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Showcases Chapter One

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/20/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Piper Perri, Brandi Love, Eliza Jane, Elena Koshka, Katrina Jade, Jenna Sativa, Nicole Aniston, Brett Rossi, Ana Foxxx

Director: Stills By Alan

Writers/Casting: Piper Perri, Brandi Love, Eliza Jane

Release Date: May 18, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 54 min.

Extras: Three trailers and slideshows


Overview: This is the first volume in Girlsway's Showcases series, and it's the exact same premise as their Dream Pairings releases where three of their “Girl Of The Month” winners cast, write and star in a two part scene of their own. In the first scenario GOTM Piper Perri plays an artists model to teacher and lover Katrina Jade and hooks up with student Elena Koshka while Katrina's away. Then we have top fashion designer Brandi Love making the moves on her competitor Nicole Aniston's assistant Jenna Sativa. And we end with Eliza Jane who can't seem to get the hang of being a cam model when her Fairy Cam-Mother Brett Rossi appears to show her the ropes and leaves her with lesbian Ana Foxxx. This is a terrific release with three very diverse stories of betrayal, power and...camming. All with the usual wonderful flair we've come to expect from Girlsway.


Scene One: Piper Perri, Elena Koshka and Katrina Jade


We open with Piper Perri as a nude figure model with Elena Koshka painting her likeness at teacher Katrina Jade's instructions. Piper keeps flirting with Katrina, making the pussy eating signs with her mouth and fingers. Katrina sees Elena is running low on supplies, so she leaves to go to the art store, leaving Piper and Elena alone. Piper takes a break from posing and sits on Katrina's lap to check out her painting. Elena's hands start wandering and soon one is between her legs. They start making out as Elena feels the moist folds of Piper's pussy. Elena lets Piper lick her fingers and they head for the couch where Elena drops her dress, removes her panties and spreads her legs for Piper. She sits on the arm of the couch and Piper starts licking her pussy, just enough to get her wet before tiny little Piper maneuvers around and lays across Katrina in a reverse amphibian position.


Elena tongues and fingers Piper's pussy, sucking on her toes while she rubs her clit until soon Piper is cumming in Elena's mouth. Piper slides back down between Elena's legs and licks and fingers her furry pussy until she's cumming. They then start tribbing, first regular style and then in a piledriver position with Piper bumping and grinding her pussy against an upside down Elena. While Elena is in this position Piper eats Elena's pussy until she cums in her mouth. Piper then sits back and Elena starts eating Piper before they quickly go into a 69. Elena licks Piper's pussy and eats her ass until Piper cums and then she gets into the reverse amphibian position again (man, is Piper wirey). Elena furiously rubs Piper's clit until she's cumming on Elena's hand and then Piper fingerbangs Elena's pussy, making her cream when she cums.


Piper makes Elena cum twice and then she sits back and Elena does the same, fingerbanging Piper until she's having multiple orgasms on Elena's hand. I really like this half of the scene because of the very interesting and creative positions Elena and Piper achieve. With her thin,wirey frame Piper is able to contort very well, making this a very interesting and hot scene.


When Katrina comes back she sees Piper and Elena and starts fuming. Elena paints “Elena was here” on Pipers stomach with an arrow pointing down to her pussy before she leaves. Once she's gone Katrina comes storming in screaming at Piper. Piper cowers on the couch, all apologetic and saying that Elena seduced her. Katrina grabs a brush and paints over Elena's name on Piper's tummy and makes her say that Piper's pussy is HER pussy. Katrina slaps Piper's pussy and then starts rubbing and fingering it, the whole time berating Piper and making her cum. Katrina then sits on the back of the couch and grinds her pussy against Piper's tongue.


Piper licks and sucks on Katrina's cunt and then she makes Piper eat her out from behind. Piper licks and tongues Katrina's asshole and pussy giving her multiple orgasms before sitting on the back of the couch and Katrina eats her out. She fingers and licks her pussy to a couple of orgasms and then they start tribbing. The dominate Katrina rides the still apologetic Piper's pussy, bumping and grinding against it until they both cum on each other. The end to a very good, well made scene from Piper Perri.


Scene Two: Brandi Love, Jenna Sativa and Nicole Aniston


In this scene the very beautiful and talented Brandi Love plays an icy but still very hot fashion designer. Jenna Sativa plays the assistant to her associate Nicole Aniston In a great performance, the very nervous Jenna is very talky in Brandi's presence as she delivers a message to Brandi from Nicole. Brandi tells Jenna she wants her to start working for her, and gets right down to business in letting her know what her responsibilities are by planting a big kiss on her. Brandi starts undressing Jenna, wasting no time and getting right down to business by laying Jenna on her desk and going down on her pussy. She sucks on Jenna's cunt for a little bit making her pussy wet and then Jenna starts undressing her, marveling at Brandi's incredibly slamming body.


Brandi sits on the desk and Jenna starts eating her pussy. She fingers her while sucking on her clit, heating the ice queen up when Brandi makes Jenna sit in a chair and starts fingerbanging her. She gets Jenna nice and wet and then goes down and eats her pussy. She sucks and licks Jenna's cunt, bringing her to the edge but tells her not to cum yet. Brandi lets Jenna taste her own pussy off of her mouth and then bends over the desk and Jenna eats her out from behind. She licks her asshole and fingers her pussy until soon Brandi is cumming on Jenna's fingers.


She then makes Jenna lays across the desk and the two start to 69. Brandi kisses and sucks on Jenna's pussy while she sits on her face bringing Jenna to the edge again, but stops and makes her sit in the chair where she fingerbangs her. Jenna begs for Brandi to let her cum and Brandi finally grants her permission making Jenna squirm on Brandi's hand.


Brandi sends Jenna back to Nicole with the “response” to her message. Later Nicole comes in and tells her the whole incident was recorded and that if she Brandi doesn't deliver she's going straight to the tabloids. Brandi tells her she taught her well, but still calls her bluff. Nicole then makes one last proposition. Have sex with her and the tape goes away. Brandi proceeds to take off Nicole's skirt and pulls her panties to one side to gain access to her pussy. She sucks and licks on Nicole's cunt sending her into ecstasy when Brandi fingerbangs her to orgasm.


They both get completely undressed and Brandi lays back spreading her legs for Nicole. Nicole starts eating her pussy, sucking and flicking her tongue over Brandi's clit and soon she's cumming in Nicole's mouth while Nicole looks up into her eyes. Nicole then gets on all fours and Brandi starts eating her out from behind, running her tongue from Nicole's clit to her asshole. She rubs her clit and sucks on her pussy before thumb banging her to another orgasm.


Nicole then lays down and Brandi sits on her face going into a 69 where they both fingerbang each other until they cum. They wind up tribbing, Nicole furiously grinding her pussy against Brandi's making her cum, and then Brandi fingerbanging Nicole while Nicole rubs her own clit until she has a very intense and vocal orgasm. Another great scene with some terrific performances and very well cast by Brandi Love.


Scene Three: Eliza Jane, Brett Rossi, Ana Foxxx


In the final and very funny comedic scene Eliza Jane plays a wannabe cam model who just simply can not get the hang of it. Her clothes are mismatched, her room is dull, and instead of tokens she's getting nothing but insults from the viewers. Then to top it all off her internet goes down. At the end of her rope she wishes she had a fairy cam-mother to help her. When all of a sudden the always wonderful Brett Rossi appears. She tells Eliza she's here to grant her three wishes to make all of cam dreams come true. With her magic dildo she restores her internet, gives her some new and hotter lingerie and makes her room much more cuter. Brett then starts to leave when Eliza sees her audience wants to see them together. They start making out and rubbing each other's crotches when Brett pulls Eliza's thong to the side and starts eating her fat little pussy.


Brett makes her cum and then lays back for Eliza to go down on her. She uses her foot to close the laptop and Eliza starts licking her gorgeous pussy. Eliza simply goes to town on it, concentrating on sucking on the clit until soon Brett is cumming in Eliza's mouth. Eliza gets into an upside down position and Brett circles her tongue around her asshole before squeezing and sucking on her pussy. Eliza furiously rubs her clit while Brett tongues her asshole making Eliza cum. Brett then gets on all fours and Eliza starts eating her out from behind, licking her asshole while rubbing her pussy, giving her multiple orgasms with her tongue and hands.


They then start tribbing, Eliza bumping her pussy against Brett's and then flipping over for Brett to grind her pussy against Eliza's until soon they're both cumming on each other. Brett then goes down on Eliza's pussy, licking and eating it and making her cum several more times.


Brett tells Eliza she has to go, but Eliza says she can't go back to solo after all of the lesbian stuff. So Brett waves her magic dildo one more time and BOOM, Ana Foxxx appears. When Brett leaves Eliza asks Ana to cam with her, and Ana's like, “Sure. Why not.” Eliza goes back online and she and Ana start making out. Ana sticks her ass to the camera and Eliza starts licking it.


She fingers Ana's pussy and rubs her clit, working Ana's behind with hands and tongue until eventually Ana is cumming on Eliza's hand. Eliza then lays back for Ana to eat her out, and Ana proceeds to finger her and lick her clit. She works her tongue on Eliza's pussy until she cums and then Ana lays back for her turn to get ate out. Eliza sucks on Ana's cunt and furiously rubs her pussy until she's cumming on her hand. Eliza then climbs up and sits on Ana's face, Ana tonging her pussy while Eliza rubs her pussy behind her.


She licks Eliza's clit until she has a convulsive orgasm on Ana's face and then Eliza gets on all fours and Ana licks her asshole while rubbing her clit. She fingerbangs her a little and soon Eliza is masturbating herself and cums while Ana tongues her ass. Ana furiously rubs Eliza's pussy for another orgasm and then they 69, Eliza sitting on Ana's face while she eats out her pussy until they both cumming in each other's mouths. A truly great, fun and well cast scene from Eliza Jane.


Overview: This dvd makes up for the last Dream Pairings release (I still can't believe in how they butchered Penny Pax's scene in that one). All of the scenes are intact with great stories and terrific performances. This is the standard in which we've come to expect from Girlsway. And I truly love the diversity of the stories. Betrayal, dominance, power, comedy, whatever appeases your taste you can find it here. It's another winner from Girlsway and I Highly Recommend it.

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