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Art of Anal Sex Vol. 8, The

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/5/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Production:  2018

Genre: All Sex; Anal Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Chloe Amour, Gina Valentina, Hime Marie, Anissa Kate, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, Jean Val Jean

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Director Greg Lansky puts more anal art on display in the latest in his series The Art of Anal Sex 8. It seems impossible that the high production quality of Lansky’s anal series could ever get better, but it does get better with subtle nuances that put a sharper focus on the video that makes it pop. This is especially appreciated in those ass-gaping close-ups that show each starlets bum being opened by a hard cock. I highly recommend this flick. It features Chloe Amour, who graces the cover, along with Hime Marie, Anissa Kate, and Gina Valentina. There’s no room for disappointment in this movie as we watch Markus Dupree, Jean Val Jean, and Mick Blue pump each ass hole to a creamy assgasm across four highly stylized scenes.  

Scene 1:  Chloe Amour and Markus Dupree

Three years ago, Chloe was on the verge of closing her first big real estate deal. Now, she’s one of the most successful real estate agents in L.A. She’s got a big client she’s after. It’s Markus, one of the richest Russian businessmen in L.A. Chloe can be very convincing and she has her eyes set on landing the deal with Markus. He meets her at her luxurious office and she kicks things off with a bottle of champagne, popping the cork and drink from the bottle. She walks up to Markus with the champagne, celebrating the deal. He wonders why she’s already celebrating because the deal isn’t closed yet. Chloe is convinced she won’t have any trouble closing the deal. She squeezes his cock in his pants and drops to her knees to seal the deal. Markus drops his pants and puts his cock in her mouth. Chloe spits on it and sucks it, enjoying her new client. Markus pours champagne all over his cock and watches her suck it off. He fucks her mouth, enjoying the VIP cock sucking treatment from Chloe. They continue their negotiations in the bedroom. This time, it’s Chloe’s turn to get tongue lashed. Markus licks her pussy, making it wet then he stands up and starts fucking her throat again, making her drool all over herself. “I want you to fuck me,” she tells him.

Chloe sits on Markus’ cock in reverse cowgirl position and goes on a pleasurable ride. “I love feeling your cock deep inside my little pussy,” she says, gasping for breath as Markus starts drilling her wet snatch. His cock stretches her cunt, making her cum. He sends his cock deep inside her tight twat, pleasing her hole. Markus strums her clit while stuffing her cunt. Chloe begs him to fuck her ass hole. He plugs her ass reverse cowgirl style as she asks for nice deep strokes in that hole. We get a full-screen close-up of Chloe’s gaping ass hole when Markus pulls out. She climbs off to taste her ass off his cock, sucking and slurping on it. A round of standing reverse cowgirl up the ass massages her sphincter and keeps her pleased. Then her tight little ass gets plunged by prick doggy style, keeping her hole in gape mode. Markus fucks her anal cavity balls deep, giving her an assgasm. Missionary up the ass makes Chloe squirt and cum. Markus fucks her ass hole until he cums in it, filling it up with jizz. He pulls out and watches the creampie ooze out of Chloe’s ass. She sucks his cock clean, licking away his cum and her ass juices.

Scene 2: Gina Valentina and Mick Blue

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Mick has hired Gina to give him a full wardrobe overhaul. His closet is empty, and he wants her to fill it. He’s just coming off nasty divorce where he lost everything. He’s starting from scratch. Gina finds him charming and she is curious about why Mick’s wife left. He tells her it's because he cheated and was searching for anal sex. She smiles and speaks in her Brazilian tongue, telling him that in her country, all the women love to take cock in the ass. She kisses him and walks him into the bedroom, working his hard cock out of his pants and jerking it back and forth with both hands. Gina is a hands-on wardrobe stylist who loves to suck cock. She smiles as Mick thrusts his dick down her throat and tells him how good it feels massaging her tonsils. Gina licks her way down his shaft to his balls and sucks on them for a few minutes until Mick stands her up, strips her out of her clothes and bends her over the bed doggy style. He tongues her ass hole as Gina bounces back and forth, smother his face with her ass cheeks. He penetrates her pussy slowly, stuffing it from behind and covering it with spit.

Soon, Mick picks up the pace and is pounding her pussy with his hard pole, making her scream out in pleasure. Gina cums, reaching her pleasure peak quickly. He turns her around into missionary position, eats her wet pussy then fucks it again, holding both her legs up in the air. Reverse cowgirl is next, and it turns into ball-slapping fun for Gina. After he stretches her cunt out, Gina tells him she wants her tiny little ass hole to get fucked. She grips his dick and guides it in her ass in cowgirl position. Mick drills Gina’s sphincter, and we get a hot close-up on the hole-opening action. He grips her ass cheeks, spreading them open while his cock stretches her ass. Gina’s hole is creamy wet now and Mick’s dick is covered in it. More ball-slapping annihilation is next as he pumps her rectum hard, fast and deep. “Oh, fuck me!” Gina screams, telling Mick, “don’t stop.” We get great close-up shots of Gina’s ass hole sucking Mick’s dick deep inside it. “This is your fucking ass hole,” she tells him. Gina tastes all those ass juices off his cock then sits on it again in reverse cowgirl position. She holds her legs wide open as her eyes roll back into her head and her ass hole gapes. He bangs her hard until she has an assgasm. More ass-t-mouth leads into doggy style pumping. Mick straddles her and aims below for her warm, pink hole. He pumps it up and down like a well-oiled piston, then pulls out, revealing her gaping opening. “Don’t stop baby,” Gina encourages him. The missionary up the ass is hot. While he stuffs Gina’s ass hole, Mick thumbs her pussy, finger fucking it at the same time. Then he leans in and eats her wet cunt. He finishes her off with a round of hard pounding anal that leads to a creamy finish all over Gina’s face when he pulls out and pops. “You’re definitely the best stylist I ever met,” Mick tells her as she sucks his cock and as his cum oozes down her cheeks.

Scene 3: Hime Marie and Jean Val Jean

This scene with Hime begins with high energy ass slapping. It turns out that her sister’s tutor has been doing a lot more than teaching lessons.  Hime stays behind one day to see why her sister has been so excited about meeting with her tutor.  To Hime’s surprise, her sister has been getting lessons in ass spanking. Her tutor, Jean, has been bending her over his knees and whacking her ass cheeks until they turn red. Hime admits that she is turned on by the whole thing and she fantasizes about Jean doing it to her. Hime approaches Jean in the kitchen one day when her sister is not around and tells him she knows about her sister’s secret, and she wants to experience it too. Jean bends her over his knees, flips up her skirt and spanks her ass cheeks. “Come on, you can spank me harder than that,” Hime says. Jean whacks her harder and harder, making her cheeks turn red. Then he starts fingering her ass hole and spreading her cheeks open so her pink pussy and ass hole gape. “I’m going to fuck your ass,” Jean tells her. “You want that?” he asks. Jean undresses her, rubbing his hard cock against her body. “I want you to suck my cock,” he says. Hime is being a good student and does exactly what her professor says. She unzips his pants and takes out his hard cock. “I like what I see,” she tells him right before licking his balls and shaft. She lies near the edge of the bed, opens her mouth wide and looks up at Jean while he fucks her throat.

Strings of Hime’s drool hang from his shaft as Hime spits on his pipe. “I love the way you fuck my face, professor,” the good girl Hime says. He beats her tongue with his cock then helps guide Hime’s tight pussy down on it in reverse cowgirl position. She promises to fuck him so much better than her sister does. She wants her ass hole stretched just as much as her pussy, and she gets what she wants reverse cowgirl style. “Fuck that ass open,” she screams at Jean. She gets on all fours for doggy style drilling deep in her ass then she spreads her hole open missionary style, watching Jean’s prick glide in and out her gaping ass hole. “Fuck that ass,” she moans. The hottest part of this scene and the movie is the close-up on Hime’s missionary fuck up the ass. Her gaping ass hole is front and center, taking up the bulk of the screen as Jean’s pipe pumps and stretches it out. He pulls out, giving us a clear shot of her inner anus. He drills her rectum in overdrive then pulls out and pops in her mouth and on her face. “That’s my dirty girl,” Jean says as he covers her face in spunk. She opens her mouth wide for more cum-filled facing fucking, telling him she loves the way he showered her face in cum. She makes him promise not to tell her sister.

Scene 4: Anissa Kate and Mick Blue

Anissa brings up the rear in the closing scene of the flick. The hot French performer opens her scene in the bathtub. She speaks in French but there are subtitles on the screen in English. The buxom brunette explains that people think she got married for the money. It’s not true. When she got married, she married for love, but the relationship soured and ended in divorce. Anisa got his money and his business, but things didn’t go as smoothly as she thought they would. Her inherited business partner, Mick, is not thrilled with Anissa. She takes another tactic to get Mick on her side. One day in an impromptu meeting at his place, she spreads her legs wide open, showing Mick her pussy, much to his surprise. Before he knows it, his new business partner is on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock. He stands up and kisses her then Anissa really shows him how much she wants to work with him. She licks his balls then opens her mouth wide and gags as Mick fucks her throat. She’s got her stubborn business partner right where she wants him. They get passionate in bed, kissing each other in missionary position. “Put it inside me,” she tells him. Mick penetrates her pussy and starts fucking her. He pulls out and eats her cunt, making her body shiver. We get a hot shot of Mick’s tongue wagging back and forth across Anissa’s clit.

She sucks him off some more then goes on a reverse cowgirl ride on his dick. Mick pumps her twat, stretching it out and stuffing it full of cock. He pulls out and stuffs her ass hole, fucking it in reverse cowgirl position. “Your dick feels so good in my ass,” she screams. She sucks his cock next, tasting her ass cream. She licks it all over his shaft then sits her ass hole on his face. Mick spanks her ass hole with his tongue, making Anissa moan in pleasure. She sits on his dick again, taking more cock up the ass, and telling him to fuck her. It’s a hot shot of doggy style cock up the ass that causes Anissa’s eyes to roll back into her head as Mick drives his dick deep inside her gaping ass hole. “Yeah, fuck me like that,” she encourages him. She does ass-to-mouth before getting fucked missionary style. She spreads her ass cheeks open and Mick pumps her rectum balls deep until he’s ready to blow his load. He pops in her mouth and on her chin. Anissa quickly gathers all his spunk and puts it in her mouth. She is determined to make this new inherited business partnership work.

Final Thoughts:

You won’t be disappointed when you get your hands on the latest anal-focused flick from director Greg Lansky, and I highly recommend this one. In the latest in his series The Art of Anal Sex 8, Chloe Amour, Hime Marie, Gina Valentina, and Anissa Kate submit to endless rounds of ass pounding sex from anal experts Mick Blue, Jean Val Jean, and Markus Dupree. Lansky is the master of highly-produced, well-stylized sex that pops off the screen and it’s hard to imagine how he could improve on such a high standard. But in watching his series, there are subtle nuances in filming that bring even more anal sensation to the screen with each new flick. The ultra-close-ups on Hime Marie’s gaping ass hole being drilled by Jean Val Jean’s hard cock in squat-thrusting action is well worth the price of admission. That’s one example of the collection of hot vignettes found in this movie.

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