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Ariana & Jill: Lesbian Girly Girls

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/17/18

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ariana Marie is a performer who is always going the extra mile to not only further her career but to also engage in sex that is adventurous and mind-blowing. When you see this woman within the realm of Evil Angel and all it’s great porn minds creating films, you can be rest assured that she is going to give you something you want as a fan. Teaming up with Best New Starlet Jill Kassidy is one way to really showcase something new and bold to the porn fans. This film has that theme of “new” and something we have never seen. Evil Angel is not the biggest supplier of lesbian content but what they do produce has always been quality since the days of Belladonna and the innovation of free giveaways with DVDs and more. This scene has quality written all over it. Ariana, she is a true performer. A porn superstar who truly chooses who roles with care and thought. I can only imagine what she was thinking when Evil Angel pitched this scene. I really like that Jill Kassidy is the second seat in this plane ride. Knowing that she is co-piloting this ship really makes any fans thoughts jump instantly into a type of curiosity that can only be satisfied in one way, so without further ado:

Ariana Marie and Jill Kassidy 

Scene Duration: 21 Minutes, 18 Seconds

Director: Chris Streams @ChrisStreams

Studio: Evil Angel

Release Date: August 13th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Glamour Porn, Lingerie, Pussy Rubbing, Fast and Aggressive Sex, Fingering, Dirty Talk, Ass Licking, 69, Spit Swapping, Tongue Fucking


Ariana & Jill: Lesbian Girly Girls

From the Evil Angel Film: Ariana Marie: A Little Bit Harder

Starring: Ariana Marie @ArianaMariexx and Jill Kassidy @JillKassidyy

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Ariana Marie and Jill Kassidy 

#TripleX Appetizers: The picture gallery is small but packs a punch. I think with as dashing as hair and make-up made these gals a larger quantity of photos was in order. That being said, what you get is drop dead gorgeous. The sex stills are perfect moments frozen in time. Fans will appreciate what they are downloading.

The Reveal:

The look of each lady is glamour personified. My first stance on this scene would be that it would be pure filth, no lipstick and I was pleasantly surprised to see cuts to brilliant types of effects and camera angles in the film editing. From the start, you are sucked in like being pursued by a tractor beam. Perfect shadow, perfect nails, perfect lingerie. The way that these beauties understand fashion and style is a big fucking bonus in this scene. Once again, the aspects that make these models true superstars are in the care of their skin, their hair and their nails. They look the part and that makes every passerby who catches a glimpse ready to buy after about thirty seconds. Talk about being able to sell ice to an Eskimo, that is exactly what these beauties would do. In a heartbeat, you are taken into this lesbian encounter and the thirst is evident from the start. If you have never seen these ladies perform, from second one, you are given the look at what made them the names they are. The kissing, the tongue sucking, it is fast and furious and grabs a hold of your attention and keeps it focused on a show that you can detect is going to get nasty as can be in just a matter of seconds. The intro does seem a little rushed. I mean it is right in your face from one second to the next. Do not blink, for you may miss the start of the show, which is always one of the reasons most buy girl/girl erotica, that delicious foreplay.

The Sex:

Ariana Marie and Jill Kassidy The location and set are gorgeous. That painting adds a lot of intrigue to the scene. The kissing is delicious and not too fast-paced. Oh, my fucking God, the bodies on these fucking babes will have you tapping out like you are in the octagon. They are two of the most stunning creatures in the porn world and every move, every pose, it is sexy beyond words. Jill Kassidy, she is a pussy licking machine. If you have never been brave enough to see her girl/girl work, she is a sight to behold. Chris and team take you around her gorgeous face as she buries deep inside Ariana's pussy. Her grunts and moans are just heavenly. I see exactly why Jill took home the trophy she did. He skills are what dreams are made of in this business.

Ariana Marie and Jill Kassidy The body of work that is Jill, it has no limits or bounds. Zero tan lines, one of the most gorgeous kitties you have ever seen within this business, it adds up to pure fantasy and some. Now, I am not taking away from Ariana in any way. She brings the heat and aggression in this scene and she is looking beautiful beyond belief. These two and how stunning they look, that is the big selling point of this scene. The way that both women express their passion is kinky as can be. In some instances, the aggression is not there, and it has the action slow down a bit at the end. The camera angles are impressive as hell in this scene. They make-up for the speed of this scene. One of the best parts to watch is when Ariana is cumming while in 69 position and she has Jill’s ass bouncing on her face. As she “cums” to and tongue fucks Jill your temperature will be a bit feverish.

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

The overall pitch and marketing of this scene are amazing. Both women look and sell the part. Production seems to be a tad rushed in this scene though. The girls always seem to be at a very frantic pace and that leaves you wanting a lot more after the scene ends. I can understand that this scene is building to another part of the film and that could be that this is the warm-up round for something far kinkier but not every fan buys a film to watch every scene. It may sound stupid but in today’s digital age, there is room for fans to pick and choose what they want, just as I did on the Evil Angel website. For all the passion, you lose some luster when the girls do not have enough time to get that patented Evil Angel funk that makes them the company that they are. The look and taste of the scene are amazing. It is just the portions and seasoning that leave the connoisseur not feeling satisfied. This scene is still worth watching as the beauty of these women and the post-production editing and camera work are brilliant. It is a very unique scene for Evil Angel and I think those buying the film or just viewing the scene will be happy.

Don Juan DeMarko 


"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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