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Sapphic Psychic, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/20/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

I think that when it comes to the beautiful older woman in the business. Few can match the intensity, passion, and vibrancy that Syren De Mer has in every scene she has ever done. Truthfully, in this era of the “MILF,” the the stunning mature woman are fianlly getting her just due for being the women of affection that every person dreams about and it was long over due. The woman who may arguably be the best the industry may have ever seen is Syren. Her scenes, no matter man or woman she is partnered with or both, the intensity, the raw sexuality, the energy, not many can bring it like she can. Add in, she is loved by every performer in the business she has worked with and that simply means, she loves what she does with all her being, including the woman behind the performer. Aidra, she is also a woman who has this solid look at lust within the industry. Since 2013, all this beauty has done is make her name bigger and bigger. Her talents as an actor are very underrated within the business. I do not want to say that these two beauties are the best-kept secrets in porn because they do have a loyal fan base and their work is plentiful these days. I think what fans miss so much with these two, it is that they are performers to the max, always evolving. I am very anxious to see, if these two will create something so unique, we do not even know what is coming.

Aidra Fox and Syren De Mer 

Scene Duration: 43 Minutes, 6 Seconds

Director: Stills By Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com/MommysGirl.com

Release Date: July 7th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Older/Younger, All in the Family, Seduction, Story and Role Play, Pussy Rubbing, Delicious Kissing, Fingering, Ass Licking, Scissoring

 The Sapphic Psychic

Starring: Aidra Fox @xAidraFox and Syren De Mer @SyrenDeMerXXX

The Reveal:

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Aidra Fox and Syren De Mer The house is gorgeous, the ladies even more so. Aidra, she is one of those stunning natural beauties that basically needs no make-up and has one of the most stunning natural bodies. Syren, she is simply the best there is in the business when it comes to older women. Her mystique and way that she can tease any camera and any fan's imagination, it is the stuff of porn legend. If this is the first time you have ever seen Syren De Mer, you are in for a treat. She is a great actress who can become any woman of fantasy. Her lines are flawless in this vignette and the way she teases and smiles at the camera, it is enough to drive anyone wild. Aidra, she does a decent enough job of creating her character. She gets a bit more loose as we approach the steamier side of things and that is what every #TripleX fan wants when it comes to lesbian erotica. Alan’s cameras take you on this sensual tour of Syren’s one of a kind touch. This is something I have never seen in another porn star. The way that Syren can seduce a man or woman with her fingertips, it is beyond enchanting.

Aidra Fox and Syren De Mer

Fans, for those of you who have a teasing fetish, this is the fucking scene for you. The thirteen minutes before the nipple even makes an appearance is sensual, sneaky and seductive. The up-close shots of kisses going back and forth between the two with the playful banter, it is #TripleX movie magic. This is a scene that “cums” along only a few times a year. Syren, she is a master of this type of lesbian encounter and this may be one of her best, if not her best girl-girl seduction to date. Syren is usually always cast as this aggressor who will simply suck a pussy until that pussy is wet and creamy and she is damn fucking good at it. Her lesbian scenes are something that should be in every true girl-girl fan's collection. It is not her age, it is not her killer body, yes, those are factors for what makes her a chart topper. It is more her natural thirst for the flesh and her experience in how to bring anyone to their knees, that is what makes this scene and evry one like it she has filmed, pop. Alan brings you into the action in ways that are a voyeur’s nirvana. The way that she makes Aidra play her naughty game is just tantalizing to watch.

The Sex:

When the sex starts and Syren’s hands are all over Aidra’s ass as they kiss, you see just how crucial Aidra’s role in building up this character is. Oh, it makes the pussy licking and foreplay that is about to follow, some of the very best on the Girlsway.com network. I take back everything about what I said about Aidra in the beginning. She was just warming us up for what is coming. This business has wicked tongues, longer than your daydreams could imagine, it has women who eat pussy with this wet sound effect that makes you think you are treading through the marshlands of Florida. Syren, she may be the best pussy licker who just fucking licks pussy, plain and simple. Her fast tongue and intense motion, mixed with her "Syren’s" call, it is #TripleX cinema the way that they advertise it to be. You can not let temptation grab hold of you to fast forward, that is what these two vixens will do they are so scorching hot. This is lesbian action where every second is something wondrous and wet.

Aidra Fox and Syren De Mer These two have moans that would drive any phone sex junkie heading for the loony bin. The women really make that come alive within this scene. Alan’s cameras have the ability to give you Aidra’s pussy at it’s very best angles. Trust me, she does not have a bad angle but when you see that lower POV shot of Syren licking and sucking, there is going to a lot of things sucked out of your mother fucking ass as well, from your cash to calories, just as if you were on a treadmill. Speaking of sweat, the messed-up hair, the intense gyrations, fans, let us just say, this is as good as it gets with lesbian sex. Both women’s brows, tummies, and backs will be covered with it before scenes end. Aidra Fox and Syren De Mer

If you have ever been lucky enough outside this land of daydreams we all love, to actually get two women in bed at once, or even just get to watch them. You will see what is displayed here. There are moments where Aidra gets squeezed hard and the girls kiss. These are the hidden moments most men will miss when watching two women make love. The ladies are actually cumming with each other’s touches and leg squeezes. You never see this in lesbian cinema, ever. I do not know why. It is the hottest thing to watch in my opinion. Perhaps the reason being so, that can never be faked. You will see it a mile away when it is. These two, they are the main attraction, the main event. Aidra Fox, she has one of the top ten bodies in all of the industry and Alan and Syren put it on display for you. Watching her get her pussy licked is just as much fun as watching her eat pussy. This is an intense scene in all the right ways, without any of the bullshit. When you hear Aidra say, “feel my pussy clenching down on your fingers?” You see the blood drain from her head and her complexion go white, only for her to stammer when talking dirty, as she gets that rush of blood to the head as she cums. This is true erotica ladies and gents. This is two women getting it on and taking you along for the ride. This is such a well-produced vignette even the closing portions of the scene show these women adding a cherry on top to a story that is true “Hollywood” brilliance. This is a scene where you will get lost and found.

 Aidra Fox and Syren De Mer

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

I have said this more than a few times. In any film, any TV show, any clip or vignette. You test a scene's worth in one true way, to know that it is a “must buy.” Look at the clock and when hours and minutes have passed by as if it were seconds, you know you are watching greatness, especially with porn. This is action that does not need sound effects, bells or whistles. This is porn that can withstand the fucking winds of hurricane Sandy if you were to measure in wind speed, how raw, how real and how “normal” this scene is. This is a fucking lesbian encounter. No matter who is responsible for getting this scene complete and thought up, they deserve a fucking bonus. Reviewing films can be tedious, anyone who says otherwise is full of shit when you have been doing it for years. This is the type of film that is built for older couples and people who love the attention to detail in sex. This one is for the “reality TV” crowd who like to experience reality in another person, because this encounter is as real as it gets. XCritic fucking pick for being the best of the best. What is making Alan and team receive this number of nods for top honors is no bullshit. This is not the same scene that you will get with another Girlsway.com scene. This not like Syren’s other scenes with this company either. They are doing things so right in southern sunny California and this scene is proof that making things real can be a huge seller and something to rave about.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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