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Caught by the Cop

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/3/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The description of this scene on the website is very thought-provoking. Honestly, it is what every MILF fan wants to see with India Summer and Reagan Foxx cast in the same project. New Starlet Amilia Onyx is a diamond that sparkles in many different lights. She is a performer, who in her short career has managed to really turn some heads with how glamorous and unique her looks and styles can be. The promo shots are very mysterious and spark a lot within the viewers' mind before you press play. This scene truly stands out among the newest releases it is grouped with on the website due to its launch date. This is Reagan’s second pairing with a model making her debut with the company and her first go around was nothing short of classic. The thought of two of the best older women in the business dominating this young minx is enough to get you to hit the play button, let us find out if it is worth you clicking the download button as well.

India Summer, Amilia Onyx and Reagan Foxx 

Scene Duration: 41 Minutes, 5 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway / Mommy’s Girl

Release Date: July 28th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Older / Younger, Teen -vs- MILF, Threesome, Big Tits, Model Debut, All in the Family, Story, Spanking, Face Sitting, Ass Licking, Fingering


Caught by the Cop

Starring: India Summer @MsIndiaSummer, Reagan Foxx @ReaganFoxx_, Amilia Onyx @AmiliaOnyx

Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: Spank King


The Reveal:

India Summer, Amilia Onyx and Reagan Foxx 

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The first thing that is going to hit your brain like a freight train, is Amilia and that gorgeous, curvaceous body. Hot damn, she is smoking fucking hot and what a sight it is for these old eyes, to see a beautiful curvaceous woman get cast, especially one who can fit in within the ranks of the “teen” cast performers. She is stunning and yes, you will be chomping at the bit to see her clothes come off. The characters rock, especially India, she is always that cornerstone of pure performance when setting up any scene. When you mix Reagan’s attire and her naive ways to her stepdaughter, you get something that will grasp your attention. Amilia, she is a bit fast with a line or two but plays the character so well. Her imrpov skills are amazing. The way that India really sets the scene makes the story believable, such a crucial part of this fantasy.

India Summer, Amilia Onyx and Reagan Foxx Reagan is adorable beyond belief in this scene. Many of her hardcore fans will have seen her take on a few more serious roles as the “step-mom.” This particular scene, I think she really shines. You are just waiting for her to unleash and as her character gets more and more into the punishment. officer India is demanding in order to set up this delicious threesome. Amilia, she has one of the most amazing asses among the new starlets in the game. As a viewer, you are waiting to see Alan and crew take you into some tight shots of that incredible bum and when they do, it is beyond candy for the imagination. Few things in this business compare to India Summer setting up this type of scene. It will drive you wild to watch her hike up her skirt and give Amilia a sexy kiss. The timing is perfect, the way that India moves, it compares to magician elegantly guiding your eyes with a sexy assistant. You just can not look away, while you know something even more lust filled is about to explode on screen. This is fucking epic beyond belief, an opening that will get you just as hot as the sex would in other girl/girl scenes.


The Sex:


India with her shirt on can create as much as much heat as most other performers can only hope to with their garments fully shed. The camera crew takes you to some wonderful spots within this land of fantasy that compliments the story and the performers so well. Watching that pale complexion, those stunning blue eyes of Amilia look back India while she has her tongue firmly planted in India’s wet pussy, will bring you down to your knees. Reagan, she is so wonderful as the reluctant stepmom. Look at those beautiful eyes of hers and she will capture your heart with her glances away from Amilia’s supreme pussy licking skills. I do not think anyone can command traffic in a lesbian threesome quite the way that India can. 

India Summer, Amilia Onyx and Reagan Foxx 

One of the best things about this scene is the variety of flesh on display. Holy fuck, watching Amelia in action is a treat, from having one of the most gorgeous natural frames, to her amazing bubble butt, that’s jiggle will hypnotize you quicker then Freud or his mother ever could. It is a sight to see. Her boobs are amazing, this starlet will have you hooked in one look I guarantee. When Reagan gets down, she gets down. Few can lick pussy with the speed and thrust that Reagan does. The camera angles and editing really present the fantasy in the most amazing way. Every aspect is thought out, well planned and something that brings out the women’s beauty in a special way. The acrobatics, sly movements into a position, they show such savvy of the female prowess. This is something that is just created with fine tuning and it makes the scene really become that type of vignette that makes anything it is attached to worth buying. The chemistry is a huge plus with these ladies but I also think that the way that these beauties stay in character makes the vignette truly pop. The little things like India keeping her badge on and never ditching the role of bad cop. That is something that India does better than any other performer in the business. Reagan and Amilia, you are waiting to see them go at it and when they finally do, it is worth the wait and some. This scene is a true hidden gem of this website. Something that is going to spark a lot of conversation.

India Summer, Amilia Onyx and Reagan Foxx 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

Now, this is variety. It is showcases something that I think will fit more than anyone’s needs. This scene is one long story of pure bliss and pleasure. The thing that stands out most, is first and foremost Amilia Onyx. She is such a dashing beauty in the most unconventional ways and that is stronger than strong when it comes to lasting in this business. Everything is natural and beautiful, from her delicious curves and body to her nails that are just simple and natural, to her eyebrows and complexion. This is true natural beauty. This is one of the best model debuts for so many reasons. This scene is going to generate so much in many ways good and bad and I tell you why. When you pair three different performers like this, it makes those who judge books by their covers not give it a chance. I beg you porn fans, do not be one of those idiots. For if you do judge this scene without taking a look, you are going to miss one of the best performed fantasies on the network. The shot if India’s mouth covered in cum is something so many will miss if they do not truly see the beauty of something so unique and different and watch the entire scene. Each of these models steals the show. The production team has created something that I know will make you stand up in cheer, that is if you can emerge from your sexy ordeal after watching this scene. From start to finish it is incredible. It is far too often you do not get to see the hidden gems of this business, like miss Onyx, or the sides of Reagan Foxx less visited. That is the magic of this website and that is what comes from the pursuit of excellence that is Alan.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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