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Surrender To Seduction 2

Studio: X-Art » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 7/13/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: All-Sex, Couples Erotica

Date of Production: Apr 17 2018

Director: Brigham and Colette Field

Cast: Nicole Black, Cristal Caitlin, Leila, Daphne, Rebecca, Max Dior, Charles, Angelo, Kai,

Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Extras: Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD

Overview: When the opening credits boldly state “X-Art Proudly Presents,” you know it’s going to be good.

Surrender to Seduction 2 does not disappoint. The 90 minute all-sex anthology features five of the very best boy-girl scenes on X-Art this year and serves as a worthy successor to the AVN nominated Surrender to Seduction.

An all-sex film in the truest sense, Seduction 2 is without dialogue or story. That’s typical for X-Art scenes where the focus is on cinematography and incredible sex. Each of the five scenes stand alone having only stylistic elements in common.

This movie is much more consistent than last year’s release. Every scene is slowly paced with an emphasis on romance and sensuality. All the sex acts are vanilla with a blend of vaginal, oral and handwork. You’ll find some BDSM elements, but Surrender to Seduction 2 caters to the glamcore and art-porn fan. It offers nothing similar to Lyra Law’s hard-fuck, Tiffany Doll’s excellent anal or Aurora Belle’s yummy creampie from part one, with the sole exception of Daphne’s squirting orgasm in scene 5.

It does what it does exceptionally well. From top-to-bottom Surrender to Seduction 2 feels very much like old-school X-Art. It proclaims that blend of beauty, filmmaking and artistry that made X-Art such a success years ago--a true return-to-form.

Scene 1: A candlelit bath builds into heavy petting and more as Nicole Black and Charles get excited. No time is wasted getting to penetration as Nicole gets on top for a breathtaking above-water insertion. They move into the bedroom with a hard cut for a luscious sexcapade and plenty of cock worship.

Careful editing is apparent. There is not a single bad angle or awkward transition to be had. Instead, position changes are mostly made through cuts and fades. It’s not distracting in the least and the sexual storytelling remains linear and well paced.

To some, the build up to the cumshot might feel a little gratuitous. In porn, the guy isn’t always ready to pop. These things take time and are often edited to keep things moving. That’s not the case here. While some of that blowjob could have been cut, you cannot fault Brigham and Colette for leaving every moment in. Words can scarcely describe how remarkable it is to watch Nicole work Charles’ shaft.

This is one smooth fuck. You know that perfect wetness where you can fuck for days? That’s what it looks like here. Nicole Black effortlessly glides along Charles's massive johnson with grace.

Better, the performers share excellent chemistry throughout and Nicole really knows how to open up and arch without it feeling forced.

You’ll also find a good blend romantic eye contact with kisses and touches together to a soundtrack of solid skin-smacking hard-fucking. The pace is entirely dictated by Nicole Black who spends most of the scene on top taking her fill of Charles. Watch for the slow bits though and you’ll be gifted with marvelous pussy-flex on those upstrokes!

Scene 2: Club music, exposed brick and a pole can only mean one thing. It’s your classic stripper private dance fantasy when Rebecca gives Max Dior the V.I.Penis treatment in the back room.

Typical of X-Art, the set and lighting are beautiful. The VIP room is a dimly lit exposed-brick room with a rustic bar aesthetic and candles in the background. Dior’s collared shirt and personal swagger sell the idea that this is a hip place in the happening part of town.

With dancers like Rebecca, it’s definitely the place to be. She’s got sensuous pole moves and clearly knows how to work the lap. And if I may geek out on the physical, her perfectly combed black mane is only outmatched by the tight skin and taught natural breasts it lays upon. Don’t get me started on those nips--this really is boob lover’s heaven.

It’s a cute story of a dancer’s pet peeve. At the start of her dance, Max Dior is disinterested with his eyes on the phone. Rebecca is not to be outmatched by technology. After grinding through her lap dance routine, she surprises Max with a passionate kiss before disrobing his shirt and pulling his cock out.

Dior doesn’t go all porn-mode on us just yet, playing the role of well-behaved-guy-at-strip-club. He gives Rebecca his undivided attention, but strictly adhere to the rules by keeping his hands to himself. Well, at least until Rebecca starts sucking that perfectly erect cock.

Watch for a smooth grind in an excellent two-camera shot that features a low-angle of each penetrating stroke that will make pussy lovers go wild. Low angles abound when Rebecca is laid out with sweeping pans from bottom to top resting the lens on one pink pussy, underboob, then finally Rebecca’s intense gaze.

I’m a big fan of a personal connection between the performers, and while chemistry exists, it doesn’t look as close or as authentically sexual as some of the other scenes from this film.

That’s certainly not a dealbreaker, and it sits quite nicely with the story. Remember, this is a VIP room at a strip club. Why would you expect romantic lovemaking and deep orgasms? Although that last kiss at the might have you believe that the two are falling in love.

Scene 3: Prepare yourselves for a treat! Framing, lighting, wardrobe, performance and more align to reveal a remarkable piece of pornography.

X-Art doesn’t go down the BDSM path often, but when they do, it is spectacular. Vinna Reed finds herself bound to a reclaimed-wood X in black negligee, garter belts and nylon.

Look at the way the shot is set up. Dark red tones give a sense of warmth and danger. That danger is enhanced by a rack of chains, sticks and who-knows-what on the wall at left. And then there’s a tall mirror to the side which is brilliantly used to offer a second angle with an almost voyeuristic feeling.

And there’s the wardrobe choice to start Vinna out crotchless, which is brilliant on multiple fronts. First, it imbues the scene with sexuality from the start while serving as a natural starting point for the sexy shenanigans to follow. But it is also an almost irresistible directorial choice. Fans of Vinna know that she packs a uniquely gorgeous down-under. What better way to woo would-be fans than serving an eyeful of labial bliss from the start?

It’s all about the art of the tease from Angelo’s gentle cunnilingus to light touches and glancing kisses. Then there’s an endless cock-rub on those luscious outer-lips that will have you screaming “put it in!” But wait, we haven’t seen Vinna’s delicate oral yet.

She plays with his cock flicking it about and teasing with head and ball play. Still in tease mode, Angelo and Vinna remain partially clothed, heightening the eroticism and leaving us wanting for more.

While the initial penetration is something to see, you’ve got to see Vinna bent all doggy-style. They’ve moved into a rustic-themed bedroom and the camera is set up on a backwards 45 degree angle to give longing glimpses of her visibly wet vag!

Vinna delivers excellent arching and visceral reactions as she rolls into spooning. Watch for a wombo-combo of top-tier boob-jiggle and a wildly swollen clit with her sensual emotes.

Another hallmark of this scene is continuity post pop-shot. It’s nice to see a little denouement and X-Art delivers just that as Vinna gently sucks Angelo clean.

Scene 4: Honeymoon Sex serves as a sudden departure from the dark and sensual filmmaking that permeates Surrender to Seduction 2. Instead, we have a bright and airy piece ripe with cinematography and implied plot.

There’s something Lansky-esque in the way the scene opens with music and sweeping shots of an outdoor winterscape. Without a word of dialogue, the premise of a couple on a honeymoon retreat becomes clear. There’s a romantic kiss followed by a fade to a setting that has become oh-so-popular in the glamcore world--a high-end kitchen.

Bright lighting and clean lines impart a sense of innocence, a theme that is carried further through wardrobe. Leila and Kai are dressed in ordinary clothes, albeit clothes that color coordinate nicely with winter-theme and set design.

On wardrobe, it’s also refreshing to see how disrobing occurs. Leila doesn’t put on any stripshow, instead, Kai leads by pulling one article of clothing off at a time. It’s slow and natural with no rush.

The first sex act of the scene is an on-point blowjob that has all the trappings of a first time. Leila is at all times playful and coy with a girl-next-door excitedness about her. It’s an illusion that is only broken by her skill when handling Kai’s package. Later, in the second blowie you can see low tongue flicks at work, a nice touch.

Excellent angles abound, but there’s one that catches the eye. Leila is getting fucked from behind on a barstool and Brigham & Colette deliver a trifecta of perfect shots. You’ve got a two-shot that offers a Warhol meets Escher meets Burton perspective on the set while providing an excellent view of a fully-nude Leila.

Then, they alternate between two close-ups. There’s a look at Leila’s flawless face as she smiles and pulses to each pounding. More pornographically, is the ass-shot with a remarkable study on vaginal penetration.

Towards the end you’ll see a variation on this theme, but this time it’s all about Leila’s pussy. I can’t justify the second shot as artistically as the rest, but it still manages to stick in in my head as the best moment. It has a lot to do with the pacing. After a slow and artsy scene, it is simply time to perv out. What better way than staring at one fine pussy frantically fucked by one smooth shaft?

Scene 5: Much like Vinna’s X Marks the Spot, Hot Blooded is a triumph in pornographic filmmaking. Well framed and artistic shots with a soft focus create a work of art that is only strengthened by the chemistry between Daphne and Charles.

Hot Blooded ranks as the sixth most popular scene on X-Art this year and for good reason. It’s a slow and romantic romp with a gradual buildup and astounding bodyscapes. Charles opens with all-out pussy worship, eating out young Daphne before gleefully finger-fucking her pierced pussy. The two engage in extraordinary lovemaking culminating in a blowjob that is both sensual and hardcore.

Professional cinematography is evident, but it shines in the opening with a low angle that frames the happy couple in a doorway and makes use of reflection for another perspective. Cuts to close-ups add allure and anonymity as the action builds up.

This marks the Ukrainian siren’s third (though technically fourth) scene at X-Art following a two year hiatus from the site and her 2015 performance in Private’s Merry Christmas With With the Family. She returns with a small tattoo and fresh piercings on her navel, clit, and clitoral hood. There’s something punk-rock about her new look and it gels nicely with her jet-black hair. And she’s still toned as ever--I like it.

Great moments include Charles’ fingering which offers an excellent close-up of her glorious vajazzling and shows off those fresh piercings nicely. There’s also a raucous orgasm with loud moans and squirting--a rarity in X-Art.

The ending is an eye-opener too. After Daphne sucks all the cum clean from Charles’ cock, the camera pans up and slowly fades out. But then, she looks him right in the eye, smiles, and strips from her open blouse. It is such a tease and leaves all sorts of devious things to the imagination.

Final Thoughts: Surrender to Seduction 2 offers high quality art-porn teaming with sensual moments. This all-sex feature is beautifully filmed and offers some of the finest scenes that X-Art has produced this year and feels very much in line with their groundbreaking works of yesteryear.

This film scored exceptionally in all areas and was very nearly an X-Critic Pick, only lacking in special features and a few random moments of tinny audio.

All five scenes are beautiful and nuanced, revealing more with each viewing. In that way, the rewatchability is quite high.

I highly recommend this film and would expect it to rack up a few nominations next award season. Surrender to Seduction 2 is a film that belongs on any art-porn or all-sex fans top shelf.


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