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3V Starlet Stroker

Studio: Pleasure Products USA » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 8/1/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The first thing I noticed about this box was the weightiness of it. I’ve never held one of these 3V products in my hand before so I was expecting it to be lighter.  I was curious as to what the actual contents of the box were. It’s not that heavy once you pop it out of the box and peel it out of the plastic wrap. It’s already pre-assembled if you will. Meaning the parts you can detach and remove are already together. I’m talking about the vaginal insert which can be taken out of the actual casing. If you do remove the rubbery insert you’ll notice it’s attached to a wire connected to a  bullet-shaped vibrating device. You’ll also get a slipcase to stash your toy in.  Other contents include a charger cable with a USB outlet to plug into your PC or any other USB compatible charger.

The product out of the box.

Vaginal insert removed.

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box shot of the device
As a new user of the adult toy world, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to performance anxiety when I held this contraption in my hand. I had one simple goal: to insert myself into this rubber vagina unequivocally for fornication purposes. Luckily this device can’t get pregnant so I was good there as far as insemination goes. What I was worried about was what would happen after I was fully inside this machine? It did indeed serve its purpose once I got the show going but as I was pumping away I thought to myself, would I enjoy doing this again?  Let us dissect this  3V Stroker Starlet edition with voice and vibration to find out.


These are the items you will find in the box:

-One USB charger cable

-One actual 3V Stroker toy wrapped in plastic.

-A mini pamphlet with product description and usage directions.

-One plastic slipcase to store product.


The vibration is incredible and I didn’t last long upon first entering the device as a new user. I used the proper water based lube as required. It’s explained in the pamphlet that is packaged with the device what kind of lubes to use. You’re not to use silicone or oil-based lubricants. I heeded this and luckily had samples of water-based lubricant lying around.  As I said the vibration function was impressive but having the proper lube coupled with the intricate design of the artificial vagina allows the product to truly shine.  You can cycle through 10 different vibration selections.  This is achieved through cycling the smaller button on the top of the 3V Stroker. To turn the device on you just need to hold down the larger button down for like five seconds to get it operational.


The device charging

After a few more uses I felt comfortable with the Edyn Blair's moans and groans for the voice of this 3V Stroker with vibration functionality. It can get a little messy but after my third use I mastered the art of lubricant application so I didn’t get it all over the place. The magic happens once you find the right vibration setting for you to go with the rhythm of your strokes.  I also recommend familiarizing yourself with a proper cleaning regimen. I used the recommended administering of hot water and scrubbing the vaginal insert with a wet-wipe cloth.  Make sure you have the device powered up fully before fucking it. This can be done by plugging it into the USB port of a laptop for example. The other side of the jack looks like an audio out but it slips right into the front of the device to give the battery power.

logo of the company

This is a product I can easily recommend based on curiosity alone. The market isn't as big for male toys compared to the sea of dildo products you can find out there for women. It's nice to see a company like Pleasure Products USA aim for the male market for adult toys. Also, this is a very high tech device for what a man can do simply on his own with one hand. Yet if you want to try an exciting new way to play with yourself then the 3V Stroker with Voice/Vibration is the device you want to stick your dick into. Have the right lube handy and be prepared for an elaborate cleaning cycle when you dive into this great product, especially if you plan on repeat usage of it. You'll also have them market it to you different ways with the different starlets' voices attached to the 3V Stroker name. I had the Edyn Blair version so it was nice to be reminded of one of my performers as I played with this thing. Life is short so give one of these crazy little things a ride at least once or multiple times if you can take the rigorous cleaning methods. It's worth the price of admission alone and there's no height requirement for this ride.

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