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Bewitcher, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 7/22/18

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Genre: Cosplay, Fantasy


Cast: Danny D, Ella Hughes, Olive Glass, Clea Gaultier, (also with non-sex performances by Max Deeds, Clarke Kent, Sophia Knight, and Ella Dearest)

Director: Danny D

Release Date: May 21, 2018

Length: 2 hrs. 13 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Four minute BTS footage, a photo gallery and web access


Overview: In this tale of medieval swords and sorcery, Danny D plays a monster hunter, donned in a white wig and a gruff voice making him sound like Batman, who with the help of his two sorcerer lovers played by Ella Hughes and Olive Glass, is hired to rid a brothel of a sexy but deadly spirit, played by Clea Gaultier. It's a nice effort from Danny D and company, with a very good orchestral musical score and some nice costumes, and there's some decent enough sex, but overall the whole production falls flat and winds up to be a disappointment.


Scene One: Ella Hughes and Danny D


After being turned down by local harlot Ella Dearest, who at least shows us her nice tits, the nomadic Danny sees a pair of ruffians (Max Deeds and Clarke Kent) harassing a young hooded maiden. Swordplay ensues and Danny ends up killing the two scoundrels. The maiden removes her hood and revels herself to be beautiful redheaded Ella Hughes, playing a past lover and sorceress. The two go back to her place where she shoots fire out of her hand to heat the bath water, and then proceeds to strip naked and repay Danny for his chivalry by sucking his cock.


She gives him some nice head, barely able to fit his cock's huge head in her mouth. She climbs out of the bathtub and he fucks her standing from behind. They kiss as he stabs his cock in and out of her bringing her to orgasm which she sucks off of his cock. She then stands back up and he fucks her ballerina style, rubbing her pussy while he fucks her, making her cum again. He then sits her on the edge of the tub and they fuck missionary, first with her legs spread and then closed, tightening her pussy around Danny's monster cock. After making her cum again Danny laps Ella's juices off of her pussy and then lays down for Ella to ride him. She straddles his cock and rides him cowgirl, twerking her hips so her pussy slides up and down on his cock. They then take turns fucking each other and eventually Ella is cumming again. She sucks her juices off of his cock before climbing back up to be fucked cowgirl again.


They then start spooning, Ella's legs closed to make her pussy nice and tight for Danny, and then the flip over and Ella rides him reverse cowgirl. She works her pussy up and down on Danny's cock bringing her to another orgasm which she sucks off again. They then stand up and Danny fucks Ella from behind one more time before Ella drops to her knees and Danny blows his load on her face, coating her face with his jizz as she sucks the rest from his balls.


After their fuck session Ella tells Danny about a local brothel that that's rumored to be haunted by a deadly ghost. Danny goes to the brothel's madam, played by Sophia Knight, to see if she'd hire him to rid the place of the spirit. She tells him it's the ghost of a prostitute that worked there and was murdered by one of the guys Danny had killed earlier. Knowing he's going to need some help he goes to see his other sorceress friend Olive Glass. Beautiful brunette Olive, wearing a great black raven feathered outfit, tells Danny that revenges sex is the only way to rid the ghost, but it will sap the life out of him. So makes him a special oil for his “sword” to protect him. He kisses her, sparking the old flame they've always had for each other and soon Olive is on the bed.


Scene Two: Olive Glass and Danny D


While making out with each other Olive lowers her top and Danny starts playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy. Olive undoes his pants and starts sucking his cock, bobbing her head up and down on his gi-normous dick, pushing all she can get to the back of her throat. Olive then lays back and Danny starts eating her pussy, engulfing it with his mouth and sucking her cunt.


He then lays beside her and T-bones her from the side. He pounds his dick in and out of her pussy making her wet pussy while she rubs her clit making herself cum on his cock. She washes it off with her mouth, and then sheds her feathers before climbing up and riding Danny's cock reverse cowgirl. She bounces her pussy on his dick, taking it all the way balls deep in her cunt while rubbing her clit and making herself orgasm again. She sucks her juices off again and then climbs back up and rides him regular cowgirl while Danny slams his cock up into her pussy. She bounces up and down and cums again before getting on all fours and she and Danny fuck doggy style. Danny pistons his cock in and out of Olive's pussy, driving Olive crazy making her cum again while Danny slaps her ass.


She cleans his cock off again with her mouth and then they start spooning, first with Olive's legs spread wide and then closed to make her pussy tight for Danny's cock. She rubs her clit while he's fucking her before they go into a missionary, where he fucks her until he cums on her belly. A good, nicely shot scene with a very good performance from the gorgeous and sexy Olive Glass.


Olive gives Danny the oil and, in a great display of cheezy SFX, sets up a portal to transport him to the brothel. He applies the oil to his “sword”, the sight of which makes Sophia Knight start to rub herself. The clock then strikes midnight and the ghost of dead prostitute Clea Gaultier appears. Danny picks up a dildo to do battle with. Clea fellates it and throws it to the floor, forcing Danny to bring out the “BIG GUNS.”


Scene Three: Clea Gaultier and Danny D


Danny pulls his dick out and immediately Clea is on her knees sucking it. She works his dick with her mouth and hand, sucking and jerking it simultaneously before laying back and letting Danny tongue her pussy for a second. It isn't long before Clea is nice and wet before Danny sticks his cock in her pussy and fucks her missionary.


They fuck this way for while, Clea having multiple orgasms on Danny's cock before standing up and letting him fuck her from behind ballerina style. He holds her leg up giving us a good view of her pussy as Danny fucks her. After cumming again she sucks all of her juices off of his dick and then climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl. She bounces up and down on his cock and Danny fucks her until she cums again. They then go into a 69 where Clea sits on Danny's face while she sucks and jerks on his cock. Danny's tongue action makes her cum again and then they start spooning, Danny slamming his dick in and out of Clea's pussy giving her multiple screaming orgasms.


Danny maneuvers around to fuck her missionary again, but before she can cum he pulls out and furiously rubs her pussy. She writhes around to a screaming orgasm on his hand when she disappears. “Typical,” Danny says, when all of a sudden Clea reappears on her knees, and jerks Danny off until he shoots his load on her face. This is an ok, if rather drawn out scene that's not very well paced. We do get to see the amazing French beauty that is Clea Gaultier in all of her glory.


After Danny cums Clea disappears. His work is done and the madam pays him and offers him a little extra. But before he can take her up on her offer, Ella and Olive show up to get a room together.


Scene Four: Ella Hughes, Olive Glass and Danny D


Danny peeks in on them to see a naked Olive and a half naked Ella making out. Ella drops to her knees and eats out Olive, and then Olive does the same. They head to the bed and start tribbing when they hear Danny by the door jacking off. He tries to hide but his boner gives him away and Olive pulls him into the room by it. They start sucking on his cock, taking turns sucking on it while the other runs her mouth over it's huge length. They take him to the bed and Ella starts riding him. Olive spits on her asshole, letting it run down and lube Danny's cock while he slams it up into Ella. He gives Ella several orgasms, which Olive sucks off, before climbing off and letting Olive ride him. Ella and Olive kiss while Danny pistons his cock in and out of Olive's pussy making Olive cum.

4-1 They both take turns washing off his cock with their mouths before they both get on all fours and Danny fucks them both doggy style. He fucks Ella first and then Olive, Ella licking her asshole and sucking all of Olive's juices off of Danny's cock when he makes her cum. Ella then crawls up underneath Olive and 69's her while Danny pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. They break long enough for Olive to flip over and Danny fucks her missionary while Ella lays on top of her, ass in the air. Olive sucks on Ella's tit in between the orgasms Danny is giving her. Danny then pulls out and inserts his dick into Ella, fucking her doggy style and then starts alternating back in forth between Ella and Olive's pussies, switching out in between every orgasm.


Ella then rolls off of Olive and Danny fucks her missionary making her cum again and then starts fucking Olive. Ella furiously rubs Olive's clit as Danny fucks her making her cum like crazy. They then break one more time so the can stand opposite each other, legs hiked up and Danny fucking them both ballerina style, once again alternating back and form each time they cum on Danny's cock, until finally they both get on their knees and kiss each other while Danny jerks his cock and cums on both of them.


Final Thoughts: First let me say that I have no idea what tv show or movie this is a parody of, as it says on the cover. That being out of the way, it's not really all that bad. The effects are cheesy and the sets are cheap, but everyone still tries their best to make this an epic feature. So I definitely give them an A for effort. It does have a very nice lush musical score, and I really liked the costumes. But Danny's not the best director. For a four scene porn film that's over two hours he tends to let the scenes go on too long. Maybe because he stars in all of them he's enjoying them too much. Who knows. All I know is they kind of overstay their welcome. The women are absolutely beautiful, from the stunning Ella Hughes to the striking Olive Glass. And it's also curious that French native Clea Gautier has no lines. So overall this is a nice effort, but in the end a bit of a disappointment. Watch On Demand

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