performers here actually have star-power potential, take a look at Zoey Clark who is really doing well in the business. Quickly shedding that rookie status almost too quickly to be featured in a release like "I Want to be a Pornstar! Volume 2".

Yet I can't fault a studio for giving "rookie" porn stars a shot but in this day and age of social media that rookie status is quickly shed after a few thousand followers and those landmark anal/DP scenes that suck in new fans by the droves. You won't find any of that here in "I Want to be a Pornstar! Volume 2" but that's not why I'm telling you to Skip it. It's because Mime Freak the director has unleashed those very types of landmark anal and DP scenes that I'd rather have you watch.  

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