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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/8/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Couples Feature, Science Fiction, Drama


Cast: Brooke Haze, Avery Stone, Krissy Lynn, Dolly Leigh, Aspen Romanoff, Nickey Huntsman, Dylan Snow, Tyler Nixon, Justin Hunt, Tony Martinez

Director: Nick Orleans

Release Date: June 22, 2018

Length: 2 hours

Condoms: None

Extras: BTS Featurette, Interviews with the cast, one bonus scene, photo gallery, four trailers, web info and phone sex info


Overview: Award winning director Nick Orleans brings us an ambitious tale of four couples beta testing a new technology called Memory Recall. A device that replace a person's past memories on a computer screen for everyone to see. It's not a very original story, but it is VERY well made and well told through the fine performances and wonderful structure. It also asks, just how much of your past do you actually choose to remember, and how well do you let your emotions dictate the past? Like I said, this story has been played out before, but this is very interesting way of telling it. The four couples situations are pretty much intertwined throughout the film. So I'll just give you a synopsis of each scene.


Scene One: Nickey Huntsman and Justin Hunt


We start with a loving and trouble free couple that simply are here as beta testers. Justin and Nickey have been lovers for a while and today Justin is reflecting on their first sexual encounter, after a wedding in an old prop warehouse. With Justin's headset securely in place we get a POV shot of Nickey running though the warehouse from Justin's perspective, swinging on a giant swing and leading him to a couch. They start to makeout and Nickey takes off her shirt for Justin to play with her tits. After Justin's hand make's it's way to her pussy they undress themselves and Nickey opens her legs for Justin to go down on her.


He licks and fingers her hairy pussy getting it nice and wet for his hard cock. He stands up and Nickey starts sucking him, looking up at him in a beautiful POV shot before laying back for him to fuck her missionary. With one leg thrown over his shoulder he slides his cock in and out of Nickey's pussy, Nickey begging him to fuck her when she's not biting her own leg. Justin then lays back and Nickey starts riding him, first bouncing her pussy up and down on his cock and then spreading her ass cheeks open for him to fuck her from underneath. Justin slamming his cock in and out of Nickey's pussy makes her cum and then she gets on all fours and Justin fucks her doggy style.


Nickey looks up at him and they kiss as he pistons his cock in and out of her sweet hole until she cumming again. Nickey then lays on her side and the two start spooning, Justin kissing her tit as he fucks her. They kiss passionately and Nickey cums again before rolling onto her back again and Justin fucking her missionary until he shoots a stream of white cum on her bush. After watching Justin's memory of their first time together, he and Nickey kiss and profess their love for each other. A very sweet, nicely shot couples scene with fine performances from the two.


Scene Two: Solo scene with Aspen Romanoff


After the scene we get a little bit of the subplot between two of the couples. We then see the technology's creator, Krissy Lynn, and her assistant, Aspen Romanoff, stressing over not receiving funding for her project. Aspen puts her mind at ease, Krissy leaving the room more confident. When she leaves we learn of Aspen's attraction to her boss when the pretty petite blond Aspen squeezes her tits and rubs her pussy. Nick Orleans gives us a very nice POV shot of Aspen rubbing her clit and a close up of her rubbing and fingering her pussy until she gets herself off.


Scene Three: Brook Haze and Tony Martinez


Tony and Brook have a different perspective of a past event, where Brook wanted to have sex and Tony didn't catch the signals. After watching the events of the day played back they both realize where their wires got mixed up and agree to be more communicative in the future. When they return home they're already making out passionately kissing in a beautifully shot sequence of love and lust. They make their way to the open bathroom and Brook sits on the edge of the step while Tony rubs her pussy over her shorts. After a lot of very sensuous rubbing and kissing and undressing each other, Brook pulls Tony's pants down and gives him head.


She works her mouth all over his cock and balls, gagging and spitting on it before getting on all fours and Tony fingering her pussy from behind as he rubs his cock. He gets her pussy all nice and wet before sticking his dick in and fucking her doggy style. He pounds his cock in and out of Brook's creamy pussy, slapping his hips against ass while he gives it a smack every now and then. He lays back and Brook cleans her juices off with her mouth and then climbs up and fucks him reverse cowgirl. She slides her wet pussy up and down on his cock, taking it balls deep inside of her before spinning around riding him regular cowgirl. Brook grinds her hips up and down on Tony's cock, Tony giving her multiple orgasms which Brook sucks off with her mouth.


She then lays on her side and Tony T-Bones her, Brook rubbing her clit as Tony hugs her leg tight while he fucks her pussy. He then lays on his side and fucks her sideways, Brook spreading her pussy open for him until he pulls out and shoots his load on her hairy patch. Brook plays with his cum as it mats up in her pubes, licking it off of her fingers and laying back in ecstasy.


Scene Four: Dolly Leigh and Dylan Snow


Earlier in the movie we saw Dolly and Dylan as prospective beta testers, Dolly truly wanting to try it while Dylan was completely against it. Their love life is on the skids as Dylan plans out every lovemaking session while Dolly wants to be more spontaneous. At Dolly's insistence they return and review the beginning of their last encounter. When Dylan sees the pain in Dolly's eyes, a vision he blocked out, he takes the headset off and apologizes for being so insensitive and to be much more spontaneous. How much? They decide to have sex there and then, Dolly sitting on Dylan's lap and making out with him before Dylan picks her up and sits in the other chair, spreading her legs and eating her pussy. This starts a completely oral sex scene with Dylan's mouth firmly planted on Dolly's pussy, sucking and eating it until she cums in his mouth.


Dylan then sits back in the other chair and Dolly pulls his already throbbing cock out of his pants and gives him amazing head. She slurps, licks and gags on his dick, sucking his balls while she strokes his cock before eventually he's jerking off on her tits. This is a really great oral scene with some beautiful closeup shots of the action.


Scene Five: Solo scene with Krissy Lynn


When Aspen was masturbating earlier, she didn't know a camera was recording her actions. When Krissy plays back the surveillance tape she sees Aspen getting herself off. This starts to turn her on, her hand working itself from her tits to her pussy. Just like in Aspen's scene we get a great POV and closeup shots of Krissy as she rubs her pussy, her pace going from gentle touching to furious rubbing, cumming on her hand within minutes.


Scene Six: Avery Stone and Tyler Nixon


After Avery and Tyler first had sex Avery was disappointed that Tyler treated her like a one night stand and not being by her side when she woke up. Tyler keeps insisting it was unavoidable, but Avery doesn't believe him. Avery (who we learn had a past relationship with Krissy) and Tyler use the Memory Recall device to recount the event, Tyler wearing the headset and flashing back to that night after the masquerade party they met at. Still wearing their masks we see the two making out in a bedroom, Tyler passionately kissing down Avery's body, worshiping her breasts and spinning her around to feel and kiss her ass. He lays down on the bed and removes her black bra, still kissing her as he rubs her pussy. He fingers and rubs her clit, masturbating her and making her writhe with pleasure before spreading her legs apart and going down on her.


With her pussy juices still on his lips he kisses her once more before pulls his cock out and starts sucking it.  He fucks her mouth before rolling her over and burying his face into her incredibly shaped ass. After eating her asshole out he maneuvers himself back up to her head and she sucks him some more before Tyler goes back and sticks his cock in her pussy, fucking her from behind. With her face buried in the mattress and her ass high in the air they fuck each other, first Tyler slamming his cock into and then Avery bucking her hips and backing her ass back and forth on Tyler's cock. They take turns fucking each other and then Avery rolls over and Tyler licks her pussy a little before sticking his cock in and fucking her missionary. Avery holds her legs wide open as Tyler works his cock and out of her juicy pussy, her hairs glistening in the beautiful lighting.


Tyler fucks her pussy, Avery moaning in ecstasy with every stroke while he feels her body, pinching and kneading her tits. They both whisper sweet and dirty nothings to each other and after a while Avery is cumming on Tyler's cock. Tyler then lays down and Avery climbs on top of him and lowers her pussy down on his cock, fucking him cowgirl. With his hands firmly grasping her ass she slides her pussy up and down his cock, grinding and twerking her pussy on him until she's cumming again. He then flips her over and fucks her missionary again until he pulls out and coats her belly with his jizz, Avery sitting up and sucking every last drop of cum out of his balls.


Afterwards we see Tyler leaving a flower for her while a buddy is telling him it's time to go. Tyler tells Avery she was right and that he shouldn't have left, and that she's more beautiful than ever. Tyler and Avery kiss and leave as a much better and loving couple with a better understanding of their relationship.


Scene Seven: Krissy Lynn and Aspen Romanoff


As the day ends Krissy calls Aspen into her office and shows her the video she saw of her masturbating. Krissy tells her not to be embarrassed and then shows video of what she did while watching it, getting herself off to it. The two start kissing and undressing themselves, making out on the desk while Krissy rubs Aspen's pussy over her purple panties, circling her clit with her finger. Soon Aspen's black bra is off and Krissy is sucking on her incredible tits. Aspen unsnaps Krissy's panties and fingers her clit before laying back and letting Krissy go down on her.  Krissy munches on Aspen's pussy and then starts rubbing it with her fingers, sucking on Aspen's tits and fingerbanging her until Aspen cums on her finger. Krissy then sits back and Aspen goes down on her, licking her clit before engulfing her Krissy's beautiful meaty pussy with her mouth.


Aspen sucks on Krissy's cunt until Krissy has a convulsive orgasm in her mouth, bucking her hips with every wave that hits her clit. Aspen licks her way up Krissy's body to her mouth for Krissy to kiss all of her juices off. They then 69, Krissy sitting on Aspen's face and while she goes down on her pussy. Aspen sucks on Krissy's clit while Krissy flicks her tongue over Aspen's pussy. Aspen brings Krissy to another orgasm and then they start tribbing, Aspen climbing up on Krissy's pussy and grinding her clit against hers. They grind on each other, with some great POV shots of their pussies bumping into each other's, until eventually they both have incredible orgasms on each other.


Bonus Scene: "Loser's Never Get Laid" starring Britney Amber and Tommy Gunn



Final Thoughts: This is a very ambitious outing. The award winning Nick Orleans is a master at using his camera to tell the story. From the beautiful lighting to the wonderful pacing and the use of gorgeous closeups, he is a true master behind the camera. While the basic plot is not at all original, you're still very interested in each of the couples stories and situations. And while the description on the box may lead you to believe it's a story of intrigue and deception, it isn't. Instead it's film telling the stories of four different couples whose relationships are tarnished through misinterpretations and simply forgotten events. Ultimately the Memory Recall technology helps their relationships with happy outcomes. This is a great romantic story for the digital age with some fine performances from the cast. I especially liked Krissy Lynn as the lesbian tech genius who invented the device. Plus it should be pointed out that nearly all sexual genres are covered. If you like straight, lesbian, solo, oral, or even bush, all of the bases are covered and your sure to find something to appease your fetish. If you're a sci-fi geek or just a couple wanting a good romantic and modern story I Highly Recommend Perception.

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