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Brandi Craves a Sex Slave

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

There are few people that can match the monumental career of Brandi Love. This woman has seen everything there is to see in the adult world and she continues to always keep her fans entertained and wanting more. This film, Brandi Loves MILFS, it is something that is a pure fan spotlight. Sweetheart Video and Brandi were allowing fans to really pick everything from the scenarios and the settings, to who she performed with. Brandi is a woman who is always on the ball with everything she does. You want to see how a true corporate machine works? Watch Brandi Love. Her fire and honesty are a quality that have not only earned her the respect of everyone she works with but also the true die-hard fans who know what she puts in and how much time she spends always working on something in this industry. Her innovations started with a website and throughout the years she has paced so many people who have told her that this would never be. Well, I think Playboy was wrong, Brandi surpassed what the term was of a certain type model by how successful and long in length her career has become. I would take Brandi Love over a Playboy playmate any day of the week and truthfully, when this beauty retires, which I hope is not for a long, long time, she will be the last of a kind. Just like when Payton Manning retired from pro football, the game lost some grace and in all honesty, so will this industry when she steps away. This scene, it is one that critics have said to be the most unique and when you see that our future president is sitting right next to her on all four, waiting to be commanded as her slave, you better have your popcorn ready because this is going to be one hell of show.

Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille 

Scene Duration: 31 Minutes 41 Seconds

Director: Dana Vespoli @DanaVespoli

Studio: Sweetheart Video / Mile High Media

Date of Release: March 21st, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, MILF on MILF, Superstar vs Superstar, Fetish, Foot Play, Spanking, Fingering, Dominant & Submissive, 69, Face Sitting, Tribbing, Titty Fucking, Foot Fucking, Real Orgasms


Brandi Craves a Sex Slave

Starring: Brandi Love @Brandi_Love and Cherie DeVille @CherieDeVille


The Reveal:

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Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille To see her personal side mixed with scene creation is one of the most unique perspectives I have seen in a Sweetheart Video. Dana and team have crated something visually spectacular, like the 4th of July for our sexual emotions. I thought it very cool to see the girls doing their sex stills as curtain opens. You never see that in adult films and fans drool about that all day long, just go see our fan forums to see for yourself directors. One of the coolest fucking Easter eggs for any editor, photographer, director, coordinator, publicist, agent is dealing with what Brandi is on the phone. I was too in real life, as Brandi character is portryaing as I was writing this article. That is awesome by the way, thank you Brandi and Dana. When you see Brandi walk into a room with a bound Cherie DeVille, I had to rub my eyes because I could not believe what I was seeing. This was beyond attraction and enchantment. Cherie looks amazing and as she bats those puppy dog eyes, showcasing acting skill that needs no dialogue. Brandi in business attire, that means she will be getting down to business. The fetish mix is bold and new, and I love every second of it. There is so much one of a kind teasing and fetish within the intro to this scene. It is one of a kind in the film catalog that is Brandi Love. The camera takes us on a fetish tour that gets hot and steamy before the pussy licking begins. It is hotter than hot to see Cherie tease Brandi and try to suck on her pussy lips while her mouth is tied close. The one thing about fetish on film, it takes control of you so fiercely, you may not see that the tease never truly stops. That is the beauty of this one. The “reveal” goes well into when Cherie finally gets to lick and suck Brandi’s gorgeous kitty. When you see the girls start to get naked as a pair, that is when you know the true fun is about to begin and for people who are new to fetish, this is one of the most amazing scenes to get started on. It is sexy, it is commanding and that is what you want from a dominant/submissive girl-girl scene, especially one served up, Brandi Love Style.


The Sex:

Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille The way that Cherie and Brandi always look like thee statuesque models they are, is something that you never see in this combination. Chalk it up that it is two beautiful older women, or that they are industry veterans, but everything is gorgeous and makes the scene that much better. The lashes, the shadow and like Brandi mentions, the nail polish. You see this ring so true when Brandi is finger fucking her slave with her gorgeous ass in the air for all to enjoy. The way that Cherie DeVille shows another side of her acting ability, is within how she can be that submissive and she never falters through the whole scene. These two really know how to create a teasing style scene to perfection. You get to see bits and pieces and the abrupt move to another course of sexual action but what separates this scene from many that I have seen, is that these ladies leave you feeling satisfied after each lick, nibble, kiss and taste. You see this kind of scene done wrong almost every time in the business and to watch these two perform, it is just beyond words.


Another little “porn Easter egg” is that you see Cherie building up into this sexual volcano and then Brandi stops her. Once again, something I have never seen, and Cherie DeVille is a woman known for her nastiness and thirst when shooting girl/girl. I really like where they went with everything. There is a realism to this scene that will be something that every die-hard Brandi Love fan must see. To watch Brandi enjoy the fingering, the teasing and keep even her extremely aggressive side in check, is something that comes out so well in this opening act. The fans could not have picked a better performer for Brandi to have her way with in this situation. Something that I think is a true “Porn Easter Egg” is finding a scene where the performer is brought to tears. Now, I know not all of our readers are the most sexually experienced but here is what I can tell you about this occurring and Cherie’s expression from her mouth movement to her brow, this shows you that this is as real as it gets. This sexual encounter, both women are touching more than just their physical limitations, they are hitting raw emotion. It is a place seldom seen in this world that is love, lust, sex and erotica. I have only seen it three times over the last five years and I review many, many films. These two make the Sweetheart Video brand ring true to it’s calling card. The way that these beauties start, and end is nothing short of one of a kind cinema and is the type you want to watch, not bury in your online porn collection.

Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

There are moments in a die hard porn fans life, where he sees the stars he loves become out-shot. They simply have done everything that there is to do in the land of fantasy. I think perhaps that can only ring true if your heart is not in this business. Brandi Love has created something that is as fresh as the day she stepped foot into this business. Both lovely ladies go outside their element a bit and they show that their ability to entertain, it knows no limitations. This is how you start off a film. I think that the unique way that fans were involved in this creation, added even more to what this scene is. Now, aside from a few radical camera angles and blurred vision, this scene was a perfect ten. The lighting was a bit bright and can get in the way at certain angles, especially when the shots are wide. I have to say, being a critic who loves Brandi’s over the top performances, I thought going in, I was not going to dislike this scene. Never have I been so glad to be proven wrong. If this review does anything, I hope it sparks fans to see that with Brandi Love and Cherie DeVille, it is always worth the gamble to jump in head first without looking, due to what these two always accomplish a scene. They blend so much, that even I am not a fan of this type of scene genre wise and they create a masterpiece. No matter how they created this scene, someone deserves a pat on the back. They did this right and in a way that will satisfy any fan. I recommend this scene to anyone because it has a touch of everything and it is done right. The MILF performers of the year coming together tell why in thirty minutes, as to why they got those trophies and will have any more. It takes that true brilliance to create such erotica. It is why they are porn superstars and why this scene is a must own for fans of both ladies. The end discussion is sexuality at it's best. One of the most amazing conversations you will ever witness with performers of this caliber.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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