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Girl Number 9

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/8/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 57 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Feature

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Producer/Director: Skye Blue

Written By: Melissa Monet

Cast: Dolly Leigh, Alyce Anderson, Daisy Stone, Alexa Grace, Melissa Moore, Ryan Driller, Jerry Kovac, Donnie Rock, Jay Smooth, Lucas Frost

Bonus Scenes: Lauren Phillips and Jay Smooth from Booty Thirst Trap

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Behind the Scenes with 2 minutes and 20 seconds of footage; Bonus Scene; Previews; Web Info; Phone Sex Info


Girl Number 9 is a well-conceived story of sex hotline worker Dolly Leigh and her experiences getting men off over the phone. Dolly is a hard-working college student who works at the sex hotline part-time to help pay the bills. She has caught the attention of the shy guy, Lucas Frost, who pursues her throughout the flick and finally fucks her in the movie’s closing scene. I recommend this fuck feature. The sex is passionate and shot well with a great storyline that keeps things moving along. The five sex scenes showcase Dolly along with Alyce Anderson, Daisy Stone, Alexa Grace, and Melissa Moore. Adam & Eve produces great flicks, especially for couples, providing hot, enjoyable sex scenes shot with an eye toward passion. You can expect to find well-filmed, passionate sex against high-quality production elements in Girl Number 9. All of that comes together to make watching this movie worthwhile.

Scene 1:  Alyce Anderson and Jerry Kovac

Dolly Leigh is girl number 9 at a sex hotline. She’s also a hard-working college student who works at the sex hotline part-time to help pay the bills. Her first call comes from Jerry Kovac who is making love to Alyce Anderson. Dolly methodically walks Jerry through every sex move he should make on his fuck doll Alyce. Dolly knows what to say to keep Jerry hard and to keep him satisfying Alyce. Dolly instructs him to kiss Alyce then to suck her tits. He follows her every command. Soon, he’s fingering her pussy and kissing her all over her body. Alyce is like putty in his hand. She starts sucking his hard cock, lubing it up with her spit. Dolly tells Jerry that it’s time to fuck Alyce. He fucks her cowgirl style for starters, making her moan. She glides up and down on his cock, wrapping it in her tight pussy. Alyce lies on her side next for a round of spoon fucking. He drills her twat balls-deep, making Alyce’s eyes roll back into her head.

“I love that cock,” she tells him as she moans uncontrollably. Jerry fucks her deeper and faster and it makes Alyce cum. She rides him reverse cowgirl style next, keeping her feet propped up on his thighs. “You’re gonna make me cum again,” she screams. The couple moves into doggy position where Jerry drills her twat, slamming it from behind. He pumps her until he’s ready to pop, pulling out blowing his load all over her ass cheeks. Cum drains down Alyce’s thighs as she leans back and kisses Jerry.

“Bye-bye now,” Dolly says as she hangs up the phone. Her job is done, and it was done well.

Scene 2: Melissa Moore and Ryan Driller

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Melissa Moore is Dolly’s friend and coworker at sex line. Melissa really knows what she’s doing. She’s so good when Ryan Driller calls in to get off, it’s just like Melissa is in the bedroom with him, making his fantasy come true. Ryan is lying on the bed with his hand on his dick as Melissa begins to talk him through his fantasy. Her skills are so good, she magically appears in front of Ryan, who immediately starts kissing and undressing her. He licks his way up her stomach and tits and then to her lips, making Melissa feel good all over. Ryan pulls her panties off, telling her they must go, then he teases her twat with his tongue. The camera work and HD production quality really pay off here, giving us a close-up view of Melissa’s creaming pussy being lashed by Ryan’s wagging tongue. Hot! Melissa has a bushy pussy that Ryan admires as he licks it. “That feels so good,” she tells him. “Don’t stop!” Melissa’s cunt gets wet as Ryan tongues it. “My pussy is so fucking ready,” she murmurs in total submission. Before he fucks her, he feeds her his dick. Melissa admires it while licking up and down his shaft. She kisses the head of his cock then puts it in her mouth and sucks it, making a slurpy sloppy mess of it. “That’s perfect,” Ryan says. He lies back, and Melissa works on his balls next, stuffing them into her mouth and sucking them while she jerks his dick. “I can blow you forever,” she adds.

Melissa sits on her customer’s cock, riding it cowgirl style, squeezing her tight pussy around it. Ryan squeezes her ass cheeks while she bounces up and down on his pole. “Spread it, nice and wide,” she orders Ryan, who opens her ass cheeks wider and bangs her twat. Her wet pussy hosts more cock in reverse cowgirl position and Melissa loves watching the action. She looks down at her pussy while Ryan drills it from underneath, sending Melissa’s eyes rolling back into her head. She fingers her clit at the same time until she cums all over his meat. Close-ups on the spoon fucking action between these two is hot as Ryan’s balls slap against Melissa’s cunt with each stroke. Fast paced missionary fucking sending all of Ryan’s prick deep inside Melissa’s pussy, making her scream louder and louder in ecstasy. He pumps her until he cums, pulling out and blasting her stomach with spunk. She disappears from Ryan’s fantasy, leaving him holding the phone in disbelief. “You were wonderful,” she says. “If you’re really happy, leave me a tip,” She adds before hanging up the phone. “Bye for now.”

Scene 3: Alexa Grace and Donnie Rock

Alexa is a hot-to-trot sex line worker who has a rough day at the office. Dolly accuses her of transferring weirdo phone calls to her line and the two battle it out. “What the fuck is her problem” Alexa wonders about Dolly. Alexa needs to find a way to rid herself of the conflict bubbling up inside her that’s making her feel aggressive. Lucky for Donnie, he calls her line. Alexa tells him he better be ready to be dominated because she’s in the mood to take total control. In his phone fantasy, Alexa appears in bed with him straddling him cowgirl style and controlling his every move. She pulls his underwear off and greedily sucks his cock, making it hard as she deepthroats him. She rides him cowgirl style, enjoying the sensation of his cock slamming in and out of her cunt. She climbs off and sucks her cunt-soaked cock, tasting her own pussy off it.

Alexa sits her pussy on his face in 69 position and sucks his cock while he eats her pussy until she cums in his mouth. She turns to her side for spoon fucking, ordering him to shove his cock inside her. Donnie drills her twat as she begs him to never stop fucking her pussy. She strums her clit until she cums again, screaming out in pleasure. “Shove every inch inside me,” Alexa tells Donnie. He thrusts in and out of her pussy some more then pulls out and stuffs his cock in her mouth. She sucks him off then rides his dick cowgirl style. They turn to missionary fucking then spoon fucking again. Alexa tells him to “fucking cum all over her.” Donnie pulls out and pops on her ass cheeks, covering them in jizz then kisses her. “That was amazing,” he says.

Scene 4: Daisy Stone and Jay Smooth

Lucas has finally built up the courage to talk to Dolly. He gives her an arrangement of flowers, but Dolly is just not interested. Lucas apologizes and walks away. Later that day, Jay eavesdrops on Daisy, another sex line worker, who is on the phone making another man’s fantasy come true. When Daisy sees Jay watching her through the glass door, she hangs up the phone and starts rubbing her pussy, inviting him in. Jay rushes in and kisses her as Daisy promises to make her pussy wet for him. He helps her out of her clothes, pulling off her bra and caressing her tits. “I love feeling your hard cock,” she tells him. “You’re gonna make me get my panties all wet,” she explains to him.

He eats her pussy doggy style then Daisy takes over, jerking and sucking his cock. He turns the tables, eating her pussy some more in missionary position while Daisy runs her fingers through his hair, holding his head in place between her legs. “Grab my ass hole while I ride you,” Daisy tells him as she rides his cock cowgirl style. She likes a little anal play and tells Jay to finger her ass hole while she rides his cock. “That feels so fucking good,” she says. “Fuck me harder,” Daisy screams. She bounces up and down on him then turns around into reverse cowgirl position, fingering her clit while she rides his hard pole. She lies on her back, missionary style and Jay holds one of her legs over his shoulder and drills her twat. “I’ll take it however you want; just like a good little slut,” Daisy says as she gets drilled. She cums all over his cock and promises to make Jay cum so good. He pumps her pussy harder and deeper then pulls out and shoots his thick load all over her ass cheeks and pussy.

Scene 5: Dolly Leigh and Lucas Frost

In the final scene of the feature, Dolly realizes just how much Lucas loves her. She reads the note he sent with the flowers and is starting to warm up to him. Melissa stops by to smell the flowers and she tells Dolly to give Lucas a chance. Dolly is worried about being in a relationship with someone while she works at the sex hotline. Melissa tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that. She can have both at the same time. Dolly takes Melissa’s advice and shows up at Lucas’ house. She can’t believe she’s here but says “fuck it” as she kisses him. Lucas takes her to the couch and makes out with her, kissing her tits and stomach, working his way down to her pussy. He has waited a long time for this. He tongues her cunt, making her moan. Dolly’s body shivers and shakes in ecstasy then she cums in his mouth. He licks it all up then stands up and fucks her throat. Dolly gags on his dick as he bangs her mouth. She drools all over his cock, spitting up on it.

Missionary on the couch brings Dolly total pleasure as Lucas pumps her wet pussy. He sends his cock balls deep inside her, drilling her until she screams in abandon. Dolly sits on his prick in reverse cowgirl position and takes it slow, grinding around and around on it. She climbs off and tastes her pussy off his cock, licking his balls as well then rides him cowgirl style. Spoon fucking follows. “Yeah, keep fucking me like that,” Dolly tells him. She wants it hard and deep and Lucas gives it to her that way. When he pulls out, Dolly strokes his cock until he shoots his load all over her tits. “It’s so much,” she says. Dolly explains that she deserves to be happy and who better to fuck than the smartest guy in the class.

Final Thoughts:

Dolly Leigh stars in this Adam & Eve production of Girl Number 9, directed by Skye Blue and written by Melissa Monet. This well-crafted story is a great feature to watch, and I recommend it. The action flows seamlessly from scene to scene with great sex wrapped around it. Dolly works part-time for a sex hotline and she’s good at making guys’ fantasies cum true until they pop. She’s also a hardworking college student who is relentlessly pursued by fellow student Lucas Frost throughout the flick. He finally builds up the courage at the end of the flick to fuck his crush. Dolly is joined by Melissa Moore, Alexa Grace, Daisy Stone, and Alyce Anderson in five worthwhile scenes. Ryan Driller, Lucas Frost, Jay Smooth, Donnie Rock, and Jerry Kovac pump each pussy to a creamy finish while the drama of the storyline unfolds.


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