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Did You Wet the Bed!?

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/11/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

There are some moments when you truly need to know what the score is when you watch an adult scene. Especially when it is the lovely Mindi Mink and the unforgettable Abella Danger. To every “Triple X” fan that is out there, what this writer is about to tell, is most likely something each of these ladies die-hard fans know, but the casual porn consumer might not. These two dashing beauties, they love sex. I mean we are talking on a level that far exceeds most common people within the business. They especially love women. I was so intrigued to see that Alan brought these two amazing performers together. Mindi, she is truly the queen of girl/girl sensuality within the realm of adult fantasy and Abella, “Danger she wrote” is no fucking bullshit. This babe, she loves to indulge in the deep, rough and lust filled areas of the sexual fantasy, because of that bold sexual nature, that is who she really is. The thought I really had going into this scene was, which woman is going to win? Both are at such opposite ends of the sex spectrum, but both have a thirst for female flesh, that I know they both simply want to consume the other in ways that are oh so different, but oh so the same as well. Let us see, who is going to come out on top, shall we? The one thing we all know, you, the fan, you are going to be the real winner no matter "cums" out on top.

Don Juan

Scene Duration: 31 Minutes and 37 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @StillsbyAlan

Studio: Girlsway/MommysGirl

Release Date: March 13th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Older-Younger, All in The Family, Squirting, Masturbation, Fingering, Face Sitting, 69, Sensual Sex, MILF

Abella Danger and Mindi Mink 

Did You Wet the Bed?

Starring: Abella Danger: @Abella_Danger and Mindi Mink @MindiMink

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Abella Danger and Mindi Mink 

The Reveal:

Truly, few can sell seduction like Abella Danger can. She is amazing at being able to become this very awkward character, always in command. Then you see her shorts slide off and you instantly go into that realm of taboo that has existed in this business for many years. Now, I will say what few people are willing to say about Abella. Her ass is gaining so much notoriety. I see her with a few more years in the business, being in contention right up there with Nina Hartley, Tiffany Mynx and dare I say, Alexis Texas? The way you can always tell a person has that "it" factor, is you can showcase that amazing part of the female anatomy five hundred times and it always looks amazing and like you are seeing for the first time, even if it is your fiftieth. Alan makes the reveal so amazing when it comes to this scene. Mindi conning her stepdaughter's pants off is seduction at it’s finest. This scene has a spark to it. The mixture of Abella’s voice, Mindi’s curiosity, it is well played out. When you see Abella get into Mindi’s lap, so she can show her stepmom why the bed is wet, you will see the volcano begin to fester with a guizer of pressure building. These two play into each other’s hands so well. The way Mindi becomes the naughty mommy, whose eyes get bigger and bigger and Abella is the shy teen who is about to get nasty as ever. You will know this because there is a guizer of squiring within the first six minutes of the scene. Just amazing! When you see Mindi start to rub, that is the signal that we are off to the races and one thing that you will be doing is opening up the windows for some fresh air because it is about to get stuffy as hell in whatever place you choose to indulge in this fantasy.

Abella Danger and Mindi Mink 

The Sex:

Abella Danger and Mindi Mink Being that this set up was so perfectly timed and played out when you see Abella start to inhale Mindi amazing, massive tits you may be screaming, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!” Like some sex-crazed robot from the past but I implore you, keep your ass in check and your brain will follow. This scene is something that will fry your senses in moments, that is how good this vignette is. If it has been a while since you have watched a porn scene, this is the scene for you. The squirting is massive, and it is sexy. I don’t give a fuck what you think squirting is, or if you think it does not exist, this is fucking sexy as hell and I guarantee you, it made both performers kick their performance into overdrive. I love the speed at which Abella goes after Mindi. You do not see it happen this quick very often and for good reason. The breast play is out of this world and when you see the counter is at only ten minutes you will either be sweating bullets or thanking your lucky stars.


Holy shit, then we see Mindi get her turn. The action slows down, and it is an amazing shot of Mindi stroking Abella’s gorgeous kitty. The up close shot is one hell of a touch to the way the scene slows down. These are some of the most wonderful up-close shots you will see at Girlsway.com I mean watching Abella’s pussy get licked, teased and sucked on, is one of the best oral sessions and angles of the 2018 year. Two women who have a passion for females. You want to know why it is so important that a woman loves females to make a scene turn into must-see cinema? Then all you must do is hit the fast-forward button to around twelve minutes into the scene and be prepared to be engulfed by your lust in the blink of an eye. Mindi is hands down one of the best pussy lickers on the planet. She is making one of the strongest arguments to be girl/girl performer of the year and scenes like this are her bread and butter. The thing that I think really completes this scene is that Abella once again goes out of her “norm” as her critics would say, and she becomes a more sensual character. Watching her pull on Mindi bush as she sits on her face is vintage Abella Danger in the sense that she has truly begun to explore other angles of her sex on screen. The cameras kind of lose focus for a few seconds and I can not blame them, the action is stupendous.

Abella Danger and Mindi Mink 

When you see a woman’s leg twitch that many times, you know something mind-blowing is happening. I doubt you will be checking the clock on this scene but to let you know how good this scene is, you will see some of the kinkiest girl/girl action there is and ten minutes will still be left for your viewing pleasure. The way that these two cap off one hell of a scene stays true to the scenes direction. When you see Mindi make Abella come one more time, everything from the angle, to miss Dangers puckering brown eye due to orgasm, is as amazing as it gets in a vignette like this. The way at which both stay in this realm of sensuality, while still pressing the envelope of aggression, it is a site to see, that is for damn sure. I think when you finish this scene finally, you will not believe that it was only a half hour long. That is the magic these two create on screen.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Now, this is once again, so close to being an XCritic Pick, you can taste it on the tip of your tongue. Just a few bad camera angels keep it from getting that top spot, but rest assured you, this is a must own scene. No matter if it comes in DVD form a few months down, or you jump online and join the Girlsway.com website and get a membership, this vignette is something that showcases two performers in ways you never see them. First off, an Abella Danger scene where she conforms so well to a sensual female partner, that is a rare baseball card indeed. Something collectors sought after. I honestly think that even with her massive following, the die-hard fans of Abella Danger may not know how good of a scene this is. Especially with how much work she does on a weekly basis. Mindi Mink, my goodness, she is the queen of much more than sensuality. The month of July’s Girlsway.com Girl of the Month, she earned that title and some, with how well she performers every single time. This is a masterpiece of her lesbian erotica. Something unique for all Mindi Mink fans as well. This is just a scene you do not see every day. When you take two performers and change up their element, you expect there to be so much that is off and this scene is damn near flawless. I love the direction that Girlsway has started this year, they are exploring new territory in lesbian cinema. No matter what the genre, there will be hits and misses. This scene, this is one that is definitely a hit. They took a bold chance and it paid off. I see now why this one of the highest viewed scenes on the website. It is just that porn rarity that some people only learn about years down the line. So here is your chance “Triple X” fans to indulge before cult porn status is thrust upon it.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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