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Cam Girls: First Pro Lesbian Scene

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/28/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Leave it to Evil Angel to continue the tradition of excellence within the adult industry to make something innovative. I do not give a shit who you are, this is one of the coolest fucking ideas I have seen since last years and Katrina Jade super documentary and Lisa Ann’s return. Regardless of what you think, or what side you choose, which is very silly if you choose a side, because when everything is all said and done, we all inhabit the same land of fantasy that is adult entertainment. Ginger Banks, Jenny Blighe, they are true superstars, they are sex-positive women who are creating this type of female empowerment that I have never seen in my life. They are megastars. They share the same beliefs of some of the porn star legends in creating a sex-positive world for all who work in porn and all of us who enjoy it. Seeing this scene available to stream, I was excited and truthfully, not much hypes me up these days. Sure, porn has its lust and passion, it always will. What seems to be missing these days is that bold outreach that was once commonplace in the business. I will say no more than the title Briana -vs- Jenna. Bravo Evil Angel for making this happen. This is adult work that draws hype. This is what fans will line up to see. With all that said, let’s see just how well these cam superstars do in their professional debut. This is the first time I get to review their work and trust me, these types of scenes make me feel like just a fan again.

Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe 

Scene Duration: 1 Hour, 1 Minute and 56 Seconds

Directors: John Stagliano

Studio: Evil Angel

Release Date: July 18th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, Documentary, One of a Kind Feature, Behind the Scenes, Gonzo, Glamour and Lipstick, Tongue Fucking, Amazing Chemistry, Toys


Cam Girls: First Pro Lesbian Scene

A Scene from the Evil Angel Film: Cam Girls: The Movie

Starring: Ginger Banks @GingerBanks1 and Jenny Blighe @JennyBlighe

Non-Sex Role Appearances: Angela White @ANGELAWHITE

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The Reveal:

Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe A great mind in this industry once told me, “what made this industry great was that we were once a band of rebels, free spirits that did what we love.” This was so true of the legendary days that made the modern industry. This film showcases a unique insight into the world of cam girls. I was glued to my laptop screen learning about Ginger Banks being the outlaw she is and having her cam shows in her college library. Fucking awesome! This is an insight that is far more fascinating than any bullshit television show because these are the girl’s real lives. I was just in awe. Honestly, being a man who knows production, I was fascinated to learn how raw and real a cam show is. I will admit, I am a “porn” guy. A lover of cinema, camming has never appealed to me but after this, I kid you not, I went to Ginger’s twitter profile and looked at her cam stuff. This is money right here fans, pure money and I truthfully have never had the chance to learn about what camming is all about. This was eye opening.

Some very fascinating insights, the ladies talk about how similar both sides of the business are. Jenny, a six-year veteran, talks about how flooded the cam market is. I think this speaks of a truth neither side recognizes the way it should, sexuality is something that is finally going mainstream. We may not want to admit that but what old school porn historians like me will tell you, I never thought I would see the day, that there would be a sex documentary produced the way it should be. Something created not by Time Warner but created within the industry, from industry people. This is one of the most insightful looks into a world half of the industry does not know and it is sexy and intelligent. Holy smokes, Jenny has a five-star smile with a perfect ten body. Boobs that were sculpted to perfection and honestly, that is dedication to one’s craft. Amazing! Damn, when you see Jenny literally put her ass on the line and slide down those stairs, I was just beyond taken back with pure joy, laughter and respect. That is a love for the business. That is a love for her fans, performance or not. That is what made this business great. I am still laughing thinking of that part of the scene, it sticks with you for reasons that I do not think any porn fans has seen, nor the critics of this industry.

Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe Fans, why this scene is amazing, you will not know, but I will tell you right now because Evil Angel is breaking down a wall by showing you some things that production companies do not want you to see. They are showing you what these women face, like trolling, harassment and lost love. They show talent testing, a service that ensures that the sex is safe, far safer than civilian sex and yes, I will tell you these adult entertainers at this level, the sex is safer than anywhere else. This is what performers face as the people behind the characters. This is not glitz or glam, this is the reality at its most honest, showing the bare bones foundation of this industry. The women are leaving behind their lives to see if they can conquer Hollywood and honestly, they may, or they may not. That takes guts and this scene shows just how much it takes. Brilliant beyond belief! The way that professionalism is shown in this scenes creation, this is real folks, this is not bullshit. There may be some companies who do not play by those rules of majesty and respect for the past within this industry, but I will tell you, this is how the masters create the porn you love. There is thought, there is creation. There are hits and misses.Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe

This insight is truthfully into the heart of every performer and I do not know if Evil Angel did this on purpose but the views of Jenny and Ginger, with the great Angela White there to spearhead the Q&A, shows what EVERY performer wants. A bigger, broader reach to their fans. Some may want money, some may want fame. Jenny wants to see how much this one film can add to her portfolio and growth as a performer and Ginger, I see a full-on porn producer in the making. The “die-hard” fans of any performer know how these ladies operate. They truthfully have business minds and great hearts and this scene showcases so much that people do not know about this business but should. Oh, I love how Angela said" Mark does not fuck around." Oh, that is the greatest porn Easter egg of all time, trust me fans. Meeting Mark Spiegler, he gives advice that every performer should listen to. He tells a brutal honesty of what it takes to be the best in this business and I will let you in on something America, every model at every level who is successful has a man of gumption driving them like Mark. Many do not know that exists in porn. The way that they show stills, hair and makeup, prep and small talk. This is insight you have never, and I mean ever seen unless you have been lucky enough to be on a film set or be the one creating the shoot. This is not behind the scenes, this is reality and it is the perfect way to showcase and trip into the land of fantasy. This may be one of the greatest starts to a documentary I have ever seen. It ranks right up there with eye-opening films like Bowling for Columbine and Gasland. Films that expose a reality of the world that perhaps some do not want you to know. Now, let’s see just how these cam superstars do with one of the most legendary minds of the business at the helm.

 The Sex:

Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe

You go Mr. Stagliano. Throw people off the set so he can create his magic and he does. Porn Easter egg number two, Buttman makes his return and it is awesome to watch. The girls have spunk as they walk into the room and your imagination, with bodies that will make a grown man sell all he has just for a date and dinner. There is such a wonderful mixture of cam show, old school production meets new school in this scene. You can not compare it to anything. It is not gonzo, it is not a feature. It is this hybrid of yumminess. Ginger, she showcases that she is a true performer, she swallows a dildo that gave me flashbacks of my fan days watching Jeanna Fine. Jenny, her dashing beauty is mysterious yet so in your face at the same time. I see why John must have his set clear. An artist must always ensure that his ideas flow and he and the girls make this fantasy come to life in ways that are both tasty for the pallet and a feast for the eyes. Ginger Banks, my goodness, please stay doing film work. She has one of the hottest fucking bodies in the industry today. People who have not seen her cam, like me, you will see a woman who just becomes a twelve on the one to ten scales in terms of beauty on screen. She is a fucking knock out and she knows how to tease.

These girls absolutely are pros. As John is doing what he does best, Jenny is busy getting ready to squeeze and kiss Ginger's ass. This is a fucking reveal fans! The way that this scene is shot, bless you, John, it is old school, in your face pussy eating in high definition. You get to see Ginger’s long, wet tongue come out to gouge and slither all over Jenny’s pussy. The shot where she is spread eagle will inhabit your fantasies for days. This scene is something that I think will show fans some of the roots of where modern styles of shooting came from. The girls put on a show that must be witnessed by every girl/girl porn fan on the planet. The wide angles are amazing, and I cannot say how of the chain badass the up-close shots are. The girls are so well groomed and glammed up, whoever says they are not real models, look at this scene and tell me they are not. They are stunning. You, the fan, you get to see these models bare all.

Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe When you see toys come into play, most girl/girl fans back off. Very few films use toys these days. The reasons being so I have never grasped either which way. John Stagliano and the girls show you just what can happen when you get toys involved with emotion, desire and kink. The way that these babes get it on, they are no fucking rookies despite what you may be thinking. The facial expressions, the tongues, the toys, it is a build-up to what made Evil Angel great and some of the most fun porn to always watch. This is steamy action. You can not look away and sixty minutes seems to go by quickly. Look at the angles of Jenny watching Ginger eat her pussy. Her skin is flawless, her tight tummy rocking that sexy female six pack looks so good, fuck eating off it, you want to have it for the main course of the meal itself. These gals look like a million dollars and watching John become entranced in his project, you see just how much passion is within this icon of production.

Ginger Banks and Jenny Blighe 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is more than pornography people. This is something far more grand. This is almost like Real Sex, Meets Real Sports, Meets Total Divas but mixed together with the emotion, kink, art and true passion. This is a bridge for the industry. This is also a look into something people do not know exists. This is knowledge in DVD form. Food for your brain and dessert for your imagination. Critics who hate our industry will be blown away by something all industry people know, we take care of each other. The world of Cam Models and Porn Stars is not as different as I thought it to be and I may be crucified by some people for saying that, but my eyes are open. I am an honest critic who will tell you that I never gave cam girls a chance. I did not believe them to be the performers they are. I bought into the bullshit that holds this industry down and was what the porn legends of old had to have faced when they were being arrested for prostitution in the 1980’s when all they were trying to do was create films and entertain the masses, who like me, love sex, love beautiful women and love to express it. This scene has made me go and download the entire film because truthfully, I am a lesbian film lover, that is my fantasy I love, and it is what I enjoy but a scene like this, it makes you think, it drives you wild and it makes you want more. This scene grabs ahold of your emotion. I was almost in tears seeing the stories of the girls breaking the news to their families because so many people I know have been there. I hope to see more films like this and I will tell you #TripleX fans, this is a film that must not be mimicked, no. It must spark creation because there are so many stories out there to be told and what better people to tell them than we who live the life. This is one of a kind cinema, XCritic Pick and something you would never expect to see. This is a revolution of glory that seeks a return to it. One that has been due in this business a long time and one that can prevail if we see this film for what it is, groundbreaking and one of a kind piece of art and film production.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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