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Mom Saved Me

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Legends and newbies. They will forever be apart of this business for so many reasons. None are like the legendary model that is Bridgette B. This amazing actress, she has a claim to fame that I think only one other person in this business can say is theirs. Bridgette, she is always cast as the “mom” when to me, she looks younger than some of her co-stars when she is playing this role. Bridgette is a performer who brings it to the table with force every single time. Her kink, nastiness and surprise passion is something that honestly keeps her in this role, for her ability to always be able to shock the audience. Hey, I say if it pays the fucking bills and you love it, like Bridgette obviously does, why fix it if it is not broken. New starlet Judy Jolie is a brunette bombshell who just happens to have a type of growing new passion within this business. This new LA Direct hottie posses one of the most beautiful tiny frames among the new starlets in the industry. Her one of a kind look is bold and new in this business. Truthfully, I think that a woman who has that type of lighter complexion is so needed these days. A beautiful tanned woman is one thing, but having a model of opposite appeal is needed always for a film, or scene to become great instead of just good. Let’s see how these two gel together as opposites try and attract.

Bridgette B and Judy Jolie 

Scene Duration: 34 Minutes, 53 Seconds

Directed by: Stills by Alan @StillsbyAlan

Studio: Girlsway.com / Mommy’s Girl

Release Date: June 9th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older/Younger, All in The Family, Amazing Breast Play, Face Sitting, Ass Licking, Scissoring, Pussy Rubbing, Masturbating


Mom Saved Me

Starring: Bridgette B @iamspanishdoll and Judy Jolie @JudyJolie_

Inspired by Girlway.com Member: PussyLuv

Bridgette B and Judy Jolie 

The Reveal:

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You are greeted to something that is way fucking better that a certain sports magazine’s swimsuit issue, because you are going to get to see the whole nine yards. Now, what both forms of adult entertainment need and yes, the sports magazine does this with grandeur, is the lead into what will eventually be your brain taking over and finishing the fantasy with your imagination. That is how they keep you entertained and flipping to the last page of the magazine. Now, one woman that will keep you staying until the very last second on the clock of this vignette, is the fact that both women are incredible looking. Swimsuits are perfect, and their make-up is beyond spot on. Bravo hair and make-up people. Judy is so tiny, and you can see it at first glance as the camera takes you from one breathtaking view to another. This is going to really make for some wonderful looking sex no matter how the chemistry adds up. As the story starts up the acting is great. The drop dead gorgeous good looks of the models are what really sells this scene. This is glamour porn, cast with two of the most glamorous looking porn stars on the planet.

Bridgette B and Judy Jolie 

The teasing is wonderful in this scene and the pace at which it unfolds is even better in the reveal. Bridgette, she is the master of making a tease last for ten minutes and every single second you are sweating like a meat eater at a vegan taco bar. Judy Jolie, my goodness, that fucking girl has talent. The way that she keeps those sexy poses showcases the fact that she takes the sex and modeling portion of creating this fantasy serious. It is slow motion, pussy rubbing, soft kisses that start this blaze up. The pace is magnificent when it comes to the start of the scene. The breast play is astonishing with there being a very subtle, innocent undertone. Now, one thing I love about them casting Bridgette is, .. one thing this beauty always does, is make a first encounter sexy. A slow pace always comes from a porn star who is starting things out and Bridgette knows where to take things with her character to make the scene come to life. Judy is beyond adorable and some. Teen model fans will love this opening


The Sex:


The way that Bridgette's step mom character takes control is something that is just beyond splendor. The part where you hear that sexy Spanish accent telling Judy to spread her pussy wide, showing her how to eat pussy properly, is heaven in a box, wrapped up for you the viewer, as if it were Christmas in July. The nature to which Bridgette can always slide all over her co stars body with what could be the greatest set of tits the industry has ever seen, is nothing short of one of a kind. That mamita knows what she is doing, that is for damn sure. Judy Jolie by far is one of the hottest new teen starlets. She is one of the only brunettes in the business that has the charm and innocence to really take her roles places that some think brunettes can not go. If she adds a little bit more aggression to her sexual repertoire, she will be a contender for years to come, for so much in this business, I guarantee. Her body is incredible, and her kitty and boobs are exactly what the teen fans want to see in this business.

Bridgette B and Judy Jolie 

When you think the tempo is about to shift into overdrive, it does not. Judy’s booty is one hell of a site to behold. You can tell this beauty takes care of her body and Bridgette's pace that goes from sensitive to a bit more daring only stays in that luke-warm area, never really getting out of second gear. The close-up shots of Judy’s asshole are amazing. I mean I cannot express how killer this little beauties body is. Add in Bridgette's perfect ten everything and you have the core of what this scene brings to the table. The acting, it gets a bit too plentiful in this scene. They play the card heavy on the mother daughter aspect, especially Judy and with about ten minutes of the scene left, Bridgette begins to go in step mom mode but by that time the scene has lost its energy a bit. There are a few sparks that begin to get things going but the action is switched to another position too quickly and too often. I just don’t think they give the audience enough time to get worked up for what these two beauties bring.

Bridgette B and Judy Jolie 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

 The end orgasm does make for a yummy climax, but I do not think it makes the scene award worthy, but it is worth a view. The way that Judy climaxes is stunning and something to watch, especially when we finally get to see Bridgette bring out her patented kink and she laps up all her cum after she rubs her pussy till she purrs. Now, I get it that this was Judy’s second go around with Girlsway and there was a bit of hold back. The scene has some factors that are good. That is what I think saves the scene from getting a very low mark. The scene was flawless aside from the pace and the execution. The thing that got me was not the fact that Judy is a young starlet, her acting skills are decent, and she plays the innocent role well. No, the aspect that lost me a few times was how the action moved from one place to another too quickly. I do not think you have to make a scene like this sixty plus minutes. I think a bit more focus on certain areas of the sex would have made this a highly recommended title. I can see Judy moving up the latter as she masters this craft. She has a look of a petite bikini model and she has a voice that a phone sex operator would have killed for back in the day. Bridgette, being the living legend that she is, she knows how to really create something, no matter what scenario she is given. It is why that beauty has been granted the gift of longevity in this business. It is her fire and drive while she steers this ship, that keeps it afloat in so many ways. The fans that will dig this scene most are your super innocent teen fans and your die-hard Bridgette B fans. They will gobble this one up with a bottle of wine or beer to wash it down.

Don Juan DeMarko 




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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