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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/12/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Supernatural Comedy Feature


Cast: Whitney Wright, Britney Amber, Alexa Grace, Ryan McLane, Jay Smooth, Lucas Frost

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Release Date: June 27, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 44 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes. Nine Trailers, A Photo Gallery, Web Info and a bonus pack of lube


Overview: Ryan McLane plays a womanizing player who only lives for getting as much pussy as he can. When he hooks up with a magic succubus his world is turned upside down when he wakes up the next morning and finds she's changed him into a woman. But not just any woman, the beautiful Whitney Wright. Does Ryan learn his lesson by experiencing life on the other side? We find out in director Jonathan Morgan's sharply written gender bending comedy filled with great performances.


Scene One: Britney Amber and Ryan McLane


As I said Ryan is a total player, using every cheesy line in the book (“Hey babe, are you a mirror? Because I can definitely see me in you.”), when hot chick Britney Amber takes pity on him and they go back to his place. As soon as they walk in the door Britney takes charge and throws Ryan to the couch. Her shirt and bra immediately come off and Ryan starts sucking on her magnificent tits and rubbing her pussy. He pulls her panties off and goes down on her. He munches and devours her pussy until she cums. She takes off his pants and starts sucking his cock, Ryan fucking her mouth while she licks and gags on it. He then titty fucks her a little bit before she lays back on the couch and they start fucking missionary. He plows his cock into her while she rubs her clit making her cum over and over. She then flips over and buries her face into the couch while he fucks her from behind. Ryan slams his cock in and out of her sweet pussy until she cums. She cleans her juices off of his cock with her mouth and then climbs up and slides his cock up into her. She rides his dick while Ryan sucks on her tits and she has several screaming orgasms. They then start spooning, Ryan's cock pistoning in and out of Britney's pussy until he shoots his load on her beautiful blond bush.


Ryan tells Britney how amazing she was and Britney says she needs to go to the bathroom to finish herself off. While she's gone Ryan gets a phone call from his ex girlfriend played by Alexa Grace. Seeing this as an opportunity to get laid again he sets up a date with her. When Britney comes back Ryan tries to give her the brush off, but she's not having it, grabbing him by the arm and telling him in a demonic voice, ”NO ONE DISMISSES ME!” She places a curse on him, but Ryan just thinks she's just crazy. He goes to bed and is waken up the next morning by the doorbell. The camera follows a pair of feet with painted toenails as they walk to the door. It's Alexa, but instead of being greeted by Ryan it's Whitney Wright who turns in a great comedic performance and still looks terrific in minimal make up. When she sees her reflection she freaks out. Just then her phone rings and it's Britney on the other end telling her what she did. She then puts Whitney on hold to fuck her slave Jay Smooth.


Scene Two: Britney Amber and Jay Smooth


Britney walks over to the bed and Jay is laying there naked with a hard on and ball gag in his mouth. Britney wastes no time and starts sucking on Jay's cock. She works over his cock and balls, licking and sucking them and then lays back for Jay to eat her pussy. He engulfs her cunt with his mouth and makes her cum several times before she throws him over and starts riding him cowgirl style. She bucks and wiggles her ass on his cock before spinning around and riding him reverse. She humps and grinds his cock up into her pussy and he fucks her from underneath making her cum over and over. They then start fucking missionary and after her next orgasm he goes down on her again, lapping and sucking up all of her juices and eating her out again giving her more and more orgasms with his mouth. He then starts fucking her missionary again, slamming his cock in and out of her glistening wet pussy until he cums on her pussy, Britney playing with his jizz and rubbing it into her golden pubes.


Britney gets back on the phone with Whitney who begs her to change her back. Britney tells her she has to live life as a woman, and that if “Ryan” can prove to be “one of the girls” she'll change her back. Whitney goes back to the door and tells Alexa she's Ryan's lesbian roommate (“Yep, I'm all about the pink tacos. Nyom nyom nyom.”) Alexa then relates to Whitney about how Ryan cheated on her and that the best way to get even would be to have lesbian sex with his roommate. Whitney, who's still horn dog Ryan anyway, isn't going to pass up this opportunity.


Scene Three: Whitney Wright and Alexa Grace


The two start making out and undressing each other, kissing and exploring each other's bodies, Whitney marveling at how wet her pussy is getting. Alexa starts eating Whitney's pussy, and Whitney can't believe how good Alexa's tongue on her clit feels. Alexa rubs Whitney's pussy and licks her clit until she has her first female orgasm. Alexa then sits back and Whitney goes down on her. With her face buried in Alexa's pussy Whitney looks up at her with those big beautiful eyes and soon Alexa is cumming in Whitney's mouth. Alexa tells Whitney to sit on her face and Whitney happily says yes. Whitney lowers her pussy down on Alexa's mouth and the look of wonder she gives is priceless. She can't believe how good this feels and soon her tongue is flicking across Alexa's clit as well. Whitney's hips buck as she cums on Alexa's face, Alexa giving her multiple orgasms with her mouth. Alexa then gets on all fours and Whitney eats her out from behind, her tongue darting in and out of Alexa's pussy and Whitney burying her face in her cunt until Alexa is cumming over and over again on her tongue. Whitney then says she wants to scissor (and I'm really glad they called it “scissoring” instead of “tribbing”). In a great overhead shot we see Whitney and Alexa bump pussies until they cum on each other.


Afterwards Whitney and Alexa go out (I guess Alexa helped her with her make up), Whitney trying to walk in heels. As soon as they walk in they're getting hit on and Alexa starts flirting with on the guys, Lucas Frost. They take off, leaving Whitney alone. She goes to the bathroom where she finds Alexa sucking off Lucas in the ladies room. This just freaks Whitney out even more and she splits, leaving Alexa and Lucas alone.


Scene Four: Alexa Grace and Lucas Frost


Before she goes back to sucking on Lucas' cock Alexa drops her dress where we see she's commando. She then squats back down and gives Lucas head. She deep throats him and Lucas fucks her face giving him a really nice hummer. Lucas then sits her up on the sink and starts eating her pussy. She loves it as he sucks on her clit and laps at her cunt, making her pussy juices flow. He then stands up and sticks his cock in her. They fuck missionary for just a little bit and then he bends her over on the sink and fucks her from behind. He fucks her pretty pink pussy until she cumming on his cock and then he sits down and she starts bouncing on his dick. She slides her pussy up and down on his cock and they take turns rubbing her clit giving her multiple orgasms. He then sits her back up on the sink and fucks her missionary again until he pulls out and sprays her with his cum, coating her belly and pussy with his jizz.


Back at the bar Whitney confronts Britney and begs her to change her back. Britney calls her an asshole and tells her to go home. Back at Ryan's/Whitney's, Whitney is pacing the floor when, in a weird sequence, Ryan confronts her. They try to figure out a way to change back and Ryan says they have to “merge”.


Scene Five: Whitney Wright and Ryan McLane


They start making out on the bed. Ryan hikes Whitney's dress up and, as she too is commando, goes down on her pussy. He sucks on her cunt and licks her clit until she cums, and then he finger bangs her, working her g-spot until she orgasms on his hand. She then starts sucking his cock, working those beautiful pillowy, pouty lips up and down the tip of his shaft. Whitney then gets on her back and Ryan starts fucking her missionary, driving his cock in and out of her pussy as Whitney whimpers in pleasure. She rubs her clit while he fucks her making her pussy cum over and over on Ryan's cock. Whitney rolls over onto her side and lifts her gorgeous leg in the air for Ryan to fuck her from behind. They start spooning and Ryan pounds his cock in and out of Whitney's dripping wet pussy while he grabs her tit giving her multiple orgasms on his cock. The scene then transitions to Whitney riding Ryan's cock, her amazing ass gliding up and down his shaft. She then spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl, Whitney rubbing her pussy while Ryan fucks her from underneath making her cum some more. They wind up fucking missionary one more time before Ryan shoots his load on Whitney's belly, coating her fuzzy pussy patch with his jizz.


Well, I'm not going to give away the ending. I'll just say it lives up to the rest of the film in wit and cleverness.


Bonus Scene One: “Timing Is Everything” starring Alexa Grace and Ryan Driller


Bonus Scene Two: “Indiscretions” starring Britney Amber and Marcus London


Bonus Scene Three: “High School Reunion” starring Whitney Wright and Ryan McLane


Final Thoughts: This movie has some good aspects to it. It's a good screenplay, with some very sharp and clever dialog. The performances are terrific. Whitney Wright is great as the girl who's really a girl who's pretending to be a butch lesbian. And Britney Amber is TERRIFIC as the domineering witchy succubus who's whole life revolves around fucking and not letting you know who's in charge. And the premise, far from original, has always fascinated me. I've always liked the idea of a man waking up one day to experience life as a woman. Like I said, far from original. It's a plot device as old as porn itself. Even mainstream Hollywood has tackled it with films like “The Hot Chick”. I just really wished they could have taken it a little farther. At a mere one hour and forty-four minute run time they could have explored it a little more. Maybe have Whitney in a masturbation scene and showing the experience of a man orgasming as a woman for the first time. Oh well. She does a grand job in her scene with Alexa Grace, giving all types of convincing reactions. So while there were some missed opportunities storywise, it's still a funny film with great performances from the players and I Recommend it. And besides, Wicked Pictures is throwing in a free pack of lubrication in every dvd case. Now if that's not enough incentive to pay for your porn I don't know what is.

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