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Ravishing Angela White, The

Studio: Twistys » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 8/19/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Showcase, solo, lesbian, massage


Cast: Angela White, Casey Calvert, Kate England, Jessy Jones

Director: Uncredited

Release Date: June 25, 2018

Length: 1 hr. 56 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: 20 min. interview, 4 trailers and web info


Overview: This is a collection of scenes Angela White filmed for Twistys while she was their Twistys Treat for January of this year. If you're familiar with Twistys then you know what to expect. Very bright, shiny, clean and colorful porn. Just lots of fun and Angela having a great time doing what she does best, and that's delivering scorching eye candy for her fans. We all love to see the fun and playful Angela, and viewers will not be disappointed.


Scene One: solo scene


We start very simply with Angela teasing us in red underwear and garters. Unfortunately there's a technical flaw as the first three minutes or so has no audio. But who cares when your eyes are so transfixed at the vision on the screen. She first takes off you bra and revealing her notorious all naturals before pulling off her panties and and flinging them at the camera. She caresses her amazing body and kicks off her shoes before spreading her legs and revealing her beautiful pussy. Like opening the gates to Heaven she licks her fingers and plays with her pussy, getting her juices flowing before sliding a couple of fingers into herself. She rolls over on her side and fingerbangs herself some more before getting on all fours and fucking her fingers to the point of orgasm. Her ass cheeks clinch as she cums and the scene ends with her licking her juices off of her fingers. This short yet scorching masturbation scene is a great way to start the disc off with a bang!


Scene Two: Angela with Casey Calvert


Angela is ready to go the beach Her BFF Casey can't get over how cute as a button she looks in her '50's pin-up outfit. But when Angela's girlfriend calls and bails on her, Casey tries to cheer her up. They have fun together as Angela does some mock modeling and Casey hands her an oversized lollipop as a prop. Things start to heat up as they both start licking and their tongues touch each other. Casey then remarks how she'd love to see Angela without her get-up and they start making out. They both take off each other's tops and lick and motorboat each other's tits. Casey gets naked and leans against a banister while Angela eats her pussy from behind. After getting her juices flowing she then pulls down Angela's shorts and Angela sits on the stairs allowing Casey to go down on her. Casey licks Angela's beautiful pussy and Angela bounces and grinds her hips against Casey's face as she cums in her mouth.


Casey then stands over Angela's face and Angela raises up and eats her pussy while she masturbates her own. Her tongues laps at Casey's clit and soon Casey is cumming on it while Angela cums on her hand. Casey then sits in a chair and Angela straddles her leg. With one of her tits in Casey's mouth Angela grinds her pussy against Casey's leg. Angela then gives Casey a handjob, furiously rubbing her pussy to orgasm. She then goes down between Casey's legs and works her mouth and fingers on her pussy. With her legs high in the air Casey has multiple orgasms as Angela licks and prods her pussy. They then get down on the floor and start tribbing, furiously banging each others pussies together until they're both cumming on each other. Angela then climbs up and sits on Casey's face. Casey's tongues wiggles and tickles Angela's clit and soon Angela's pussy is dancing on her face as she cums once more.


Scene Three: solo scene


In Angela's second solo scene she takes on a western motif, dressed up as a cowgirl with lots of western gear surrounding her. Just like the first solo scene the first few minutes there is no audio. But again, who cares? It's Angela! Harking back to her webcam days she talks to the camera once the audio returns. By that time she's topless and rubbing her pussy. She asks if we want to see her slide her panties off and to, “come over her cowboy.” She spreads her asscheeks and pussy for us and tells us she wants to feel our tongues deep inside. She sits in a missionary position and spreads her pussy lips apart before sliding her fingers in and banging herself, all the while telling us how great we feel. She massages her g-spot and clit with her hand until she cums. Really a great scene of you like solo work with lots of beautiful pussy shots from our girl.


Scene Four: Angela with Jessy Jones


In this very funny scene Jessy is on a land-line phone to tech support about his cell phone when Angela comes in telling him she's feeling frisky. He tells him he's been on hold for an hour and doesn't want to lose his place in line. Angela starts kissing his neck and rubbing his crotch. She then undoes his pants and pulls his cock out. Angela has already made it hard and she starts sucking it. She fellates his cock while Jessy sits with the phone to his ear. Getting tired of it Angela hangs the phone up and starts riding him. She slides her wet pussy up and down his cock and has multiple orgasms on it when the phone rings and it the phone company giving him a call back. Angela then spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl, wrapping the phone cord around her tits and and making all of them bounce as she rides his cock. With her still fucking his cock she tells the person on the other end they can keep holding as she orgasms. She then gets on all fours and Jessy fucks her dripping wet pussy doggy style.


He ties her wrists together with the phone cord and bends her up while he keeps fucking her. After twerking on his cock and several orgasms later they go into a missionary position, Jessy dicking Angela's saturated pussy with his cock. Things start to get serious and intense as Angela looks into Jessy's eyes while cumming on his cock. She chews on the phone cord as Jessy gives her multiple orgasms. After cleaning his cock off with her mouth Angela lays on her side and they start spooning. Jessy slams his cock in and out of Angela's pussy from behind while she rubs her clit. Angela convulses on Jessy's dick as she cums and Jessy gently chokes her making her cum again. Angela sucks and licks all of her cum off of his cock again and we get a GORGEOUS POV shot of Angela looking up at Jessy with those beautiful eyes of hers while his cock is in her mouth. She then climbs up and it's back where we started with Angela riding Jessy cowgirl once more, both of them fucking each other making Angela cum over and over until Jessy's very lucky cock can't take anymore and he shoots his load in Angela's mouth and on her face and Angela sucking his balls dry. A very funny and sexy scene with some great dialog from Angela and Jessy thoughout.


Scene Five: Angela with Kate England


It's spa day and Angela and Kate are in for a massage. Unfortunately the masseuse has to run an errand leaving them alone. They go to the massage room and strip down before putting on their robes. They check out the massage oils and decide to give each other a rub down until the masseuse comes back. Kate lays down naked and Angela starts squirting the oil on her tits. Angela starts massaging them before coating her own tits with it. They both start rubbing each others tits and then Angela squirts oil all over Kate's belly. She uses her tits to rub it in and then Angela starts sucking on Kate's pointy nipples. She kisses down her belly and soon her face is between Kate's legs. Angela masterfully licks and eats Kate's pussy and it isn't long before Kate is grabbing the sheet on the table and cumming in Angela's mouth. She makes Kate cum a couple of times and then Kate flips over and Angela squirts oil on her back and ass. Angela uses her beautifully huge all naturals to rub the oil into Kate's back. She then sensuously licks and nibbles on Kate's ear before going down and burying her face in Kate's ass. She then starts fingerbanging her pussy and slides up to nibble on Kate's ear and soon Kate is cumming again while Angela's other hand is holding her neck. Truly some high-end sapphic erotica.


They kiss each other a bit and then Angela sits back as Kate goes down on her. Kate licks Angela's pretty pink pussy as Angela squeezes her tits and then starts fingerbanging her while Angela rubs her clit until she cums on Kate's fingers. Kate laps up her juices and then Angela climbs up and sits on Kate's face. Kate's tongue flicks Angela's clit driving Angela crazy and soon her whole pussy is in Kate's mouth. She rides Kate's face to Chicago, squirming on her mouth as she orgasms. They then go into a 69, Angela still riding Kate's face as she rubs her asshole and Angela eats Kate's pussy. Angela bucks her hips and grinds her pussy onto Kate's face as orgasms and then Kate thumb bangs her while licking her clit until they're both cumming in each other's mouths. Angela then applies some more oil to Kate's already glistening pussy and slides her fingers into her, massage her g-spot and sucking on her clit until Kate cums again. They kiss and worship each other's bodies some before Angela climbs up and they they start tribbing. Angela hugs Kate's leg and nestles her head against her foot as she grinds her pussy against Kate's. Their pace quickens and soon Angela announces she going to cum and their bodies convulse on each others as they both enjoy glorious orgasms together. A very fun and still very erotically charged scene.


Final Thoughts: In my two years of reviewing for XCritic this is the first title I've reviewed for Twistys. Which is a shame since I've always like them. Their productions are always very fun and candy coated. Which is why I'm so glad they chose Angela as a Twistys Treat. It really truly shows her versatility as an artist. She can take on some really heavy serious topics like “Weight Of Infidelity” and gives some amazing gut wrenching performances like in “Who's Becky”. And sure she's done lighter fare before, but it's great to have a nice single collection of Angela just having fun. Even the wonderfully giddy interview in the special features with Jelena Jenson is great where she talks about growing up in her native Australia while they both sit topless, like it's the most natural thing in the world. Simply wonderful. If only the audio errors in the solo scenes weren't there it would have been better. Still I Highly Recommend this one. It's truly an essential for the Angela White collector and a real fun treat for her fans.

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