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Book Nook, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/24/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This double dose of Natasha Nice has been more than we expected when the doctor prescribed us our heart medication. Who needs fucking nitro when you have this beauty on screen. The concept of having Natasha work with a new starlet and be able to really “break” her in, is something that porn fans may never get to see in this industry again as time goes on. Natasha is one of the ultimate performers in the game. I do not think I have ever seen this beauty create a bad scene or play a bad character, even in her days as an amateur. She possesses a true talent for entertaining the fans, like a Nina Hartley in every aspect of the game. There was a reason that Nina’s scenes were always a hit and something that made fans talk around the water cooler, all the way back in the days of bell bottoms and crazy ass wallpaper that looks like something out of a molly trip without any water to rehydrate yourself. She is the last of her kind in many ways and to see Alan and team choose her for this summer stretch run, it is something I will take over any fucking summer blockbuster. Victoria, she is a woman who has been on the radar with so many big companies. Watching her climb the ladder has been one hell of a site and I mean that as figuratively as can be. I think this is another brilliant move by the Grlsway.com team and I am anxious to see what this scene truly becomes.

- Don Juan 


Scene Duration: 51 Minutes, 18 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @StillsbyAlan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: July 22nd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Model Debut, Tattoos, Deep, Wet Kissing, Heavenly Breast Play, Five Star Foreplay, Ass Licking, Intense Pussy Rubbing, Face Sitting, 69, Dirty Talk

Natasha Nice and Victoria Stephanie The Book Nook

Starring: Natasha Nice @BeNiceNatasha and Victoria Steffanie @VictoriaSteffii

Inspired by Girlway.com Member: NOMERCY64

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The Reveal:

Natasha Nice and Victoria Stephanie

First off, the lighting is epic. The shadows come to life and really give each girls clothing, then lack thereof some sway. This is a perfect scene to watch with your girl by a lit fire in the backyard. It is perfect, and you will be incognito. This is one of the most amazing short set-ups. Sexy, teasing with flavor and perfectly orchestrated dirty talk that gets each woman hotter and hotter as they touch and provoke the others lust. The kissing, the rubbing, be careful, keep your mind focused young grasshopper, if there is one thing I have learned about Natasha Nice, it is that you have not seen anything yet when a scene starts this passionately. Victoria plays right into her hands. This is how an adult vignette should begin. It is what made porn great and something that our fathers passed down to us underneath their mattress or kept hidden in their safe locked away without even knowing. The start of this scene is five stars all the way. The kissing in this scene is going to blow more than your mind away. It is the epitome of sexiness squared. You have two dashing beauties who just want to suck each other’s face off and the sounds prove they are doing just that. The clothes start to fly off fast and the only thing I can say is, hang the fuck in there, it is going to get even better and worth the build up. Do not let the counter dicatate how you judge this scene from the get-go

The Sex:

Natasha Nice and Victoria Stephanie Natasha is one of the hottest little sex pots you will ever meet. Her attention to detail is in a class of her own. Victoria, my goodness, she really brings out the animal in Natasha. Miss Stephanie has one amazing body, one that due to all the intense foreplay, you are begging the porn Gods to see naked as quickly as possible. This is some of the steamiest back and forth action I have seen in many moons. The passion fills the room, so much so that you simply breathe it in as the ladies get that room hotter and steamier with passion. These ladies take this scene so many places before the kitty worship even begins. I do not know how Alan was able to keep up with the action. That is just the gift that man has.Natasha Nice and Victoria Stephanie Leg wrapping, kissing, touching, scratching, this scene has foreplay that is just never seen in this industry anymore. It is as wild as Shark Week, with a better pay off in the end. I can not believe how long these babes were able to keep this going and it is passionate as fuck every second of the way. You do not want them to stop. The flow is amazing, not too fast and the ladies increase the tempo just a degree at the proper time to keep you on the edge of your seat falling off face first more than a few times. If you want to see the true talent that is Natasha Nice, watch her start off on Victoria’s pussy. She moves with sexual precision to get the best angle to go at her kitty tongue first, which in that shot is not easy to get with such a long-legged beauty but Natasha pulls it off in the sexiest way possible. I can not remember the last time I saw a scene where the model pulled aside the others jean shorts to lick her pussy, now that is aggression in the best of ways.Natasha Nice and Victoria Stephanie 

I think few models in the business can pull off a forty-five-minute glamour scene and keep the fans' eyes glued to the screen. I do not know how they did it. I mean I can, but I do not think everyone understands how monumental that is. Scenes by some of the most legendary performers back in the day would hit twenty minutes tops. In today’s world of no soundtracks and long lengthy scenes, sometimes fans get a bit too much when thirty minutes would have been enough. Not here. Victoria is amazing as the catalyst that drives the sex all over the place. Back and forth from position to position. She is a seductive dirty talker. One that will grab you by your mind's most inquisitive thoughts, making that combination of taboo and allure come together in a way that only adult cinema can. Natasha Nice and Victoria Stephanie

This is a fucking sex fest of epic proportion. You ever seen them Red Lobster commercials? While this is a whole other type of yummy feast that will not cost you a fucking arm and a leg to enjoy and will not come with a smelly busboy trying to shove you out the front door after tour appetite has only been teased. No, this scene just keeps getting better and better. Alan saves some of the best shots for last, as we see a spreading Natasha’s gorgeous pussy. Glistening with a combination of spit and cum as Victoria gets her turn. I am not a fan of pure sex scenes, most of my fans know that, but when you have a sexual encounter that has two women as hot as these two are for each other, you better cancel your dinner plans mother fucker. The pussy licking is scorching hot in this one when Victoria gets her turn. You see her constantly panting for breath because all she wants to do is suck Natasha’s clit. These women put on a show that a half hour in, you will be covered in as much sweat and spit as they are. This is one hell of a thrill ride dear readers, well worth the price of admission. There are few scenes that you can compare this to, everything is just so well created. From start to finish, you are going one hundred a miles an hour with the ladies and when they are panting for breath, so are you. That is what a porn scene was meant to be in terms of escape and entertainment. That was what the escape was originally created for in the first place.

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

What can you say about a scene that has the most unique foreplay in years, the most sensational pussy licking of 2018 and goes for over fifty minutes without boring the crowd for even one second? You call that five stars, a Highly Recommended pick and some. The thing that makes this scene so good is every player involved. The lighting is wonderful and one of a kind, the sex is steamy and the way that the girls make the scene one long tease with a pay-off, that is truly something you must pay your hard-earned dollars on. The sound for some may be a bit cranked up but honestly, this is how you need to watch this scene. Get on a fucking pair of headphones if you need to, but you need to watch this scene at high volume if you can. The aspect of this scene that is pure money, is how they girls keep expressing their lust for one another. This is a scene that is worth the purchase price for three big reasons. It caters to all lovers of porn. I do not give a shit if you are a man or a woman you are going to like this scene. Number two, the production aspect is damn near flawless, you see everything up close and far away and it is beautiful. Now, the third and most important, this is the kind of scene that will take you a few watches to get through because of the length. Longevity is the key. The fifty minutes of pure adrenaline will be something that entertains you for months after you have purchased it, downloaded it, whatever. This is performance beyond belief. One of the best lesbian scenes of 2018.

Don Juan DeMarko




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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