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Mommy Wants a Kiss

Studio: Girlsway » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/14/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Ten thousand fucking views! My goodness, if that does not say star power, I do not know what does. I agree with the members of Girlsway.com this is a scene that honestly, you will check out on instinct alone for these performers. Both ladies are something grand in the business of adult entertainment. Kristen is known for always shining beyond brilliantly with her acting skills and the way she just lets herself get sucked into a scene. Kendra, she is the true queen of queens. She has that ability to be cute, sophisticated and turn up the heat in places that even get her co-stars begging for mercy. Kendra adds so much in these roles and the best thing about it, she lets that body of hers do all the talking. Hard versus petite. I am anxious to see who is going to get the better of who.

Kendra Lust and Kristen Scott 

Scene Duration:  30 Minutes, 19 Seconds

Director: Stills by Alan @stillsbyalan

Additional Cameras: Billy Visual @BillyVisualXXX

Studio: Girlsway.com / Mommy’s Girl

Release Date: June 23rd, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl / Girl, Lesbian, Older / Younger, MILF vs Teen, Porn Super Stars, All in the Family, Intense, Real Orgasms, Ass Licking, Ass to Pussy, Wonderful Chemistry


#TripleX Appetizers: The quantity of sex stills is great. This scene is captured very well in the pictures. *Spoiler Alert* Kristen cums to a thunderous motion more than a few times and these pictures freeze it in time perfectly. You see each woman showing off their assets divinely. This set of shots, it is gorgeous and plentiful that is for damn sure.


Mommy Wants a Kiss

Starring: Kendra Lust @KendraLust and Kristen Scott @krisscottxxx & Lena Paul @Lenaisapeach (Non-Sex Role)

Scene Inspired by Girlsway.com Member: IGGYEGO


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The Reveal:

Kendra Lust and Kristen Scott

Lena Paul makes a special appearance, crushing it with dialogue as always. This scene goes straight into sex and oh my, how these two can let the sex do their talking undeniably.

Kendra looks amazing and Kristen, she may be the most beautiful porn star on the planet. Her super model good looks have her in the top five at a minimum, that is for damn sure.

Kendra, she is a beauty queen, a statue or art come to life. That chiseled body has been something fellow porn stars have been drooling over since the start of the decade looking to get a piece themselves.

It is no wonder Kristen grabs Kendra firmly and lays a big wet kiss on her as an unsuspecting Lena Paul leaves to let some “all in the family” action commence. Things get set into action quick.

If you blink you miss some gorgeous attire. The one piece was different to say the least. Kendra is such an amazing artist in terms of seduction, she could make you start panting if she were getting out of sweat pants and had on some Hanes. Kristen looks beautiful, her make-up is magnificent. This does indeed get the juices flowing for a fast start, that is for sure. It takes true star power to sell this type of scene with little to no dialogue. Both performers, they are true models in a sense that the camera has never seen them to have a bad angle or look, no matter the lighting. This scene is so well lit you see everything and it takes the minds imagination on a quick tour through set up and places you right in the middle of a true lesbian encounter. I do not know how Alan does this. He is like the gambler who earns a fortune on winnings by always guessing right. These two are two of the only performers who could pull off a fast start like this and not short every type of porn fan. That is something that is so valuable in today's porn world.


The Sex:

Kendra Lust and Kristen Scott 

Few have ever licked Kendra's kitty that well from the backside. The angles are perfect in capturing Kristen dive in with wetness and desire. I do not give a shit what angle you see Kendra Lust’s phenomenal bust, it always looks fucking amazing. They are two things that are forever stuck in any porn fans mind for the rest of their days with just one glimpse. The thing I find so brilliant is that for all her time in the business, she still looks as stunning as she did the first day she stepped onto a porn set. Full HD viewing shows almost zero flaws. It is just mind boggling how much she takes care of her body. Kristen, she keeps pace and she does not get out of control. Not in a bad way at least. This is some of the best pussy licking Girlsway.com has to offer. Miss Scott sure loves the taste of another woman. Now, before I forget, I was about to make a point about Kristen’s dazzling body and then I was distracted in a flash as I resumed the film to indulge in bit more of the insatiable lesbian encounter. It is yummy and some. What I was going to say before lust took hold of me, literally, was that Kristen’s body is looking amazing as well. She has been putting in some work. Her thighs, butt and hips have never looked better.

Kendra Lust and Kristen Scott


One thing is for damn sure, Kristen Scott is here to stay and thank God. The body of work that she is aside, Kristen brings something that few new starlets have, a rounded arsenal of sexual weapons that will bring any fan to their limits and turn them into instant followers. This in one of the best Kendra Lust scenes every shot and it is because Kristen simply has that same type of passion Kendra does at every level. Can you imagine having Kendra Lust between your legs? Kristen’s trembling foot shows that she is as hot as you would be getting to taste the fruits of the Lust Army commander and chief. Oh, this is truly amazing work. Good fucking God, orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. This is as good as it gets in the lesbian world. Kristen Scott puts on the performance of a lifetime, as does Kendra. This is bar none, some of the best pussy eating of 2018. When you see some of the kinkiest 69 action ever produced on this website, you may be buying a year membership to keep the joy ride rolling and it would be well worth the cost of admission. That is how damn good this one is. The up-close shots are great but once again, I do not think the viewer gets enough of them. These women have two of the most beautiful pussies on the planet and perhaps that is just a matter of my opinion but with two pussy lickers like this, I think the fans could have used a tad more. This is a scene that basically cements Kristen’s spot as a super star on the rise. This was just one hell of an encounter. Having this type of casting, it makes for the ultimate cinema and that is what this is a film that is for sex lovers and true lesbian fans. This is for the nay-Sayers, the people who say girl/girl can not match boy/girl. This scene will have you seeing the light. There is Kendra's patented playfulness and seduction in the air but far more. This is just passion at it's finest and I would love to see these two paired again in anything. That is how great a show they put on here. They leave you wanting more and more and more.


Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This dear reader, is something you see only a few times a year and once in a generation of porn stars. This scene should be dubbed “The Queen and the Princess.” It is a fitting title for both of these ladies. A performance like this from Kristen just showcases that she will someday be a Performer of the Year winner, that I guarantee. It has been a while since I saw her last work and all I can say is she simply made my heart skip a beat back then, I was lucky I did not have to drive my ass to the emergency room with the heart palpitations she gave me in this scene. Everything about her got better and that says a lot because nothing about her needed improvement. Kendra Lust, she is back in 2018 with another fearsome scene for Girlsway. This is intensity squared, a power coupling of pure sexuality. You simply do not see scenes with this type of pussy eating anymore. Call it what ever you will and no matter how the end result was made, it is pure entertainment. The way that Kendra’s movements are all precise and vivid, the way that Kristen never lets her foot off the gas. This is how you want to see older/younger sex. No one is the dominant, no one is the submissive. This is just two fucking super model style beauties fucking each other’s brains out with their tongues. Me, I am an old school lesbian fan. There is no tribbing, no scissoring, no toys, no bullshit. This is once again, girl/girl the way it was meant to be served, piping hot and sizzling to the touch.

Don Juan DeMarko

"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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