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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/5/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Lesbian Fantasy Feature

Cast: Riley Nixon, Honey Gold, Whitney Wright, Jill Kassidy, Scarlett Sage, Eden Sin, Moka Mora, Elena Koshka, Eliza Jane, Eden Blair (non-sex)

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Writer/Director: Kay Brandt

Cinematographer: Mike Quasar

Length: 2 hrs 40 min.



Overview: It's been five years since Kay Brandt brought us her last all girl feature with her acclaimed Dirty Secrets in 2013. Now she has returned to the genre bringing us five beautifully filmed stories of sapphic lust. Unleashed brings us nine of today's brightest starlets enjoying each other in all different manners from massage to bondage to strap-ons. It's a truly amazing collection of talent lead by one of the most gifted artists in the field today and photographed by the cinematic genius Mike Quasar. This is a pre-release review with the dvd release on Aug. 7, so I won't go too much in depth with each scene, but only give you a taste of the amazing sequences Kay has in store for you.


Scene One: Riley Nixon, Scarlett Sage, Moka Mora


We begin with a bang as Riley, Scarlett and Moka are dressed in schoolgirl uniforms and dancing very seductively for us. They start taking off each other's clothes, Riley first and the other two latching onto her tits and sucking her nipples. Once Scarlett is naked Riley fingers her pussy standing while Moka licks her clit until she's cumming on Riley's fingers. Riley then sits on Moka's face in a 69 position while Scarlett licks and fingers her asshole until she's cumming on Moka's face. Moka then sits back, pussy to the camera and masturbates, fingerbanging herself while Riley rubs her asshole until she squirts in an explosion of liquid. Riley then lays back and she and Moka start tribbing, Moka riding and grinding on Riley's pussy while Scarlett rides Riley's face until she cums in her mouth. Scarlett has multiple orgasms on Riley's face while Moka is cumming on her pussy. Riley and Moka then start playing with Scarlett's pussy, masturbating her until she's squirting on their hands. Scarlett and Moka then start masturbating Riley, Scarlett fingerbanging her and Moka rubbing her clit until she “unleashes” her fluid. They all then bathe and roll in each other's juices bringing us to the end of this beautiful electric three-way scene.


Scene Two: Honey Gold and Riley Nixon


This absolute scorcher of a scene starts with an interview with Honey describing her massage from Riley. When we get into the action we see the two making out on the couch and undressing each other. Very sensuously and passionately they reveal each other, Honey sucking on Riley's tits and Riley worshiping Honey's feet. Once Honey is completely naked she has her ass up to Riley who squirts her with oil and gives her back and legs a rubdown before moving her hands up to Honey's pussy. She fingers and plays with her pussy making it dripping wet. Honey then turns around and spreads her legs for Riley who licks and sucks on Honey's pussy until she has a truly amazing convulsive orgasm in Riley's mouth. When Honey pulls Riley's jeans off Riley sits on her face while Honey masturbates herself, causing them to both cum at the same time. With their beautiful oil covered glistening bodies, they start tribbing, bumping their pussies together until they cum on each other. Honey then fingerbangs Riley to one more orgasm before they embrace and revel in the afterglow of the incredibly beautiful sex they engaged in. Amazingly hot scene.


Scene Three: Whitney Wright and Jill Kassidy


This scene starts with the very sexy and talented Whitney Wright dancing. She's joined one by one by the other young ladies from the film, all of them half naked and enjoying each other as they gyrate to the music. We then cut to Whitney and Jill doing yoga. They're both in the lotus position trying to concentrate on clearing their minds, but they simply can't stop concentrating on each other. They go through a few more positions, Whitney feeling Jill's back and legs. When she starts kissing her back their fun is interrupted by Eden Sin. So they duck out to the hallway and Whitney tells Jill she has a surprise for her. She runs upstairs, and Jill can see through the stained glass that Whitney is now wearing a strap-on with a huge pink dildo. They start making out on the stairs and Whitney undresses Jill, sicking on her tits and going down on her pussy. She eats and fingers her to multiple orgasms and then Jill starts sucking on Whitney's plastic cock. She soaks it with her spit and then Whitney sits on the stairwell for Jill to climb up and ride it. Jill slides her sweet pussy up and down on it, Whitney rubbing Jill's clit until she cums. After a couple of convulsive orgasms Jill stands up and arches her butt to Whitney for her to fuck her from behind. Jill backs her ass up to her, cumming over and over. Whitney then takes off the strap-on and Jill starts undressing her, sucking on Whitney's gorgeous brown nipples and moving down to her pussy. The very limber and flexible Whitney Wright props herself up in the corner, holding herself up between two boards while Jill eats her pussy. Truly a remarkable sight to behold as Jill fingers and licks Whitney's pussy until she cums.


Scene Four: Elena Koshka, Riley Nixon, Whitney Wright and Eden Sin


This scene is a bondage scene taking place in a dungeon with Elena as the mistress and Riley, Whitney and Eden as her fuck toys. The beautiful red lighting truly accentuates this torture scene. Dressed all in black leather and with all of their pussies exposed, Riley is strapped to a stock, Eden is bound to a chair and Whitney is straddling a horse on all fours, ass arched in the air. One by one Elena edges them, making them beg her to let them cum while she paddles their pussies and Whitney's ass with a small leather strap. The first one she brings to orgasm is Riley as she tongues her pussy until she's cumming. She then eats Whitney out from behind, fingerbanging her until she orgasms on her hand, and then masturbates Eden, rubbing her pussy with her leather gloved hand. She then undoes the girls and lets them fuck each other. Whitney starts eating Eden's pussy while Elena sits on Riley's face until she cums in her mouth. After Whitney makes Eden cum Elena tells her to sit in the chair and pin her legs behind her head for and let Eden and Riley eat her pussy the whole time spanking their asses with the paddle. Elena then uses Whitney as her chair and sits on her pussy, making Eden and Riley both finger her and making them beg her to cum for them, which she does in a truly screaming orgasm. This is a real change of pace from the rest of the film, but man is it beautifully shot with incredibly sexy performances from the amazing cast.


Scene Five: Honey Gold, Jill Kassidy, Eliza Jane and Scarlett Sage


Before the scene starts there's an interlude where the girls are walking and posing on the red carpet. Giving the air of a big film premiere they all pose for the paparazzi before stripping down and showing things you'll NEVER see on the E Channel! We then go to inside of a strip club, where it's girls night out and the lovely lesbians are enjoying the entertainment on the stage. The girls are enjoying the stripper played by the very sexy red head Edyn Blair, making it rain and stuffing her g-string with bills. After the show the hot and horny girls decide to have a strip show of their own, laughing and pulling off each other's panties and just having a good time. Once they're all naked they start making out and soon Honey is riding Eliza's face and Jill is riding Scarlett's. With Eliza and Scarlett masturbating themselves at the same time all of the girls cum together with Honey and Jill having multiple orgasms. They then form a train, Honey eating out Eliza's pussy while Scarlett eats Honey and Jill eating Scarlett. They then go into a human centipede and before long it's very hot and high energy series of 69ing, riding, tribbing and daisy chains where all of them make each other cum many, many, many times. Out of the many impressive positions they do three of the girls form a pyramid and Scarlett fingers them each to orgasm one by one. Amazingly shot four way lesbian scene.


Final Thoughts: This is a true labor of love for Kay Brandt and it shows. She has poured her heart and soul into this project and it truly pays off in uniqueness and style. Say what you want about Mike Quasar but the man is a freaking genius behind the camera. The beautifully staged shots with absolutely gorgeous lighting make all of his images simply pop in the screen. You would think in the bondage scene that it would be more dank and dark, but that beautiful splash of red simply glows off of the black giving off a very sexy and fiery feel. The cast is superb with some of the hottest and brightest young starlets today. Riley Nixon for instance is just so natural in her terrific, sexy and unabashed performances. While Whitney and Jill give us a terrific scenario of two young lesbian lovers mischievously enjoying themselves. I could praise every single one of these amazing ladies performances, but I'll leave it for you to witness. I'll just say with the amount of talent involved, from the gifted Kay Brandt to the genius Mike Quasar to all nine of these wonderful cast members, this is by far the best all female feature I've seen this year, and I give it the XCritic Pick. Put your orders in now for it before it's wide release date August 7.

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