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Finger Dippers

Studio: X-Art » Review by Patrick Parker » Review Date: 8/2/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Solo, Masturbation, Toys, Couples Erotica

Date of Production: March 23, 2018

Director: Brigham and Colette Field

Cast: Kimmy Granger, Uma Jolie, Aubrey Star, Kacy Lane, Milla, Scarlet, Alexis Love, Belle Knox, Ashley S

Length: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Extras: Trailers, Photo Gallery

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD

Overview: Nine beautiful girls bring themselves to orgasm in Finger Dippers, a collection of short films from the art-porn vanguard known as X-Art. Each scene is about ten minutes long and features a mix of American and European talent using fingers, dildos and vibrators in magnificent and dreamlike settings.

Directors Brigham and Colette Field make extensive use of a soft focus and foreground elements to evoke a fashion-shoot vibe. Lighting varies from scene to scene, but they generally make excellent use of natural light and shadow to add intrigue to each intricate bodyscape.

For those unfamiliar with the X-Art product, Finger Dippers makes a good introduction. The nine scenes span a four year period from Milla’s 2018 fingering to legends of 2014 like Belle Knox, the infamous Duke University student-turned-pornstar.

Finger Dippers is minimalist in nature. The shots are set up to make the models pop from the screen with nothing to distract the eye. It’s a great setup for a solo film as it allows, and even forces the viewer focus on the body.

This is an example of what a solo movie should be. A study of the female form and how it responds to masturbation. It’s all about body-response, and the angles highlight all those subtleties like goosebumps, contracting abdominals, and the more blatant signs of sexual arousal.

Scene 1: White linens and a nude Ivy League student set the stage for one of Belle Knox’s first pornographic shoots. She strips herself of a her white gown and wastes no time in dipping fingers into her pretty pussy, legs wide apart.

Knox switches between gentle two-finger come-hither insertions and quick one-finger fucks, while occasionally opting for circular force on her clit. Once she’s fully turned on, she closes the scene with a shiny steel dildo to orgasm.

Try to keep your eyes on her abs and upper chest once the steely dan slides in--that’s where she really expresses her feelings. Don’t worry, there’s no shortage of close-ups on her face and on the naughty bits to let you appreciate both technique and emotion.

Scene 2: Alexis Love provides ample material for breast worship with her strip tease, opening by tossing her brazier playfully at the lens before reaching down for sexual bliss.

Love’s fingering is inspired and authentic. She doesn’t go for a lot of porny variation in technique. This is a girl who knows how to get off, and she makes a beeline for what makes her cum fast while propping a leg up to give the lens a better view.

It is a pleasure to watch her body flex and pulse as she bites her lower lip. Her already pert nipples tighten and swell subtly as the stimulation kicks in. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Then there’s the sound. Love’s moans are just sexy, starting from a tight breath, then deepening as she releases tension and shoves her pelvis forward in a beautiful fuck motion. The intensity only increases with the addition of a purple vibe.

Scene 3: It feels like there was supposed to be more to the intro. Kacy Lane starts off dancing about partially nude in the sunlight before a hard cut to her nude and rubbing herself in a cabana. How did we get here?

Entitled “Life in the Fastlane,” this short lives up to its title. It is the definition of a quickie, with Lane rubbing one out in just five minutes.

There’s the rich sound of the ocean waves together with her delicate moans. Camerawork is decidedly simple, alternating between a wide shot and one close-up on the fingering. It’s nice, but short.

Scene 4: Kimmy Granger is an A-list talent with eight AVN nominations including Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for her performance in X-Art’s Best Friends or Lesbians. But this 2015 scene offers a glimpse of a very new starlet getting her first taste of the adult industry.

Natural lighting abounds in this outdoor scene overlooking a white picket fence and horse ranch, no doubt a nod to director Colette Field’s equestrian interests.

Kimmy fixates on her clit making tight swirls as she amps herself up for the main event: an oversized black dildo that evokes memories of Carli’s “Big Toy Orgasm” from the X-Art archives--I still love that scene.

Those dildo insertions are nice, especially when Ms. Grange bends over. As that thick shaft penetrates her poon, it forces the whole clitoral region upward with a splendid view of her delightful pleasure button.

As she gets going, there’s definite nipple hardening and muscle flexion in progress. But my favorite thing is how she keeps pulling the shaft out and tasting her juices. Kimmy makes a real show of it too, with salacious and salivary licks.

Scene 5: When you watch Uma Jolie’s unapologetic and untethered sexuality unleashed, there can be little doubt that this woman was something special. “Sweeter Than Wine” was first published in 2016 as Uma was beginning to make a real impact in the industry. Judging from her performance, it’s no wonder she would go on to snag an AVN Award just two years later.

Poised on an elaborate couch against an exposed brick wall, Ms. Jolie finger-fucks with the greatest of sensuality. Her positioning is outstanding, always complimenting her shape while opening up to the viewers’ delight. Had the film been slowed down, I might have thought it was an Andrew Blake film--the shots are that beautiful.

Do yourselves a favor and crank that volume up. Now turn it up more. Her moans are deep and full of bass. Soulful even. It’s a marvelous soundtrack to a spectacular work of sexual art. I just wish the scene lasted a little longer.

Scene 6: Aubrey Star dominated X-Art and Colette.com from 2014 to 2015 with an extraordinary mix of girl-next-door looks and hardcore pornography that would push the art-haus studio to new heights. But in January of 2015, it was all about innocence and discovery in this scene entitled “Super Cutie.”

Star flirts with the camera like a covergirl for Teen Vogue, barely hinting at the sexual goddess within. Even the way she touches herself is innocent at first, but it doesn’t take long for things to heat up, especially when she starts tasting her fingers.

Aubrey favors an up-down stroke with some penetration and reacts with full-body fucking motions. Her perfect smile and neatly plucked eyebrows convey delight as she slowly amps up the intensity, ultimately releasing barely controlled ooh’s and ah’s.

It’s not all finger play either. Students of sexual response will no doubt applaud her four minutes with a simple clit vibrator. It’s all about those labial lips as they become engorged with sexual delight culminating in an electric orgasm sending shivers through Aubrey’s nude body.

Scene 7: "Poolside Pleasure" pits the dark-haired Scarlet in an outdoor solo set next to a beautiful poolside garden. Natural light abounds in a tight-cropped rub-off with special emphasis on the close-up.

An underrated performer, Scarlet was one of the original creampie queens for X-Art. She is best known for her outstanding performance with Jenna J. Ross and James Deen in the web scene “This Really Happened,” still ranked on X-Art’s top-ten user rated scenes; a must-watch for any would-be porno conossieur.

Scarlet has always been a fiery performer (see her orgasm with Deen), and this solo romp is no exception. She writes about uncontrollably while rapidly finger-fucking herself and gasping with purpose.

Although it may feel a bit showy and inauthentic at first, be sure to sit back and enjoy the performance. Once she turns to the side however, things get real. Her face gets flushed and her pussy is visibly aroused with desire in a shot that is really quite beautiful.

Scene 8: Redhead Ashley S caters to the camera in the lighting-inspired “Luminated Emotions.” She starts off bottomless reading a book and flirting with the lens. It doesn’t take long for her to roll over with a girl-next-door striptease that culminates in--you guessed it: fingers!

Brig and Colette filmed with kept it simple with two static angles: a full-body wide shot and a close up. The wide shot caters to the luminous theme, framing Ashley’s action with a curiously placed lamp in the foreground.

The close up dominates this short with a mostly head-on view of Ashley’s lush outie tang. In this way her pussy is the star of the show, which sort of makes sense with solo masturbation scenes.

Watch for pre-orgasmic flexing at the start and an ever-increasing amount of juiciness once those finger insertions are underway. Ashley has a great thumb to clit technique that not only looks amazing, but seems to have quite the effect on the petite redhead.

Remember our star, Ashley’s vagina? Well, she’s back and ready for her monologue. Firmly holding a vibe to her clit, Ashley visibly builds up to a full-body and explosive orgasm. It’s quite the sight, with fully aroused labia, muscle twitching and and an orange-red glow upon her skin.

Scene 9: X-Art’s newest solo queen and cover girl Milla is showcased in this bathtime finger-fest. The buxom brunette unleashes her 34Ds and wastes no time getting into her pants.

Milla’s technique is wide and varied. Perched upon the tub, Milla alternates between finger-banging and rapid clit stimulation, occasionally breaking to show off her clit and vag. There’s a homemade character to the whole thing.

She caps the performance with a handheld shower-head as she fingers herself to completion. It’s a beautiful set to behold with her hair perfectly styled to the side and full-on eye contact. Milla’s body reacts swimmingly with tightening abs and hardened nipples amidst her gasps and smiles.

Final Thoughts:

If glitzy and glamorous solo masturbation scenes are your thing, then Finger Dippers is the movie for you. With nine beautiful scenes to choose from, there’s an abundance of talent showcasing a multitude of ways to get off while avoiding sexual extremes. This is tasteful and minimalist pornography at its best.

The DVD comes short on special features, only offering a photo gallery that would be better experienced in HD online. Also, it’s a little disorienting to find that the scene selection list does not follow the same order as the scenes in the movie. It’s not the sort of the thing most fans might notice, but it’s an oddity nonetheless.

Variety is the spice of life, and that is one thing that such specific films as this lack by definition. As such, I cannot knock it. For delivering a stunning vision of femine self pleasure, I recommend Finger Dippers.

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