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Double Anal Harlots

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 6 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Double Penetration; Threesomes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Proxy Paige

Cast: Megan Inky, Charlotte Sartre, Angie Moon, Angel Piaff, Charlie Dean, Dylan Brown, Mike Angelo, Christian Clay, Yanick Shaft, Matt Darco, Bo Dirt

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Anal Titans, Bit Size Anal Beauties, Double Anal Sluts; Behind the Scenes with over five minutes of extra interview footage; Filmographies; Websites; Cast List


Director Proxy Paige has done it again with her extreme anal flick Double Anal Harlots. All four DP-banging starlets are at their best when all their holes are stuffed and pumped with prick. You won’t want to miss a minute of each rectum routing scene in this movie. The dick devouring Megan Inky, Charlotte Sartre, Angie Moon, and Angel Piaff get their pussies and ass holes stretched out to gaping perfection by prick purveyors Yanick Shaft, Charlie Dean, Dylan Brown, Mike Angelo, Christian Clay, Matt Darco, and Bo Dirt (Bo Sinn). Nothing about this movie disappoints, but starlet Angie Moon has the hottest, most extreme double penetration and double anal penetration experience in this flick that makes her scene a standout. I highly recommend this movie. Proxy, who has performed great anal sex scenes herself, knows a thing or two about fucking and about capturing it on film for our pleasure.

Scene 1:  Charlotte Sartre, Charlie Dean, and Dylan Brown

Sexy Charlotte Sartre saunters across the room to the kitchen with her ass in full view. Director Proxy Paige films Charlotte from behind, telling her how attractive she is. Charlotte wants a hardy breakfast before she prepares to get fucked in the ass. She wants lots of vitamin C. She eats her cereal and milk just as Charlie barges in. “Is that my fucking cereal?” he asks her as he rips it out of her hand. The cereal and milk spill all over the floor. Charlie makes Charlotte kneel and eat the cereal off the floor. He makes a mess of her, pouring the leftover milk down her throat an on her clothes. Charlie tells her he has something even sweeter for her. He stands and guides her mouth to his hard cock. He stuffs her throat with his dick. Charlotte starts jerking it off while sucking his balls. He pours more milk down her throat while she sucks his cock, making her gag and choke on cock and cream. He beats her face with his dick then bangs her throat some more. Soon, Charlotte is eating, cock, cereal, and cream all at once. Dylan walks in and sees the mess on the floor that Charlotte has made. He leads her to the living room, spanking her ass cheeks as she crawls across the floor.

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Charlotte sits on the couch and takes more tonsil banging, this time from Dylan’s dick while Charlie starts fucking her ass hole. He drills her ass hole then pulls out and pumps her pussy. Dylan drives his dick deep in Charlotte’s rectum next, spreading her ass hole open in reverse cowgirl position. Christian adds his cock to the anal party, punishing Charlotte’s ass hole with double anal penetration. Christian pulls out, revealing Charlotte’s gaping ass hole then Charlotte sits on Christian’s cock cowgirl style, taking it up her ass. The DAP is back on and Charlotte does it cowgirl style. Dylan owns her sphincter in a long round of doggy banging while Charlotte eats Charlie’s meat. The guys take turns fucking her hole then thrusting down her throat, making Charlotte spit up again. Charlie sits on her face and she licks his ass hole and balls. A reverse cowgirl DP makes Charlotte cum as the guys work to stretch her holes. A balls-deep missionary fuck from Dylan leaves Charlotte’s pussy stretched and full of cum after he fills her hole with semen. Christian pops on her face, covering it in cum. After her two-guy cock punishment, Charlotte promises never to eat cereal without permission again.

Scene 2: Angie Moon, Mike Angelo, and Christian Clay

Angie’s scene with Mike and Christian is by far the hottest of this flick. The chemistry between these three just makes this scene a standout. Not only is Angie insatiable for cock, but the guys fuck her hard and long in round after round of rough, anal penetrating sex that’s a turn on to watch. It all starts when the foxy Angie Moon is walking down the street sucking a yellow lollipop. Proxy tells her she’s going to get in trouble with her sexy outfit on. Bringing her out in public like this is only going to attract attention. It’s not long before she attracts some trouble from Mike and Christian. They escort her back to their place for some double anal fun. They waste no time starting the action. She bends over standing doggy style and Christian stuffs his tongue in her pussy while spanking her ass. She sucks Mike’s dick, deep throating him. Christian tongue fucks her ass hole next, making her moan in pleasure. Mike starts fucking Angie’s mouth and Christian starts fucking her pussy. The guys stuff her front and back, filling her mouth and twat with cock. She turns around and bends over standing doggy style to take a hard pounding from Mike up her ass while Christian fucks her throat. Christian takes over in the ass pounding department, spreading Angie’s ass hole open missionary style as she lies on her back. The guys start a DP when Christian squats over her and pumps her pussy. He pulls out quickly and fucks her mouth, feeding her a taste of her wet cunt. Christian makes her ass hole gape when he pulls out of her ass.

There’s more of this hot stuffed DP and the guys have fun switches holes and counting down to showing the gape. The sex gets rough, keeping Angie turned on. She sits on Christian’s cock, riding it reverse cowgirl style while Christian slaps her face. She takes two cocks in the cunt reverse cowgirl style. Christian sits on Angie’s face and orders her to tongue fuck his ass hole. He climbs off and spits down her throat just as Christian clogs her mouth with his cock. This balls-deep skull fucking continues, cutting off Angie’s airwaves.  Doggy up the ass is next with Christian’s prick pumping her cavity until it gapes followed by Mike’s meat. She sits on Christian’s dick cowgirl style and screams in pleasure when Mike penetrates her at the same time in DPP action. “You like that baby,” Mike asks her. “Arch your back,” he tells her as he pumps her ass hole, starting another DP round. Soon, Angie is hosting two hard cocks up her ass. Spoon fucking DP makes Angie cum. She does more DAP in reverse cowgirl position. Christian fucks her rectum in spoon position while she jerks Mike off until he pops in her mouth. Christian shoots his load on her tongue, feeding her more jizz.

Scene 3: Megan Inky, Charlie Dean, and Yanick Shaft

The DP loving Megan Inky is back with Proxy Paige for another scene with double dick pumping action. Her inked body is dressed in a white, lacey dress that Proxy got just for Megan. She shows it off on the couch while giving us a peek at her pussy. She bends over the couch doggy style and fingers her pussy. “And as I promised, two of the biggest cocks I know,” Proxy tells Megan as Charlie and Yanick walk their big, hard dicks into the scene. Charlie fucks Megan’s throat and Yanick eats and fingers her craving cunt. Megan creams in Yanick’s mouth. She gets on her knees to suck both guys’ cocks and balls then opens her mouth wide for a hard throat bang from Charlie’s cock. Megan turns to Yanick’s dick next, jerking and sucking it while she gets fucked doggystyle in the pussy and ass. Charlie stretched her ass hole open, making it gape as he thrusts deeper and deeper down her cavity.

Yanick trains her pussy, drilling it doggystyle with his big dick and slapping her clit with his balls.  Charlie stuffs her throat with his pole. Her ass hole gets pounded by Yanick. She eats Charlie’s ass hole then moans in deep pleasure. Her first round of DP banging begins. She takes both cocks in reverse cowgirl position with Yanick’s pipe wedged in her ass hole and Charlie’s in her pussy. The guys drill each hole, filling them up and stretching them out with cock. They pull out and she sucks both cocks before getting her holes plugged again this time in a cowgirl DP.  It’s time for two cocks in the ass DAP style. Megan hosts both pricks deep in her anal cavity. “Everything is gaping now,” Proxy says as Megan’s holes open up.  The guys keep the DAP going, putting a smile on Megan’s face. After taking two cocks in the ass, she sucks them clean then tongue fucks Yanick’s and Charlie’s ass holes. Yanick fucks her ass hole into submission in standing doggy, making her scream in ecstasy. Charlie slaps her face and fucks her throat at the same time. The anal marathon continues as Yanick makes short work of her tight anal cavity missionary style. She gets on all fours for a doggystyle DAP. She shows off her gaping holes then takes Yanick’s cock up her ass doggystyle while she eats Charlie’s ass. She does a final round of reverse cowgirl DP then gets her pussy filled with cum after Yanick fucks it missionary style, leaving her with a thick creampie. Charlie pops in her mouth and watches her swallow his cum.

Scene 4: Angel Piaff, Bo Sinn, and Matt Darco

Blonde bombshell Angel Piaff brings up the rear in this closing scene of the flick. She is a sexy, sultry, siren who heats up the screen in the opening minutes of the flick with an incredible solo tease. She walks into the room and begins a slow striptease up against the wall. She is a beauty to watch. She makes her way over to the bed and decides some self-pleasure is in order. She gives herself a self-directed DP, using a dildo up her ass and a vibrator on her pussy. Angel cums from her use of both toys then starts all over again. She sits up in bed so she’s riding the dildo cowgirl style up her rectum while sending shivers through her body from the vibrator on her clit. Angel moans in deep pleasure as she cums again. Bo and Marco join her in bed, using their tongues to pleasure Angel. Bo gives her wet pussy a tongue lashing while Marco tongue whips her nipples. She sits on Bo’s face in a round of 69, using their mouths to please each other. She sucks Bo’s cock then leans over and swallows Marco’s.  Angel and Marco’s inked bodies sandwiched on top of each other’s is a turn on to watch.

Angel gets on all fours and gets doggy fucked by Bo.  She eats Marco’s meat while Bo drills her twat. He uses his cock to tease her cunt, pulling in and out and spanking it a few times. Then Angel turns around to doggy fuck Marco while tasting her own pussy off Bo’s dick. Marco ups the ante, drilling her ass hole then positioning her into a cowgirl DP once Bo inserts his prick into her pussy. Reverse cowgirl DP follows then the hottest part of the scene begins when Angel takes both cocks again but this time in a doggy DP with Marco stretching her pussy and Bo squatting over her gaping ass hole and pumping it full of cock. Anal spooning quickly turns into a two-cock showdown as the guys pump her holes while she lies on her side. Angel begs for cum and takes her first load from Marco who shoots off in her mouth. Bo pumps her pussy until he pops inside it, leaving her with a creampie filling.

Final Thoughts:

Director Proxy Paige lands another highly recommend rating from me for her anal focused flick Double Anal Harlots. This movie is wall to wall double penetration and double anal penetration and the movie’s four starlets wouldn’t have it any other way. Proxy, who has performed DP scenes herself, puts her skills to good use, behind the camera, capturing piston-pumping sex that yields gaping ass holes and stretched out pussies. Starring some of the most insatiable Euro starlets in today’s porn, Megan Inky, Charlotte Sartre, Angie Moon, and Angel Piaff give us stellar performances that leave you glued to the screen. Their cock-hungry pussies and ass holes get double fed by the big hard dicks of Yanick Shaft, Charlie Dean, Dylan Brown, Mike Angelo, Christian Clay, Matt Darco, and Bo Dirt (Bo Sinn). Not only is the balls-deep DP action hot, but a couple of pussies get a warm creampie filling in the end. There’s nothing that will disappoint in this movie. Proxy will keep you turned on for every minute of this over 3-hour film.

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