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Lisa Ann & Latina Gina's Outdoor Threeway

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 8/21/18

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Part two of the legendary Lisa Ann’s return to the land of fantasy is one that is drawing just as much hype, if not more than the first. This project is one that carried something special for Lisa. Being joined by so many of the biggest stars in the modern industry, as well as some of her closest friends, it is something that spells quality better than almost anything you will find in the world of fantasy today. When choosing what to view, the line-up of this film offered was just so star-studded, it made for a very tough selection. Settling upon the other cover model was a must, being that it is Penthouse Pet of the Year 2018, miss Gina Valentina. Gina is a woman who truly is carrying the torch of success to new realms as an adult entertainer. This “inked” beauty is showing that charisma, acting, and flavor are still what defines a true actor and performer within the walls of the adult film industry. Gina brings something special to the table with every scene she is in. Few women in this business can perform with anyone and Gina Valentina is that pride and joy of the modern industry. Lisa from the get-go has expressed how much she wants her fans to enjoy these films. When you look that them from the inside looking out, what I will tell you #TripleX fans is that she is doing something very few people do in this business. She is creating films that are what people want to see no matter the cost, the scheduling and everything in between. The marketing has showcased something that has the look of award-worthy all over it. Including the Male Performer of the Year is not a bad way to truly give the fans a threesome the likes of which they have never seen. Let us find out if the scene lives up to its legend shall we?

Film Cover 

Scene Duration: 29 Minutes and 39 Seconds

Director: Lisa Ann @thereallisaann

Studio: Evil Angel

Release Date: August 19th, 2018

Don Juan’s Phyla: No Condoms, Threesome, Porn Super Stars, Gonzo and Glamour, Great Chemistry, Up-Close Camera Angles,

Lisa Ann & Latina Gina's Outdoor 3-Way

From the Evil Angel Film: Sometimes I Share

Starring: Lisa Ann @thereallisaann Gina Valentina @GValentinaxxx and Markus Dupree @MarkusDupree

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The Reveal:

Gina Valentina and Lisa Ann

Leave it to Lisa Ann to create that type of look that we all love and deliver what takes others twenty minutes in just five. Both women look stunning. The make-up is so perfectly done, especially with Gina. Add in those gorgeous heels and swimsuits that still leaves something to the imagination.

As the older woman, Lisa still has that spunk. She still has a look that will make you stand up and cheer. Of course, she is no spring chicken and if you have that belief coming into this film or this scene then you are sadly not going to get the Lisa Ann from over a decade ago.

What you will get is this beautiful older woman. Someone who I still will not give that title that starts with an “M” too. Lisa is that older woman who can seduce you in a split second with just one word. Her body looks absolutely amazing. I dare you to find a better mid-section, hell, overall body on any woman who has done the things Lisa has done, for as many years as she has been doing them. Her ass is as gorgeous as ever and her beauty, it is has reached another phase of splendid.

One thing of Lisa’s that will never be touched by the hands of time is her ability to perform with a type of passion that brings out a kink that has made her a household name and not just in the porn world. Lisa leads the trifecta all over this "beach side" set and the editing is perfection. As Markus joins the fray with speed, I can tell you without hesitation, that this man knows how to get things moving. His tempo is what begins the true show and so far, everything is looking like a dream with how the fantasy begins and unwinds into something very sexy.

The Sex:

Gina Valentina and Lisa Ann The editing is flawless in this film, just flawless. You get to see every performer at their best. This is what truly made porn what it was back in the day. A stop and start motion that delivers all the best angles, all the best looks and always gave time to the performers to make the sex ultra kinky. I do not know if most people can appreciate how badass Gina Valentina is as an oralist. No matter the scenario, boy or girl. She will take your breath away and there is the wonderful chemistry between the three that is like nothing you have ever seen. Gina is still her normal self, going from pussy to throbbing member, as she licks and sucks. It is a sight that is going to wear out your phones screen or rewind button on your DVD player or remote, that is for damn sure. Lisa Ann is one of the most seductive dirty talkers in the history of the business and she always has been. She gives you that extra pep for your step, which has made her longevity something of legend. Markus is a man who gets where he fits in within every role he takes. He is not just another man either. Markus has some size to him and I do not mean just his manly member. He will entice any woman who watches this scene and the way that he caters to both models and gets slightly aggressive is very, very sexy. That is what you want from a male lead. He is not just a bumb on a log, he is an aggressive member of this encounter and he allows himself to be lead around just as much as he leads. That is seduction masterfully done by the director.

Gina Valentina and Lisa Ann This is vintage Lisa Ann, and this is Gina Valentina in a whole new light. The way that she is pure glamour in this scene. It is so beautiful. I mean Gina Valentina is a fucking knockout, any brain-dead person could see that. What is so unique about this scene is we get to see her beauty come out opposed to her erotica. Gina is known for doing some of the most amazing things when comes to getting nasty and wild in between the sheets. Some of the things you can always count on with Lisa are here. One of kind dirty talk that serves as a true siren’s call that hooks any listener and sends them on a mission to find out more and more. The camera angles and up-close shots are great. The body of a woman is a beyond beautiful thing and seeing these two perfect tens at ever angle, is something marvelous to behold. I am so glad that Lisa takes us on that kind of trip. This scene oozes sex appeal out of every corner. Once again, I cannot remember the last time that I have seen a Gina Valentina threesome this sexy. The vulgar aspect of sex is a huge seller in this industry and always will be. What this scene brings to the auction is a type of sophistication and class that has been Lisa Ann’s calling card for so many years. This scene is wonderful and a great addition to Lisa’s second coming of grandeur.

Gina Valentina and Lisa Ann Don Juan’s Final Thought:

Many people over the years have tried to figure out what it is that makes Lisa Ann so appealing to her fans. I have brought this comparison up before and I will do it again for Lisa. Trying to figure out what makes her shine, is like being a defensive coordinator trying to figure out how to play Peyton Manning on Sunday. In all the years he played, not one person could tell you truly how his offense was run, aside from the players who knew pieces here and there. All the fans knew, was that getting to watch number eighteen on Sundays was all they needed to know and the rest, they simply did not want to strain themselves figuring out. The same rings true with Lisa Ann. Lisa is a woman who has had scenes like this before with superstars like Porsche Lynn in almost the same kind of scenario. Like Gina Valentina, Porsche was a bit on the kinky side of things when it came to what defines her as an adult entertainer. Lisa, she always found a way to make her side shine and her co-stars. That is still true in scenes like this. Markus, he is that puzzle piece that looks like it can fit anywhere but it takes some thought to place correctly. He leads the direction with a graceful hand and that is sexy as hell when it comes to a threesome and that is what opens this scene up to a wider market. This is another couple's delight, because you have so many factors for them that are just beyond a treat to behold and something they have never seen before. I can guarantee you, no matter how many times you have gotten your lady to watch Gina Valentina, she has never seen her like this. This scene makes you want to purchase the film in whole and when that filling comes over you, I think that any buyer will realize that this film is not all fluff or filler, or some executives marketing pitch, no, it is truly something that has had so much effort from start to finish that it lives up to its own hype and truly does give you the satisfaction for making the purchase, even if it is on impulse.

Don Juan DeMarko 




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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