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Blacked Raw V3

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by Moutasem "Mutantmo" Seyam » Review Date: 8/13/18

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick



The main menu of Blacked RAW V3

The dashing design of this Blacked RAW DVD is strong here.  The stars that are presented on the box art are frozen in their stylish stances. Everything in place with the color coordination of the backdrop and the logo placement. If you let the DVD's main menu hang, whirling techno music will spin in the background as the soundtrack. Lana Rhoades being spit roasted underneath the Blacked RAW logo is the background photo for the Main menu once the disc is in your device. "play feature", "scene selection", and "special features" are your guiding menus.  In the special features menu expect the same simplicity in design as you are lead to these options like "feature trailer", "cumshot recap", "photo gallery", and "website info". 

The special features for Blacked RAW V3

The brief summary on the back of the box is perfect for the mobile style of design. Meaning a consumer is already picking up this Blacked RAW V3 DVD for a reason and doesn't need any direction besides a strong brand.  The pictures that line the back of the box are of the girls in various sex acts from the film. Everything written plainly in white on black font clearly sticking to the theme of Blacked.  Social media info and legal stuff are found at the very bottom of this copy of Blacked RAW V3.

Cast: Lana Rhoades, Vicki Chase, Hannah Hays, Moka Mora, Dredd, James Jagger, Jason Luv, Jax Slayher.
Directed By: Greg Lansky
Condoms: No
Photo Gallery: Yes
Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 25 minutes.



title tag of the feature

I always compare these box art designs to periodicals of erotic nature. Something you would see on a store shelf in a fantasy land where adult films are magically mainstream. These high-end films deserve that much attention because they are well made enough where it represents adult films of a high standard. Brand building is another essential and wasn't really stylized like this before until Lansky stepped in with his brands. I can't really recommend these films to one type of person because I want to recommend Blacked films to everybody.


Lana loving cock

The story follows Lana as she enjoys the LA nightlife. She eventually separates from her girls to catch up with two studs in the form of Jax Slayher and Jason Luv. Right here is when I noticed the alternative style of this RAW line of Lansky's Blacked films. It's not actually a take on amateur porn at all but rather a peek into the world of rapid erotic sleaze on the street. The minute Lana Rhoades meets up with her cohorts the slamming sex starts to sizzle up. She is wearing sexually charged clubbing clothes which are removed after she goes to the bathroom to pump herself up. She is visibly excited as she speaks into the cell phone in a selfie camera view. We the viewers see the viewpoint of Lana's selfie camera all throughout the action including the spontaneous foreplay. This is another attempt at bringing in the viewer as a digital fly on the wall for all the wild sex that's about to happen.

Lana's pretty smile

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Expect the blowjob to happen right away after the heavy petting between the three. Lana will juggle the lances that are protruding in her face for some saliva induced sucking. From the spit roast style fucking happens as the men take either side of this beauty to fornicate. Oral induced breaks happen like when you see Lana Rhoades conduct some rimming in happenstance. It just made this scene nastier for good measure as the camera graced around the steamy sex. "I love that dick in my fucking ass.." says Lana Rhoades. 

Lana Loving the dick

Anal happens here in all the sexual glory. Lana will have her bootyhole wink amongst this anal poking. The squat fucking that ignites adds more to the hole opening butt fucking. The camera will glide by to capture this for you. Thankfully both studs are keeping up with Lana's anal thirst in this Blacked RAW scene. The ass toying continues as Lana Rhoades is getting her rumped rocked in the cowgirl position anal. Her gape shines here as the Jax Slayher slams her butthole open. Spun over Lana will produce facial expressions that of being in a complete orgasmic state as she gets humped in reverse cowgirl. With a spread open Lana she is finally filled up with cum. In her mouth and her asshole, as the two vigorous taking turns on Lana have their way, you would think they climaxed to finish. Well, they keep going as the sex turns to a couch in this penthouse setting. The Blacked RAW Logo fades into view to alternatively end a porn scene in a very cool fashion. 


Vicki glowing in front of her phone.

Vicki is excited about the fling she is about to have on this dark LA night. She meets Dredd on a decorative rooftop as she describes her eagerness for a treat this evening to the selfie camera. Undressing to redress into a bedazzling black two-piece lingerie bikini is what you'll see Vicki Chase do. And once they meet Dredd's destructively large penis is the focal point of the camera and Vicki Chase's hungry eyes are noticeable as well. The massive phallus is sucked and caressed before Vicki mounts the monolithic man meat for cowgirl fornication. 

Anal insertion with Vicki Chase

Vicki's jet black hair matches the night sky and compliments the glowing green swimming pool behind her as the sex starts to sizzle up between her and Dredd. The Blacked RAW camera's gliding camera grew on me at this point and Vicki's beauty helped, I'm sure of it. After the wailing cowgirl sessions where Vicki Chase is praising the stretching of her pussy, the two migrate inside on a bed for more raucous sex. Reverse cowgirl starts up inside with Vicki bouncing up and down on that towering dick. Vicki leaps off to coat it with saliva from her masterful BJ work. 

A winking Vicki

Some really awesome rimming happens in the heat of all this sex in this dimly lit room. Vicki has her anal insertion while her peach shaped booty is peeled open in anal missionary. Dredds dark anaconda slides into her butt chamber slowly at the start of the anal penetration. The ass fucking is pleasantly paced if you're a fan of Vicki's work. She melds well with Lansky's vision. It's Vicki Chase's blowjob that finally summons Dredd's baby gravy as she lustfully utters sweet phrases in Spanish to a defeated Dredd huffing and puffing. Vicki never fails to impress.


Hannah getting ready

This scene starts off with Hannah Hays walking through a hotel lobby as she explains how she anticipates meeting up with this guy she's been talking to for a week. All through the selfie cam, she is having this discussion with the viewers before she eventually ends up in a dressing room to equip herself with stunning lingerie. After that Hanna Hays glides out while still in selfie cam mode to meet James Jagger. They instantly lock into each other for some sensual kissing. We lose the selfie cam when Hannah Hays is ready to put James' large cock in her mouth. 

Hannah committing rimming.

Hannah Hays is sipping on Jagger's dark lance as if it were a giant meaty straw. Focusing her suckles on his dick tip as she cradles the long phallus in her hands. Her pace of oral is very slow and methodical. It doesn't seem like it's her first time but Hannah is definitely handling this cock with care. Great variation compared to her scene sister Vicki Chase who just sloppily devours penis. Hannah like a soft kitten starts to lick Jagger's ass. This rimming again is done in Hannah Hay's slow angelic pace. They get up and leave the couch where all the nasty oral was happening to migrate to a bed. This is where the fucking starts.

Hannah Hays in doggy.

The healthy paced humping incurs when the two reach the mattress that seemingly glows in this dimly lit room. Doggy is the first position you'll see James Jagger fuck Hannah Hays in. When she spins around in her reverse cowgirl you'll see her deliciously fat pussy lips on full display as the camera hones in on the shot of penetration. The creaming happens suddenly in this sensual scene as Hannah Hays gets a thick gooey creampie to finish off this RAW Blacked scene. Having a steadily paced scene like this gives this disc great variation for many viewer types. 


Moka's scene on Blacked RAW V3

Moka's swooning voice drew into this scene like the pied piper. Her cooing tones committing to her lover's requests of meeting up. Her lover in this pornographic endeavor is Dredd once more for V3. Moka Mora transcends into a lustfully elegant lingerie all while hypnotizing us with her song-like voice. Dredd the lucky recipient of this ravishingly gorgeous beauty gets his cock sucked in selfie cam first. Luckily this includes some rimming for the real camera.

Moka Mora's eyes are hypnotic.

Hot sex is in full force once you see Moka Mora mount Dredd's dong in cowgirl. She's wailing in her beautiful songbird voice during the hot heaving of humping. Doggy happened first before the two went tot he bed for the real hard fucking. Dredd's penis is properly cared for as Moka puts the massive sword between her lips. Again I can fully praise this style of filming here as I see it being utilized properly. All throughout the position changes you'll see Moka tearing into Dredd's man meat. Cowgirl is visited twice which is wise because both performers were assailed with ecstasy during it. Dredd's drops his load after DreddStroying her pussy in missionary. The scene stylishly one more fades out with the two talents furthering sex in a shower.



I appreciate Greg Lansky for tearing away from that "sex tape" stereotype with these Blacked RAW films. If you actually watch these scenes there's a definite artistic flair to how they are filmed. Not just judging a box by its cover.  Sleazy sex starting with the starlet describing her excitement on the streets to the girl finally meeting the largely equipped male talent is the safe and solid formula for a brand that is built to last. Blacked isn't afraid to stick to its guns so to speak. So if you're a member of the site then spinning this Blacked RAW V3 disc is required viewing. Expect to be satisfied accordingly with scenes like Vicki's and Lana's as stand out scenes part of an XCritic Pick package. Brands and films series this rigid should be celebrated in the world of adult. We all should own a Blacked DVD in our collection to celebrate alternative styles of porn and building existing brands. 

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