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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/11/18

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Genres: All-Sex, Blondes, Bondage, Domination

Director: Rikki Braun


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Cast: Sarah Vandella, Zoey Monroe, Blair Williams, Brett Rossi, Christie Stevens, Small Hands, Seth Gamble, Jay Smooth, Justin Hunt, Mr. Pete

Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Release: March 7, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Menu-Selectable Trailers, 3 Bonus Sex Scenes

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Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Very good overall. The last scene suffers from a few focus issues and I believe the scene before that had a brief but weird compression glitch that may totally have been due me running about 15 other programs in the background as I watched this on my computer. Otherwise, looked and sounded good.

Overview: Rikki Braun can add another notch to his belt here as he presents 5 scorching hot blondes that get paired up with top tier male talent. It's not groundbreaking by any means, it's straight up stroke porn - which is why there's a Wicked All-Sex banner flying atop the front cover. The front cover also lists all 5 ladies prominently and odds are good that if you've watched any porn in your life you are a fan of at least one of these lovely ladies!

Scene 1: Sarah Vandella, Small Hands

Sarah Vandella

Miss Vandella is doing some self-stimulation, dressed in a black. grommeted, strappy teddy. A shirtless Small Hands enters the room and strikes a pose, Sarah rolling off the couch to crawl to him. Hands starts ordering her around, yanking at her straps, Sarah submissively stating she needs more discipline. Her kneehigh leather boots are soon pointed skyward, the weight of the outer one forcing her to rebalance herself on the couch.

Sarah Vandella

Back on the floor, she plays with herself as Small's cock inspects her tonsils. Sarah's no slouch when it comes to deep throating, having earned three XRCO nominations for "orgasmic oralist of the year". Back on the couch, she's moaning and screaming like an animal as her straps are pulled aside and she's penetrated deeply and methodically bringing her to an orgasm. As they swap from position to position, her face beams with joy, this is clearly a woman who thoroughly loves her job and is very good at what she does. While riding Small's pony, she practices some Kegels and giggles enthusiastically as she is given the opportunity to jerk her master to completion all over herself and is left on the floor to catch her breath and contemplate.

Scene 2: Blair Williams, Seth Gamble

Blair Williams

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We find our buxom blonde corseted in the hallway, touching herself slowly as a drum and piano track plays. When she spies Seth in the other room, she saunters over to him and gets her ass smacked as a welcome. Forced to her knees, she begs for his cock, lovingly licking his balls when it is presented. Gamble's not fully erect yet and works on that issue by thrusting his sword down her throat at her request. She starts to take her shoes off without permission and gets a few light spankings over that defiant act.

Blair Williams

Reaching over to the nearby table, she grabs a love glove and places it on his shaft, Seth taking her from behind and causing her bosom to sway gently. Her big booty jiggles as she shows off her rodeo skills. She brings herself to an eye-rolling orgasm as she rides in reverse, the long laces from her corset dangling between his balls as she bounces. She squeals with delight as he gives her a reacharound to diddle her shaven slit. That slit gets covered in jizz as she is lying there on her back, folded in half.

Scene 3: Christie Stevens, Jay Smooth

Christie Stevens

Our third blonde bombshell is found walking slowly down a grand staircase, touching herself through her latex dress. Like many other scenes I have seen Christie in, the camera people seem to spend a lot of time shooting her up close from odd angles as if trying to find a single angle that she doesn't look flawless in. So far, I don't think anyone has ever found that angle, she always looks great. Mr. Demille would be delighted if she had existed back in his day.

Christie Stevens

Smooth joins her on the staircase and Stevens thanks him for her new dress by blowing him, even though he's convinced he saw her masturbating there which she denies. After his hummer, he slides her clothes off and returns the oral favor as she stands above him on the stairs. She first leans against one banister, and then another, allowing the viewer to appreciate her form from both sides. It's against that second railing that she gets her nailing. After a couple of standing positions, she shows off her riding repertoire, her bald beaver, and bouncy booty in extreme close-ups at times. Her bouncing brings Jay to fruition, jerking himself to a finale on her rack and scolding her for not waiting for him.

Scene 4: Brett Rossi, Justin Hunt

Brett Rossi

Up next we have miss Brett Rossi, who at this point in time should be known to pretty much anyone who has ever watched porn. Some may even consider her porn royalty, so it is no surprise to find her mixed in with these other blonde bombshells to shake her booty for the Braun family. She doesn't even seem to notice when Justin joins her at the dresser mirror she's rubbing one out in front of. Once she has satisfied herself she presents her ass in doggie for Hunt's hands to caress and smack. Her smile competes with her eyes for the brightest object in the room as Justin's fingers join hers to make her quiver.

Brett Rossi

Once his pole is out of his pants, Brett impales herself on it, mentioning she likes to choke on cock. Once she has choked him down he sheathes up and plunges his sword into her as she goes back to furiously rubbing her bald bang hole. She's driving herself to another orgasm, panting and whimpering as she rubs and pats her kitty, her smoky eyes looking up at him and then collapsing backward as he pistons in and out of her. Hunt takes a break and snacks on her slit for a while and then her rapid rodeo ride begins. Switching gears, she slows things down to a soft grind as she turns to face the camera, her feet searching for a place that offers her the leverage she seeks as her hips gyrate and her body bounces. They share a longing gaze as they move into a spooning that results in her ass getting covered in goo.

Scene 5: Zoey Monroe, Mr. Pete

Zoey Monroe

Miss Monroe plays with a chain that connects her wrists together via a loop around her neckline as she rolls around on a bed. The camera tracks her fingers closely as they go from her tongue to her nipples, spreading her spit around them. Pete joins her and they share passionate kisses, his lips exploring her skin and finally ending up between her thighs. They are in front of a brightly lit window which seems to cause some momentary focus problems now and again but they are brief.

Zoey Monroe

After his snack, Zoey pumps her head on his pecker like an oil derrick. He softly pushes her onto her back and proceeds to give the bed a thorough squeak test which it fails miserably at. Zoey repeats the test as she climbs onto his peter, the bed still complaining loudly as she bounces energetically. Reversing her ride, Mr. Pete pumps up into her as she wiggles her hips above him while rubbing her clean-shaved coochie. They share a giggle as he tries to coat her coochie in spoon and blasts up her torso, I think ultimately hitting her on the chin.
Final Thoughts: Rikki Braun is searching for his own style having been born into the third generation of an award-winning porn family and taking up the family business. Here, he showcases 5 blonde bombshells that literally have hundreds of tons of fans clamoring for them. It's packed with star power and 3 of those ladies are represented again in the bonus materials for a total of almost 3 hours of blondes banging. That's not a bad thing. The problem lies in the fact that it's what I like to refer to as "shampoo porn": lather, rinse, repeat. Don't get me wrong. The scenes are short and sweet and will definitely appeal to a large number of people that just want to see grade-A guys banging grade-A chicks with no frills. It's not the kind of porn you want to sit down and stare at for 3 hours straight. I'm a fan of all the performers on this disc but it won't ever sit in my 5-disc changer on auto-repeat and that's okay - I'm pretty sure that isn't its intended place in the universe. I think most viewers will want to check this out once On Demand but for those of you that are really into blonde bombshells or have a thing for one or more of these ladies, in particular, you should adjust that rating up and grab a copy.

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