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Two Girl Anal Threeway

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/7/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Evil Angel has had one hell of a 2018. The presentations, the output, the "no limitations" way that they are creating film and content, it is just astounding. Studios like LeWood have really had their weapons sharpened to a razor's edge with how smoothly their product slices into the hearts, imagination and all places of lust that makes up the modern porn fan. For those of you who do not know who Mark and Francesca are, let’s just say that there are few legends that can match the minds, the finesse and the freakish kink that is beyond a staple of this business that they originated, years before the business even knew what it was. You can put any Francesca Le scene up against what exists today, and it will blow it out of the water like a torpedo strike fiercer than that endured by the mighty Bismarck. These two have put the zeal that made them household names into their productions in every aspect. This scenes casting, it is brilliant. You bring together Zoey and Lisey, two of the kinkiest vixens in all the modern industry together. On paper, this is one that gets you worked up before you even see a still. I can not think of a greater coming together of people who love sex as much as these four do in the industry, shit perhaps the world. This has the makings for summer scorcher written all over it. Let us find out how hot to the touch this scene really is.

- Don Juan

Zoey Monroe, Lisey Sweet and Mark Wood 

Scene Duration: 1 Hour, 3 Minutes and 4 Seconds

Director: LeWood

Studio: Evil Angel / LeWood

Release Date: April 15th, 2018

Condoms: No

Don Juan’s Phyla: 3-Way, Hardcore, Strip-Tease, Ass Licking & Fingering, Toys, Dirty Talk, Ass to Mouth, Cock Sharing, Reverse Cow-Girl, Double Penetration, Squirting


Two Girl Anal Threeway

Starring: Zoey Monroe @ZoeysSweetTea, Lisey Sweet @Lisey_2014, Mark Wood


#Triple X Appetizers: The photo gallery count is eighty-eight and each shot is a great resolution, nothing blurred or contorted, and they are sex stills, not just glamour shots, so you are getting some very kinky pictures if you are a perverted photo collector like me. The website navigation is a tad tedious, I always recommend with Evil Angel to download the zip file and peruse through what they deliver that way.


The Reveal:

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Zoey Monroe, Lisey Sweet and Mark Wood Zoey and Lisey are two of the most naturally beautiful women in porn. Lisey is a bit newer to the scene of this amazing genre of kink than Zoey but both are a force to be reckoned with when they begin their striptease. LeWood does a splendid job in creating a desire and want with the viewer. This tease is sixteen minutes long and every second consists of an HD camera gliding over the contours of two of sexiest bodies, who know how to build up momentum. The editing is cool and flawless, it gels with the sexy soundtrack and it takes you to your own private world with both ladies. Good God Francesca and Mark were fucking born to create fantasy. I can not remember the last time I had this much fun watching two-woman dance like this. I hate to say this because I am a connoisseur of gentleman’s clubs, but this beats going to the local strip joint and spending sixty dollars on a lap dance. One of the key elements in this scene is the musical score. You just cannot substitute score. It is the ladies companion as well as the production teams. Old school porn fans are going to go ga-ga and the new school is going to have their minds blown by what this opening creates within them. No dialogue is needed people, this is sixteen minutes of pure heaven and a chance to see two performers who love to dance and perform. That dear readers, is what any porn fan pays to see and will pay everytime to see it when offered.


The unseen factors of searing heat are the lady’s hair, attire, and make-up. I have wanted to see Lisey dance for quite some time and getting to see Mark and Francesca take us on a tour of her sexy body, oh, it does not get much better than that. Her rhythm is spectacular, I mean her movement is sensual and a masterful seduction. Now, I will give you some porn insight fans, do you want to know how you can tell in a split second if a woman is going to be a demon in the sack? Watch her dance. Lisey, my oh my, she comes alive on screen and the way Mark and Francesca put her center stage is amazing. Her hair, her nails, her panties that are too small, that is what the fucking reveal is all about. Zoey, she is a master of seduction herself and she showcases that she does not always need that sensual voice of hers to open the viewer's mind to the delights of porn and adult entertainment. The twerking, the hard nipples that grow like something else will in your trousers, it is all apart one of the best fucking intros of 2018 when it comes to scenes on a website. It is fresh, it is welcomed, and you will be panting like a dog not watching the clock as the sixteen-minute mark hits and the real encounter begins.


The Sex:

Zoey Monroe, Lisey Sweet and Mark Wood The steam keeps coming like a freight train, all while hopping and jumping to a badass mixture of musical electricity humming in the background as Zoey licks Lisey’s asshole. It is one of the coolest shots of the 2018 year. Those amazing heels Lisey has on really come into play as the scene starts. The visuals are larger-than-life. As you are swept away deeper and deeper time becomes no object. It solidifies this scene already as worth watching. Few scenes can produce that much, this early. Watching these two kiss, it is a porn film inside itself. It is kinky, yes, but it has boundaries that make the viewer want more and begin to get inquisitive with where this is going to go. The toy play starts off a tad slow but when Mark steps into the scene the tempo starts to speed up in a very candid way. Zoey, her oral skills are almost second to none in this business. Now, for all the couples and female fans out there, one thing that Mark posses is a wonderful voice. Hearing him direct traffic will get the ladies motors going. Add in, Mark does not get ultra-aggressive and that makes this scene something you can bust out with your girls.


There are some ultra-sexy angles in this part of the scene. One of the best is watching Mark get his long rod inhaled as Zoey is nailing Lisey with this massive double ended dildo from her backside. Once you see Mark get into position and to do what he does best, the scene really kicks into overdrive. Zoey and Lisey they are some of the nastiest sex kittens in this industry. Your eyes and lust filled thoughts will be all over the place as the ladies go from position to position. Lisey Sweet, this beauty is the real deal, when you see her squealing with pleasure as Zoey sits on her face it is mesmerizing. Some performers do not have the lungs for that and that makes that aspect of a scene drag on but not with Lisey. When you mix these two girls’ lust for nastiness with Mark’s always outgoing vocals and performance, this spells a winner. I love that they have the older man mixed with these young babes. It adds a charisma to the scene that is true blue pornography. They pace to which the action flows, it is just wonderful, and this scene is kinky enough to keep your attention.

Zoey Monroe, Lisey Sweet and Mark Wood 

We all know that everyone came to see the anal and hot damn, it is well worth the wait. Hunger and orgasmic chemistry make this anal encounter with both ladies something to write home about. Mark, he is stupendous. He makes the fan feel up with passion as he shows just how much he enjoys his job with grunts and moans that add so much to this scene. Far too often, you see male performers who just do not cut the mustard. There is no substance. Mark has substance all right and the girls are clamoring for it as the action gets more intense. This is some of the most unique DP I have seen in this genre and with Evil Angel. It is cool and lustrous. Something that I think will make even the firmest critic be right at home with some toys. The scene delivers what it sells, and it truly will make you look to see more of all three performers. That is truly a win-win for all parties.

Zoey Monroe, Lisey Sweet and Mark Wood 

Don Juan’s Final Thought:

One thing is for damn sure people. Lisey Sweet is here to stay. This blond beauty is a firecracker and some. A talent that possesses all you need to take that step from adult film star to porn superstar. Her dirty talk, her poise and of course, her kink and nastiness. There are very few performers who can go blow for blow with Zoey Monroe in their first pairing with her and Lisey steals the show. She is the brightest spot in this scene. The scene losses momentum in certain parts but the yummy anal play makes up for a lull in the action. For a one-hour scene, it is difficult to splice together this long of a shoot and the editing team worked wonders to create something that will keep you entertained from start to finish. This film is right on the border of being a four-star and three-star film. I think what propels the scene is the amazing opening, the dazzling camera work, and performer who will wow you no matter if it is your first time seeing her or your twenty-seventh. Lisey, what she brings to the table is that she does not look like a deer in headlights when she is shooting anal. She simply puts on a performance that is sexy as hell and something that even anal haters will like, I sure did. When you blend in that type of appeal, that makes this scene a must watch. We must highly recommend this scene because, despite the drop-offs at times, this scene delivers. I think it will speak to a wider audience than people believe it to be. It is not just your classic porn perv that will get off on this film. It has some true appeal for the ladies and couples. The dirty talk and seduction will truly ensure that your partner sticks around for this one, I guarantee.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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