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Mommy's Secret

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 7/29/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Carolina Sweets. One of the biggest “under the radar” beauties in this business, who packs a punch on social media and someone that all the girls say is just as stunning as they come in this industry. She takes center stage with the queen of lesbian sensuality Miss Mindi Mink. Now, the thing I really would like about these two beauties being paired together, is that they are women in this business who have achieved so much and are very well known but not as well known as they should be. By that, I mean that these ladies deserve to have award after award on their trophy case already and do not. They are women who eat, sleep and breathe this industry because sex and sexuality, it is apart of who they are in the biggest of ways. Carolina, oh, what a performer. No matter how she comes across to you, one thing you can not deny is that this beauty is apart of the wave of the future in adult entertainment. She manages to always have a good scene. As does her co-star. What can you say about the July Girlsway.com Girl of the Month that has not already been said? I’ll tell you what, it is that she is finally taking her career higher with roles like this, that few performers are willing to do themselves. Mindi takes on all comers and when it is a combination like this, the true winner is you the fans and ladies and gentleman, that is what fits the mold of exactly what Girlsway.com is at it's core.
Mindi Mink and Carolina Sweets 
Scene Duration: 40 Minutes, 3 Seconds
Director: Stills by Alan @StillsbyAlan
Additional Cameras: Billy Visual @BillyVisualXXX and Matt Holder
Studio: Girlsway.com / Mommy’sGirl.com
Release Date: January 20th, 2018
Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, All in the Family, Teen -vs- MILF, Masturbation, MILF Seduction, Sensual Fingering, Scissoring / Tribbing, 69
Mommy’s Secret
Starring: Carolina Sweets @xCarolinaSweets and Mindi Mink @MindiMink
Inspired by Girlway.com Member: JERICHOHOLIC

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The Reveal:

Mindi Mink and Carolina SweetsCarolina, that voice, that look. That is true “girl next door” intangibles. Her acting is great, she really has the “something” that has no definition in Hollywood but gains all the fame. You just see it in her and it attracts you like a firefly to the flame. Except with this beauty, getting burned is so worth it. The cinematography is splendid. The way that Alan brings you into Carolina’s character's world with shots of her face in the laptop screen, it is cool and pure “Hollywood.” I love it, so will you. It makes you become a part of the fantasy. The shot of her beautiful face is just as compelling as the shot of her rubbing her kitty as she discovers her stepmom is a porn star and starts to get a little hot under the collar. When Mindi steps into the room and Carolina starts to seduce her, the way that both women interact is sexy and it is some of the best improv you will see. Carolina, what a future this beauty has in the industry. She is like the #TripleX version of Joey Lauren Adams, except way hotter. She has that sexy voice to match. This beauty can have the world in this business if she stays in it for the long haul.

Mindi shows this other side to her acting ability. She gets seduced yet is so hesitant when it comes to having sex with her stepdaughter. The way that the clothes come off so slowly, it is beyond amazing. Both women create a world of fantasy that is unlike most Mother/Daughter lesbian scenes. Carolina, she makes this role her own and does it in a unique way. She does everything from speaking to sucking tits different than any other starlet in the same league. It is new and fresh. Mindi, she is not the normal stepmom being seduced. She’s outside of her element and it is fun to see. Carolina and her will make you forget where you are and what time of day it is before you even see the panties come off.
The Sex:
Mindi Mink and Carolina Sweets 
This is one of the very first times that Mindi is not the sensual one and by God, I never thought I would say this, but I am loving every minute of it. Mindi is always looking not to participate in this scene. It plays so well into the desires of those who like to see a little bit more of a forced lesbian encounter. Ok, I have been trying to talk my way out of this and I do not know why I have been. Seeing Carolina do her things can be compared to porn legend Aja. From her stunning side boob to her bedroom manner, she is sensational, sexy and something deeper as the teen who is trying to fuck her stepmom. This is the best I have seen this role played in a long time. Perverts, start your engines, because this beauty is ready to fucking roll! When Mindi gets into her zone, you know things are going to get scrumptious. If Carolina’s leg shake tells you anything, it's that this is the ultimate fucking form of entertainment.
Mindi Mink and Carolina Sweets 
The pussy licking is intense and very well showcased and then becomes hidden. The director really knows how to show you those wonderful up-close shots, then draws back, so you can see Carolina spread eagle with those sexy socks. On a side note, when you see that cute birthmark above her lip, you will be entranced by a type of beauty that makes you think of every swimsuit model you have ever seen in a magazine. Carolina is a knockout. I like that she goes outside the box with certain things. Her nails so sexy but not overbearing, her skin is tanned perfectly and shows signs of care. That is a true fucking model right there. Two women who take this much care of their body, they simply make you become lost in the fantasy that much longer. Any viewers mind will wonder in a scene. That is the nature of being a voyeur and when you see that everything in front of you is so well presented, you know that you spent your money wisely. The way that this scene grows and grows, tells a fantasy like few scenes can, due to these lovely ladies. Mindi’s lust begins to slowly creep out and when you see the ladies end things sixty-nine style, you see every angle clear as day. Both women give amazing performances. As Carolina grows as an actor and with her line delivery, I think she has potential and some. If she can master her acting, I think there are few companies that will pass on a talent like hers. She added so much to this vignette.
Mindi Mink and Carolina Sweets 
Don Juan’s Bottom Line:
It is scenes like this that are cementing Mindi’s claim to the throne as top girl/girl performer of the year in 2018. This scene has everything. Amazing acting, hesitance to add that taboo feel like you should not be watching. Mindi showcases what all her fans already know, she loves females and she knows how to please them for your entertainment and hers. This scene creates that older younger, all in the family theme so well. This is taboo sex done so well and it is very tasteful. Yes, porn can be tasteful people. No scene is complete without the co-star. Carolina, she has the goods for a young talent. She honestly knows how to create a fantasy. She knows how to become a character and play a role. That voice of hers, it reminds me of a fellow raspy-voiced performer with a gorgeous butt. I think Carolina has the goods to meet this unnamed performer on her level, she is that damn good people. This scene gets one of the top nods because this is a pure story. The women tell a story with their talents and I think that no other company could have captured this story this well. The views are amazing. Production did their job so well but the characters and their progression. It is something very hot to watch. I hope to see more pairings like this. These ladies are as good as it gets in their classes of performance and I think that the future is looking bright for both ladies.
Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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