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Anal Cuties Vol 8

Studio: Hard X » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 8/6/18

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Menu splash of Anal Cuties 8

Hard X DVDs are to the point and that's something you'll notice when you hold "Anal Cuties 8" in your hand. These films celebrate the tarts we love to see get anally rocked under the guidance of Hard X's standard. Light colors caress Adriana Marie's box shot as she sits arched on a chair with her ass out. A cute plaid skirt barely hides her ass away from view. You just can't avoid that gaze of hers that cuts out of the box and into the buyer's soul. The Hard X logo conquers all on this cover design and you'll see the film's title logo above the cast of slamming tarts Like Gina Valentina for example who's name crushes on this roster of righteous starlets. With eight volumes deep this is a perfect series to setup yourself up with new porn girls like Eliza Jane for example. Anal Cuties 8 carries a variety of tarts because there isn't just one type.

The scene selection menu

Flip the clean box cover over for the hardcore snaps of Anal Cuties 8 on the back. You'll have columns of screenshots zipping horizontally across the back of the box. These are stills of sleaze from the actual feature that plays. Cute shots of Chloe Cherry getting her pooper pounded can be seen on the back box. The small summary celebrates youth and anal while giving credits to the cast and the director herself; Mason. She's also credited on the front of this feature which is found on the front left corner of the DVD cover.

Cast: Ariana Marie, Gina Valentina, Chloe Cherry, Eliza Jane, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Ramon Nomar
Directed By: Mason
Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 16 minutes.


These Hard X DVDs are perfect for fans who want that quick action I can’t stress that enough. But with Anal Cuties 8 there is a special coupling of cast members that are known to bring fiery fuck scenes to paying porn consumers. Even the newer girls here are setting up a brand of blasting anal sex scenery. Eliza Jane is a perfect example of a newbie you may not be familiar with but will probably revisit after spinning Anal Cuties 8. Hard X and Mason rotate the same male talent for a good reason as they are reliable when it comes to reaming these butts properly. With a digestible four scene count, it’s time to see what this Hard X disc of anal scenes can do for us.


Gina's buttplug smile

Gina is jumping joyfully on a trampoline as she excites the camera and viewers about her anal scene today. “What don’t I love about anal?” She vibrantly voices to the Mason, the director, that is interviewing her. Already panting the adorable sex kitten gets on all fours to playfully to tease us further about her love of anal sex. Losing her breath before even meeting Markus Dupree which is ok for this energy filled tart as you'll see in her scene. Next, an adorable heart shaped butt plug is revealed as she pulls apart her bathing suit onesie. She’s already been stripping her garments off during the bouncing fun which included some cut off shorts. Eventually, Gina Valentina is fully nude, she feels the outdoor breeze as she “Jumps for anal!” Mason will add in exclaiming excitement.

Markus Dupree eventually steps in to get his cock polished notice you’ll see Gina Valentina help him up onto the massive trampoline. Her BJ sealing will then be on full display in this unique arena for oral sex where the defiance of gravity is teased. Of course, the two performers take advantage of this bouncy environment and hop about while Markus is getting his cock sucked. A truly enjoyable sight if you like your porn fun.

Passionate throes of gaping and sex.

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Speaking of fun it never really stops with this scene when Markus and Gina are at one on the trampoline in their sexual tempest. The oral starts as instantaneously as the agile fornication with the pliable little Gina continues. Remember that heart-shaped butt plug? It’s still in Gina’s butt and ends up in her mouth during the heated passion. Cowgirl happens with the little Gina Valentina flying onto Marku’s erect sword on this debauched trampoline.  By the time the brilliant bend of doggy anal starts both performers are inside a house near a couch. Expect to hear Gina’s loud moans echo throughout the set if your audio device is loud enough to capture this.  Markus' energy level seemingly upgraded since they left the trampoline which is remarkable. I love seeing Gina Valentina arched in doggy anal as Markus Dupree bores into her gape. A super fast anal filled with loud wails from Gina's beautiful mouth.

Gina gazing at a cum coated cock.

Speaking of the mouth the oral sex bits are instituted in between the blasts of vaginal and mostly anal fucking as Gina stuffs the cock in her mouth. Markus and Gina are in control of this chemistry from start to finish.  The finish is the form of a gooey blast from Markus Dupree’s throbbing member. It ejects semen into a still horny and satisfied Gina Valentina as she urges for more doggy anal pounding even after the pop. That level of energy is a testament to the tempestuous nature of this anal scene.


Anal ready

Eliza describes at first she wasn’t a fan of anal sex until now in front of the camera as a true butt slut who loves to perform. She covers a past relationship that had her indulge in the trials and errors of mastering butt stuff. Eliza Jane even admits that part of her new found love of anal sex is the challenge of pulling it off. Her scene mate steps in as Ramon Nomar so she has a lot of room to express herself anally with such an experienced male performer. The sexual heat ignites almost instantly as both performers lock into each other. Ramon already toying with the butt plug inserted into her butt hole as he exposes it by pulling Eliza's bottoms to the side.  This foreplay leads to a cock in Eliza Jane’s face.

Removal of the butt plug

Eliza will double fist Ramon’s cock in her thorough jacking of it. She does this while she fellates this rigid phallus in her face. Oral is implanted properly in these high paced Hard X humpers. Humping now actually happening in reverse cowgirl as Eliza’s little frame hops aboard Ramon’s massive body to get fucked up her butt. She’s already wailing in a complete orgasmic trance by the time the cock is piercing her butt. Eliza Jane laying completely on top of Ramon as he rocks her accordingly for Mason’s camera is what you will continue to see.  Eliza's wails get even louder when she’s in reverse cowgirl anal. The camera hovering in a calculated manner capturing every butt blast Ramon gives her. Hopping off to shove the cock in her mouth is what you’ll also see Eliza Jane do as she keeps things fresh for this scene. When she’s in doggy anal you’ll see Eliza Jane fuck back her male talent as she rocks back in forth while continually entranced in anal pleasures.  As the scene progresses these anal pleasures intensify while the scene takes a turn for the rough side with Eliza having herself some choke-play and play slapping.

choke play with Eliza and Ramon

“I can’t believe how much you’ve stretched my ass open..” Eliza squeaks out during her singing of loud orgasmic screams. Now with her legs split open in this sideways spooning grip she is getting dicked down proper. It’s a beautiful thing to see a woman go completely nuts while enraptured in anal sex the way Eliza Jane is in this harrowing Hard X scene.  The cum drop happens after all the erratic fucking in the ass concludes. Eliza Jane is admittedly cum drunk and asks for a few more ass pumps before they sign this one off.


Chloe in doggy anal with a butt plug in her mouth.

By now you’re already used to the high-level intensity of these Hard X scenes especially if you’ve been spinning Anal Cuties 8 this far.  It’s no secret they attract a certain fan base which is staunchly loyal to their cause of crazy fast sex scenes. Well, Chloe Cherry’s with Mick Blue isn’t any different.  And if you’re a Hard X’er then you’re probably nothing short of satisfied to the adherence of the fast-paced fuckery that Hard X is known to put out. Chloe is wearing a blood red tank top and athletic booty shorts as she describes her thoughts on anal sex. She reminisces about how her previous Hard X scene was one of her first anal works.

The butt plug being pulled out of Chloe's ass

The discussion of anal orgasms is dissected during Mason’s questioning before this gape guaranteed scene starts. Mick steps into the picture to prove this as Chloe Cherry is stripped down to reveal a butt plug in her booty. This will lead Mick Blue to start to toy with it and remove it from her tight butthole. Showing us the preparation for the gaping at hand as the butt plug is inserted and reinserted into Chloe’s ass.  The slow anal insertion happens in a down doggy stance as Mick Blue begins piercing.

The ass piercing continues as Chloe’s ass has more of Mick’s meat inserted into it rapidly while in cowgirl. Chloe is singing in orgasmic song by the time the hard humping is happening.  A healthy view anal doggy style is next as Mason’s camera hovers by. Chloe is still hollering in ecstasy as she is being ass fucked. The guaranteed gaping is happening as well. The additional butt plugging helps with the gaping in this scene thankfully.  With Chloe Cherry’s legs spread open in missionary, Chloe will get a few extra pokes in her pussy from Mick Blue. The butt plug is back in her ass for good measure. After some ferocious spooning in anal the thick cream of Mick Blue’s goo is deposited in Chloe’s mouth.


Ariana's gorgeous smile.

This scene is a Hard X hallmark in terms of that signature intensity. It is absolutely on fire from start to finish with these two performers. It warrants an award this season on its own merit but it is a part of the much larger equation. It shows what proper brand building is all about with performers and a strong studio with a familiar pace.

Ariana in gaping greatness.

“We had to wait a while for this one!”, Mason explodes during the pre-scene questioning. Ariana Marie goes into vivid detail of how her butthole muscles react to orgasm-inducing anal sex. She also describes how she loves to do it for that classic “dirty” taboo of butt sex. It’s believable because her excitement is apparent and she also did make her fans wait a bit. The anal insertion happens so fast in this scene you’ll probably miss it. This sets the exciting tone for this faster than lightning butt fuck scene.  Every round of position changes in this title is extraordinary and hard to keep up with. But thankfully we have Mason’s camera to slow things down for us. Markus really gets his pumps in whenever Ariana is on top of him in some form. Whether it’s anal cowgirl or reverse anal cowgirl you will definitely see Markus Dupree slam his dong up Ariana’s ass voraciously.  The scene brings the hot and heaviness to a halt when it’s finally time for Markus Dupree to deliver the semen for a much-needed break for any viewer daring enough to watch this fuck fest from start to finish.



The almighty hard x brand.

I have to steer you in the direction of the website just to watch the Ariana Marie and Markus Dupree standalone. It’s a scene that needs to be talked about during awards season. Not saying that these other scenes should be neglected I’m saying that when you’re sifting through the massive archive of slamming butt fuck scenes you’ll have more variation and scenes just like Ariana Marie and Mark Dupree’s. Maybe this DVD is too fast paced for you? Well, in that case, I definitely ask that you Watch on Demand to get a feel for what the full Hard X brand is all about.  So you yourself the viewer does n’t get wrecked as you unexpectedly stumble upon some of the fastest porn on Earth.  So join HardX.com and see if you can keep up with blazing anal scenes before you can handle a DVD like Anal Cuties 8.

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