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Hard Academy Part 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/5/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 35 minutes

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: Anal; Orgy; Gonzo; Euro

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in HD

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Written by: Gabriel Zero

Cast: Kelly Stafford, Tiffany Tatum, Melena Morgan, Lyen Parker, Sienna Day, Megan Inky, Kesha Ortega, Swabery Baby, Shelia Ortega, Kelly Stafford, Linda LeClair

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Rocco Siffredi Hard Academy 2, Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 11, Rocco’s Abbondanza 6; Filmographies; Website; Cast List; Evilangel.com preview


Rocco Siffredi has upped the production of his hot orgy, reality porn, sex training series Rocco Siffredi Hard Academy. I’ve watched his previous two installments in the series which were both hot. This third installment, Rocco Siffredi Hard Academy Part 3, has more production elements than his previous videos. Lots of special effects, music and even drone footage add another layer to this flick that makes it edgier. This time around, raunchy starlets like Rocco’s favorite, Kelly Stafford, and anal princess Megan Inky star in this movie, giving us sweaty, messy group sex with no limits. This flick sizzles. Cum craving babes Tiffany Tatum, Melena Morgan, Lyen Parker, Sienna Day, Kesha Ortega, Swabery Baby, Shelia Ortega, Kim XXX, and Linda LeClair gulp spunk by the gallon from 17 cum blasting cocks. I highly recommend this flick, which has something for every Gonzo fan. It’s themes like the group sex; DPs; cum swapping and swallowing; gangbang; gagging; spitting; deep, gaping anal; and domination that make this flick a winner. Kelly is at hot as ever. With sex like that added to the extra production quality and special effects, this movie is a must watch, all 3 hours and 35 minutes of it!

Scene 1: Gallery Opening — Kelly Stafford, Megan Inky, Kim XXX, Lutro, Manuel, Dado, Silvester, Paul, Good Boy, Brian, Kama, Rock, Ste Axe, Jacky, Tuca, Thore, Adriano, Aldo Fanna, Goz

It’s time for Rocco’s first lesson to the group of horny guys who signed up for one week of Rocco’s Hard Academy. The drone footage gives us a view of Rocco’s expansive sex compound. The guys are seated outside learning from the cock master himself. Rocco explains that communication is the most important thing in a sex scene. Then, he introduces Kelly, Melena, and Megan, who are here to teach the guys how to fuck in a scene.  The first scene is set like an art gallery. In this gallery, the shirtless guys are the sculptures. They stand on pedestals. The artist is Kelly and she welcomes the collectors who enter the gallery, take a seat and watch the show. Megan is the artwork and Kelly shows her off to the collectors. It’s time to unleash Megan on the sculptures so the buyers can see what she’s capable of. The sex show has begun. Megan unties one of the guys, kissing him while Kelly stuffs her fingers down his throat, choking him. Kelly bends over doggy style, showing the collectors her ass hole. Then the girls move on to the next guy, continuing their domination of the male sculptures.  Kelly slaps one of the guys while Megan sucks his cock. Next, she stuffs her fingers down the collector’s throat, making him gag then leads Megan to the next guy for more cock sucking. The girls dominate him, pinning him down and sucking his cock.

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The scene heats up as both girls have free reign over the room full of naked male sculptures and their hard cocks. They move from guy to guy, deep throating each prick. Both Megan and Kelly land in a three-cock round robin, getting their throats fucked. Then, Kelly opens her mouth wide as guy after guy spits down her throat. “Give us all the dicks,” Kelly begs. She orders the guys to start fucking Megan in the ass. Megan kneels doggy style and takes her first cock up her bum. Kelly holds Megan’s ass cheeks open while the guys fuck her. She sucks each cock when the guy pulls out of Megan’s hole in a greedy ass to mouth session. The anal action is balls deep doggy style and Kelly tongues one of the guy’s ass hole while he fucks Megan’s. Two guys fill Megan’s pussy and ass hole with cock in a cowgirl DP that makes her cum. A third cock stuffs her mouth, leaving Megan airtight. She cums again after a hard round of reverse cowgirl up the ass. Kelly feeds Megan’s mouth with all the cocks surrounding her. “Slap her face with dick,” Kelly orders. The first popshot begins as one of the guys blows his load in Kelly and Megan’s mouths. They cum swap as Megan lies on her back for more ass fucking. Kelly is close by, doing ass to mouth then, she tells the guys to fuck Megan’s ass hole harder. Kelly’s mouth is blasted with cum and she quickly spits it down Megan’s throat and then opens wide for more jizz. She gets another big, creamy load that she drizzles down Megan’s throat. The final cum blast in Megan and Kelly’s mouths leads to a round of applause from the collectors in the audience.

The show must go on, and it continues as Kelly shows the audience she wants more cock. Lutro, one of the collectors, leads Kim XXX out to the pool and eats and fingers her twat until she cums. She bends over and sucks his hard cock, gagging on it. Then, she rides him cowgirl style as the rest of the audience watches the action through the window. Her ass hole is the next target as Lutro fucks it reverse cowgirl style. Kelly joins the couple, sucking Lutro’s cock right out of Kim’s ass. Kelly tells Kim she needs more dicks in her ass and she goes inside to get more guys. She rejoins the couple a few seconds later with a lot of horny guys ready to fuck. Kelly tongues Lutro’s ass hole while he fucks Kim’s rectum. The guys surround the threesome, jacking off as they watch. Lutro finger bangs Kelly, making her squirt in Kim’s mouth and all over her face. “Clean up my fucking mess,” Kelly orders Kim as she smears her squirt all over Kim’s face. Kelly is calling the shots and she tells the guys it’s time to fuck Kim. Lutro bangs Kim’s ass as one of the guys shoots his load all over Kim’s tits. Kelly and Kim XXX get more sperm in their mouths as the guys pop off one after the other, leaving the starlets soaked in spunk. Lutro feeds the girl one last cum load after banging Kim’s ass hole. Kelly licks up every drop of cum off Kim’s body and the floor then the girls engage in cum swapping.

Scene 2: Hot Girl With Hot Boys — Linda LeClair, Manuel, Dado, Silvester, Paul, Good Boy, Brian, Kama, Rock, Ste Axe, Jacky Tuco, Thore, Adriano, Aldo Farino, Goz

Kelly, Megan, and Melena join Rocco and Lutro in the hot tub to talk about which guys are doing the best so far. Kelly is convinced that only one guy really wants it. Now, it’s time for a match with a special prize. It’s the hot girls against the hot guys on the field. It’s a fun game with a hot prize. The boys win and they get to claim the hot prize, that prize is Linda LeClair. The 8 guys strip naked and follow her to the pool where she teases them in the shallows. She is the center of attention, surrounded by cocks that the guys use to beat her face and tongue. She starts sucking them one by one, making them stand at attention for her hungry mouth.  Rocco interrupts the action with bottles of champagne. The guys take Linda to another outdoor area near the lake and pour champagne down the crack of her ass while they eat her pussy and ass hole from behind.

They fuck her champagned covered pussy doggy style while she sucks dick. As one guy pulls his cock out of her pussy, another guy licks her wet cunt then fucks it. She rides cock cowgirl style and keeps her hands and mouth busy with the other waiting dicks. A long round of doggy style banging stretching Linda’s pussy out, making her moan with pleasure. The guys keep chocking her with their cocks, then switch the fucking to reverse cowgirl position. Linda holds on to the back of the couch as she bounces up and down on the pleasure poles. She lies on her back and spreads her legs open wide, watching as each guy sticks his dick in her twat and pumps it. She gets a mouthful of sperm as one of the guys pops in her mouth and on her tits. The other guys line up to drill her cunt and make her cum. She kneels over doggy style and screams out in submission as one guy bangs her pussy hard and pulls her hair. She drops to her knees as the guys surround her and blast her with spunk. She swallows all 7 loads as they fire off. Sienna gets gangbanged by four dicks

Scene 3: The Five Senses — Kesha Ortega, Shelia Ortega, Lyen Parker, Sienna Day, Tiffany Tatum, Megan Inky, Malena, Lutro, John Price, Manuel, Dado, Silverster, Paul, Good Boy, Brian, Kama, Rock, Ste Axe, Jacky, Tuca, Thore, Adriano, Aldo Farino, Goz

No pain, no gain is the way this next scene begins. The guys are in sex boot camp and they have a hard workout ahead of them. They jog, sprint, swim, and do sit-ups. Rocco tells them they must keep their bodies in shape in order to do porn. Hot girls are only for the hard guys and they must be physically able to have sex for hours at a time. With the workout behind them, it’s time for a master class with Rocco about the five senses. Malena and Sienna blindfold Rocco to demonstrate the senses. It starts with a passionate kiss that catches fire around the room. The orgy begins as the girls blindfold their male students and start kissing them. Soon the girls sit their pussies on each blindfolded guy’s face for a round of pussy eating followed by cock sucking. Latina slut sisters Sheila and Kesha Ortega are a turn on to watch as they work the room, sucking and fucking hard cock after hard cock.

Megan gobbles on cock then rides it cowgirl style. The Ortega sisters are taking a hard banging from their blindfolded studs and loving it. The fucking around the room picks up with ever pussy stuffed full of cock. The guys who were watching the action have now joined in giving every girl more cock than she can handle. Megan is in the middle of a dick sandwich with one cock pounding her pussy doggy style and the other cock pumping her mouth. Lyen gets gangbanged by four cocks and Sienna does DP reverse cowgirl style with Lutro’s dick up her ass while another hard cock stretches her pussy. The guys line up like a cock army, jerking their dicks and waiting their turn. Lutro has become the DP anchor of the scene, pumping the girls’ ass holes in reverse cowgirl position while a guy from the cock army walks up and fucks her pussy. The DP action turns to double anal for Kesha, sending her to new levels of pleasure. The guys pull out and Lutro finger bangs her cunt, making her squirt. Sheila gets busy sucking two cocks at once while Megan does a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DP. The cock army is ready to pop and the girls start sucking each cock to its climax, swallowing the load of sperm that shoots out.

Scene 4: Sex Party — Tiffany Latum, Baby Swabery, Lutro, John Price, Manuel, Dado, Silvester, Good Boy, Paul, Brian, Kama, Rock, Ste Ave, Jacky, Tuca, Thore, Adriano, Aldo Farina, Goz

The final scene of the flick is loads of fun and it’s the kind of sex party you’ve always wanted to attend. It starts with the guys in the game room at the compound preparing for a photo shoot with two teenagers Tiffany and Swabery. The photographer orchestrates the whole thing and instructs the girls and guys to grab costumes for the shoot. The guys have something else in mind. They lock the photographer up behind closed doors and lead the girls outside near the lake. Tiffany and Baby know what’s in store for them as the guys strip out of their fun costumes and start jerking off. Overwhelmed with cock, the girls drop to their knees and start sucking the dicks that are surrounding them. It’s a selfie party as some of the guys record the action on their phones, and we get to see that footage, putting us right in the center of the party. Each girl has two cocks in her mouth while getting her pussy licked then, they lie on their backs for an opening round of missionary fucking.

Cowgirl up the ass is next for Tiffany, and she has no shortage of cock as the guys line up, waiting to bang her throat. Rounds of doggy style banging keep each girl in a circle of cock as the guys take turns stretching Tiffany and Baby’s ass holes. A hot doggy style DP pleases Tiffany. The guys begin to blow their loads all over the girls, eventually leaving Lutro as the lone hard cock. The girls share his cock then lie side by side for a missionary pussy stretching. He finishes both girls off with spoon fucking up the ass then he cums in their mouths. The hard academy boot camp is over. The guys line up to receive their awards from the judges as the credits roll across the screen. Lutro wins the top prize for his performance at the camp.

Final Thoughts:

Rocco Siffredi's Hard Academy Part 3 continues the sexual boot camp saga led by the international cock master and porn stud himself Rocco Siffredi, teaching a group of horny guys the ropes of porn. This porn flick flows like a satisfying and entertaining sex show complete with mega orgies in a reality style format. Hard Academy 3 is written, produced, and directed well and it’s a flick I highly recommend.  International starlets Kelly Stafford, Kim XXX, Malena, sisters Kesha and Sheila Ortega, Linda LeClair, Lyen Parker, Megan Inky, Sienna Day, Swabery Baby, and Tiffany Tatum heat up the movie with an insatiable appetite for cock and cum. Rocco assembles an army of cock, and these guys are eager to learn and ready to fuck. For 3 hours and 35 minutes we watch Rocco teach his recruits the art and hard work of sex on film through four scenes: Gallery Opening, Hot Girl with Hot Boys, the Five Senses, and Sex Party. The reality porn storyline stays cohesive and the group sex scenes are off the chart. Anal, DPs, double anal penetration, gangbangs, spitting, gagging, and dominating are some of the recurring themes in each scene. The cock army dumps loads of cum down each girl’s throat after plowing her pussy and ass, leaving her satisfied and fulfilled. The large cast has lots of fun pushing the limits which helps make the movie even more enjoyable. Production extras like the drone footage displaying Rocco’s expansive compound and the special effects that set up each scene add to this flick’s flair. I’ve seen the two previous installments of Hard Academy, and this one is the best.

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