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Xander's World Tour

Studio: Brazzers » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/10/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Male Star Showcase, Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle

Director: Vic Lagina


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Cast: Madison Ivy, Angela White, Karma RX, Romi Rain, Abigail Mac, Gina Valentina, Lena Paul, Xander Corvus

Length: 2 hours 49 minutes

Date of Release: July 6, 2018

Extras: Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Menu-Selectable Trailers, Web Access

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good overall, with catchy, funny tunes that Xander performs.

Overview: Part "Rockumentary", part homage to shows from famous TV musical channels of yesteryear, it's a nicely done showcase of Xander Corvus and "his groupies". You won't find any second-tier ladies in the lineup, it's all top-shelf here. It's worth a look but I'm not sure it will be a must-own for most people.

Scene 1: Madison Ivy

Xander plays an awkward, bumbling musician in the middle of nowhere. He's been trying to impress a girl at the bar all night, who unbeknownst to him is a record exec and will change his life forever when she discovers his hidden talent. He has the ability to play wonderful music on his guitar using his cock. That cock is quickly in the back of her throat, right there on the barroom floor. Madison shows off her oral abilities, taking him balls deep and pulling her top down so he can fuck her massive globes during her slurpfest. She's ready to sign him, using his cum as the contract and he slams her against the bar to take her from behind, dirty words spilling from Ivy's mouth.

Madison Ivy

She finishes stripping down while she gets hammered, a knee-high booted leg tossed over his arm as the ramming continues and she drops for some more energetic fellating. Standing her back up, he continues his piston-like pumpfest while exploring her ass hole with his finger, her brown locks bouncing. It's getting loud and crazier by the minute, the bartender calmly dodging a flying glass while giving them a look of disdain as Madison gets manhandled onto the bartop. Xander's tongue and fingers explore her cavities as she writhes atop the bar and then he lifts her into to the air, sliding her down on his fire pole. They maneuver their way back to the stage, where the aerial romp continues, prompting the obvious question of where the hell did the crowd go?

Madison Ivy

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A deep throat fucking and titty fuck are followed quickly by an expert cowgirl demonstration, Xander's black-nailed finger again planting itself in her ass. A quick reversal by her knocks his guitar over but the pair continues banging unabashedly as it rumbles and rattles beside them. The duo slows things down with a 69, Corvus' ankle pinning her head to balls deep on his bang stick. Another round of a standing slam results in him splashing his seed all over her, sealing their contract and prompting an audience member to come get his autograph as Madison catches her breath on the floor at Xander's feet.

Scene 2: Angela White & Karma RX

Xander has had a ton of fortune and fame over the last couple of years and has become a real ass to deal with in the studio. Angela has become his biggest groupie and shows up with her friend, Karma, during a particularly bad meltdown in the studio much to the chagrin of everyone else. However, their makeout session on the couch in the recording booth seems to kick Corvus back into gear and pretty soon the engineer and label guy are bobbing their heads to the music as the ladies start bobbing on Corvus' cock.

Angela White & Karma RX

It's not every day that Angela gets paired with another starlet that has huge tits but she does here and she pays particular attention to them, mentioning them often as her giant earrings sway with her head movement. I have to mention that I found them particularly distracting (the earrings) but I understand their place in the wardrobe choice. Xander's in full "go mode" and is soon banging Karma from behind as she laps at her Aussie scenemate's slit, who is busy egging the new girl on to cum on his cock. Corvus pauses his pistoning to see how many fingers he can get in Karma's love tunnel (apparently all of them) but goes right back to banging while White takes her place below him to lick them both from below.

Angela White & Karma RX

Angie's ass jiggles around as she shows off her riding skills, the ladies moaning as they make out and the trio rearranges for a simultaneous cock and face ride. The ladies trade places and then it becomes a free-for-all...Xander's cock pumping one lady after another, his head bandana looking super-lame as it slips down his brow but again, I understand the wardrobe choice. It becomes impossible at this point to describe all the position changes but suffice it to say, Angela is getting rammed from behind when Xander unloads on her thigh and Karma's face simultaneously and then keeps on trucking...I mean fucking. A second splashdown occurs in Karma's mouth and the ladies share it betwixt them as the guys in the booth smile and clap.

Scene 3:  Romi Rain

Xander's a washed up star from the last decade and Romi is an upcoming star that gets stuck on tour with him. She calls him out and lights a fire in his heart again by promising to give up her ass if he can return to form and finish his show in style. He returns to the stage, cock, and guitar in hand as she blows him and dances around in her mesh bodysuit at the Tokyo show. He's earned his reward and they head backstage to celebrate. The celebration starts with a slurp and jerk with some cock time between her world-famous globes.

Romi Rain

Romi gets bent over the couch, naughty words spewing from her mouth as Corvus screws her from behind with his "platinum fucking dick", her globes bouncing toward her chin as the cocking continues. Xander pulls out one of his trademark moves, pinning her head to the couch with his foot as he levers into her lovehole. She gets tossed on her back and the butt banging begins, her eyes widening and then closing as he jams his fingers into her fuckhole. Piledriving is up next, Romi still moaning and screaming dirty words as Corvus drills her derriere.

Romi Rain

One position is followed by another as they move from couch to floor and back, someone's fingers always filling her front hole while his drill bit continues to explore her rectal depths. In true rock star style, they toss stuff randomly off of a nearby counter to continue their rock star romping. Their chemistry and eye contact are good, Rain's smile wide as _ WTF? A totally weird edit ends the scene and starts one of the "rockumentary" interludes.

Scene 4: Abigail Mac, Gina Valentina, Lena Paul

Xander's giving the cameras a tour of his crib as a group of girls play with each other and Abigail occupies herself on a stripper pole. The camera crew challenges him to fuck on camera one last time and Mac hangs upside down on the pole as  Xander puts his own pole in her mouth while our other ladies look on. They abandon the circus act and everyone meets on the bed.

Abigail Mac, Gina Valentina, Lena Paul

Naked but not afraid, the foursome starts groaning and groping each other. The ladies start sharing a sloppy BJ and boob fuck session and Abigail challenges him to just lay back so they can use him. Gina's the first on his jock, Lena hovering above his tongue as Abigail licks his sac. One by one, each car of this train stops at Xander's platform, the action moving back to the pole for some flexibility displays as they share in one another.

Abigail Mac, Gina Valentina, Lena Paul

The ladies form a triple-decker tower, Xander cleaning their gutters one by one before they stack themselves side by side at his request for some line-drive log jamming. Corvus is ready to cum and that happens in Gina's mouth but she's more than willing to pass the pudding down the line as Xander relaxes on the bed.

Final Thoughts: Speaking as someone that started in the music industry in the 80's when this "takes place", there's a lot right with it. There are also some oversights like the "crowd" magically disappearing and a "world tour" that involves exactly 2 stage lights. Ummm, okay. Those things aside, I think Xander does really well here and gets to bang some of the hottest hotties on the planet along the way. It's a nice take on a "rockumentary" that mimics shows from those famous music channels of yore. I'm really not sure what happened to the "finale" in Romi Rain's scene, that was like someone just pulled the needle off the record. Looking at the price point of this disc and the streaming options I have to say that it is just priced a bit high for most casual viewers to add to their collections. There may be a "core" audience this hits home with but I don't see that being a huge market and therefore I'm going with Watch This On Demand. It was originally a web series for Brazzers members and I think that is ultimately its target audience.

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