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Black & White Vol. 13

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/16/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours

Date of Production: 2018

Genre: All Sex; Big Cocks; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Greg Lansky and Kayden Kross

Cast: Chloe Foster, Evelyn Claire, Rharri Rhound, Bailey Brooke, Joss Lescaf, Jax Slayher, Jason Luv, Jason Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailers; Website Info


Kayden Kross, AVN’s 2018 Best Director Non-Feature, has teamed up with porn industry powerhouse Greg Lansky to direct scenes for his Blacked.com label series Black and White 13. She is working with him on other movies on the Tushy label as well. The Kross-Lansky duo will undoubtedly send the production of high-quality porn to even higher levels given the vision, creativity, and focus these two have for making adult films. Kross directs the scenes in Black and White 13 and they each are stamped with her signature style while keeping a simmering heat burning throughout. She uses lighting in many ways, from harsh, bright, and distorting, to soft and illuminating to put the spotlight on the hot action in each scene. This movie stars Chloe Foster, Evelyn Claire, Rharri Rhound, and Bailey Brooke in three hours of interracial fucking that sends each girl to the peak of pleasure. Big black cock stars Joss Lescaf, Jax Slayher, Jason Luv, and Jason Brown pump each girl’s warm pussy until it creams all over their cocks. In rapid-fire action, each starlet’s mouth is loaded with spunk that puddles on their tongues until they swallow it. If this flick is any example, Kross and Lansky are a dynamic duo destined to set a new bar in porn. I highly recommend Black and White 13 and want to see what’s next from this hot team.

Scene 1:  Chloe Foster and Joss Lescaf

This first scene in Black and White 13 is directed by Kayden Kross. Kayden plays with lighting and mood in this scene that has Chloe and Joss fucking in front of a large movie screen. The multi-colored light from the projector beams on the sex action. When the scene opens, Chloe explains that she has been with her boyfriend since high school and they are super happy in their relationship. But, in the back of Chloe’s mind, she has always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man. Today is the day she’s going to find out. It was inevitable and bound to happen with a professor that she has kept in touch with since college. She knows if she propositions him, he won’t say no. Later that day, Joss meets with her, telling her they can start out slow by watching a movie. The two move closer and closer together with the bright light of the projector shining between them. By the time the movie ends, Chloe and Joss are making out and exploring each other’s bodies. They kiss and strip out of their clothes. Chloe presses her perfect boobs against Joss’ body. He squeezes her ass cheeks and runs his finger across her pussy and ass hole, making her moan. Soon, Chloe is jerking Joss’ big black cock back and forth in her hand, making it hard.

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With the bright light of the projector on her face, Chloe grabs hold of his monster cock and starts sucking it, drooling all over it as she works it further and further down her throat. Chloe can barely wrap her lips around the wide girth of Joss’ big fat cock. She chokes and spits on it as he thrusts it in and out of her mouth. Chloe’s pussy takes a tongue lashing from Joss when he eats it while she bends over the couch doggystyle. She closes her eyes and screams out in ecstasy as he licks her pink twat. Chloe sits on his dick cowgirl style, working herself down onto his cock slowly. “You’re so big,” she moans as his dick stretches her pussy out. Joss grips her ass cheeks and plugs her hole, stuffing her full of big black cock. The purple and orange light of the projector splashes all over Chloe’s ass cheeks as she bounces up and down on her professor’s prick. “Yes, fuck me,” Chloe screams. She opens the curtain, flooding the room with sunlight then climbs back on top of Joss’ pleasure pole for more cowgirl fucking. These two get even more passionate with each other in a round of tonguing and kissing as she hosts his cock in her cunt. Missionary fucking sends his dick deep inside Chloe’s twat. She grips the back of the couch as he bangs her wet snatch. She sucks her pussy cream off his cock then tells him to fuck her hard doggy style. “Don’t stop,” she screams as he drills her from behind. The fucking gets intense, making Chloe cum. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” she yells out as her pussy gets slammed with hard, fast strokes. “Make me cum,” Joss tells her. He pulls out and jerks off in her open mouth. Threads of spunk dangle from Chloe’s lips.

Scene 2: Evelyn Claire, Jax Slayher, and Jason Luv

Evelyn has a threesome with Jax Slayher and Jason Luv in this scene and it’s the hottest scene of the flick. It’s the only threesome in the movie and Evelyn’s pussy expertly handles these two big black cocks. She has lots of fun throughout the scene and especially in the beginning, flirting with Jason. Things heat up and soon her twat is stretched out by two big cocks. It all starts earlier that day with Evelyn and her friend Jessie getting dressed in the bathroom. Jessie is so nervous about her boyfriend finding out about what these two are about to do today. It’s the last day before Evelyn’s parents return from vacation and Evelyn decides to have lots of fun. She invites Jason and Jax over after meeting them at a club the night before. It doesn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy between Evelyn and Jason. They pour champagne down each other’s throats and make out in front of Jessie and Jax. Jessie is not so friendly with Jax and once Evelyn leaves to go to the bedroom with Jason, Jessie leaves Jax sitting there alone. In the bedroom, Evelyn is insatiable. She climbs on top of Jason and kisses her way down to his cock. She pulls it out of his pants and admires how big it is before putting it in her mouth and sucking it. He stands up as Evelyn grips his dick with both hands and jerks it in and out of her mouth. “You’re so good at that,” he tells her. Evelyn licks and sucks his balls then eats more of his dick, gagging on it. “It’s so fucking big,” she says. Jax tries unsuccessfully to have a conversation with Jessie outside at the pool. She tells him she just can’t do any of this, and she leaves. Jax looks up and sees Evelyn sucking Jason’s cock through the window. He decides to join the pair and get in on the action.

Jax joins Evelyn and Jason, adding his big black cock to the party. Evelyn happily accepts his dick, feeding her insatiable mouth with two big black cocks. The guys sandwich her then lift her up with her head resting on Jason’s shoulders and her legs over Jax’ shoulders. Jax spreads her legs open and eats her pussy while she screams out in pleasure. She drops to her knees and sucks their dicks again before lying on her back to start the first round of missionary style fucking. Jax stretches her snatch out first, pumping her hole while Jason feeds her throat with his prick. She gets on all fours for some doggy style fucking, and Jax is first up. Slamming her tight twat from behind with his big hard dick while she chokes on Jason’s cock. The guys play tag team on Evelyn’s pussy. Jason is up next, banging her wet hole doggy style then lying her on her back for an intense round of missionary drilling that sends Evelyn spiraling into ecstasy. “Take that cock,” Jax tells her. Jason pumps her pussy, piling every inch of his cock deep inside her. She rides Jax cowgirl style then takes a deep pounding in her cunt from Jason’s standing cowgirl. Missionary drilling by both guys makes her cum. When Jason pulls out, Jax eases in, keeping her pussy stretched out. She cums again while Jax pounds snatch and Jason blows his load down her throat. She swallows a mouthful. Jax pulls out and pops in her mouth and on her face, covering one of her eyes in jizz. “You made me a pirate,” Evelyn giggles and says. 

Scene 3: Rharri Rhound and Jason Luv


This scene opens with a lot of intense sex, high energy, and intrigue. It starts with Rharri fucking a married man. She only fucks married men. She finds they are often sexually frustrated and that makes the sex with her hot. The best part of this arrangement is that these married men get to go home to their wives, so there’s no commitment from her. In the middle of fucking her latest married cock cowgirl style, the man’s wife calls on his cell phone. He freaks out, but Rharri pins him back to the bed, telling him she’s not done with him yet. She fucks him until she cums, then releases him to his wife. The horny Rharri is always on the prowl for her latest married hook up. She looks out her room window into her neighbor’s window, watching Jason and his wife in bed. When Jason’s wife leaves for work, Rharri shows up at his door. She doesn’t say much, walking in, dropping to her knees and putting his cock in her mouth. “Let’s do this,” is all Jason says to her as she slurps on his hard pole, telling her to get it nice and wet, just like that. “Massage that dick just like that,” he orders her. Rharri gets nasty, blowing spit bubbles all over the head of his cock.

Jason strips her out of her clothes then eats her hungry pussy doggy style on the couch. Rharri turns into putty in his hands as her mouth gapes open with every lick of her twat. She twerks her ass doggy style then hosts Jason’s hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. He pounds her pussy hard, slamming back and forth into her hole. “Fuck this pussy,” she tells him. We get a hot shot of the pussy drilling when the camera zooms in on Rharri’s tight twat getting stuffed with black cock. She gets pounded in standing cowgirl then takes the reigns when she bounces up and down on his cock cowgirl style. Jason plows her cunt missionary style until Rharri cums all over his cock. A round of 69 oral pleasure leads to downward doggy then spoon fucking. Rharri takes charge again in her cowgirl cock ride. A round of hard pounding standing cowgirl leads Jason to his pop shot. Rharri quickly drops to her knees then opens her mouth wide just in time for a puddle of his spunk to land on her tongue. She swallows then sucks his cock and runs her fingers through the cum that splashed all over her tits.  

Scene 4: Bailey Brooke and Jason Brown


Bailey has a crush on her roommate’s boyfriend, Jason. From the first time she saw Jason, she wanted to fuck him. She couldn’t actively go after him, but she hatches a plot to get the cock she wants. Bailey decides to make herself available to him but have him make the first move. That way, she wouldn’t be responsible for what happened between the two of them. Jason takes a jog and a swim every day before he goes to work. On this day, Bailey decides to do some naked sunbathing just as Jason arrives at the pool. She offers Jason a cold bottle of beer. He takes the bait and soon the two of them are enjoying a cold drink in the pool. He looks at her and says, “all right, you win.” “I always do,” Bailey says as she grips his hard cock and starts sucking it.  They take their action indoors and can’t keep their hands off each other in a passionate round of kissing.

With Jason seated comfortably on the couch, Bailey jerks his cock with both hands in and out of her mouth. She keeps her eyes focused on his while she chokes on his BBC. After playing with the spit that’s dangling from his cock, she sits on him cowgirl style and starts riding Jason’s big dick. His pleasure pole keeps a smile on her face as she bounces up and down on him. Her pussy creams all over his dick when they fuck doggy style. She grips the couch cushion and closes her eyes in ecstasy while Jason bangs her wet twat. She sucks her own pussy cream off his cock when they tongue each other 69 style. A round of reverse cowgirl is soon followed by deep penetrating standing doggy and missionary pumping on to of the armrest. Jason pulls out and blows his load all over her face and in his mouth then surprises her with a second pop, feeding her streams of cum.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Black and White 13, and with a dynamic directing duo like Kayden Kross and Greg Lansky behind it, there’s no wonder.  The movie stars Chloe Foster, Evelyn Claire, Rharri Rhound, and Bailey Brooke who each get their pussies pumped and stretched by big black cock in three hours of interracial fucking. Porn studs Joss Lescaf, Jax Slayher, Jason Luv, and Jason Brown bring the big cock thunder to each girl’s throbbing twat, making them cream in ecstasy. The action is hot to watch and will keep you turned on from start to finish. Kayden Kross, AVN’s 2018 Best Director Non-Feature, brings her creative vision and use of lighting to each scene, adding another sensational element to this movie’s storyline. Her most signature use of lighting happens in the opening scene where Chloe Foster hosts Joss Lescaf’s incredibly huge monster meat. The harsh, multicolored beams of light from a projector splash all over the couple as they bang each other to a creamy finish. Lansky and Kross are teaming up for even more porn production and the resulting flicks are sure to set a new bar for the industry.

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