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Hold the Phone: Dirty Talk

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/26/18

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When you see Georgia Jones and Natasha Nice in a scene you buy that mother fucker. There it is, the scene review done in six and a half seconds. Not even seeing one second of this vignette, you absolutely know you are in for a thrill ride to Magic Mountain. Does Magic Mountain even still exist? Whether the one based in reality, does or not, the one in the land of fantasy that is conducted and operated by Natasha and Georgia, that amusement park ride, it may leave you seeing doubles and in need of an IV because your bodily fluids and electrolytes may be gone. I find it genius, fucking genius that Alan paired these two up so that they can devour a new model to the scene in the sexiest way possible. This is such a brilliant move, I simply can not stand myself right now. See porn fans, therefore you join this website. You want your fantasies created! This is what Alan and Bree do. They create what you mold with your passion for these girls. You can tell the website member who helped mold this scene loves girls, just as much as the crew does. So much comes to mind when I think of what this scene can be and that is honestly the best fucking thing about an adult film. The way it sets the mind in motion, so let’s join the fun, shall we?

Natasha Nice, Georgia Jones and Anastasia Knight 

Scene Duration: 38 Minutes, 49 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Studio: Girlsway.com

Release Date: July 15th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Threesome, Teen, Dirty Talk, Aggressive Sex, Ass Licking, Big, Natural Tits, Pussy Rubbing, Intense, Real Orgasms, Amazing Sexual Chemistry, Face Sitting

Hold the Phone: Dirty Talk

Story Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: User_21802970

Starring: Georgia Jones @XOGeorgiaJones, Anastasia Knight @Anastasiak899 , Natasha Nice @BeNiceNatasha

#TripleX Appetizers: To get you revved up these photos are tasty. They honestly are something where if you are downloading the scene or you are thinking of giving this scene a try then they will serve their purpose. I think that the quantity is a tad low for a threesome and after you have watched this scene, you will be wanting these as a dessert after the magnificent main course.

The Reveal:

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Natasha Nice, Georgia Jones and Anastasia Knight The scene begins with so many breathtaking views. From location to model, your senses will be dazzled by everything you see. The cars, the artistic shots, the models' attire. Everything opens with a kaleidoscopic explosion of curves, nudity and amazing presentation. Now, the only drawback was that the audio gets a bit screwy during Anastasia’s dirty talk session with her girlfriend Georgia. In all fairness, when you see Natasha lose her panties then her top, you are not going to remember your home telephone number, let alone that some kind of audio did anything to what. See what I mean? These girls create such a tease. Now, Anastasia, she is a little green when it comes to the dirty talk as well, but I think the way that Alan timed the model’s movements actions to go with the flow, it will keep you from changing the channel. That I guarantee. As Natasha gets nastier, Anastasia gets with the game and the high torqued audio calms to its natural place. This is the ultimate reveal because Natasha Nice is so good at teasing and seducing, if there were an Olympic sport, that woman would take home the gold every fucking time.

Natasha Nice, Georgia Jones and Anastasia Knight

This scene, it’s uniqueness is in the way that the reveal stays strong, even when Natasha is eating Georgia’s pussy. Natasha’s licks and kisses, they go almost all the way then pull back, keeping the fans blood pressure rising. Far to often and I do not mean this as an insult to Georgia, people fail to see just how good of a performer and actor Natasha is when compared to a star of Georgia’s caliber, even Georgia herself because these two have worked with each other before. The way that Natasha changes her voice, becomes this seductive co-worker, it is pure heat and pure brilliance and something only the best performers can pull off. Maybe that is why Natasha is so good and so well known, her performances are just that fucking good. Amazing.

The Sex:

Now, when you see Anastasia hang up and the ladies really begin to throw down, the shots of the amazing bodies on both ladies have the most amazing natural lighting that makes the scene become a step above the norm. There are few things that top Natasha Nice and Georgia Jones working together. One thing is for sure, this is going to be steamy, passionate and as sexy as it can get girl/girl wise. The panting the fast breathing, there are no two stars that duplicate what these ladies create. It is always unique. I will admit, there are times when people are paired often, and it is the same old, same old. With Georgia and Natasha, you will never see even the same character twice. The nastiness and kink are presented on such grand a glamorous stage. This is a scene that would be called “lipstick” my old school standards and my oh my, would the performers of the past be proud and hungry to join in.

Natasha Nice, Georgia Jones and Anastasia Knight When Anastasia gets involved, the one thing that is the seller of this scene is how well all three girls gel and how flawless the transition is from comedy to sex again. You have no loss in pace, so the action keeps going. No one likes a stop in their fantasy and when you see that Alan does what he does best and allows for the girls to carry the scene in parts that they must. These three, they really make this scene keep going. Anastasia, that look of the hungry teen sucking on Natasha’s tits are something to behold. Anastasia is one of the best young pussy lickers in the business. Out of all the new talent in the business. One of the two best this year is Anastasia. The up close shots display that one hundred a mile an hour tongue in ways that are illegal in certain parts of the world. The way that Natasha and Georgia take team Anastasia, it is like watching Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn devour a new starlet of the modern era. They both simply bring out this nastiness in each other that is innovative. Watch as Natasha squeezes together Anastasia beautiful pussy lips for Georgia to slurp down. This is where this scene goes for all the final eighteen minutes. It is nastiness done right.

Natasha Nice, Georgia Jones and Anastasia Knight The thing that no “performance” can duplicate is shown in the fun these girls are having. Sure, toe points and leg stretches look sexy but sometimes good old-fashioned toes swirling and tit sucking is all that a scene needs. You see many moments of Anastasia’s face get overwhelmed with joy as every single button of hers is pressed with other lady’s tongue and touch. Three women having fun with each other. That is the bottom line basis of this scene. You can take everything else out and that is what makes this scene beyond wonderful. These are some of the hottest visuals that you will ever see in a lesbian threesome. How lucky is Anastasia, there are moments where she cums hard and I mean hard, her legs twitch with a deep thrust and her toes curl, only to have Natasha get her turn while her pussy is still sensitive. This is pure passion ladies and gentlemen and it transforms Anastasia in this sexual carnivore that is looking to suck nipples, kiss and rub after each occasion that she cums. These gals never stop and the production team sends you flying into heaven with tight shots, side boob and everything you want to see in a nasty lesbian threesome.

 Natasha Nice, Georgia Jones and Anastasia KnightDon Juan’s Final Thought:

When You combine this much natural beauty, there is only one thing you can do, bust out your mother fucking credit card and punch in the numbers. Natasha is by far the sexiest natural beauty in the business. It is hard to believe she is a veteran of over ten years. She looks even better then she did the last film I reviewed of hers. There is no doubt this woman wants a trophy this year and that sculpted body mixed with her one of kind performance abilities I think will get her to the promised land. Georgia Jones, now this is going to be short and sweet. She is the fucking best in the business. I can say no more, you make every type of scene go to a level it could not go without you, that is all I will say. Fans, there is a reason this woman is spoken about on every message board, by every fan as being the woman they want in their lesbian fantasies and it is easy to see why. Anastasia, she has a young beauty that is simply beyond flawless. I have not seen a young woman this hot since the debut if Jillian Janson. This babe has height and a supermodel beauty. The big seller in this vignette are the models and the posing that Alan has them get into. When you see Anastasia’s eyes get as big as saucers as Georgia displays her best in the business pussy licking skills, words will not even be able to be formed within your cranium that is how steamy these looks are. The wonder of this scene is simply the lust factor. This is pure sex, raw and fiery hot. Every second of this scene the women are kissing touching, sucking. This scene needs to come with an adrenaline shot because it is pure ecstasy. Natasha and Georgia, they are girl/girl superstars, two of the best performers who will put on a show that will leave you breathless always. Truthfully, I enjoy reviewing Natasha and Georgia’s scenes always. They are performers who never and I mean never cheat the fans of a show. Anastasia, she may be the hottest fuckin thing to hit this industry since the invention of the Hitachi. She is quick and alluring. She plays that role of innocence so well and her nastiness and hunger for the flesh are as real as it gets on screen. This is simply one of the most creative ways to pair three performers who are true carnal souls and give all three equal play time. Bravo Alan. This is something that is pure magic! The bottom line of what makes this scene a must own, is that when you see the girls cum about five to ten time collectively, what chance do you stand? That is simply what lesbian cinema should be and that is what this scene is.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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