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Ruminating Roommate, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/12/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

What is it about blonds, my goodness. There is an infatuation that the world has that will never go away. Lexi Lore, this ErotiqueTVLive.com contract star, she has everything that you simply attach to Hollywood and the modeling world. Her punkish, rock star look has so many people across chatrooms galore asking, who is this beautiful new starlet? Upon meeting her at XRCO on June 28th, I had to see this beauty strut her stuff in front of a camera. Oh, she is a knock out from head to toe. Her complexion is so unique. So beautiful. She really fits the bill of a modern, new age model. Then we have the beloved Elsa Jean. A woman who has been so close in the voting every year since her start, for Female Performer of the Year. She truly gets the just of what makes the fans drool and the critics rave in this business. Else, “Dream” Jean is just that. A woman who has a look that comes along maybe once or twice every ten years in this business. Like Lauren Phoenix or the legendary Cameo, she makes you just stop and say, “holy fucking shit, thank God she is a porn star!” This scene has a very wonderful look to it. The social media push was not huge, but I think that is what we writers are here for, are we not? So, let’s see if this scene is truly a diamond in the rough.

- Don Juan

Scene Duration: 29 Minutes, 15 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway/Web Young

Release Date: June 22nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Teen, Blond-on-Blond, Amazing Breast Play, Intense Pussy Rubbing, Face Sitting, Ass Licking

Elsa Jean and Lexi Lore 

The Ruminating Roommate

Story Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: RockfordPeach

Starring: Elsa Jean @ElsaJeanXXX and Lexi Lore @LexiLore


The Reveal:

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Elsa Jean and Lexi Lore Ok, this one is short, but it is sweeter than southern tea. Lexi Lore, bravo woman on looking like a million dollars on the shoot. It is not just the hair and make-up. It is her beautiful blue nails, not even chipped or growing, her hair is the stunning blond that just makes her porn alter ego just smack you in the face and fuck yes, you will be asking for her to do it again. It makes a scene that much more amazing when the models looks like a million dollars. Honestly, Elsa Jean, she is always on fucking point when it comes to her looks. I have never seen a film or vignette where she looks even one point under a twelve on the one to ten beauty scale and I doubt I ever will. Perfect tan, perfect body. She reminds me so much of lesbian legend Felecia with how beautiful she always looksin every scene and how thirsty she is with other females. I think that is what you want, at a minimum with a scene that jumps right into sex like this one does. Elsa, she gets better every scene with how she can change her character stance. She is wonderful in this short stint. The action goes right into the action so shall we.


The Sex:

Elsa Jean and Lexi Lore 

I love seeing Elsa in this dominant role. The wonders of this business will forever be that you can truly get something grand in just a few minutes and this scene is filled with that every single moment. First things first, fucking-a! Lexi is just the perfect performer in terms of that teen look. The braces, oh my goodness, you are simply on pins and needles waiting for her to smile. Yes, she is that beautiful This stunner will get your temperature rising if you love that young, innocent look in a performer. The adorable looks with those eyes she gives to Elsa, your heart is going to more than go aflutter with Lexi Lore. Elsa “Dream?” You knew Alan was going to showcase that body in ways that will jump-start a mans brain even if he has been comatose. The teasing factor with Elsa’s perfect ten booty, it is a site to see. Elsa is one of the best kissers in the business. Her tit sucking is in a league of its own. I don’t think anyone worships and woman’s breast and nipples the way that Elsa does.

Elsa Jean and Lexi Lore 

This is some very steamy lesbian action. Lexi gets right into the heat of things after Elsa is done teasing. The action is slow and sexy. The angle that shows just the top of Elsa’s gorgeous blond hair as Lexi watches her and every thick, long tongue stroke, is beyond perfect. The true essence of this scene is captured right there. As you see the angle get wider, you see Elsa gazing up at Lexi, moving her head back quickly, side to side as Lexi tilts her head back, rolls her eyes and purrs with pleasure as she cums over and over. Simply five-star cinematography right there. I think one of the best parts of this scene, is that Lexi is simply enjoying the ride. That hard clit indicates she is enjoying Elsa Jean as much as we are and who the fuck can blame her? Oh, it makes that scene come to life with a true innocence. Lexi, by the way, that beyond amazing looking kitty is one the best looking in the business. Ok, call me the dick head who judges that in a model but her's looks amazing. She is just something special The flashes to the “Perfect Ten” Elsa Jean and her amazing ass, they are jolts of electricity that will have you panting like a dog in the LA heat.

Elsa Jean and Lexi Lore 

I really enjoyed how much of the scene, they focus upon Lexi. Honestly, when Elsa is doing anything, she makes it a grand as it can possibly be. She is one of the best stars to watch eat pussy. You can usually gamble the farm that an Elsa Jean scene lesbian scene will have her obliterating a pussy in the most delicious of ways possible. I love how the scene stays well within the confines of innocence, two horny teens and Lexi just building up more and more till she explodes. It is done so well. Directors, this is the young blond bombshell you want in that sensual, seductive sex scene. She is already spot on her performance capabilities. Wow, it makes this scene one of a kind, that is for sure. Elsa does not get her turn till about three-quarters of the vignette is done and great fucking things “cum” to those who wait. Bravo Alan for calling for Elsa to park her amazing derriere right on Lexi’s face. Once again, that small bonus that adds so much extra to the scene. It is what you want to see and where you want the action to go. The camera angles there are everything in this one


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Elsa Jean and Lexi Lore 

Few things measure up to a girl-girl scene where the gals love sucking on long pussy lips. Lexi Lore, she hits a grand fucking slam and rounds the bases with her tongue, sliding into home plate mouth first as she reaches to tongue fuck Elsa Jean. What a hell of a debut. This was one hell of a story. I think the fact that Alan can speak to the fans and really tap into their mind like the porn psychic he is, that just shows that Alan is willing to evolve, and this industry has not always been that way. This scene has Elsa looking as amazing as can be and Lexi Lore does an amazing job in her Girlsway.com debut. She has a look that is going to go beyond far in this business. She makes your imagination go to places that few types of models can with her ink, her innocent, yet dashing beauty. Throw in those braces and her attitude. It is a recipe to take this business by storm, if she invests in those things that keep her getting better and better. It is hard for a young talent to make a splash in this business and Lexi, she simply swept me away in a sea of pure fantasy, charm and allure. The only downsides to this scene were a few bad angle transitions and I think that some of Elsa’s die-hard fans will want to see a lot more of her. This scene is a perfect fit for those pervs and yes, I am one of them, who love to watch two young hotties get it on an, explore each other at this pace that is not slow but detailed. I think that this scene just has so much dazzle for the eyes that it simply makes anything that was a minus become a plus. This is definitely a scene worth watching and buying "Triple X" fans.

Don Juan DeMarko 

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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