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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/8/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genres: All Sex, All Girl

Writer/Director: Kay Brandt
DP: Mike Quasar

Cast: Elena Koshka, Whitney Wright, Jill Kassidy, Honey Gold, Scarlett Sage, Riley Nixon, Moka Mora, Eliza Jane, Eden Sinclair (Eden Sin), Edyn Blair (Non-Sex)  

Length: 2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Release: August 3, 2018

Extras: N/A on version I watched DVD EXtras: 14:37 min BTS, Photo gallery, Web Info

DVD Bonus Scene: Abella Danger & Keisha Grey from Riley & Abella 29:46 min

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Viewed online as an advanced screener.

Overview: Kay Brandt is back at the helm for another Adam & Eve epic. She leads her crew expertly as they pull together to bring you a diverse selection of sapphic scenes that feature not only stunning indoor cinematography but beautiful hair and makeup for an all-female, star-studded cast. Whether you're into soft and sexy or raucous romping, you'll find it packed into these 2 hours and 40 minutes. This is must-see adult cinema.

Scene 1: Riley Nixon, Scarlett Sage, Moka Mora

Riley Nixon, Moka Mora, Scarlett Sage

Whew...I'm not even sure how to start with this scene. It's about 20 minutes long and took me about 35 minutes to figure that out. Wait, what? Yeah, exactly. In what can only be described as an audio/visual onslaught our title credits roll to an oddly hypnotic dance track while Hollywood Max works his editing magic with an opening montage that features our upcoming starlets and then we have three budding new starlets, all of which have at least one if not multiple award nominations to their names in 2018, dancing around in spectacularly chosen wardrobe, sporting awesome hair and makeup of differing styles to accentuate their individuality. After about a minute or two, I stopped and rewound the scene which I finally realized had actually started and was not part of the opening montage. Are the girls in a nightclub? A yoga studio with nightclub lighting? Who knows and who cares? Just buckle your seatbelts, folks. Okay...hit play. Let the ogling commence as the ladies turn their playful dance party into a lust-fueled threesome with fingers and tongues roaming so rapidly it's mind-boggling. I can't even imagine what it's like to try to watch this on a big screen...the action is fast and non-stop and then careful viewers will notice that there are tarps on the floor. Yep, you know what that means. Scarlett Sage is busy trying to keep her eyeballs from rolling completely backward in her head during some intense orgasms and manages to somehow stay focused enough to participate in the action which has each lovely lady bringing one another to a gushing on the floor. One by one, they work each other into a squirt storm, drenching each other while laughing as they try not to fall over as they slide around in the growing puddle. The scene fades to black...whew...okay. Now I know where we are headed or do I? Let's continue.

Scene 2: Honey Gold & Riley Nixon

Honey Gold & Riley Nixon

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Bam. If you have ever watched the X-games then you might be familiar with the term "540". If not, that's when a bicycle or skateboard rider spins their craft all the way around one and a half times and ends up going in the opposite direction of travel. It's like a 180-degree turn, only way more technically intricate and complex. That's what happens here as we are introduced to Honey and Riley's inner emotions and soft sides as they talk about first experiences and then join each other on a sofa for some lovemaking as a soft rocking romantic track fills your ears. Once again, I lose track of time as I try to formulate my thoughts on what's going on and realize we have gone from a hardcore lesbian threesome scene to romance-filled erotica and it totally makes sense. Okay, back to my skateboarding analogy. During competitions, as the day goes on, the tricks being performed tend to get more complex and harder. Partly because it's a competition but mostly it boils down to the fact the athletes are growing more familiar with the course and are able to have more fun expressing themselves. That's what happens here as our starlets who start out in what I think is probably written into the script as "Massage Scene" grow familiar with each other and just start enjoying the moments; caresses and soft kisses grow more passionate, their fingers probe deeper, their muscles loosen up and energy just flows.

It's quite a scene. I think in some households it will get skipped over most of the time while in other households it will be a goto fave but it's definitely worth a gander!

Scene 3: Whitney Wright & Jill Kassidy

Remember back a couple of paragraphs where I mentioned a yoga studio? Well, here it actually is a yoga session, complete with a camera exploration of the room which features the shadow of a giant, slowly spinning fan. It's an age-old lighting effect which I myself have used when designing light shows for nightclubs.

Whitney Wright & Jill Kassidy

After stretching, our starlets both of which were nominated for Best New Starlet in 2018 (Jill took that crown), get together for further body exploration as an ethereal track plays. Whitney runs off to get a surprise and the soundtrack changes. Now, the surprise makes Jill curious as Whitney has it stashed on a frosted-glass, enclosed staircase that is backlit and directly above Jill's head. She can see a changing shadow of her friend and her curiosity gets the best of her. She runs onto the stairs to find Miss Wright wearing a strap-on. The pair embraces on the stairs, the spinning shadow fan again making an appearance in the background as we are treated to multiple camera shots and angles as Jill gets stripped down. Whitney searches for a foothold, her legs stretching along the wall frame as she gets her plastic cock sucked. With the strap-on spit-lubed, Jill climbs on for a reverse rodeo ride. The duo moves onto a standing bang from behind, Kassidy working herself expertly back and forth on Whitney's artificial shaft. Whitney finally peels off her yoga attire, doffing her dildo in the process and propping herself precariously in the stairwell above Jill's eager tongue. Using her fingers and tongue, Jill brings Whitney to what appears to be a body shaking climax, my own body tensing as I fear Wright may come crashing to the floor at any given moment due to the fact that only her outstretched legs and feet are supporting her weight in mid-air. Luckily, her legs are obviously much stronger than mine and that never happens!

The stairwell location is a perfect backdrop to showcase these beauties in, even if it leads to some hair-raising positions.

Scene 4: Elena Koshka, Riley Nixon, Whitney Wright, Eden Sin

Whitney Wright, Elena Koshka, Eden Sin, Riley Nixon

Vroom...screech! We're changing gears again, folks. A moment ago, we were in a sunlit white scene and now we're in a dimly lit dungeon with the shadow fan making another appearance, it's blades caressing our black-clad ladies, three of whom are bound to bondage equipment. Mistress Elena is running the show here, our other starlets conveniently immobilized for her to do with as she wishes. Riley's the first to get Koshka's full attention, Elena's black glove slapping at her pubic mound as the others crane their necks to see what is going on, Whitney getting her head pushed down when Elena notices she's peeking. Eden is the next subject of attention after Elena allows Riley to orgasm. That attention is short-lived as Elena moves freely among her bound subjects, slapping and lapping only at her discretion. Whitney's nose wrinkles like Tabitha in Bewitched as she begs to be allowed to cum, Elena's long lashes brushing Whitney's ass as she buries her face in Wright's backside before finger-rubbing her to the brink and then walking away, her focus now moved back to Sin. The other ladies are released from their bondage, Whitney crawling to Eden's crotch to lap and finger it at Elena's command while Koshka straddles Riley's face. Eden looks a bit stiff as she is finally released from her throne to trade places with Wright. The foursome gathers at that throne, Whitney again showing off her flexibility as she's folded in half and used as a cushion for Elena who is busy getting her clit rubbed by the others. Koshka's slaves manage to get her off and the scene fades as they share kisses.

Scene 5: Honey Gold, Jill Kassidy, Eliza Jane, Scarlett Sage, Edyn Blair (Non-Sex)

Sea of Flesh

Our four starlets have just been watching Edyn work her magic on a stripper pole and are feeling playful. Before you know it, they have each other stripped down to their birthday suits making me want to paraphrase one of my favorite comedies of all time and interject with "what kind of strip club are you running here?" but since everyone's already naked they might as well just move on to straddling each others' faces and grabbing body parts randomly, am I right? It becomes a cacophonous sea of female flesh backdropped with colorfully lit walls. Have you ever seen 'The Human Centipede'? Me neither but I'm sure we all can envision what that entails and it's portrayed here in sapphic format. Honestly, three minutes into the sex I just gave up trying to even figure out who was on first and who does who. Have you ever seen what it's like on a farm come feeding time at the trough? Yeah, it's a lot like that, a bunch of hungry animals jockeying for position while wailing and grunting. That centipede and feeding frenzy becomes a double-decker sandwich gathered around the stripper pole at some point and then morphs into a four-way tongue tasting. What does that even mean? You'll just have to watch this one to find out.

Final Thoughts: Wow. I scrutinized this two and a half hour movie for literally five hours and forty minutes. I felt like a cat on a Roomba the entire time. One minute you are just cruising along and then all of a sudden you get to the staircase and just zip off in another direction. This is not like the Kay Brandt features of late. There's no consistent plotline driving the story along and it's not some gonzo all-sex flick either. This is Unleashed! Fans of girl on girl action will be enthralled with this star-packed extravaganza! I was so mesmerized by the whole thing that I think I mixed about 10 metaphors while trying to come up with an accurate analogy of what goes down on the screen.

It's not very often that more than one reviewer here at XCritic takes the time and effort to watch the same movie as another and write up their thoughts but sometimes a title starts a buzz and we get curious. This is one of those times. Even rarer than two of our reviewers reviewing the same title is two of us agreeing on just how good it is. Yes, that rarity has happened with another Kay Brandt film, 'Forked'. You can put this one right next to that one on your porno shelf folks! We don't yet have a DVD copy of this in hand, we watched this online before it was officially released but I can assure you that even without any BTS or photo galleries or whatever else Adam & Eve slap onto the disc, it will be worth your hard-earned cash. XCritic Pick.

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