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Axel Braun's Brown Sugar 2

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/15/18

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Genre: Interracial Gonzo


Cast: September Reign, Honey Gold, Daya Knight, Jenna Foxx, Mya Mays, Seth Gamble, Tommy Pistol, Ike Diesel, Small Hands, Justin Hunt

Director: Axel Braun

Release Date: June 6, 2018

Length: 2 hrs, 16 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three bonus scenes, eight trailers and a slideshow


Overview: With all of the black woman/white man interracial gonzo releases out there it's easy to get complacent. I've seen some very good, well photographed ones as well as some truly horrible ones. But with his Brown Sugar series on Wicked Pictures, Axel Braun has set the standard for the genre. With his masterful eye he has captured these ebony beauties' not just their outer sexiness, but their inner beings as well. With his cameraman Chris Stream, Axel does not objectify these ladies, but instead shows their inner strength and power. This is THEIR show, enjoying the act as well as their loving white partners, and it's such a beautiful thing to witness.


Scene One: Jenna Foxx and Seth Gamble


As Jenna, who looks more glamorous in this scene than I've ever seen her before, does her modeling sequence to open the scene, the camera simply caresses her beautiful brown body, kissing every contour of her frame. She explores her body, sliding off her black bra to feel her tits and rubs her pussy under her black panties, all in anticipation of her lover Seth's arrival. When he arrives he meets her on the staircase and showers her with very sexy kisses, running his hands all along her amazing body as he sucks on her sweet titties and pulls her panties to the side and masturbates her on the stairs.


Jenna drops to her knees and wraps her lips around Seth's cock, sucking and licking the shaft and balls. She sits on the stairs and rubs her pussy while her head bobs on his cock before standing up and letting Seth eat her pussy from behind. He sucks on her sweet juices before standing up and fucking her standing from behind. Jenna squeals and coos while Seth works in and out of her pussy until she's cumming on his cock. She sucks her juices off and then he lifts one of her legs and fucks ballerina style. In a perfectly beautiful shot we see Jenna rubbing her clit, one foot propped up against the wall as Seth fucks her. He makes her cum again and they head for the couch where Seth sits down and Jenna lowers herself down on his hard cock. Jenna slides her pussy up and down on Seth, rubbing her clit and fucking him with her pussy while Seth smacks her ass.


She has several orgasms from all of the bouncing and grinding and then lays on her side for Seth to spoon her. Her fingers furiously rub her clit while Seth's pounding cock makes her cum over and over. And in the end Seth titty fucks her, Jenna wrapping her gorgeous tits around his cock until gives her a pearl necklace, the beads of his cum running down the side of her neck. This is the first of five absolutely beautifully photographed scenes with fantastic chemistry between the performers.


Scene Two: Honey Gold and Justin Hunt


Next we have one of the beautifully sexy women working in the industry today. With her gorgeously inked skin, Honey Gold has truly carved out a well deserved standing in the field, breaking barriers with her truly breathtaking performances. The camera simply loves this caramel skinned beauty as it follows every line of her frame during the opening modeling sequence. With her beautiful round face and come hither eyes looking at us through the lens she plays with her tits and pussy, getting it ready for what's to come. Justin Hunt, who always delivers great performances in his own right and always generates great electricity with Honey, enters the room to find Honey squeezing her tits. Justin takes over and starts kneading them as Honey plants sweet and soulful kisses on him. Honey works her way down his chest and stomach and then undoes his pants to go to work on his cock. She gives him truly exquisite head, using her mouth and hands on his cock before laying back and letting Justin go down on her.


He laps and eats her pussy until Honey has her first convulsive orgasm as she cums in his mouth. Honey then plays with her pussy for a little bit while Justin puts his condom on and then opens up for him while his cock slides deep into her pussy. Honey simply smolders as Justin works his cock in and out of her pussy, breathing heavily while Justin stabs her. At one point she tells him to stand still while she jacks off his cock with her pussy. She shakes and quivers again as she cums and then Justin starts spooning her. He grinds his cock in and out of her pussy, pushing it in as deep as it can go, kissing Honey while she rubs her pussy which gives her several more convulsive orgasms. Honey then gets on all fours, her wet pussy glistening in front of the camera, and Justin starts fucking her doggy style. With her head buried into the pillow, Honey rubs her clit while Justin works his cock in and out of her pussy. She grabs and bites the pillow as the waves of pleasure hit her pussy until she explodes on Justin's dick, Justin making her cum over and over again.


After giving her several orgasms he lays back and Honey climbs on top of him. Honey grinds down on his cock, slowly working her pussy on him. And while this is a truly beautiful shot, it's when Honey sits bolt upright that we see the gorgeous inner strength come out of Honey as she commands Justin's dick, gliding her pussy up and down and enjoying the feeling of having complete control of him as Justin holds her hips. It's shots like this that encapsulate the very essence of this disc. The vision of a beautiful strong black woman reveling in her own sexuality. Honey has several more orgasms as she rides Justin's cock before we cut to a shot of him jerking his cock and cumming on a very relaxed Honey Gold's tits.


Scene Three: September Reign and Tommy Pistol


Now, if you want to talk about strength, let's talk about the beautiful September Reign. This very talented beauty has fought many battles to get to where she is today. And throughout it all she has always persevered, taking every obstacle and defeating them. For those who know her she is a real inspiration, and I for one am so happy to see her where she is today. In the modeling portion of the scene, the tall milk chocolate skinned beauty walks in and we can already see who's in charge. Her brown skin simply glows as she sits on the couch and starts to masturbate, feeling her tits and removing her bra before going down on the floor and rubbing her pussy under her panties. Tommy Pistol comes in and catches her playing with herself. He reaches down and feels her tit before picking her up and setting her on his lap while he rubs her pussy over her panties. He pulls her pants and panties down eats her pussy from behind, nibbling on her pussy and planting kisses on her while she props herself up on the arm of the couch. It's here that we hear September tell Tommy, “You like brown pussy. It's just like brown sugar.”


He plays and eats her pussy some more before flipping her over and going down on her. When Tommy bites her clit it drives September crazy, and she wails as she cums in his mouth. Tommy licks her pussy and asshole making her cum a couple of times before he stands up and September undoes his pants and sucks his cock. She gives him head, first standing and then sitting, slobbering and gagging on his cock. Then, with her legs spread wide, September lowers her pussy down on Tommy's cock, masturbating the head with her pussy in one of the most beautiful shots on the the disc. The strength that September exudes in this sequence is breathtaking, as her pussy glides up and down on his cock, showing all of the world as to who's in command. It's such a beautiful shot, perfectly framed and captured by Axel Braun. Even when Tommy takes over and starts pistoning his cock in and out of September, we get the beautiful vision of this gorgeous strong black woman, which is the theme of the entire disc.


After this breathtaking New Orleans amazon has had several amazing orgasms on Tommy's cock she gets on all fours and they fuck doggy style before September lays flat on her belly and Tommy keeps fucking her from behind, stabbing her pussy with his cock, and September telling Tommy to kiss her while he's fucking her. She then gets on her side and Tommy starts spooning her while she pinches her nipple. And as he's pounding her from behind she tells him to cum all over her, to which she flips over and Tommy jacks off on her belly. This is such a truly great scene that in my mind deserves some type of award recognition for the wonderful performance given by September Reign.


Scene Four: Mya Mays and Ike Diesel


Now we come to sweet dark skinned beauty Mya Mays. This scorchingly hot beauty has always been a favorite because of her beautiful sensuous performances and gorgeous tight athletic body. The camera absolutely loves her dark chocolate skin as it accentuates every aspect of her small but muscular frame. With a wonderful hip hop soundtrack playing over it, the modeling portion of the scene depicts the beautiful Mya as enjoys every contour of her body, from her beautiful full titties to her sweet pussy, getting herself off as rubs her self to ecstasy. With her had still in her panties Ike walks in and starts kissing her neck and tits while replacing Mya's jill off hand with his.


He pulls her panties off and starts licking her pussy, flicking his tongue and fingers over her clit. Mya sucks on his finger as she cums in his mouth. Ike then stands up and drops his pants for Mya to suck his cock. Using her mouth and hands she gives him some outstanding head, spitting and gagging on his cock while she rubs her pussy. They go to the couch and Ike starts fucking Mya Missionary. She slaps her clit while he pounds her tight little pussy, until Mya starts to buck and convulse, fucking Ike back and crying out when she cums. He gives her several orgasms and then Mya tells him she wants to fuck him now. He sits back and Mya climbs up and rides his cock cowgirl, bouncing her sexy ass on him. Ike fucks her back and nearly splits her in two with his pounding as Mya wails out with every stroke. She lowers herself and grinds her pussy down on him, and Ike making Mya's pussy cream as he fucks her. She slaps her own ass and makes herself cum while Ike pounds his cock deep up inside Mya's pussy. She then spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl, her ass pounding on Ike's lap while she bounces on his cock.


I have to say here that to see Mya orgasm is truly a thing of beauty, every muscle of her athletic frame tensing while she cums. Truly a sight to behold. Mya then gets on all fours and they fuck doggy style. Mya pats her pussy while Ike works his ivory dick in and out of her giving her one last convulsive orgasm before Ike pulls out and cums on her ass. And as Mya smears his jizz all over her ass she tells Diesel that this is what she wanted.


Scene Five: Daya Knight and Small Hands


We now come to the queen of IR, the wonderful Daya Knight. This striking beauty brings so much experience and technique to the genre. Over a beautiful soulful guitar soundtrack, Daya enjoys her beautiful brown body during the scene's intro, just like the other fine ladies of this disc, feeling her tits and masturbating her gorgeous pussy. We cut to Small Hands in the room and on her bed, kissing her and wasting no time to reach under her panties and feel her pussy. They make out as he takes off her bra heads down between her legs. He pulls her panties off and starts eating her pussy, sucking on her cunt and getting her nice and wet. He then lays back and Daya pulls his pants down, his cock already standing at attention for her. She completely works over his cock with her mouth, not missing a spot while she gets it wet. And in a beautiful closeup shot we see Daya making love to his cock with her mouth, kissing and licking the head and underside, while she runs her lips along the side.


Daya gets on all fours and Small Hands starts fucking her from behind, calling her “you fucking sexy girl.” He feels her amazing sexy ass while he pounds her pussy, giving her multiple orgasms. He then flips her over and fucks her missionary for a second and then he lays on her side and t-bones her, Daya rubbing her clit while he slams his cock in and out of her. The beautiful Daya cries out when she cums and then Small Hands closes her legs and fucks her tight pussy, Daya flinging them open again so she can rub her clit and cum on his cock some more. Small Hands then lays back for Daya to climb up and ride him. They take turns fucking each other, Daya bucking her hips up and down on Small Hands' cock, Small Hands fucking Daya from underneath giving her several more incredible orgasms.


She then spins around and starts fucking him in reverse cowgirl. Daya rubs her clit as her beautiful brown pussy slides up and down on Small Hands' cock, and then cumming hard when Small Hands fucks her in return. She then jumps off and Small Hands t-bones her closed-legged again until his cock can't take anymore and he cums on Daya's ass, Daya running her hands through it and licking it off of her fingers. A beautiful ending to a terrific disc.


Bonus Scene One: “Axel Braun's Short Hair Don't Care” starring Honey Gold and Mr. Pete


Bonus Scene Two: “Axel Braun's Brown Sugar” starring Ana Foxxx and Small Hands


Bonus Scene Three: “Cheaters” starring Kira Noir and Ricky Johnson


Final Thoughts: This disc should be a primer to all other studios in how to make an black woman/white man IR scene properly. The gifted artist Axel Braun puts so much time, effort and care into every one of his projects. In this one he does not just use the women as objects. He sees them as pillars of strength and beauty, and he effortlessly brings it out with his camera as the lens cascades over every beautiful contour of their mahogany frame. There are so many highlights to this disc I can't name them all, but I will point out one in particular and that is September Reign and Tommy Pistol's scene. In the first Brown Sugar, Ana Foxxx's and Small Hands' scene was an award winner. In my mind September and Tommy's is this one. September gives such an amazingly sexy performance that I truly hope doesn't go unnoticed, in a scene that was so pitch perfect in it's making. As I said in the Overview, Axel Braun has set the standard when it comes to this genre, solely because he puts so much care into his art, and having the talent with his camera to show a woman's inner strength and beauty as well as their outer. He and his cameraman Chris Stream definitely deserve a round of applause. Bravo to you sirs. Just like I did the first Brown Sugar, I give this one the XCritic Pick as well.

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