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Surprise Proposal

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/5/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez. Modern porn royalty in so many ways. Adriana is a woman that every fan knows in this business, no matter what their love is. Lesbian, straight, fetish, she is arguably the queen of this business in so many ways. A woman that every performer wants to work with, trust me, I have been their when starlets are asked on the phone who they want to work with. Alina, she is the next generation “porn princess.” A woman whose dazzling beauty has swept fans hearts out to sea, like a tidal wave of lust, that you honestly do not mind succumbing to. This gal is the buzz of the porn world. A Spiegler girl who fits the mold of iconic performers who are simply the best in the business and always have been. Knowing that this scene had to be created well ahead due to the demand of Adriana’s schedule, I can only imagine what intricacies Alan was creating with this vignette when he was creating it within his mind. So many things come to my imagination when dreaming about these two hotties coming together for our viewing pleasure. One thing is or sure, a scene like this, it needs zero marketing. All you need to do is post a still of the women fully clothed and the scene will sell itself when you post that the two are just paired together. This is a scene that draws so much excitement, most will purchase a membership just to see these two get it on, so I think it best we offer up our critique to see if the scene is worth the spending of your hard earned dollars on.

- Don Juan

Scene Duration: 37 Minutes and 50 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @StillsByAlan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: June 24th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Super Star Pairing, Aggressive Sex, Ass Licking, Tit Fucking, Ass to Pussy Oral, Face Sitting, Tribbing, Real Female Orgasms, Toe Sucking

Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez Surprise Proposal

Inspired by Girlsway.com member: MetalHead42

Starring: Adriana Chechik @adrianachechik and Alina Lopez @ItsAlinaLopez

 The Reveal:

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Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez One thing that you have to say about Adriana Chechik, she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet and always looks like she is ready for a high-octane thrill ride with her attention to her hair, nails and always stunning attire. You can see that Adriana loves this business not just by her passionate sex scenes but by the fact that she almost never wears the same pair of lingerie, bra or pantie. Fans may not know this, but so much comes out of the lady’s pockets, especially the things like nails and hair. Adriana sells this scene in a heartbeat right when you see those sexy, cat-like claws. The scene has a quick comedic start and instantly goes into sex and I say that is a hell of a call from Alan. When you buy a Ferrari, you want to take that fucker out onto the freeway and hit two hundred, that is what you bought it for. Same rings true with these two dazzling beauties. Alina is hot as fuck as the aggressor and when you see her strip Adriana down in a flash and the kisses begin to get wetter and wetter, be prepared to go to a place in the realm of superstar porn, that is visited quite well with this opening.

The Sex:

Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez Just like the Indy 500, this show will pass you by going two hundred miles an hour plus. The sex is fast, hard and beyond beautiful. Alina is aggressive as can be and when you see two women kissing this passionately, you know they are true lesbians, who thirst for the flesh of another woman. Oh, dear fucking lord, if you have never seen Alina’s tongue, this is the scene to take you first glance. Adriana sucks with this lust that can only be witnessed and cannot be described. Let’s just say, if the summer temperatures have not given you heat stroke, watching these two wet kiss will. The breast play is hot and very passionate. The eye contact, oh my goodness, it is what makes lesbian cinema so wonderful and it is constant throughout. These two look like they want to eat the other alive and I can guarantee you that they will. The views of watching Adriana delicious booty up in the air, giving us only a peek of the goods is brilliant cinematography. Far too often directors get Adriana naked in a flash and watching her tease you without words is a big bonus in this lesbian escapade. Alina, she looks amazing. She is the definition of this new age beauty that has arrived in the adult industry. She is not as skinny as a twig and has a body that honestly looks like a real woman’s. I know a model may look at that like it is not a compliment, but it is. Alina has that perfect amount of flesh to her bones and it makes a fantasy more real. Especially when it is Adriana Chechik on the other end.Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez 

One of the big selling points in this scene is how real the fantasy is and how the director lets it build into something fans want to see. There is a spot where Alina’s shorts get stuck and there are about fifteen seconds of sexy talk and improv movements as the girls try to get Alina’s pants off, literally. I am so glad Alan did not stop the action, this is true fantasy. This is what every voyeur wants to see when watching two women have sex. I can not tell you how much of a fan anyone will become when they watch an Adriana Chechik scene. Her hardcore fans, which is pretty much every single porn person on the planet, they know she will deliver something bold every time. Me, I like to find something I do not like in every film, that is what I get paid to do. It is almost impossible to do this with Adriana. Watching her lick Alina’s asshole is a slice of heaven. I would rather see a woman eating some wet pussy in my fantasies but when you see Adriana basically tongue fuck Alina, holy shit, you will become stark raving mad with the way you are now rooting on the sex with bedroom eyes. Ten minutes into this scene will feel like twenty. That is how good the sex is. The nastiness is not too much and the way that Alina moans with passion as Adriana transforms into her thirsty, sex-crazed alter ego. I like that these two do not get too extreme. Adriana is a master at everything in this business, but you never see her like this. When she puts things into fourth gear instead of fifth it still makes for one hell of a thrill ride and I think some directors forget that when it comes to Adriana. When Alina sticks that long tongue out for Adriana to sit down on, you will get to see a superstar begin her star-making process. My oh, does this get steamy.

Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez Damn, now this is some of the best up-close shots and oral I have seen this year in a girl/girl scene. Alina is licking, sucking and fucking with heat. Alan takes us right into the middle of the action and my God, what a fucking site it is. Just this part of the scene is worth the cost of admission. Whatever DVD this scene comes out on, I suggest you buy that film as well, because this is a scene that any true porn fan will cherish. It is a scene you will watch repeatedly, just for this part of the sex. Wow, it is sleek, stylish and beyond tasty. Alina Lopez, she is a superstar in the making and she shows skills that are far beyond her years in this business. She has that appeal of the horny eighteen-year-old hottie. She also has a touch of nastiness that I do not think I have seen in the girl/girl world in a rookie since the days of the amazing Erica Boyer. She has awareness of what makes a scene sexy and kinky. The fact that the bead of cum running down her lips almost dries while she is aggressively fingering Adriana, shows that she is not afraid to show one of the biggest superstars of the modern era that she is eager to play, says a lot of where this beauty can go in this business. I can not give away the full climax of this scene but let’s just say, watching Alina tongue fuck Adriana with that tongue, it's like a woman going spearfishing in the deep blue sea. It is a one of kind site that must be seen, to be believed. This is porn lore, magic and everything that creates fantasy. I still have this image burned into my database of that long, thick tongue going in and out. In the words of late great Keith Jackson, “Whoa Nelly!”

Adriana Chechik and Alina Lopez Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

When you see a cum shot like this, you can only say one thing. XCritic Pick. This was a bold move by Alan in so many ways and it pays off. You the fan, you are treated to one of the sexiest scenes of the 2018 year and one of the wickedest pairings that have ever been assembled. The scene is one of a kind when you look closely and see makes that pearly cum drip down Adriana’s luscious lady parts. It is two performers going with the flow and creating fervor for the other. This is Alan knowing what makes things work and making the scene low dialogue. I think an XCritic Pick must be perfect and this scene is. If you would have made this scene story driven it would have dragged on. I can not believe I am saying that. This is a scene that is at the reverse end of what most of my writing and passion consists of in this business but once again, a truly thought out creation can wow even the toughest critics and that is exactly what it did with me. Yes, this scene caters to a fan who only wants to see sex and no story, but this is also a scene with a lot of depth when you look very closely. Trust me on this one, when tribbing and toe sucking is this fucking hot, you must tune in to watch. It is a must when a scene is this well played out. This is a masterpiece of lesbian aggression and it is a must-see scene of 2018. You can add another notch to the belt of the one and only Adriana Chechik and you can also officially say that Alina Lopez has arrived. This is the beginning of something magical and I suggest fans everywhere become a part of porn history so that they can say they were watching since day one when this little gem was displayed for the world to see by the master filmmaker that is Alan and crew. Bravo!

Don Juan DeMarko


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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