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School of Anal Lessons

Studio: Alex Romero » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/5/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 56 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Anal; 18+ Schoolgirls

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Alex Romero

Cast: Alice Romain, Melanie Memphis, Teena Dolly, London Keyes, Choky Ice, George Uhl, Lauro Giotto

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow;


Spanish director Alex Romero puts out hot flicks. When it’s all about anal, his Euro-sluts go to the front of the class for getting their tight anal cavities explored and stretched out. In School of Anal Lessons, Alice Romain, Melanie Memphis, London Keyes, and Teena Dolly all get an A+ for successfully passing their deep penetrating anal courses. The sex in this flick is hot to watch as each starlet gets a hard lesson from a hard cock up their asses.  Although the scenes are pretty good, they are a bit older. The action was shot in 2011, 2012, and 2013. I recommend you watch this one on demand. Alice Romain’s opening scene with George Uhl is sure to get you off and so is watching Teena Dolly’s anal opening by George’s cock.

Scene 1:  Alice Romain and George Uhl

Alice is late for her lesson again. Instead of showing up on time for class with George, she’s outside in the garden talking on her cell phone. George gets angry and orders Alice inside right away. He takes her cell phone away from her and threatens to call her parents about her behavior. Alice begs him not to tell her parents because they take her lessons very seriously. George tells her they could work something out where her parents never find out. Alice unzips his pants and puts his cock in her mouth. She massages his balls and sucks his dick, showing him how much she has learned about sucking cock. “I can see that this is not your first cock in your mouth,” George tells his pupil. She bends over doggy style on the couch and devours her professor’s prick, licking up and down his shaft, all the way to his balls. He pulls her blouse up and sucks on her perky tits. Alice turns around, positioning her ass hole in his faced doggy style. George licks her twat and ass, wagging his tongue back and forth between her holes. “It’s so good, professor,” Alice says. “I’m sorry I’m late.”

Just then, George penetrates her pussy doggy style, punishing her cunt for Alice’s bad behavior. He drills her fast and deep then pulls out and eats her wet pussy. The doggy style bang on the couch gets harder and harder as George pumps his pupil’s wet pussy. She rides his cock in standing cowgirl before sitting on it cowgirl style. The anal begins in reverse cowgirl position as Alice bounces up and down on his dick, using it to stretch her ass hole open. He fingers her clit while banging her ass hole, giving Alice an intense, squirting assgasm. Alice surrenders to the sensation then lies on her side for spoon fucking up her ass. He pulls out and feeds her his cock out of her ass hole. Alice sucks it, swallowing the taste of her ass off his dick. She’s on her way to another screaming orgasm once George starts fucking her ass hole again. He drills it missionary style until Alice cums. He pulls out and finger-fucks her until she squirts. Alice jerks her prof’s dick until he pops all over her young tits. While she jerks his cock back and forth, George promises not to meet with her parents after all.

Scene 2: Melanie Memphis and Choky Ice

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Melanie is sick. She has a sore throat. Doctor Choky is here to help. He asks her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out. He inspects her throat and tells her she has no problem. He knows she is pretending to be sick, so she can get out of school, but Choky tells her she has to go back to class. Melanie really doesn’t want to go to class and she decides to use another ploy to skip school today. She massages Choky’s cock in his pants until it gets hard, then she pulls it out, kneels in front of the bed and deep throats it. It turns out that Dr. Choky is going to be able to help her with her throat issues. She gobbles his cock then sucks his balls, making the doctor very happy. He fucks her throat, massaging her tonsils the head of his prick. “Give me your pussy,” the doctor orders. Melanie lies on the bed with her legs wide open. Choky pulls her panties off to the side and kisses her cunt before giving it a warm, wet tongue lashing.

The cock-sick Melanie stays in missionary position and fingers her clit while Dr. Choky fucks her cunt until she cums. Her body shivers and shakes as she reaches her peak. Dr. Choky has the dick medicine that makes Melanie feel so much better. She rides her doctor’s dick cowgirl style, holding on to the bed frame while Choky squeezes her ass cheeks and helps her bounce up and down on his pole. Melanie’s wet pussy is creaming all over Choky’s cock, lubing it up as she rides him. Choky drills his patient’s pussy and squeezes her big tits. She sucks him off for a few minutes then sits on him in reverse cowgirl position. This time, Choky uses his prick to probe Melanie’s tight ass hole. He drills her anal cavity, launching an all-out prick patrol up her ass. The deep drilling action makes Melanie cum. She’s having the best day off from school ever. “You want to taste your ass?” he asks her. She sucks him off in ass-to-mouth action then it’s back to the “A” missionary style. This cock-starved student has another assgasm with Choky’s pecker plunging her sphincter. He pumps her until he pops, pulling out and blasting his load all over her pussy and hand. After stretching her pussy all the way out, Choky tells her he has bad news for her. “You’ve got to go back to your class to take your test now,” he explains.

Scene 3: Teena Dolly and George Uhl

Teena is a very studious learner. She takes piano lessons from George and she just passed her last test with flying colors. But, in order to get into the prestigious school, she has to play one more piece for George. She starts playing, and she’s horrible at it. George asks her to try again, but the playing gets even worse. He stops her and tells her she won’t be able to get into his school with poor piano playing. Teena’s dreams are dashed. George tells her she’s a very pretty girl and maybe she has other qualities that might help her get into the school. He kisses her, telling her how beautiful she is. Teena sits at the edge of the piano bench, spreading her legs open wide and wrapping them around George while he kneels and sucks her tits. Teena really wants to get into the school and she’s going to suck and fuck her way in. She starts by sucking George’s cock, stuffing her face with his hard meat. Her oral qualities come shining through as she shows him how good she really is. He skull-fucks her, filling her throat with dick. Teena lies on her back on the bench and fingers her pussy for George. She spreads her legs open, so he gets a good look at her two pink holes. He starts eating her pussy then works his way to her ass hole, tonguing each opening and getting them both wet.

It’s straight to the “A” for this prick-loving prodigy. George introduces his hard cock to her warm, wet ass hole and orders her to play with her pussy while he fucks her. He drills her ass harder and faster until Teena cums in sensational submission. Her ass hole is gaping now as George’s cock opens it all the way up. He pulls out and feeds her his cock. Teena enjoys the taste of her ass off his dick then lies down for more ass banging. A few more strokes send Teena into orgasmic territory again and she loves it. She rides her piano professor’s prick in reverse cowgirl position on the piano bench, slamming herself up and down on his hard pole. The anal stuffing and pussy fingering make her cum again. She does ass-to-mouth before getting into doggy position for a hot round of cock up the ass. George drills her tight ass hole hard and deep, keeping her screaming in pleasure. The doggy up the ass is the hottest part of this scene, and it soon has Teena’s hole creaming all over the piano bench. He drills her ass hole and finger fucks her pussy until she squirts all over the bench. The sweaty pair fuck missionary style until George pulls out and blows a huge load all over her pussy and the bench. “I will see you in class in September,” he tells her. “You passed.”

Scene 4: London Keyes and Lauro Giotto

When this scene begins, London is on her knees sucking Lauro’s cock. She jerks it back and forth, in and out of her mouth, getting it wet and keeping it hard. “Yeah, suck it, baby,” he tells her. London spits on it then opens her mouth wide for some skull fucking. He helps her out of her schoolgirl uniform, unsnapping her bra. She wraps her tits around his cock and titty fucks him then she greedily puts his dick back in her mouth. She lies on the couch and Lauro spits on her ass hole then licks it before fucking it. He holds one leg over his shoulder while drilling her tight ass hole. “Yeah, slide it in there nice and slow,” London tells him. He pumps her cavity slow and steady, just the way London likes it. Spoon fucking up the ass is next and Lauro sends every inch of his dick deep inside London’s anus. London begs to clean his cock off with her mouth. She sucks it clean in ass-to-mouth style then sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position, wedging it deep in her ass. “Put your fucking cock in my ass,” London screams just before sitting on it cowgirl style.

Lauro bangs her ass hole hard and deep while spanking her ass cheeks, making London’s eyes roll back in her head. She smiles then screams in ecstasy as he fucks her tight hole harder and harder. She sucks his cock clean again and starts another round of reverse cowgirl up the ass. “That feels so fucking good up my ass,” London moans. There’s more anal cowgirl and it’s a turn on to watch London bounce her big round ass cheeks up and down on his dick. Lauro puts her on all fours, spits on her ass hole then fucks it in a leg up doggy fuck. Missionary fucking up the ass gets rough when he chokes London, making her scream even harder in ecstasy. “I want cum all over my fucking face,” London begs him. She grips his dick and jerks it until he shoots cum in her mouth. A year later, it’s London’s last day at school. She meets with Lauro in the office for her final clearance. He’s glad about the way she turned out because that hot anal fuck they enjoyed all happened on her first day of school. She was a really bad girl then.

Final Thoughts:

I always enjoy watching an Alex Romero flick. You’re sure to get hot Euro-sluts performing mind-blowing sex that’s shot well. In his flick School of Anal Lessons, Romero presents Alice Romain, Melanie Memphis, London Keyes, and Teena Dolly in four scenes of smoking anal sex that’s a turn on to watch. The schoolgirl theme plays throughout each scene as these cock-loving sluts show up in their short schoolgirl uniforms, only to have them pulled aside or flipped over, revealing their tight, pink pussies and ass holes. Each girl passes her anal plunging lesson with flying colors and deserves an A+. The scenes are good but older. The action was shot in 2011, 2012, and 2013. I recommend you get off watching this one on demand. Alice Romain and Teena Dolly have the hottest anal-pumping action in the flick as the cock wielding George Uhl explores their anal cavities, thrusting in and out of them until he pops.

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