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Whorecraft Legion of Whores

Studio: Whorecraft » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/14/18

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Parody, Fantasy, Cosplay, VR, POV

Director: Stoney Curtis Writer: Max Acer
Costumes: Leo Stephens Background Graphics & Animation: The Sticky Pixel Group


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Cast: Abella Danger, Alex Blake, Lauren Phillips, Natalia Starr, Brad Knight, Eric John, Jerry Kovak

Length: 2 hours 12 minutes

Date of Release: July 16, 2018

Extras: Website Info, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good considering we are dealing with new technologies that most filmmakers have never worked with before. There are some glitches to be sure but no dealbreakers.

Overview: AVN and XRCO Hall-of-Famer, Stoney Curtis, is branching out and exploring new technologies in this parody of a popular online video game. Unlike in the video game, the camera rarely moves, instead presenting a mostly static, 180-degree view of the sex overlayed onto a 3D CGI world leaving us with what boils down to POV sex with an almost inanimate male performed by some pretty girls, most of which should be familiar to the average viewer.

Scene 1. Lauren Phillips, Unseen Guy (POV) "Alexlabia's Body"

Lauren Phillips

Lauren plays Alexlabia, a powerful dragon in the world of Assheroth that can shapeshift into female form. Lately, she's been experimenting with just what she can do once in human form and your mission is to help her explore herself. As Lauren explores her body, she talks to the viewer, querying about her new parts and the terms for them. Once she is familiar with the terms and parts she puts them to use.

Lauren Phillips

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As usual, Lauren's sexual performance leaves little to be desired but all of the plotline-necessary naivete in her dialog is a bit of a turn-off for me...but she does look good doing what she does.

Scene 2. Natalia Starr, Unseen Guy (POV) "The Negotiation"

Natalia Starr

You are the King of Stonewind and summon a powerful sorceress, Jaina Proudwhore, to assist you in defeating the orcs. In an act of defiance, she refuses to take orders, wishing to work as equals. The castle bells toll thrice as she shows off her assets, an ominous soundtrack layering into the air as she strips down. The camera pans to show off a caged tiger on one side of the castle, a knight standing guard on the other.

Natalia Starr

Natalia spouts plenty of dirty talk here and it sounds totally natural given the setup to the scene. She also works her body well on the immobile stunt cock.

Scene 3. Abella Danger, Unseen Guy (POV) "Mana Addiction"

Abella Danger

Abella is Joanni Lightheart, a Blood Elf mage that you find ransacking your house in search of the mana potions she is addicted to. She apologizes for clearing out your stash but is willing to make up for it with sexual favors, which will serve her needs as much as your own.

Abella Danger

Fans of Abella's sloppy BJ techniques and cum gargling will be well served with this one.

Scene 4. Alex Blake, Unseen Guy (POV) "Mount Me For A Mount"

Alex Blake

Blood Elf, Allia Dewreaver, is in need of a horse, stablemaster. Looks like you're the only game in town. Name your price. Of course, your price involves getting into the slit below her heart-shaved pubes.

Alex Blake

Final Thoughts: It's basically a series of experiments using new equipment and technologies in order to pull off the familiar genre of POV porn. Unlike much POV porn, these scenes are all filmed from a stable mounted position, not a handheld camera. I'm guessing that due to that limitation there is almost zero movement from the guy involved, which makes for a fairly bland romp session.

There are a fair number of technical inaccuracies in the 3D backdrops and there are some compositing glitches sprinkled throughout but nothing that is a deal breaker. Toss aside those inaccuracies and things like prominent ambient wind noise (Artificial to match the scene, not actual) that don't have any effect in the real world and you'll be fine with this if POV porn is your thing. It's really not mine.

These are 2D scenes, filmed in 2D and composited into a 3D world according to the website descriptions but I suspect that they exist solely to get the filmmakers comfortable with the more complex 3D filming techniques and gear that the website also features. I don't have any VR gear available, so I can't give you an A/B comparison but I see where they are going with the idea. If I did have that gear, that's probably how I would check this out, on the website www.whorecraftvr.com in the VR format that matched my gear (they have a good number of options available). It's an early look into the cutting edge of technology that appears to be where some adult films are headed. I applaud that. I realize the producers aren't working with James Cameron's budget for something like Avatar, nor should they be expected to be. I'd like to see the idea developed a bit further and I do have part 2 of this series in my review cue so I'll see how far and fast they progressed with the concept but for now I say your best bet is to Watch On Demand as the sex scenes are highly similar among each thinly veiled storyline. I'd like to see the stories more fleshed out and related to one another as they would be in a real role-playing game online or off. The costumes are nicely done though, even if they disappear into thin air when taken off.

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